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To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide


To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide Harper Lee Chapter 1 1. Who is the narrator? Scout 2. Who is Simon Finch and what did he establish? Simon Finch is an ancestor of Scout. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide

To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide
  • Harper Lee

Chapter 1
  • 1. Who is the narrator?
  • Scout
  • 2. Who is Simon Finch and what did he establish?
  • Simon Finch is an ancestor of Scout. He traveled
    across the Atlantic, up the Alabama River and
    settled Finchs Landing. (p. 3-4)

Chapter 1
  • 3. Jack Finch leaves Alabama. Where does he
  • Jack Finch leaves Alabama to study medicine in
    Boston. (p. 4)
  • 4. Who stayed behind on the farm?
  • Atticus and Jacks sister stayed behind. Aunt
    Alexandra (p. 4)

Chapter 1
  • 5. What is Atticuss occupation?
  • Lawyer (p. 4)
  • 6. Who helps Atticus to raise his two children,
    Jem and Scout?
  • Calpurnia (p. 6)
  • 7. How does Jem feel when he thinks of his
  • He is saddened. He often leaves the children
    while they are playing and stays behind the car
    house. (p. 6)

Chapter 1
  • 8. Describe the first meeting between the Finch
    children and Dill.
  • Dill appears in Mrs. Rachels collard patch. He
    professes he can read. (p. 7)
  • 9. How does Dill suggest the children spend their
  • Dill wants to spend the summer trying to get Boo
    Radley out of his house. (p. 8)

Chapter 1
  • 10. Describe the myth of Boo Radley.
  • Myth of Boo Radley
  • Arthur (Boo) Radley stabs father with a pair of
  • Sheriff takes Boo and locks him in basement of
  • Mr. Radley does not want his son in an asylum,
    so he locks him in Radley house.
  • Radley house is overgrown, the roof sags,
    shutters and doors remained closed, paint has
  • After a while Maycomb blames Boo for anything
    mysterious dead animals, frozen azaleas, poison
    pecans. (p. 8-10)

Chapter 1
  • 11. Who takes care of Boo?
  • His brother, Mr. Nathan Radley (p. 11)
  • 12. What does Dill dare Jem to do?
  • Dill dares Jem to touch the Radley house. (p.
  • 13. What do the children believe they see from
    the house?
  • The children believe they see an inside shutter
    move. (p. 15)

Chapter 2
  • 14. How does Miss Caroline treat Scout on her
    first day of school?
  • She dislikes that she can already read. (p. 17)
  • 15. What does Miss Caroline offer Walter
  • A quarter for lunch. (p. 19)

Chapter 2
  • 16. How does Miss Caroline react when Scout talks
    about Walter being poor?
  • She thinks its an insult towards Walter. She
    punishes Scout. (p. 20)
  • 17. Describe the Cunningham family.
  • The Cunningham family are hard workers. They are
    poor and accept no charity. They pay Atticus for
    legal advice with hickory nuts and turnip greens.
    (p. 20)

Chapter 3
  • 18. On her first day of school, what happens to
  • She fights with Walter Cunningham. (p. 22)
  • 19. Jem breaks up the fight. What does he do to
  • Jem invites Walter to lunch at his house. (p. 23)

Chapter 3
  • 20. At the table, what does Walter want? Why?
  • Molasses. Its sweet and he doesnt have it at
    home. (p. 24)
  • 21. How does Calpurnia discipline Scout?
  • She tells Scout she should be more hospitable
    because Walter is her guest. (p. 24)

Chapter 3
  • 22. What is known about Burris Ewell? The Ewell
  • Burris has bugs in his hair. He is rude to Mrs.
    Caroline. The Ewell family has the reputation of
    being extremely poor and disrespectful. (p. 26)
  • 23. Why does Atticus say Scout must attend
  • The law says she must. (p. 29)

Chapter 4
  • 24. What is the first thing Scout finds in the
    Radley tree?
  • Gum (p. 33)
  • 25. How does Jem react to Scouts findings?
  • He makes her spit out the gum. (p. 33)
  • 26. What do the children find in the tree on the
    last day of school?
  • Two Indian Head pennies (p. 34)

Chapter 4
  • 27. What happens to Scout in the tire?
  • She rolls into the Radley yard. (p. 37)
  • 28. What do the children think they hear from the
    Radley house?
  • Laughter (p. 41)

Chapter 4
  • 29. Describe the Boo Radley game.
  • The children reenact the stories they have heard
    of Boo Radley. (p. 38)
  • 30. Why do Jem and Scout lie to Atticus?
  • They lie so they will not be punished for
    playing the Boo Radley game. (p. 40)

Chapter 5
  • 31. Why does Scout feel left out? Who does she
    talk with?
  • Dill and Jem become closer. She talks with Mrs.
    Maudie. (p. 41)
  • 32. What does Mrs. Maudie tell Scout about Boo
  • Mrs. Maudie tells Scout Boo is alive and when he
    was young he was gentle and polite. (p. 43)

Chapter 5
  • 33. How do Jem and Dill attempt to invite Boo
    Radley out for ice cream?
  • They want to use a fishing pole to throw a note
    inside the Radley house. (p. 46)
  • 34. Who catches them?
  • Atticus (p. 48)

Chapter 6
  • 35. On Dills last day, what do the children
    attempt to do?
  • They sneak into the Radley back yard to catch a
    glimpse of Boo Radley. (p. 51)
  • 36. What do the children see once they reach the
    back porch?
  • They see a large shadow. (p. 53)
  • 37. What does Jem lose as he tries to escape the
    Radley yard?
  • His pants. (p. 53)

Chapter 6
  • 38. What does Mrs. Stephanie Crawford tell the
  • She tells them Mr. Nathan Radley is waiting with
    his gun for anyone who comes into his yard. (p.
  • 39. When Atticus notices Jem in not wearing
    pants, what does Jem say?
  • He tells his father they were playing strip
    poker. (p. 54)