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dowsing ( water witching)


Most dowsing is used to find water and minerals. ... Some theorize there is a psychic connection established between the dowser and the object. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: dowsing ( water witching)

By George Kounidas B4/High school Teacher Zafi
What is Dowsing?
  • Dowsing is the interaction of the mind of the
    dowser and the

    energy of the
    object of interest. Most dowsing is used to find
    water and minerals. It has been used to find lost
    objects, even people. Also man can use it in
    order to dowse the suggestive energy field
    surrounding objects, animals and people.

The History of Dowsing
  • Dowsing is reported to date back approximately
    7000 years. It is accepted, however, that the
    Egyptians used images of forked rods in some of
    their artwork as did the Ancient Chinese kings.
    In Europe, it was known for dowsing to be used in
    the Middle Ages to find coal deposits.
  • Today it is a skill used by authority .For
    example police use dowsers to find where murder
    victims are located.

The Act of Dowsing
  • The person, who does the dowsing, is called the
    dowser. Map dowsers use a dowsing device, usually
    a pendulum, over maps to locate oil, minerals,
    persons, water, etc. However, the prototype of a
    dowser is the field dowser who walks around an
    area using a forked stick to locate underground

A dowser, from an 18th century French book
The types of Dowsing
  • Map dowsing is achieved without physically being
    at a site. It requires a dowsing map which could
    be any map of the location you are searching
    within. A pendulum or rod could be used. The
    pendulum is held over the map and will indicate
    when asked to show the target area by swinging or
  • On sight dowsing is when the dowser is physically
    present at the location where he/she is searching.

Dowsing Tools
  • Pendulums The most used dowsing device, which
    are suitable for finding lost objects and working
    with maps and charts.
  • L-rodsAre often used to track energy lines of
    varying qualities or to scan areas other energy
  • BobberA versatile tool which is suitable for use
    inside and out, consisting of a handle and a
    small weight on the end.
  • V-rodTends to be used exclusively for water
    divining. They are also good for outside work.

Does Dowsing work?
  • Some theorize there is a psychic connection
    established between the dowser and the object.
    The dowser, by concentrating on the hidden
    object, is somehow able to tune in to the energy
    force of the object which, in turn, forces the
    dowsing rod or stick to move.
  • Skeptics, of course, say that dowsing doesn't
    work at all. Dowsers are said to be either lucky
    or they have good instincts or trained knowledge
    for where water, minerals can be found. For
    believer or skeptic, there's no definitive proof
    either way. Albert Einstein, however, was
    convinced of the authenticity of dowsing.