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Creating a User Friendly WebSite


... site with a user of a 56k modem ... are buying a home, changing careers, or starting ... orientated menu or a top-aligned, horizontally orientated menu ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creating a User Friendly WebSite

  • Topic 4
  • Creating a User Friendly Web-Site

Objectives of Topic 4
  • Determining the components of a user friendly
  • Deciding goals for the web-site
  • Beginning web-site design
  • Modifying and updating web-sites

Six Web Design Tips
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Load time
  • Browser/screen resolution compatibility
  • Color
  • Site design

Web Design Tips
  • Navigation
  • It should be concise, quick and easy for your
  • Navigation structure should be uniform throughout
    your web-site
  • Keep users informed about which part of your site
    they are in and how to move on to other parts of
    your site
  • Layout
  • Keep the same layout throughout your site
  • Never cram your page with too much information
  • Try to keep scrolling to a minimum

Web Design Tips continued
  • Load time is very important
  • The longer it takes for your site to load the
    quicker the visitor will leave
  • Design your site with a user of a 56k modem in
  • The recommended file size for a web page is
  • Save all photos as .jpg and all normal graphics
    as .gif
  • Browser / screen resolution compatibility
  • Try to make your site friendly to all browsers
    and all screen resolutions

Web Design Tips continued
  • Color
  • If your site is of a business nature use light
    colors such as Blue, Grey, White etc.
  • Try to use between 3-5 colors on one page
  • Make sure that the colors complement each other
  • Site design
  • Anyone can build a web-site but not every one can
    design a web-site

Web Site Design Donts!
Larry Dotson _at_Stickysauce.comd
  • Don't load your web-site with a lot of high tech
  • Don't use unnecessary words or phrases
  • Don't make the mistake that everyone will totally
    understand your web-site message

Web Site Design Donts! continued
  • Don't write your strongest point or benefit only
  • Don't place all your words together on your web
  • Don't use content in which your target audience
    has no interest

Web Site Design Donts! continued
  • Don't use words your web-site visitors might not
  • Don't use many different content formats
  • Use the same --
  • Fonts
  • Text sizes
  • Text colors

Web Site Design No-No's! continued
  • Don't let selling words and phrases go unnoticed
  • Highlight important words and phrases with color,
    bolding, italics, underlining, etc.
  • Don't forget to use words that create emotion
  • Emotion sells!

Making Your Site More Useful
Carole Pivarnik _at_Stickysauce.comd
  • Teach something
  • There is high demand for concise, well written
    how-to information
  • If you have a business Web site, you have an area
    of expertise
  • Simplify a complex task
  • Many tasks are so complex that people have
    difficulty figuring out where to start and what
    to do
  • Examples are buying a home, changing careers, or
    starting a business
  • Provide checklists, on-line wizards, or other
    tools to organize and automate complex tasks

Making Your Site More Useful
  • Offer extraordinary value
  • People calculate value by comparing what they get
    to how much it costs
  • Create value by showing how benefits exceed the
  • If difficult to compete on price, increase the
    value by packaging with "free" add-ons or
    companion products
  • Offer unparalleled convenience
  • Make it a snap to locate and use your Web site
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Design it for easy access

Making Your Site More Useful
  • Assist with decision-making
  • Provide organized, easy way to make purchase
  • For example checklist or worksheet
  • Provide superior quality
  • Provide that extra feature, service, or customer
  • Invite participation
  • Provide forums, share advice, publish articles,
  • Sites that provide valuable communities for
    customers gain greater customer loyalty

Making Your Site More Useful
  • Give something for nothing
  • People respond to getting good stuff free
  • Differentiate
  • Set your site apart by offering a different mix,
    more content, better quality
  • Diversify
  • Offer content, tools, and services for different
    levels of expertise or areas of interest

Creating A Successful Homepage
  • How do I organize my web site?
  • Write an outline
  • Include about us, mission statement, products
    services, testimonials, ordering info, contact
  • Always stress the benefits of your product or

Earl B. Hall _at_Stickysauce.comd
Creating A Successful Homepage
  • Ask for your visitors e-mail addresses?
  • Ask them to sign your guest book
  • Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Request information from your auto-responder

Creating A Successful Homepage
  • Remember content is king!
  • If the banner does not generate income, then you
    do not need it
  • A clean, crisp logo and a few small images can be
    used to emphasize a particular point of interest
  • An eye-catching headline is important!
  • Using words like new and "discover will get

Creating A Successful Homepage
  • How long is a web page?
  • A web page can actually be as long as you want it
    to be
  • Try to keep your pages to around 50-60k if
  • Web surfers are impatient!

Design Tips
Mitchell Harper _at_Stickysauce.comd
  • Tip 1 Select a color scheme and stick to it
  • The best way to choose a color scheme is to take
    a look at other sites that you like
  • Heres list of good color combinations
  • Red, yellow and white
  • Blue and white
  • Red, gray and white
  • Blue, orange and white
  • Yellow, gray and white

Design Tips continued
  • Tip 2 Design for cross browser compatibility
  • Never implement either an Internet Explorerd or
    Netscaped specific function into a e-business site

Design Tips continued
  • Tip 3 Provide an intuitive easy to use menu
  • Most web sites display either a left-aligned,
    vertically orientated menu or a top-aligned,
    horizontally orientated menu system
  • Surveys have shown that using either one (or both
    in a complementary style) of these menu styles is
    guaranteed to provide your customers with a
    positive experience

Design Tips continued
  • Tip 4 Use cascading style sheets
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow you to develop
    a specific set of style classes, which you can
    implement throughout your site
  • Style sheets can also be used to change certain
    style attributes of the built-in HTML tags
  • Use your color scheme as discussed in tip 1 to
    create a variety of styles including a bold
    headline, an important points style, a default
    text style

Design Tips To Live By continued
  • Tip 5 Open external links in a new window
  • Be sure that any links that don't take the
    visitor directly to a page on your site should be
    opened in a new window by default
  • This benefits both yourself and the customer
  • Users still have your site open and are given
    free reign to browse the external link

Keys to Profiting in E-business
  • Key 1 Provide Value
  • Your web-site should provide free resources,
    foster a sense of community and show real value
    to your customers
  • Key 2 Quality Presentation
  • Quality means clear easily understood web
    design that looks good and is easy to understand
  • Your e-business users will make quick
    determinations about the quality of your site
  • High quality will result in more traffic

Keys to Profiting in E-business
  • Key 3 Be Unique
  • Foster the Five C's (content, community,
    consistency, capability and commerce)
  • Key 4 Build Your Brand
  • Use a name that people can easily remember
  • Utilize brand recognition
  • Name needs to be catchy and meaningful

Keys to Profiting in E-business
  • Key 5 E-commerce
  • Visitors need to be able to make purchases at any
    time with just a click of a button
  • Cater to the impulse buyer provide a simple yet
    effective shopping cart system
  • Key 6 Form Affiliations
  • It is important to form solid partnerships and
  • Develop joint venture partnerships with those
    web- sites that fit with the "theme" of your

Keys to Profiting in E-business
  • Key 7 Technological Knowledge
  • You don't have to be a programmer, but you must
    have access to those people who are
  • Key 8 Promote
  • Advertise
  • Key 9 Patience
  • Think long-term
  • Create step-by-step and you'll be greatly
  • Key 10 Investment
  • Invest both time and money

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • Meetings with principals and graphic designer to
    outline content
  • Developed and revised content
  • Obtained server space from Tech
  • Developed navigation for the site
  • Gathered pictures and images

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • Obtained preliminary images from graphic design,
    digital camera shots, and scanned images
  • Obtained Tech logo from the universitys web site
  • Manipulated images with Photoshopd
  • Assembled images and content with MS FrontPaged

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • FrontPaged can be used to start placing outline
    items on the Home-page next they need to be
    arranged and links established

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • FrontPaged also has an html view of the previous
    page shown
  • Notice that the first file is named index.html
    Welcome.html or default.html would also work

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • Initial markup
  • Worked as a place holder while the site was under

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • Here is the first markup from the graphic
  • The images were either drawn or photographed from
    real objects
  • BUT, the color was wrong!!

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • Revised the markup again utilizing Tech colors
  • The web-site is always under construction
    products, prices other information are always

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • New Features Poinsettia Order Form can be
    printed on-line
  • Can be faxed or mailed to Salesroom
  • On-line ordering for cheese, beef jerky, and

Developing the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • Directions to the store
  • History
  • FAQs
  • Mailing List
  • Contact Information
  • Special Orders / Product Information

Features of the Tech Farm Salesroom Web-Site
  • Site Consistency (color and feel)
  • Meta tags the words search engines use in
    ranking sites are encoded here
  • Search feature forthcoming
  • Text and graphic navigation menus
  • Attention to graphic size and loading speed

On-line Order Considerations
  • Which of Techs products are feasible for on-line
  • Cheese, Beef Jerky, Poinsettias
  • What forms of payment to accept?
  • Credit/debit cards, checks, cash
  • Process payment on-line using an electronic
    merchant account or manually using existing
    credit card machine?

On-line Order Considerations continued
  • Security issues SSL, Encryption
  • Transaction history vs. privacy concerns
  • An out-of-the-can shopping cart
  • Deciding who responds to on-line orders
  • Dairy Products Manager or Salesroom personnel
  • Order fulfillment and inventory control

Thank You!!
  • Are there any questions?