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Windows XP


Windows XP Windows XP is a ... Codenamed – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Windows XP

Windows XP
  • Windows XP is a major revision of the Microsoft
    Windows operating system created for use on
    desktop and business computer systems. As of
    February 2006, it is the latest general-purpose
    version of Microsoft's family of operating
    systems, and is expected to be succeeded by
    Windows Vista sometime in the second half of
    2006. Codenamed "Whistler" during its
    development, it was released on October 25, 2001.
    The letters "XP" are said to come from the word
    experience. The most common editions of the
    operating system are Windows XP Home Edition.

  • Windows XP Media Center Edition, released one
    year later, consists of Windows XP Professional
    with new features allowing users to record and
    watch TV shows, watch DVDs, listen to music and

  • The two major editions are Windows XP Home
    Edition, designed for home users, and Windows XP
    Professional, designed for business and
    power-users. The Home Edition lacks several
    features provided by Windows XP Professional. For
    instance, the Home Edition cannot become part of
    a Windows Server domain a group of computers
    that are remotely managed by one or more central

Windows XP introduced several new features to the
Windows operating system line. Some of the most
noteworthy and recognized include
  • The ClearType font rendering mechanism, which is
    designed to improve text readability on Liquid
    Crystal Display (LCD) and similar monitors
  • Support for most DSL modems and wireless network
    connections, as well as networking over Firewire
  • Faster start-up and hibernation sequences
  • The ability to discard a newer device driver in
    favor of the previous one (known as driver
    rollback), should a driver upgrade not produce
    desirable results

Windows XP features a new task-based graphical
user interface. The Start menu and search
capability were redesigned and many visual
effects were added, including
  • A transparent blue selection rectangle in
  • A watermark-like graphic on folder icons,
    indicating the type of information stored in the
  • Drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop
  • Task-based sidebars in Explorer windows
  • The ability to group the taskbar buttons of the
    windows of one application into one button

Service Pack 1
  • Program Access and Defaults Menu added in Service
    Pack 1
  • Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows XP was released
    on September 9, 2002. Its most notable new
    features were USB 2.0 support and a Set Program
    Access and Defaults utility. For the first time,
    users could control the default application for
    activities such as web browsing and instant
    messaging, as well as hide access to some of
    Microsoft's bundled programs.

Service Pack 2
  • Service Pack 2 (SP2) was released on August 6,
    2004 after several delays, with a special
    emphasis on security. Unlike previous service
    packs, SP2 adds new functionality to Windows XP,
    including an enhanced firewall, improved Wi-Fi
    support with a wizard utility, a pop-up ad
    blocker for Internet Explorer, and Bluetooth
    support. It also includes a new API to allow
    third party virus scanners and firewalls to
    interface with a new security center application,
    which provides a general overview of security on
    the system.

Service Pack 3
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 is currently in
    development. It will be released after Windows
    Vista has been finished presently, Microsoft's
    web site indicates a "preliminary" release date
    of "2H 2007" for Service Pack 3.17 Service Pack
    3 may include Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media
    Player 11, and many other changes, but Microsoft
    has not made any official statement on feature

Integration of operating system features
  • In light of the United States v. Microsoft case
    which resulted in Microsoft being convicted for
    illegally abusing its operating system monopoly
    to overwhelm competition in other markets,
    Windows XP has drawn fire for integrating user
    applications such as Windows Media Player and
    Windows Messenger into the operating system.

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  • In 2001, ProComp claimed that the bundling and
    distribution of Windows Media Player in Windows
    XP was a continuance of Microsoft's
    anticompetitive behavior, and that the
    integration of Passport into Windows XP was a
    further example of Microsoft attempting to gain a
    monopoly in web services . Both of these claims
    were rebutted by the Association for Competitive
    Technology (ACT) and the Computing Technology
    Industry Association (CompTIA).