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Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson


Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson The Presidential effect on Progressivism How Taft Became President William Howard Taft was TR s most trusted Lieutenant, hand-picked ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson

Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson
  • The Presidential effect on Progressivism

How Taft Became President
  • William Howard Taft was TRs most trusted
    Lieutenant, hand-picked successor
  • Interesting fact Taft was 350lbs
  • Progressive reformer
  • More regard for the law, would not abuse the
    powers of the presidency like TR.
  • Taft easily won the election in 1908 over
    Democrat William Jennings Bryan

President Taft
  • 4 yrs. later Taft would leave the most decisively
    beat president of the 20th century.
  • Problem He could not satisfy both republican
    conservatives and progressives

Taft and the Progressives
  • Strike 1 Did not lower the Tariff
  • Strike 2 Appointed pro-big business,
    borderline corrupt Secretary of Interior, Richard
  • - Pinchot vs. Ballinger Controversy
  • Summarize the event
  • Who would these events upset?
  • How would these events upset them? TR?

Roosevelt vs. Taft
  • Roosevelt had traveled to Africa and Europe after
    his departure from Whitehouse
  • Angered by Tafts actions
  • Felt only he could Re-unite Conservatives and

Roosevelts New Nationalism
  • Gave Speech on September 10, 1910 called New
  • Speech included Progressive reforms
  • Basically, a slap in Tafts face

1910 Congressional Election
  • Conservative Republicans suffered huge defeat in
    the Congressional Elections. What does this
  • People are unhappy with Government
  • People dislike Taft

Roosevelt vs. Taft
  • Strike 3 U.S. Steel suit in Oct. 27, 1911
  • TR organized a monopoly with US steel to help
    during an economic recession in 1907.
  • TAFT charged them with a lawsuit and said the
    monopoly was illegal.
  • Slap in TRs face.

In 1912, the Republican Party splits at it
convention Why did they support or oppose Taft?
  • Progressives
  • Opposed Taft because he signed and defended the
    Payne-Aldrich Tariff (A weak bill that raised
    tariffs, but not enough to protect American-big
  • Opposed Taft because he seemed to oppose
  • Opposed Taft because he supported the more
    conservative members of the republican senate,
    (Joseph Cannon)
  • Conservatives
  • Supported Taft because they opposed
    progressivism, Teddy Roosevelts Square Deal
    programs and low tariffs.
  • Supported Taft because he favored big business

  • Roosevelt liked La Follette who was campaining
    for Republican nomination
  • La Follette suffered nervous breakdown in Feb
    1912, Roosevelt announced his candidacy Feb 22.

Roosevelt vs. Taft
  • TR declares a run for presidency
  • Battle now for the Republican Nomination
  • Roosevelt Progressive Republicans
  • Taft Conservative Republicans
  • TR won victories in all 13 presidential
    primaries, but lost the nomination to Taft
  • TR formed Progressive Party
  • Said it was Fit as a bull moose, hence BULL
    MOOSE party

Woodrow Wilson as Presidential Nominee
  • Democratic Presidential Candidate
  • Governor of NJ and professor of Political Science
    at Princeton
  • Committed to Reform Platform called New
  • Why is this a problem for the REPUBLICANS!?!

Election of 1912
  • Taft resigned to defeat, hardly campaigned
  • TR campaigned tons, until would-be assassin shot
    him, and sidelined him last few weeks before
  • In Nov, TR and Taft split republican vote, Wilson
    held onto most Democrats and won easily.

In the 1912 Election, four parties run for
President Who did each party run for president?
  • Progressive Party
  • Theodore President
  • Republican Party
  • William Howard Taft
  • Democratic Party
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Socialist Party
  • Eugene V. Debs

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Election of 1912
Woodrow Wilson as a Progressive
  • Concentrated powers of Exec branch in his own
    hands, more than TR or Taft
  • Firm control over his cabinet
  • Delegated real authority only to those loyal to
  • Progressive Acts
  • Income Tax graduated income tax, 1 tax on
    individuals or corporations earning over 4,000 a
    year, up to 6 for those over 500,000
  • Federal Reserve Act reform American banking
    system, passed December 1913
  • Federal Trade Commission Act created a
    regulatory agency that would help business
    determine in advance whether their actions would
    be acceptable to the gov.
  • Clayton Antitrust Act anti-monopoly act which
    Wilson eventually lost interest in after awhile

Woodrow Wilson as a Progressive
  • By 1914, Wilson believed New Freedom was complete
  • Refused to support movement for national woman
  • Dismissed any new progressive reform legislation
  • Congressional elections of 1914 smashed
    democrats, and Presidents lackluster attempt at
  • By 1915 Wilson began to support a 2nd flurry of
  • Keating-Owen Act prohibited shipment across
    state lines of goods produced by underage
    children (court invalidated this act in 1918)
  • Smith-Lever Act demonstrated how fed gov. could
    influence local behavior, fed grants to states
    that agreed to support agricultural extension