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2010 Fall Strategic


2010 Fall Strategic Planning Workshop – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2010 Fall Strategic

2010 Fall Strategic Planning Workshop
Fall Strategic Planning WorkshopAgenda
  • Day 1 800 a.m. 500 p.m.
  • Welcome and Introduction and Networking Exercise
  • 2X2 Success Grid Exercises Short and Long Term
  • Focus on Intangibles
  • Values, Vision and Guiding Principles Exercise
  • Key Business Lever Exercise
  • Introduction of the Peak Performance Priority
  • Priority Grid Exercise
  • Business Plan Element Review
  • Business Plan Exercise
  • Organizational Structure Governance, Ownership,
    Staffing Plan
  • Marketing Plan Target Market (s), Vehicles and
  • Competitive Analysis Who, Differentiation
  • Homeworkyes, there will be homework!

Fall Strategic Planning WorkshopAgenda
  • Day 2 800 a.m. 500 p.m.
  • New NeighborsMeet and Greet
  • Prior Session Feedback and Homework Review
  • Attention Management Primer
  • Monitoring Operations
  • Level 5 Leadership Good to Great, Jim Collins
  • Leadership Team Development Plan
  • Driving Your Business Valuation
  • Next Steps and Chunking
  • Closing

  • Working Session vs. Passive Listen Learn
  • Pace Will Be QuickAttention Required
  • Interactive and Participatory
  • Facilities
  • Breaks
  • Idea and Workshop Goals Parking Lot
  • Last Chance to Bail Outha!!
  • Deliverables

Deliverables Your Work Product
  • Long and Short Term Personal Success Grid
  • Business Vision Statement
  • Business and Personal Values Summary
  • Business Guiding Principles
  • Key Business Lever Summary
  • Prioritized Key Initiatives Grid
  • Marketing Plan for 2011
  • Staffing Plan for 2011
  • Business Plan for 2011

Session Goals
  • Capture What You Want to Get From Workshop
  • Be Specific
  • Measurable
  • Objective not Subjective
  • Top Two Goal Capture
  • Will Revisit Each Morning and at End of Workshop

Introduction Exercise Meet Your Neighbor
  • Pair Up and Interview Your Neighbor
  • Gross Sales - and
  • One Word Core Value
  • Traditional or Auction Centric
  • Number of Active Real Estate Professionals
  • Number of Offices
  • City and State
  • Number of Years with United Country
  • One Unknown Interesting Fact About You

Success Grid
  • Success can be examined from many angleswe are
    going to establish a short and long range success
    framework leveraging a McKinsey tool called the
    2X2 Success Grid

Success Grid and Exercise
First Five Yearthen One Year
Importance of Intangibles as Value Driver
  • The trend from a product-driven economy based on
    tangible assets, to a knowledge-and-services-based
    economy has been occurring for decades. The
    average companys tangible assets-the net book
    value of assets minus liabilities- represent less
    than 25 of market valueIf an organizations
    intangible assets represent 75 of its value or
    more, then its strategy formulation and
    execution need to explicitly address the
    mobilization and alignment of intangible assets.
  • Robert Kaplan and David Norton,
    creators of the Balanced Scorecard
    strategic planning method, Harvard
    Business School

Importance of Intangibles as Value Driver
  • Three Key Drivers of Intangible Value Creation
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • All Three are Connected and Impact Each Other
  • Business Owners Must Be Intentional When
    Addressing Developing These Assets
  • Carefully Established and Documented Ensures Max
  • Impacts Recruiting, Retaining and Value
  • Provides Guideposts Through Which Business
    Success Blossoms

Importance of Intangibles - Values
  • Values Defined Values are subconscious,
    programmed over years of experiences
    evaluations of what is truly important to an
    individual or organization. Effective
    organizations know their values and align all
    aspects of operations to them.
  • Including what you do and how you do it
  • even when no one is watching

Importance of Intangibles Values
  • Values are what we think is important
  • Goals are what we wantdo not confuse the two
  • Values guide behavior and establish a useful
    framework for daily decision making processes
  • You can not lead (influence and motivate) without
    knowing your value set and those of the people
    who work with you
  • Values Exercise
  • Uncover Your Core Values
  • Group Core Values
  • Prioritize Your Core Values

Importance of Intangibles Values
  • Examples of Core Values to Assist with Your
  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Health
  • Faith
  • Tradition
  • Openness
  • Decisiveness
  • Humility
  • Fairness
  • Fun
  • Achievement
  • Contribution
  • Love
  • Balance
  • Loyalty
  • Adventure
  • Learning

Importance of Intangibles Values Drive Guiding
  • Group Personal Core Values
  • Prioritize Personal Core Values
  • Develop Organizational Core Values should tie
    to personal
  • Foundation for Guiding Principles of the
  • Guiding Principles Defined Guiding principles
    are statements that incorporate your core values
    while explicitly stating what you intend to do
    about them they provide specific guidelines for
    behavior of the organization.

United Country Real Estate Values Guiding
  • _______
  • We believe that a positive mental attitude when
    addressing opportunities and challenges is the
    foundation for all successful endeavors
  • Family
  • We understand the importance of a strong,
    supportive family and respect the sanctity of the
    families that our part of our team
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • We understand that without a healthy financial
    foundation we can not sow the seeds that will
    ensure long-term success
  • Higher Purpose
  • We believe in God and conduct ourselves in a
    manner consistent with this belief

  • Excellence
  • We believe that excellence is consistently
    surpassing expectations and that excellence
    results in competitive advantage we seek to
    deliver excellence in all we do
  • _______
  • We treat each other and our partners fairly and
    expect the same in return
  • Community Service
  • We believe that we have a duty to be a positive
    contributor to the people and institutions that
    are the fabric of the communities we serve
  • See Things Differently
  • We believe that the future holds great
    opportunities for leaders who are willing to
    leverage fresh perspectives, adapt to changing
    conditions and incorporate new learning into how
    they pursue opportunities

Importance of Intangibles Vision
  • Vision Defined an imagined destination that is
    larger than the tangible goals that support the
    movement from one condition to a higher
    condition, destination or outcome.
  • At its essence, vision is imagination plus

Importance of Intangibles Strong Vision
  • Qualities of a Strong Vision
  • Offers a view of the future that is clearly and
    demonstrably better than the present
  • Evokes clear and positive mental image of the
    desired future state
  • Creates an emotional response
  • Clarifies and directs focus of activities
  • Is congruent with values, capabilities and
  • Is motivating and memorable
  • Reflective of what is most important to the

Importance of Intangibles Vision Sample
Henry Ford
  • I will build a motorcar for the great multitude.
    It will be so low in price that no man making a
    good salary will be unable to own one and enjoy
    with his family the blessing of hours of pleasure
    in Gods great open spaces. When I we are
    through, everybody will be able to afford one and
    have one. The horse will have disappeared from
    our highways, the automobile will be taken for
    granted and we will give a large number of men
    employment at good wages.

Importance of Intangibles Vision Sample Walt
  • The idea of Disneyland is a simple one. It will
    be a place for people to find happiness and
    knowledge. It will be a place for parents and
    children to spend pleasant times in one anothers
    company a place for teachers and pupils to
    discover greater ways of understanding and
    education. Here the older generation can
    recapture the nostalgia of days gone by, and the
    younger generation can savor the challenge of the
    future Disneyland will be based upon and
    dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and hard
    facts that have created America and it will be
    uniquely equipped to dramatize these dreams and
    facts and send them forth as a source of courage
    and inspiration to all the world...

Importance of Intangibles Vision Sample
United Country
By the end of this decade, United Country will
help more people reconnect with the communities
and values that made America great than any other
organization on the planet We will enable
people from all walks of life and means to
discover and enjoy Gods great open spaces and
his bountiful blessings We will do this through
an unwavering commitment to leadership,
stewardship and service excellence in all that we
do We will secure a lasting presence in every
rural and small town market from coast-to-coast
and boarder-to-boarder through our strong and
mutually rewarding relationships with our
carefully selected Partners We will be the
partner of choice for those people seeking to
reconnect to the American Dream
Importance of Intangibles Vision Exercise
  • Now it is your turn!!!
  • Leverage Your Values and Guiding Principles
  • What Major Goals or Objectives Does Your Business
    Plan Require Your Organization to Achieve
  • What Major Goals Do You Personally Want Your
    Organization to Achieve
  • What Strategy Do You Intend to Utilize to Achieve
    these Goals
  • What are Three to Five Elements That Will
    Ultimately Determine Success for Your
  • Assuming Your Organization Achieves All of Its
    Goals, What will Your Company Look Like, Visually
    and Key Metrics In Five Years

Importance of Intangibles Purpose
  • The Most Intangible of Three Core Intangibles
  • Purpose Statement is NOT a Mission Statement
  • Overall Purpose Impacts Every Level and Activity
    Within an Organization
  • Found Through Asking Why
  • What does your business do and why
  • Why do you do it
  • Why do your customers select you
  • Why are you different
  • Why would things be different now and in the
    future if you did not exist
  • Root Reason for Existence

Importance of Intangibles Purpose Samples
  • To solve unsolved problems innovatively
  • 3M
  • To strengthen the social fabric by
  • continually democratizing home ownership
  • Fannie Mae
  • To make people happy
  • Disney
  • To experience the emotion and competition,
  • winning and crushing competitors
  • Nike
  • To give ordinary folk the chance to buy
  • the same things as rich people
  • Wal-Mart
  • To preserve and improve human life
  • Merck

Key Business Levers for Real Estate Broker
  • All Businesses Have Key Levers
  • They Possess a Product effect not Sum
  • One Unit Of Measure Movement gt One Unit Output
  • Best Example is of Agents in Office
  • Why Care?... Focus on These and Vision and Goals
    are Accomplished with Least Effort
  • Review of Traditional RE Broker Business Drivers

Key Business Levers for Real Estate Broker
  • Number of Agents
  • Listings Taken Per Agent
  • Listings Sold Per Agent
  • Average Price Per Listing
  • Average Sales Price
  • Average Gross Commission Rate
  • Average Company Realized Commission Rate
  • Listing / Sales Ratio
  • Days on Market
  • Cost Per Listing and Cost Per Sale
  • Overhead Operating Expense
  • Market Size and Market Share

The Peak Performance Priority Grid
  • An Introduction of the Tool
  • Emerged Initiatives
  • Deferred Initiatives
  • Use in Daily Decision Making
  • Focus Road Map for Allocation of Resources
  • Linked to Success Definition, Values, Guiding
    Principles, Vision and Key Business Levers
  • Scoring Process an art, not a sciencelaw of

Peak Performance Priority Grid
Peak Performance Priority Grid Exercise
  • Team Break Outs 2-3 Per Group
  • Populate Peak Performance Priority Grid Templates
  • Complete key Initiatives
  • Score Key Initiatives
  • Identify Emerged and Deferred Initiatives
  • Be Prepared to Present if Called Upon
  • Be Passionate!
  • Invest in Your Business!
  • Have Fun
  • Encourage Team Work!

Business Plan Element Review
  • United Country Business Planning Workbook
  • Review of Purpose of Business Plan
  • Review of Structure
  • Review of Elements Group Discussion

Business Planning- Organizational Structure
  • Aligned to Vision, Values and Initiatives Grid
  • Governance is Often Overlooked
  • Advisory Board
  • Operating Planning Committee
  • Formal Staffing Plan is Beneficial
  • Linked to Your Exit or Liquidity Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • Ownership Structure

Business Planning Organizational Structure
  • Review of Sample Shared Ownership Organizational
    Documents See Separate Handouts
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Things to Consider before You Take the Plunge

Developing Your Marketing Plan
  • Current Situation Assessment
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Setting Strategies, Objectives and Tactics
  • Setting the Budget
  • Executing the Plan
  • Measuring Results

Conducting a Situation Assessment
  • Start with a Financial Performance Review
  • Market Share Estimate
  • Target Market Definition
  • Lister Profile and Buyer Profile / Current and
  • Age, Income, Location, Media Habits, Lifestyle
  • Office or Agent Property Specialty (optional)
  • Office Positioning
  • Main Promise
  • Point of Difference Why Should I Choose You
    Over Your Competition
  • SWOT Analysis

The Strategic Marketing Plan - Example
  • Objectives
  • Increase Listings by 20
  • Increase Buyers by 20
  • Increase Repeat Business by 10
  • Strategies
  • Direct Marketing
  • Local Advertising
  • Direct Marketing
  • National Advertising
  • Regular Contact with Prior Customers
  • Measure Satisfaction
  • Tactics
  • Quarterly Just Listed / Just Sold Postcard
  • Quarterly Participation in Local Event
  • Weekly Newspaper Ads
  • Utilize UC Listing Presentation
  • Contact A Confidentials Immediately
  • Mail Lifestyle Brochure to all Confidentials
  • Utilize Special Confidentials
  • UC Catalogs and Magalogs
  • UC Website
  • Include Past Customers in Just Listed / Just Sold
    Postcard Program
  • Yearly Customer Appreciation Day
  • Personal Cards on Birthdays
  • Offer UC Home Warranties
  • Launch QSC Program

The Strategic Marketing Plan - Example
  • Objectives
  • Improve Agent Retention (no Loss)
  • Strategies
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Training
  • Tactics
  • Enroll all Agents in Associate Power
  • Conduct Performance Reviews
  • Enroll All Agents in Success Series
  • Attend 2 Regional Training Classes
  • Evaluations via QSC
  • Take 2 Virtual Training Classes

Executing the Plan
  • Set a Realistic Budget as of GCI
  • Maintenance 5 7
  • Growth 10 30
  • Build a Monthly and Annual Marketing Calendar
  • Review with Team Monthly
  • Assign Team Responsibilities
  • Assign Project Leaders
  • Important Recruiting and Listing Tool
  • Track Results
  • Sources of Buyers and Listings
  • ROMI

Competitive Analysis
  • List Top Competitors
  • In current markets
  • In aspiration markets
  • Their Differentiation
  • Their Market Share (estimated)
  • Why Are They Successful
  • How are You Different
  • Competitive Mapping - Exercise

Competitive Mapping Exercise
  • List Top 10 Client Centric Need Requirements
  • Scale Map 1-10 Each Competitor
  • Scale Map 1-10 Your Business
  • Scale Map Your Plan / Future State Vision

Competitive Mapping Exercise
Client Need
___________________ ___________________ __________
_________ ___________________ ___________________
___________________ ___________________ __________
_________ ___________________ ___________________
Perceived or actuale.g., ranch expertise,
commercial real estate experts, local marketing
dominance, national marketing of properties, web
properties, buyer lead flow, affinity partners,
days to close, office resources including staff
  • Complete the United Country Business Plan
  • Be prepared to Discuss with Group
  • Ensure Alignment with ST and LT Goals
  • Ensure Alignment with PP Priority Grid
  • Ensure Alignment with Vision, Values and Guiding
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