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To Kill a Mockingbird


TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Chapters 6-11 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Chapters 6-11

Chapter 6
  • Spying on Boo

Adventure at Night
  • It is Dills last night in Maycomb before he
    returns home to Mississippi
  • The kids decide to spy on Boo Radley
  • Why do they wait until this night?
  • No one could see them at night
  • Atticus was involved in reading a book
  • It was easier to see into a dark house in the
  • If Boo killed them, theyd miss school instead of
    summer vacation

Danger Awaits
  • Scout warns Jem and Dill that it is too dangerous
  • Jems reply (page 52) I declare to the Lord
    youre getting more like a girl every day!
  • Scout takes this statement as an insult
  • They go to the Radley backyard. The gate is
    stuck so they spit on the hinges to prevent it
    from squeaking
  • The yard is full of chickensthis poses a problem
    as they could set off an alarm

Behind the Radley House
  • There are two doors in the back and a window
  • Scout and Jem boost Dill up to look in the
    window. He cant see anything
  • They go to the back step it squeaks. They see a
    shadow of a man with a hat on
  • They run off and gun shots are fired over their

Stuck in the Fence
  • Jems pants get caught in the barbed wire fence.
    He ends up leaving them there
  • All the neighbors are out front. Nathan Radley
    (Boos older brother) is standing with his shot
    gun. He thinks he shot a Negro trying to steal
    collard greens from his garden
  • Jem has no pants on (Miss Rachel notices). Dill
    makes up a story that he won Jems pants in a
    game of strip poker
  • After everyone goes to bed, Jem gets up and goes
    back to get his pants

Chapter 7
  • Pants and Presents

Jems Pants
  • School begins. Scout is now in second grade.
    Not much has changed
  • Jem relates what happened when he went back to
    get his pants
  • They were mended, but like a child would have
  • They were folded over the fence like they were
    waiting for Jem to come and get them
  • Who fixed Jems pants?

Presents in the Tree
  • Jem and Scout find more presents in the knot hole
    in the tree a ball of twine (string), a package
    of gum, a spelling medal, 2 soap dolls that look
    like Jem and Scout and a pocket watch that does
    not work with a pocket knife attached
  • Who is leaving things in the knot hole for Jem
    and Scout?
  • Scout and Jem decide to write a thank you note

Message Center Averted
  • When they go to leave it in the knot hole, the
    knot hole is filled with cement
  • Nathan Radley plugged up the knot hole with
  • Nathan Radley says he is filling up the knot hole
    because the tree is dying.
  • When Jem asks Atticus he tells her it is not
    because the branches have new shoots

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Chapter 8
  • Fire and Ice

Snow in Maycomb
  • Unusual occurrence in Alabamait snows!
  • School is canceled and the kids make a snowman
    that looks like Mr. Avery (a large man who lives
    at Miss Maudies boarding house).
  • Atticus tells them to change it
  • They make it into a woman

Fire at Miss Maudies
  • Miss Maudies house burns down that night
  • Atticus sends Jem and Scout to stand in front of
    the Radley house for safety
  • All the adults are helping out with the fire

A Blanket for Scout
  • Someone put a blanket around Scout as she stood
    looking at the firewho?
  • Atticus says . . . looks like all of Maycomb was
    out tonight in one way or another. (72)

Chapter 9
  • Racial Slurs and Christmas

A Talk with Atticus
  • Scout fights with Cecil Jacobs at school because
    Cecil said Atticus defended Niggers (racial slur)
  • Atticus scolds Scout for fighting
  • He explains he is defending a Negro man named Tom

Working on the Case
  • Most of the town believe that Atticus should put
    no effort into defending Tom Robinson
  • The case has been postponed until the summer
  • Gives Atticus time to build a defense
  • Atticus is not prejudiced like the rest of the
  • He tells Scout to back down from another fight
    with Cecil

  • Christmas comes and Uncle Jack (Atticuss
    brother, a doctor) comes to stay
  • Scout and Jem get air rifles for Christmas
  • The family goes to Finches Landing for Christmas

Finches Landing
  • Aunt Alexandra (Atticuss sister) and her husband
    Jimmy are running the family farm
  • Their grandson Francis (a snotty little boy)
    stays with them
  • Aunt Alexandra believes that Scout needs to act
    and dress like a girl

Telling Her Side
  • Francis calls Atticus a Nigger Lover
  • He and Scout get into a fight
  • Uncle Jack punishes Scout without getting the
    whole story.
  • She does get to tell her side once they get back
    to Maycomb.
  • Scout tells Uncle Jack he is unfair
  • Scout needs to learn to control her temper.
  • She is very proud
  • She has a strong love of family

Troubles Ahead
  • Atticus and Jack talk about the case
  • Atticus knows he is going to lose because of the
    racial prejudice that exists in the town.
  • It is a black mans word against a white womans
  • He knows the jury will be prejudiced
  • Atticus also knows the case will affect Scout and

Chapter 10
  • One-shot Finch

Boring Dad
  • Childrens perspective of their father is
    presented in this chapter
  • Atticus is old (almost 50)
  • He wears glasses
  • He wont play tackle football like the rest of
    the fathers
  • He works in an office (not exciting)
  • He doesnt hunt or fish
  • He doesnt play poker
  • He reads every night in the living room

Symbol and Theme
  • Atticus would not teach them to shoot their air
  • He wants them to shoot at tin cans
  • He tells them they can shoot blue jays but not
  • Symbol mockingbird
  • Theme It is a sin to kill a mockingbird
  • Who are the mockingbirds in the novel?

  • Mockingbirds dont do one thing but make music
    for us to enjoy. They dont eat up peoples
    gardens, dont nest in corn cribs, they dont do
    one thing but sing their hearts out for us.
    Thats why its a sin to kill a mockingbird.
  • Miss Maudie Atkinson

What Atticus Can Do
  • Miss Maudie tries to convince Scout that Atticus
    can do things
  • He can make a will airtight (unbreakable)
  • He is the best checkers player
  • He is the best jews harp player

Waiting for the Kill
  • Incident with the rabid dog (Tim Johnson is the
    dogs name)
  • The dog is twitching and walking slowly down the
  • Calpurnia calls the neighbors and Atticus
  • Atticus and Sheriff Tate arrive

One-shot Finch
  • Sheriff Tate tells Atticus to shoot the dog
  • Atticus shoots the dog in one shot
  • The children learn Atticuss nickname when he was
    young was One-shot Finch
  • This impresses Jem and Scout. Jem states he
    wants to be just like Atticus when he grows up.

Chapter 11
  • Mrs. Dubose

Mrs. Dubose
  • Mrs. Dubose is the mean, old lady who lives on
    Jem and Scouts street
  • She has a Negro housekeeper
  • She is very ill (dying)
  • She always taunts Jem and Scout
  • Tells them they will never amount to anything
  • Atticus tells them to ignore her

Taunted by Mrs. Dubose
  • Jem gets money for his twelfth birthday and
    decides to go to town to spend it.
  • As they pass by Mrs. Duboses house, she tells
    them that theyll never amount to anything
    except waiting on tables
  • She taunts them further by telling them Atticus
    is lawin for niggers this shows her prejudice

Trashing the Garden
  • On the way home, Jem takes the baton he bought
    for Scout and trashes the camellias in her garden
  • Jem knows he will get in trouble for his actions

Reading as a Punishment
  • As his punishment, he must go daily (except
    Sunday) for two hours/day for a month to read to
    Mrs. Dubose
  • At first she pays attention, but as the days go
    by, she begins to pay less attention.
  • At the end, she is back to paying attention again

Morphine Addict
  • Mrs. Dubose finally dies
  • We learn she was a morphine addict and did not
    want to die addicted to the drug.
  • She was using the reading sessions to wean
    herself off the morphine
  • She wanted to die beholden to nothing or no one

  • She sends Jem a boxed camellia to tell him she
    forgave him
  • Atticus considers her one of the bravest people
    he knows