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Types of Pastry


Objectives of this show: To learn about the 4 main different types of pastry used in school. To understand the functions of flour, fat and water in pastry making. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Types of Pastry

Types of Pastry
Objectives of this slideshow
  • To learn about the 4 main different types of
    pastry used in school.
  • To understand the functions of flour, fat and
    water in pastry making.
  • To learn which pastry is best suited for specific

Types of Pastry
  • There are four main types of pastry that we use
    in school
  • Shortcrust
  • Rough Puff
  • Choux pastry
  • Filo pastry

Types of Pastry (2)
  • This is what they look like when
  • they have been cooked

Other Pastries
  • Other pastries that are used to make food
    products include

Pate Sucree Pastry
Suet Pastry
Chocolate Pastry
Hot Watercrust
Strudel Dough
Functions of Pastry Ingredients
  • Function of Flour
  • Soft, plain flour is used for shortcrust
  • pastry to give it a short crumb.
  • Strong plain flour is used in choux and
  • Flaky or rough puff pastry as it contains more
  • Gluten this is needed to make the dough
  • and give the pastry elasticity.
  • Function of fat
  • Fat shortens the mixture in shortcrust.
  • It traps air between the layers in flaky
  • Pastry.
  • It adds colour and flavour.

Functions of Pastry Ingredients
  • Function of Water
  • The use of boiling water in choux
  • pastry gelatinises the starch causing
  • the dough to thicken.
  • The water binds the ingredients together.
  • It develops the gluten in flaky and choux pastry.

Pastry Proportions
Pastry Ratio Fat Flour Water Special Points
Shortcrust 12 100g 200g 8 teaspoons All yellow fat / all white fat /combination e.g. ½ butter, ½ lard
Rough Puff 34 150g 200g 7 tablespoons 2 teaspoons lemon juice
Suet crust 12 100g 200g 7- 8 tablespoons Grated suet or vegetarian suet
Choux 23 50g 75g 8 9 tablespoons Boiled fat water, beaten egg
Hot Water 38 75g 200g 5 tablespoons Boiled fat and water
Baking Blind
  • When making tarts, quiches and flans you
  • often bake the pastry blind.
  • This is when you line the raw
  • pastry with greaseproof paper
  • and baking beans to prevent
  • the pastry from rising. After
  • 15 minutes you remove the paper and beans
  • and cook the pastry case for 5 10 minutes
  • more until it is golden brown.

Shortcrust Pastry Practical
  • Next week you are making 3 pastry dishes
  • Quiche, a shortcrust pastry dish, Vol au vents
    using ready made puff pastry and palmiers using
    the left over pastry from the vol au vents.
  • Use the recipes on www.keswickfood.weebly.com to
    help you organise yourself for these 3 dishes.
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