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Literature Circle Book


Literature Circle Book By: Annie Moore and Shelby Pullins – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Literature Circle Book

Literature Circle Book
  • By Annie Moore and Shelby Pullins

  • In the story, The Giver by Lois Lowry, the
    setting take place in a community where people
    must follow specific rules on how to live or they
    can be released from the community. The story
    starts sometime in October and the setting moves
    from the main character Jonas home to his
    school, and then to many other places throughout
    the community where he visits. Then in December,
    he goes to the auditorium for the ceremonies.
    Later on in the story the setting moves to the
    House of the Old where Jonas receives his

  • In the book The Giver Jonas is the main
    character. He follows all of the rules. He is a
    protagonist. Jonas was intelligent. We know this
    because this was one of the traits that made the
    elders select him to be the Receiver Of Memory.
    He also had integrity and courage. He was also
    chosen to be the Receiver because the elders said
    that he had the capacity to see beyond. He
    would also gain wisdom, that he did not have yet.
    Later in the story Jonas is angry because as he
    receives more memory he feels like everyone in
    the community should be able to make their own

  • In the book The Giver , The Giver is a major
    character because without this character the plot
    would not develop. The Giver is a dynamic
    character because he changes roles as he was once
    the receiver, he then becomes the giver. The
    Giver is also a protagonist because he helps
    Jonas. He has wisdom and is the most important of
    the elders. He knows what the real world is like.
    His skin is wrinkled and the job has aged him. He
    knows more than anyone in the town and his job is
    of great honor. He cares about the people in the
    community which is why he stays when Jonas runs
    away so that he could help the people cope with
    their new memories.

  • In the book The Giver , Asher is a minor and
    static character because trouble he causes
    throughout the community. He does not change. He
    may be an antagonist because of the is constantly
    getting reprimanded by teachers , elders, and
    other adults in the community for breaking minor
    rules. Asher is Jonas up-beat, curious,
    mischievous best friend. He is not a bad kid, he
    just has a way of getting into trouble.

  • In the book The Giver , Lily is a minor
    character because even though she reappears
    throughout the story but her role is not
    important to the plot. Lilly could be considered
    an antagonist because of how she suggests
    breaking rules to her family. Lilly is Jonas
    little sister. Lilly has a mind of her own. She
    has many ideas and does not always want to follow
    the rules. She is young but mature for her age.
    Lilly is outgoing and speaks her mind. She
    doesnt understand all of the rules and things
    that she needs to understand about the town but
    she is learning and beginning to understand more
    every day.

  • In the book The Giver , Jonas dad is a minor
    character because he is not important to the plot
    of the story. He is a good father and husband.
    He does not always follow all of the rules. He is
    honest and caring. We know this because he is a
    nurturer and he is very passionate about his
    work. He loves and cares for all of the new

Plot Rising Action
  • Aircrafts flew over the community
  • Jonas dad found out the name of the new child
  • Jonas is excited about the ceremony of twelve
    and is wondering about what his assignment will
  • Jonas had his first stirrings.
  • They went to the ceremony.
  • Gabe did not get released

Plot Rising Action (Continued)
  • The ceremony begins.
  • They got to the ceremony of twelve.
  • Jonas was skipped.
  • He was last because he was selected to be the
    receiver of memory.
  • Jonas got his instructions and began his first
    day of training.
  • Jonas received happy and sad memories.
  • Jonas began to receive more painful memories.
  • Jonas stops taking his pills.
  • Jonas learned how to give Gabe memories so he
    began to give him small happy memories so that he
    wouldnt stir at night.

Plot Rising Action (Continued)
  • Jonas finds out what they do when people get
    released. Conflict Man vs. Self
  • Jonas doesnt want to go home because he feels
    that his father lied to him and kills new
    children. Conflict Man vs. Man
  • Jonas stays the night with The Giver.
  • Jonas cries.

Plot - Climax
  • The climax of the story was when Jonas ran
    away. He had to run away to change things in his
    community. He took Gabe with him.
  • Conflict
  • Man VS Nature Jonas VS Nature. Jonas had to go
    through the elements of nature ( rain , snow ,
    sleet , and hail) he also had to fight through
    hunger. He had to sleep in shrubbery and was put
    to the test on many occasions when he ran away.

Mood - Definition
  • Mood - The atmosphere that pervades a literary
    work with the intention of evoking a certain
    emotion or feeling from the audience.

  • The book The Giver, by Lois Lowery is very
    suspenseful. The passage " Jonas felt more and
    more certain that the destination lay ahead of
    him" really describes the mood of the end of this
    book. The quote captures The mood and Jonas's
    excitement for a better life for him and Gabriel.
    The life that Jonas lived before is awful
    compared to the life he is struggling to live.
    Roland and Kyra
  • In the book, The Giver the mood is very serious.
    A lot has been happening and Jonas has been very
    frightened lately by the new memories and
    different things that The Giver has shown him.
    Jonas is a very brave kid and the novel is very
    intense. "That night, Jonas was forced to flee.
    He felt the dwelling shortly after the sky became
    dark and the community still." (Pg. 163) BAV1
  • The mood at the end of the story is excitement
    and joy. When Jonas runs away, he is excited
    about a better life for him and Gabriel.
    "Downward, downward, faster and faster. Suddenly
    he was aware with certainty and joy that below,
    ahead, they were waiting for him and they were
    waiting, too, for the baby. For the first time,
    he heard something that he knew to be music. He
    heard people singing."

Theme and Resolution
  • One of the most important themes in The Giver
    is the significance of memory to human life.
    Without memory, there is no painif you have not
    experienced real pain then you cant know what
    real joy or happiness or victory feels like. At
    some point in the past the community in The Giver
    decided to eliminate all pain from their lives.
    To do so, they had to give up the memories of
    their societys collective experiences. Not only
    did this allow them to forget all of the pain
    that had been suffered throughout human history,
    it also prevented members of the society from
    wanting to engage in activities and relationships
    that could result in conflict and suffering, and
    eliminated any longing for the for the things the
    community gave up in order to live in total peace
    and harmony , because you cant miss something
    that you never remember having. According to the
    novel, however, memory is essential. The
    Committee of Elders does recognize the practical
    applications of memoryif you do not remember
    your errors, you may repeat themso it designates
    a Receiver to remember history for the community.
    But as Jonas undergoes his training, he learns
    that just as there is no pain without memory,
    there is also no true happiness. From the story
    I learned that you should cherish you memories
    because they make you who you are. Whatever
    youve been through makes you a stronger person
    and you need the memories of pain and heartache
    to show you how far youve come. The quote
    ."Downward, downward, faster and faster. Suddenly
    he was aware with certainty and joy that below,
    ahead, they were waiting for him and they were
    waiting, too, for the baby. For the first time,
    he heard something that he knew to be music. He
    heard people singing. encompasses the theme of
    this story. Jonas had been through a lot but it
    only made him stronger, and he knew what pure joy
    felt like because he had felt pain. He knew what
    happiness was only because he had once felt
    sadness. When he was sledding down that mountain
    Im sure he was thankful for all of the sad and
    painful memories that he had because it just made
    the ride even better.