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Burn-Out-Clinic exclusively for Health Care Professionals


Burn-Out-Clinic exclusively for Health Care Professionals Presentation of an innovative concept for a Unique Luxury and Medical Wellness Resort Motto: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Burn-Out-Clinic exclusively for Health Care Professionals

Burn-Out-Clinicexclusively for Health Care
Presentation of an innovative concept for
a Unique Luxury and Medical Wellness
Resort Motto The Best of the Best is just
good enough! Wolfgang Ellenberger Medical
doctor Music therapist Musician Manager
Burn-Out-Clinicexclusively for Health Care
Studies proof that the incidence of
burn-out-syndrome for health care professionals
(medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians,
pharmacists) is significantly higher (2 to 4
times as much!) than in other professions or in
the normal population. The same is valid for the
depression and suicide rate (click). Often
medical staff has the helping syndrome and have
difficulties to find a certain inner distance to
the big amount of suffering which they see each
day.This results in a highly emotional load
which manifests in psychological andsomatical
disorders. There are hospitals trating
burn-out-syndrome. But to my knowledge there is
NO clinic treating exclusively health care
professionals. Thus it is unique on a world-wide
level to dedicate the Medical-Wellness-Resort to
this high-level-target group. The clients will be
attracted by a number of unique selling points
which are mostly innovative. Last not least the
power of the investor can guarantee a level of
quality, variety and richness of the offered
service which is without comparison and outstands
the possibilities of public health care systems.
Burn-Out-Clinicexclusively for Health Care
  • Deutsches Ärzteblatt and Study burn-out of
    MDs (click)
  • Private life suffering with 70 of all MDs
  • MDs with burn-out suffer from strong competition
    and lack of good business behaviour
  • Error Management and an adequate attitude is a
  • Too much responsability
  • Consequences of mistakes up to withdrawal of
  • 80 percent of interviewed MDs say to have regular
    sport or cultural activities. Dr. Zwack It is
    impossible without extra-medical relations and
  • Other than that the resilient MDs recognize early
    signals of exhaustion. They recognise the wrong
    inner motivation mechanisms as good is not good
    enough and keep going until break-down. They
    know their targets and limits and the vulnerable

Burn-Out-Clinicexclusively for Health Care
  • Physician Burnout Why it is not a fair fight
  • Round One Medical School
  • 50 of medical students experience burnout and
    10 experience suicidal ideation during medical
  • Round Two Residency
  • 27-75 of residents are burned out at any given
    time, depending on specialty
  • Round Three Private Practice
  • Numerous global studies involving nearly every
    medical and surgical specialty indicate that
    approximately 1 in 3 doctors are experiencing
    physician burnout at any given time with some
    studies showing physician burnout prevalence as
    high as 60.
  • What we may be seeing now is the beginning of a
    cultural shift in medicine, says Mayo Clinic
    internist Liselotte Dyrbye, (click) M.D., who has
    studied the deleterious effects of stress on
    doctors. Theres an enormous amount of interest
    in this issue. People are seeing that, yes, this

Innovative Concept Burn-Out Treatment (ICD10?)by
Integrative Medicine
  • "Classical" Burn-Out treatment (school medicine)
  • Patients of the holistic clinic Heiligenfeld
    (click) tell the holistic concept was essential
    to them. Thus we integrate holistic treamtents
  • TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine www.DGTCM.de
  • Psychosomatical Medicine www.Dahlke.at (click)
  • Ayurvedic Medicine Dr. Schrott www.vedamed.de(clic
  • Energy and Environmental medicine www.ZEUMS.de
  • Light medicine www.AlexanderWunsch.de (click)
  • DoctorsHealth-medicine www.aerztegesundheit.de
  • Music- and Cultural Therapy www.Ellenberger.name
  • Relaxation-, Wellness- and Sports Therapy
  • Religion as Healing (non-confessional)
  • Several smaller forms of therapy

Central Element Work-Life-Balance Portal
  • Based on PianoMusicDoc classes 1991-2000 (gt30
  • Enlarging point of view
  • all extra-medical professional and amateur
  • worldwide and ONLINE
  • Intention from the very beginningPrevention of
  • MDs, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists all
    leading Health Care Professionals
  • ALL extra-medical professions and amateur
  • Sinc 2002 world-wide
  • more than 2.000.000 clicks/year
  • gt150 categories
  • MultiMedi(c)alMeetingpoint Institutionalisation
  • Center of PDO (click) with performances (click)
    in Qatar with Qatar Symphony Orchestra
    Performing Arts Center Abu Dhabi (click)etc.

Marketing principles
  • Marketing is Communication between people
  • Personalities as magnets (see later)
  • Compete with competitors as Pilatus.ch (click)
  • Experiencing ones senses -mind expansion-
    multi-sensorial for everybody
  • Seeing Landmark, Ambiente, Panoramoc View
  • Eye-catching optics from far and close Light
    Dome (click)
  • Listening Music-Events live and in
    live-streaming online
  • Smelling Open-Air-Events, Aroma-Therapy
  • Tasting Tourist- and Gourmet-Restaurant with
    Star-CookDoc guests
  • Feeling Wellness, Massages, Beauty
  • Sensual pedagogy by Kükelhaus (Freudenberg
    Castle/WI) Bare foot path, play-ground, High
    ropes course, Experimenta, Listening-Worlds

Innovative elements
  • Unity of Nature and Culture (Location is IDEAL!)
  • Architecture
  • Building Light Concept by LightDoc Alexander
  • Energy Primeval-Therapy-Space Dome
  • (Music-)Theatre (ActorDocs, PDO Philharmonic
    Doctors Opera)
  • open-air/protected Panoramic-Amphitheatre!
    Movable glass cupola roof by Sinsheim-Architect
  • Pipe Organ Carillon in Concert
    hall/Amphitheatre, hydraulically hideable!! Pipen
    organ-Open-Air-recital is unique!
  • Open-air-Cinema (in Amphitheatre)
  • World-Library of WriterDocs, head office of
    "World Union Writing Physicians- (Biblio therapy)
  • (Mini-)Observatorium AstronomyDocs
  • Womens house (exclusively), especially for
    islamic women
  • Helicopter landing place

ArchitekctureThe Dome as Primordial-Therapy-Spac
Dome-Space GOLDEN CUT The construction of DOME
as perfect form The Dome was constructed
according to the laws of sacred geometry, the
golden cut.The corpus is a sphere with the lower
third cut off. In the Golden Cut the image of
perfection is suggested not only by the same form
of the parts but through the proportion. The
relation minor to major and major to the whole is
always the same. The unity uf the proportions
transports the image of perfection and lets us
perceive the asymmetry as harmonious. The Golden
Cut is in the nature of man for all times. It is
found in biology and in the physics of the entire
planet. The proportion is always around us and
thus is a pattern in our thoughts. This is why it
is felt as positive and esthetical. A room which
is constructed like the Golden Cut has deep
effects on the feelings of the visitors and makes
his energy field flow. The visitor feels secure
and in harmony with the surrounding just
perfect as the Golden Cut.! Example
Eventswith world-wide irradiation
  • All Events in live-stream (technology) in HD
  • Lectures of top key-note speakers (more in other
  • Self experience workshops (including personal
  • Fine Arts (expositions of ArtDocs international)
  • Music (best MusicDocs form all over the world)
  • MusicDoc-Academie-classes
  • akw-concept (click) To be realised with MusicDocs
  • Buying www.MediGames.com (click) and performing
  • Sport-Olympiade for Health Care Professionals
  • ca 4000 participants from Europe (and further)
  • over 20 kinds of sports
  • 1x/year in a European city
  • Winter- and Summer-Medigames to develop

Areas to liveand Areas of Action
  • Food (nutrition and consulting it)
  • Ayurvedic Biological Cuisine
  • Polarity between eating men and eating light
  • Vegetarian Gourmet-Restaurant
  • Sports
  • Wandering
  • All-year (Summer-)sliding course and mountain
  • Direct access to watersports options (sailing and
    motor boat rent with water ski
  • Religion / Islam / classes, books/biblio-therapy
    as important factor of healing

Prof.Dr.med. Johannes GretenGermanys best
(Prize of biggest health insurance AOK and the
tina magazine) Prof. Dr. med. Johannes
Greten President of DGTCM (click) and CEO of
Heidelberg School of Chinese Medicine. GP,
Naturopathic Medicine, Homöopathy and Acupuncture
in Heidelberg/Germany. He combines scientific
medicine of the West with the classical High
Medicine of China and teaches TCM (Traditional
Chinese Medicine) at several universities also
in China. His scientific merits are
contributions to the system theory of TCM
(Heidelberg Model), the integration of double
blind studies in acupuncture research and the
creation of the first study Master of TCM at
the University of Porto/Portugal (unique in
Europe so far). Many publications. Professional
Tenor, nominated for Tamino bei PDO Magic
Flute. Teaching Chinese Flow concepts in Piano
Master Classes And lectures at the Basel
University about this topic.
Dr. Rüdiger DahlkeTHE specialist for
psychosomatic medicine
Rüdiger Dahlke is an internationally acknowledged
psychosomatic specialist, promoting holistic
psychosomatic medicine. He has published several
bestseller booksKrankheit als Weg, Krankheit
als Symbol, Krankheit als Chance. His trilogy
Die Schicksalsgesetze, Das Schattenprinzip
and Lebensprinzipien helped founding a holistic
psychosomatic reaching into mystic and spiritual
dimensions. He is giving workshops
internationally and holds a workshop center in
his own community taman-ga. His teaching is
targetting a self-responsable living with
consciously experienced self-evolution. www.Dahlk
e.at (click) www.taman-ga.at (click)
Dr.med. Ernst SchrottAyurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine Dr. Schrott Vice president
Deutsche Ayurvedagesellschaft CEO of Deutsche
Ayurveda-Akademie Dr.med. Ernst Schrott vita
(click) www.vedamed.de (click) In cooperation
with Dr. Dietrich Wachsmuth www.wachsmuth-ayurveda
.de (click) co-founder first Ayurvedic hospital
in Germany Singer in the choir of
PDO (cooperation confirmed)
Prof.Dr.med. Albrecht HempelCenter for Energy-
and Environmental medicine DD
Medical studies in Rostock Habilitation 1999 at
Charité in Berlin Specialized in heart and blood
circulation Chief doctor Herzzentrum Brandenburg
at KH Bernau from 1998 Chief doctor II.
Medizinische Klinik of Krankenhauses
Friedrichstadt in Dresden 2003 thru 2005 2005
Connection scientific medicine with holistic
therapies 2006 CEO of Center for Energy- and
Environmental medicine www.ZEUMS.de (click) 2013
Chief of faculty for "Integrative medical
Sciences" of the Steinbeis University in
Berlin Since 2009 Prof. Hempel cooperates with
EPIDAURUS and integrates his knowledge of
cardiology and energy- and environmental
medicine. Concert Master Violin at PDO
Philharmonic Doctors Opera
Alexander WunschLight Doctor
World-wide unique lecturer of Medical Light
Design at the University of Technology, Business
and Design in Wismar (Germany) Facharzt für
Allgemeinmedizin (GP), inventor and
researcher. Teacher of holistic medicine and
Photo-Biology. Spectro-Chrome-Therapy-System in
combinations with electromagnetic fields and
sound therapy. Specialist about Samadhi-Tank
(click) (Schloss-Glarisegg (click)),
Floating-Tank (Bad Rothenfelde (click)) Cranio-Sa
cral-body work, AcupunctureLüscher-colour-Diagnos
tics (directly in contact with Prof.
Lüscher) Research on light effects on cellular
level, photo-endo-crinology and toxic light
effects of artificial light. Invention and
development of several medical machines,CEO of
Medical Light Consulting in Heidelberg Head of
Sciences Solarium Beauty-Angel-System (click)
IK Holding Ergoline. Example ELT Licht-System
(click) (short video (first seconds of it))
(click) Light concept in cooperation with L-Plan
Berlin. Optimal combination of LED and thermic
(REAL) Light. Light and Sound for
Therapy Optimisation of window glass surfaces
respective to IRA (close-Infrared-Fraction)
Special attention to a physiological light plan
with high color fidelity. Nominated for light
director of the next PDO productions
Dr. Bernhard MäulenTHE specialist for Docs
Specialised in Psychiatry Former Chief doctor of
Oberberg-Klinik (Elite-Burn-Out-Hospital for
Management MDs) Now specialised in treating
health care professionals CEO of Institute for
Doctors Health www.Aerztegesundheit.de (click)
Wolfgang Ellenbergermusic therapist MD
pianist conductor - manager
Triple studies medicine music (piano diploma
and concert exam) music therapy in Hamburg,
Detmold, Lübeck, Milano 18 years career as
concert pianist with international event
service. See international clients list
(click) Comeback in Medicine in 2000 practice in
several specialisations, close to specialisation
in Psychiatry. Courses in several alternative
medicine disciplines. Founder of worlds first
ever opera company of doctorsPDO Philharmonic
Doctors Opera - www.PDO.name (click)Planning to
send the BEST MusicDocs from all over the world
on tour through hospitals Joint-Ventrue with
piano factors Bösendorfer (the Rolls-Royce of
pianos)PianoMusicDocs classes in Vienna with
participants from Europe and USA After workshop
with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 1983 specialized in
dissociative phenomenons, especial consciousness
statuses. Intensive private Studies of many
religions and medial abilities of mediums Many
innovations and publications, decades of teaching
piano. Decades of experience with multi-medical
technologies, such as handling a live-streaming
Further Therapies I
  • Psychotherapy
  • Music therapy
  • Whole-Body-Monochord (photo 1)
  • Art Therapy
  • Ergo therapy
  • Relaxation methods
  • Integral Yoga (Virginia Marginean)
  • Qi Gong (Mario Goncalvez)
  • Muscle Relaxation Jacobson
  • Sound/Light Therapy (Alexander Wunsch)
  • Singing Bowl Therapy (photo 2)
  • Autogen Training
  • Respiration therapy (Dorothea Dallmann)
  • Aroma therapy
  • Aqua-Shiatsu
  • Sauna-Training
  • Massage-Therapy
  • Ayurvedic
  • Lomi-Lomi

Further Therapies II
  • Team-Patients ONE GROUP with META-consciousness
  • Depression treatment according to Dr. Nedley
  • Resilience training
  • Ethno-training to build bridges
  • Cultural consciousness (regional, Culture-Nature
  • Religion and Spirituality training
  • Spirituality (non-confessional) as scientifically
    approved factor of healing
  • Understanding of special statuses of
    consciousness and work it out.
  • Training to show and develop own limits
  • Training of SELF VALUE (work on conditional and
    unconditional love mechanisms in life etc)
  • Zen (in the art of archery, Zen in the art of
  • Addiction-Therapy/training to overcome (generally
    and specially)
  • Filmy (not only Cinema Therapy,
    www.cinematherapy.com (click) own cinema with
    double functionality)
  • Social consulting

Key Note SpeakersLectures, Coaching, Workshops
  • ComedyDocs (click) as lecturers
  • Dr. Gautam www.drgautam.com (click)
  • Dr. Michael Myers www.michaelfmyers.com (click)
  • Dr. Anne Pieper www.annepieper.com (click)
  • Ellenberger-Coaching
  • 12-Points-Check
  • Drilling into the points
  • Skill-Training of weak points
  • Professional analysis with Sociogram of the
    working situation
  • Coaching for men (DYD)
  • Coaching for women (ChKh) with my wife

  • Organisation structures at work
  • Time management,
  • Priorisation training!
  • Family, job, leisure time (work-life-Balance!)
  • Patients as TEAM, one GROUP dynamic with
  • Family-Therapy with integration in social
  • Special training about Mobbing
  • Guidance for INNER AUTHORITY

Mixture of hotel and clinic use
  • Visitors
  • Travellers
  • Docs in holiday
  • Docs in classes
  • Docs in burn-out treatment
  • Flexibility
  • 1 of 3 parts of building for Therapies offices
  • Booking of rooms flexible with priority therapy
  • Emergency beds always available
  • The more request for therapy the less hotel
  • For ALLin common
  • ArtDocs-exhibition (all over the place)
  • Library
  • DoctorsTalents.com - exposition
  • Events
  • Cinema(-Therapy)
  • SINGLE-Therapy in protected setting
  • 1 to 1-Settings
  • Therapy group settings

One example for an available TOP object
This object is still available The former
Kurhotel from Weissenstein which is on the
Hausberg of Solothurn in North
Switzerland..Since other investors are in
negotiation a fast decision is necessary to get
it. It is on 1.300 m height and has the most
gorgeous view of Switzerland on the central alps
with Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau right in the
center. The price should be dealt with the
owner, a bank, the concept of the burn-out clinic
will surely be accepted. A UNIQUE occasion to
create something very special. Well, there are
other objects, but rarely of THIS kind.
Global Marketing-Strategies
  • World-wide unique selling point burn-out hospital
    ONLY for health care professionals in the
    DoctorsTalents.com Center
  • Each Doc from any place in the world travelling
    Europe shall sayIf I travel Europe I HAVE TO
    visit the DoctorsTalents.com Center!
  • The investor can create an ongoing positive
    effect on health care professionals world-wide
    and stamp his name on the professional group.
  • Buying, optimisation and institutionalising the
    www.DoctorsTalents.com (click) portal
  • Creating a foundation for world-wide activities
    for prevention of Burn-Out of health care
    professionals which are naturally focussed on the
    Center.(asset sum 1 billion , yearly
    distribution of ca. 50 millon )
  • Buying or copying the medigames.com, buying or
    doubling the libraries or WritingDocs in DE and
    USA to consolidate the world market leadership.
  • I am available right away for management,
    treatment and coaching.

Think global - Act local!
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