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International Environmental Technologies, Inc.


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Title: International Environmental Technologies, Inc.

International Environmental Technologies, Inc.
  • Environmental Solutions

About IET
  • IETs Best In Class Technology Solutions
  • IETs Core Technologies are cutting edge
    solutions to the worlds growing demand for
    effective and environmentally conscious waste
    disposal and water treatment requirements
  • IETs Core Technologies offer superior
    performance to all of todays available
  • Increased efficiency operating effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs minimal material
    handling, simple process with low maintenance
  • Broad application scope, quick installation, and
    highly scalable design
  • IETs Bundled Technology Solution
  • Proprietary technology portfolio of complementary
    products and solutions
  • Thermal Waste Gasification (WG/TO) Solid Waste
  • Process generates significant quantities of
    recoverable heat and scrap - opportunities
    include the commercial resale of electric power
    and recycled metals/glass
  • Electrocoagulation Water Purification Treatment
  • Instantaneous treatment of large volumes of
    water requires no chemicals
  • Nataprene space-age polymer EC113 Concrete
  • Highly complementary to the design construction
    of IETs core technology projects

About IET
  • IETs Unique Opportunity
  • IET is a Diamond in the Rough
  • Historical focus on technology RD NOT sales
  • Substantial project pipeline despite limited
    sales marketing resources to date
  • 3rd party verification of Best In Class claims
    State of PA, State of FL, International
  • IETs Waste Water Treatment Focus
  • Capitalizes on the positive global reputation
    regarding WG/TO EC as industry best practices
  • Financially Attractive Recession proof
    industry, large capital allocations/mandates,
    high profit margins
  • Best of the Best - bundled offering of
    proprietary technologies that are the Best in
    Class of the best practices
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Sales Attain sales revenue potential through
    strategic partnerships and internal expansion
  • Strategic Investors Resources necessary to
    promote business growth internally and externally
  • Strategic Engineering Partners Meet current and
    future demand
  • Growth Acquisition leverage its core
    technologies, robust project pipeline, and strong
    profit margins
  • Goals Worldwide Waste Water Treatment
    Portfolio of 5 billion via tax-efficient
    strategy utilizing retained earnings

IET Products
Mechanics of Thermal Waste Gasification
  • What is Thermal Waste Gasification?
  • The chemical conversion of organic solids and
    liquids into synthetic gases is achieved through
    highly controlled conditions of heat and
    availability of oxygen
  • Disassociates the molecules of a complex waste
    substance into simple gases
  • Highly efficient method of breaking down
    hazardous organic substances such as Dioxins and
  • A Two Step Process
  • Primary Gasification Cell
  • The waste is unloaded the primary cell (16 cells
    with varying holding capacity depending on
    facility) municipal waste doesnt require
    specific organization
  • Each cell is surrounded by a steel box where a
    refractory will insulate, but not hold the heat
    for a long time
  • The oxygen-starved process allows combustible
    waste to be converted to gas and sterile, white
    ash which is recyclable
  • The released gas is predominantly composed of CO
    and H2
  • Secondary Gas Processor Cell
  • Outside air is then mixed with the gas from the
    primary and flared off at a temperature up to
    2000 F
  • This efficient method allows for leftover metals
    to be further recycled
  • Finally, the introduction of turbines into this
    process provides new forms of renewable energy
    for surrounding areas

Process Flow Diagram of IETs Waste Gasification
Flue Gas
Syn Gas
Flue Gas
Flue Gas
Thermal Oxidizer
Waste Heat Boiler
Proprietary Scrubber
Fly Ash
Power Generation
Bottom Ash
Proven Technology
  • The state of the art IET System
  • IETs technology was recently approved by The
    Florida Department of Environmental Protection
    following rigorous 3rd party due diligence by
    world renowned environmental engineering firm
    Golder Associates (
  • The State of Pennsylvania commissioned a 2M
    research report on 35 hazardous/solid waste
    processing technologies. It concluded that
    IET's gasification process would clearly serve as
    the best technology
  • Proven application of technology First facility
    online in Anchorage, AK (1996)
  • How the IET System is superior to alternative
  • Patented waste gasification process (2002)
  • Lower capital investment costs than less
    efficient alternative technologies
  • Lower operating expenses result in higher
  • Multiple cell units working simultaneously
    highly scalable efficient to maintain
  • Emissions from IETs system are lower than
    federal regulations without the use of scrubbers
  • More types of waste can be gasified with IETs
    system than the competitors systems ranging
    from tires to plastics to large furniture items

Thermal Waste Gasification-Process Facts and
  • Supported by the United States Department of
  • Eliminates 98.5 of all combustible waste
  • Large scalability (modular cells range from 2 to
    2500 ton systems)
  • Average installation time is 4 to 6 months,
    depending on the size
  • Provides for 100 recycling of aluminum, metals,
    and gases
  • Clean and quite operation-no noise or obnoxious
  • No pre-sorting or trash separation before
  • Moisture in the waste does not affect performance
  • Eliminated animals, birds, and insect scavenging
    in the waste
  • Kills all pathogens in medical waste
  • No special handling of medical waste is required
  • Reduces volume of medical waste by over 98
  • Eliminated future need for landfills for
    combustible waste
  • Small land requirements are less than 1 of
    landfill sites
  • Very inexpensive operating costs/low cost of
  • Operator training and installation provided by
  • Service and warranty provided by IET

Water Purification throughIETs
  • Electrocoagulation Defined
  • EC is based on the principle of introducing an
    electrical current to induce a chemical reaction
    in water
  • This reaction causes the destabilization of most
    suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, cysts,
    dissolved materials, metals, most hydrocarbons
    and many organics
  • Once destabilized, positively charged ions react
    with negatively charged particles in the water
    resulting in floc precipitates that approach a
    highly stable state
  • The floc created is highly stable and can
    therefore be easily separated from the water by a
    number of conventional secondary separation

Advantages of IETsElectrocoagulation
  • IETS technology reduces or eliminates the need
    for the use of chemicals and polymers that are
    normally used for this treatment therefore,
    resulting in reduced sludge production and easier
  • IETS technology can be used as a pre-treatment
    to remove TOCS prior to adding chlorine, thus
    greatly reducing the formation of trihalomethanes
    (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAA)
  • IETS Electrocoagulation kills virus, cysts, and
    coliform bacteria eliminating one of the largest
    problems with water contamination that face many
  • The sludge formed during the use of IETS
    electrocoagulation is easier to handle and to
    dewater due to the absence of chemicals and bound
  • Finally, the sludge has been repeatedly tested
    and proven to be leachant-free thus ensuring
    sludge doesnt repeatedly dissolve in the water

Effectiveness of IETs ElectrocoagulationTechnolo
  • Systems are available in a wide range of sizes,
    from portable Emergency Drinking Water Unit, to
    permanent installations with over 10,000 gallons
    per minute of capacity
  • Removes arsenic from drinking water-lined to
    cancer of bladder, lungs, and skin
  • Removes pesticides, complex organics, and
    suspended solids
  • Effective breaking of oil/water emulsions
  • Removes coal fines and slurry from process water
  • Waste water treatment to eliminated hog, cattle,
    and poultry sewage lagoons
  • Replacement of chemical flocculants in water
    treatment plants
  • Pre-treatment of salt, or brackish, water before
  • Proven treatment of landfill leachate

  • What is Nataprene
  • Nataprene is a proprietary, premium-grade, high
    performance TDI-PTMEG polyether polymer advanced
    material with extreme versatility which was
    formulated and developed by Marnat Industrial
    Company, LLC
  • It contains urethane groups and is created by
    reacting isocyanates with polymers and chain
    extenders. By varying the nature of these
    components, many properties can be created for
    variety of applications
  • Performance and use
  • Has outworn ordinary rubbers and plastics, often
    by a factor of 81
  • Products are distinctive with respect to their
    abrasion and corrosion resistance as well as its
    load-bearing capacity and hardness
  • Offers high-impact resistance, elasticity,
    translucence, and high resistance to oils, ozone
    degradation, and gamma ray radiation
  • Is used in such industries as power, utilities,
    sand and gravel companies, pulp and paper
    processing, mining, marine, and aeronautics

IETs EC113 Concrete Treatment
  • The Deterioration of Concrete
  • As concrete ages and is exposed to the elements
    of heat, cold, carbon dioxide, chlorides and
    other chemicals it begins to deteriorate
  • When these chemicals penetrate the concrete there
    is a drop in pH that results in the corrosion of
    the steel rebar. This corrosion expands to many
    times the size of the original steel, causing the
    surface to spall and exposes this corroded steel
  • The IET Concrete Injection System
  • This system is able to transform corrosion active
    concrete to a passive state, measured by a
    industry accepted corrosion rate. ECII3, a water
    soluble proprietary formulation, penetrates and
    migrates through the cement micro gel pores and
    lining structure to the rebar level
  • Reverses the conditions that affect the
    durability of concrete by protecting against
    freeze/thaw damage, salt scaling, and sulfate
  • Protection is provided both at the reinforcing
    steel and by a reduction of chloride ion ingress
  • It reacts at the rebar surface to convert rust
    into a strong chemically inert protective surface

Performance Traits of EITS EC 133
  • Establish a protective film on the rebar surface
  • Convert rust to a hard inner shell
  • Purge and stabilize contaminants
  • Reduce water penetration
  • Evaluate and/or control pH
  • Increase compressive strength
  • Provide resistance to acid
  • Substantially reduce porosity
  • Increase hardness
  • Increase surface adhesion
  • Seals micro-cracking

IET Principal Biographies
  • Bob Gorley
  • Roger Kolb
  • F. William Gillmore
  • Eugene Markovics Nataprene
  • Anthony Fiasco Robert Walde EC113 Concrete

Financial Projections Waste Gasification
International Environmental TechnologiesProject
Pipeline Waste Gasification Waste
International Environmental TechnologiesProject
Pipeline Waste Gasification Waste
International Environmental TechnologiesProject
Pipeline Electrocoagulation Water Treatment
International Environmental TechnologiesProject
Pipeline Key Developments
  • Golder Associates is the top environmental
    engineering, permitting, and construction company
    in the world with 130 offices in 26 countries.
    Golder handled the engineering due diligence and
    permitting with Dixie County Florida and the
    Florida Department of Environmental projection.
    They have been so impressed by the technology,
    they want to represent IET world-wide
  • E.J. Greensystem, S.R.L. in addition to working
    with 16 current projects in Italy wishes to
    represent IET for all of Italy and Mediterranean
  • Representatives of Haiti and the World Bank
    including the Prime Minister and the
    Environmental Minister have selected IETs Waste
    Gasification and Water. Technology and funding is
    in place from the World Bank
  • M.J. Aslan Environmental Engineering with
    significant relationships in the Middle East and
    Europe wishes to represent IET in the U.A.E.,
    Abu Dhabi, Europe, and North Africa

3rd Party Verification of Technology
  • The following list of IETs WG/TO technology
    benefits were taken directly from 3rd party
    statements after a careful study of the process
  • commercially proven with mixed waste streams
    particularly MSW and waste tires
  • requires minimal presorting and processing of
    waste including tires
  • environmentally appropriate - yielding low air
    emissions well within EPA and EU standards and
    sterile ash
  • recapture of recyclables after gasification
    reduces material handling requirements
  • relatively low operating costs
  • robust primary cells with relatively few moving
  • very good utilization of the feed stock with high
    yield of useable energy
  • minimal waste disposal requirements, i.e.,
    approximately 10 of incoming volume
  • modular, scalable and easily expandable to
    accommodate increased demand
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