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The Southern Colonies


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Title: The Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies
The Southern Colonies The Carolinas
  • North Carolina
  • Settlers were mostly poor tobacco farmers who
    drifted from Virginia
  • They tended to have small farms

The Southern Colonies The Carolinas
  • South Carolina
  • A group of 8 English nobles set up a larger
  • The largest settlement, Charles Town, grew up
    where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers met.
  • Later Charles Town was shortened to Charleston
  • Most early settlers were English people who had
    been living in Barbados

The Southern Colonies The Carolinas
  • Around 1685, a few planters discovered that rice
    grew well in the swampy lowlands along the coast.
  • Before long, Carolina rice was a valuable crop
    traded around the world.
  • Settlers in South Carolina, later learned to
    raise Indigo, a plant used to make a valuable dye.

The Southern Colonies The Carolinas
  • Carolina planters needed large numbers of workers
    to grow rice.
  • At first they tried to enslave local Indians.
  • Many Indians died of disease or mistreatment
  • Others escaped into the forests.
  • Planters then turned to slaves from Africa.
  • By 1700, the majority of people coming to
    Charleston were African men and women brought
    against their will.

The Southern Colonies The Carolinas
  • The northern areas of Carolina had fewer slaves.
  • Differences between the two areas led to division
    of the colony into North Carolina and South
    Carolina in 1712.

The Southern Colonies Georgia
  • The last of Englands 13 colonies was carved out
    of the southern tip of South Carolina.
  • James Oglethorpe, a respected English soldier and
    energetic reformer, founded Georgia in 1732.
  • He wanted the new colony to be a place where
    debtors could make a new start.

The Southern Colonies Georgia
  • Under English law, the government could imprison
    debtors until they paid what they owed.
  • If they ever got out of jail, debtors often had
    no money and no place to live.
  • Oglethorpe offered to pay for debtors and other
    poor people to travel to Georgia.

The Southern Colonies Georgia
  • Oglethorpe set strict rules for the colony
  • Farms could be no bigger than 500 acres and
    slavery was forbidden
  • At first Georgia grew slowly.
  • Later Oglethorpe changed the rules to allow large
    plantations and slave labor.
  • After that the colony grew more quickly

The Southern Colonies Georgia
  • England hoped that Georgia would act as a buffer
    between Spanish Florida and the Carolinas.
  • A buffer is a land located between two larger
    bodies that reduces the possibility of conflict
    between them
  • Spain tried to force Oglethorpe and the English
    out, but they held their ground.

The Southern Colonies Two Ways of Life
  • One along the Atlantic Coast and one in the
  • Along the Atlantic Coast plantations were built
    up and farming thrived.
  • Slaves would be found here
  • In the backcountry smaller fields thrived
  • People were more likely treated as equals
  • More democratic
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