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Welcome to Curriculum Night


Welcome to Curriculum Night – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to Curriculum Night

Welcome to Curriculum Night
Readiness for all students
  • Every student will be proficient or advanced in
    reading, writing, and math.
  • The academic accomplishment of every student is
    an obsession.
  • The school can neutralize many challenges that
    students bring to the classroom.
  • Student achievement is the number one topic of
  • There are no excuses for poor effort.

Our Team
  • Mrs. Darlene Hoke
  • Mrs. Shedera Morrison
  • Mrs. Chelsi Ridge
  • Mrs. Mylinda Taylor

  • Wednesday folders
  • Email addresses (posted by sign in sheets)
  • Newsletter- how will it be received and what it
  • Remind account information-text to 81010
  • Message _at_nealk
  • Campus
  • Twitter- _at_nealcheetahs
  • Website- neal.mansfieldisd.org

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Parent conferences will be on Thursday, October 8
(pm) and Friday, October 9 (am). You will be
contacted to schedule this conference. Our goal
in these two days is to conference with each
parent in our class. Conferences are by
appointment only and may be requested by the
teacher or the parent at any time during the
school year.
  • 745-800---Morning Work
  • 800-840----Intervention
  • 840-910----WG Reading (30 min. daily)
  • 910-940----WG Writing (30 min. daily)
  • 940-1010---Guided Reading (30 min. daily)
  • 1010-1040-Social Studies (30 min. daily)
  • 1045-1115-Lunch
  • 1115-1145-Recess
  • 1145-1230-Science (45 min. daily x 4 days)
  • 1230-110---Whole Group Math (40 min. daily)
  • 115-215-----CAMP/Planning
  • 220-320---Small Group Math (60 min. daily)
  • 320-325-----Review/Dismissa
  • WG Whole Group
  • SS Social Studies

Our School Day
  • Students are considered tardy if not in their
    classroom at the 800 a.m. bell.
  • If a student is tardy, a parent/guardian must
    escort the child to the front office to sign the
    student in and receive a tardy pass.
  • After the 800 bell, parents are not allowed to
    the classroom as our instructional days begins.
    Parents in classrooms or in the building must
    leave at the 800 bell. Our staff dedicates their
    time and attention to students once the bell

CAMP Schedule
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PBIS School Wide Expectations
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a
    school-wide strategy for helping all students
    achieve important social and learning goals
    because we know that when good behavior and good
    teaching come together, our students will excel
    in their learning. The foundation of PBIS at
    Nancy Neal is the three school-wide expectations
    Positive Attitude, Act Responsibly, Wise Choices.

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Behavior Log
  • A behavior log will be sent home daily and used
    to communicate with parents/guardians about their
    childs behavior at school. Included on the
    behavior log is the following key
  • met behavior expectations
  • P difficult time keeping a positive attitude
  • A difficult time acting responsibly
  • W difficult time making wise choices
  • If the paw print is circled, it means the student
    met all behavior expectations for the day.
  • Letters (P,A,W) are circled to represent the
    expectations the student had a difficult time
    following for the day.

Six Weeks Conduct Grading Scale   E 0-3
letters circled S 4-6 letters circled N 7-10
letters circled U 11 or more letters circled  
Student Nutrition
  • Breakfast is served from 730 755 in the
    cafeteria. Students are still responsible for
    getting to class on time.
  • If sending money for lunch or any reason, send it
    in a sealed envelope with your childs name,
    student ID number, the teachers name and the
    purpose of the money.
  • Visit the MISD website under Student Nutrition
    for school lunch questions and to learn how to
    pay for lunch online through My School Bucks.
  • There is a 1.95 convenience fee for each

  • We will have a table designated for parents who
    wish to join their child for lunch. Please note
    that you are only allowed to eat with your child
    and we ask that you and your child follow the
    campus wide behavior expectations.
  • If a students parent hasnt brought lunch within
    the first ten minutes, they will go through the
    lunch line.

Going Home
If there is a change in how your child will get
home, please send a note or email your childs
teacher in advance. We are unable to take the
word of the student.
  • After 300 changes to how your child will go home
    will not be accepted. You may contact the office
    before 300 with any changes or email your
    childs teacher before 230.
  • We understand that emergencies may arise, but
    consistency is critical for a smooth dismissal

Going Home
  • Students are not called from class for early
    release after 320.
  • Students that are dismissed prior to the
    dismissal bell receive an early release for the

  • Parent drop off (AM), car riders, and parent walk
    ups are dismissed from the back of the school.
    For safety reasons, we ask that you drive through
    and not get out of your cars. Adults will assist
    your child with getting in and out of the car.
  • Parent walk up is at the GYM door. Parents must
    have their school issued placard available for
    pick up. If not available, the student will not
    be dismissed and the parent must sign the student
    out through the office so identification can be
  • Car riders are dismissed from the cafeteria.
    Parents or parent designee must have the school
    issued placard available for pick up.
  • Bus riders and day care are dismissed at the
    front of the school. No other students will be
    dismissed nor should be picked up at the front
    of the school.

Name Placards
As an extra effort to keep your children safe, we
have developed a new safety feature that we will
use with our name placards used for car riders
and parent walk ups.
  • If parents in the car line or the parent walk up
    line, do not have the school issued placard, the
    parent will need to go to the office to request a
    new one. Students will not be dismissed without
    the school issued placard.
  • The only placards that will be used are ones
    created, provided, and issued by the school. Any
    time a new one is needed, the parent must contact
    the school.

  • State law requires that students attend school at
    least 90 of the days that school is offered.
    This includes whole and parts of days.
  • Students are considered tardy if they are not in
    their classrooms when the 800 a.m. bell rings.
  • Students are considered absent if they are not
    present by 1000 a.m.
  • Students who are checked out early will be
    recorded as an early release.
  • When a child reaches five tardies, early
    releases, and/or absences a letter will be sent
    home as reminder of District and State policies.
  • When a child reaches ten tardies, early releases,
    and/or absences a letter will be sent home
    inviting parents to a meeting with the Attendance
  • When a child has been absent from school, without
    excuse, on three days or parts of days within a
    four-week period, a letter will be sent home.

Makeup Work (Because of Absences)
It is difficult to give appropriate make up work
in Kindergarten due to the hands on, concrete
nature of our instruction. However, the teacher
may choose to send home an activity to be
completed by an assigned due date.
  • Reinforcement of skills already learned in class
  • Not a recorded grade
  • Read nightly and practice sight words. Check
    newsletter and take home folders for special

  • Show parents how to get to Skyward
  • What parents can do and see

Report Cards
  • Report cards are issued every 12 weeks for
  • Report cards are sent home with the students the
    Thursday after the end of the six weeks grading

Kindergarten Report Card
  • S Satisfactory Meets the grade level
  • P Progressing Approaching grade level
  • N Needs Improvement Below grade level

Progress Reports
  • Kindergarten students will receive a progress
    report created by the grade level. These will
    come home at the end of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th six

Kinder 4th Grade Six Weeks Awards
  • Neal Citizen
  • Neal Citizens are students who display
    outstanding character, citizenship, show great
    improvement in a subject area, work to improve
    behavior, goes above and beyond, gives 100 in
    class, or has a positive attitude. These students
    will be recognized during special ceremony hosted
    by the school counselor.
  • CAMP Leader
  • Our CAMP teachers will also select a student per
    grade level to receive the CAMP Leader award.
    These students will be recognized during Family

Kinder 4th Grade Attendance Recognition
  • To encourage school attendance, students at
    school every day and for the full school day will
    have the opportunity to participate in a
    school-wide attendance incentive. This incentive
    will replace the attendance awards previously

Kindergarten End of Year Awards
  • Kindergarten graduation will be held Wednesday,
    June 1st at 900.

Campus Visitors
  • To ensure the safety of all of our students, all
    campus visitors must have their license scanned
    through our Raptor system in order to receive a
    visitors badge.
  • The badge must be worn while visiting the
  • A new badge must be obtained at each visit.

Preschool Children and/or Visiting School Aged
  • Our campus policy is that parents may not bring
    preschool children and/or visiting school aged
    guests to visit while the parent is working in
  • Preschool children and/or visiting school aged
    guests may not attend class parties or field
  • Preschool (before school) infants, toddlers,
    preschool, etc.

Classroom Parties
  • Winter Holiday (December 18th, 2-3)
  • End of Year (June 2nd 2-3)

2015 2016 MISD Calendar
  • 2015-2016 MISD Calendar
  • How to get the calendar
  • www.mansfieldisd.org
  • Scroll down under Quick Links and choose
  • Scroll down and click on the picture of the

2015 2016 Early Release
  • November 13
  • January 15
  • February 26
  • April 15
  • Bad Weather Make-Up Days
  • April 15 Bad Weather Make-up Date 2
  • April 18 Bad Weather Make-up Date 1

MISD Student Handbook
  • How to get to it
  • www.mansfieldisd.org
  • Schools
  • Scroll down to Resources for Parents Students
  • 2015-2016 Handbooks

The MISD Curriculum
  • The MISD Curriculum can be found online at
  • Departments
  • Curriculum Instruction
  • K-12 Foundation (content areas) or K-12
    Enrichment (CAMP)
  • Choose content area
  • Choose grade level
  • Choose six weeks

  • Istation
  • Computer-based diagnostic assessment used to
    tailor reading instruction for each student
  • All students participate
  • DRA
  • Reading assessment that determines students
    reading level
  • Results are used to tailor reading instruction
    for each student
  • All students participate

Guided Reading
  • All students participate
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Focus is on grade level TEKS
  • Develops students ability to process texts
  • Guided Reading Lesson Demo

  • Word Journeys
  • What it is
  • Why we use it
  • Grade level TEKS

  • Empowering Writers
  • Grade level expectations
  • Campus goal

  • Moby Max
  • Computer-based diagnostic math assessment used to
    assist in determining students individual math
    skill level

  • STEMscopes
  • What it is
  • How we use it

Social Studies
  • Harcourt
  • What it is
  • How we use it

Ways to help at home
  • Resources
  • Vocabulary
  • Technology www.starfall.com
  • Nancy Neal Destiny Ebooks
  • www.mycapstonelibrary.com
  • Username neal Password read

Response to Intervention (RtI)
  • RtI is a 3-tier approach to providing
    high-quality instructional practices to meet the
    needs of all students.
  • The students needs are determined through
    multiple sources of data. Research based
    interventions are delivered within the tiers.
  • The primary focus of the RtI process is to
    intervene early when students begin to show signs
    of struggling to meet grade level standards.
  • The development of strategies to help the
    individual student is based on how the student
    responds to interventions, hence the name
    Response to Intervention.

Response to Intervention (RtI)
  • What are the tiers of RtI?
  • Tier 1 (General Classroom Instruction) This is
    the instruction (teaching) that everyone in the
    class gets. It involves lesson delivery in a
    variety of formats.
  • Tier 2 (Small Group Instruction) This is the
    instruction the teacher gives when he/she notices
    that some students had difficulty with the
  • Tier 3 (Small Group Instruction) This is the
    instruction the specialist will give after the
    student continues to experience difficulty
    despite Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction.

  • Students on Tier 2 or 3 of the RtI process
    receive intervention during a designated time in
    our daily schedule 4 days a week.
  • During this time, the teachers and the campus
    specialists meet the needs of students who are
    struggling with the grade level content.
  • The skills covered and the activities used are
    based on the students individual needs determined
    by the data (ISIP, Moby, DRA, class performance,
  • Intervention takes place 4 days a week and is
    built into our daily schedule.
  • Intervention focuses on reading and math.

Think Tanks
  • Students who are on or above grade level
    participate in Think Tanks during Intervention
  • Think Tanks are a spiral review of TEKS already
    taught in class.
  • Think Tanks provide engaging, interesting, and
    challenging activities to meet the needs of these
  • Think Tanks are literature based and integrate
    reading, writing, math, science, and social
  • Students who are generally in intervention during
    the week, participate in Think Tanks on Fridays.

  • We look forward to partnering with you in your
    childs education here at Nancy Neal Elementary
    and in Mansfield ISD!

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