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Soccer Clinic Presented by: Carolyn Shannonhouse Comments: The Role of the Parent in Sports online course is offered at NO COST by the NFHS. To review, all you need ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Soccer Clinic

  • Soccer Clinic
  • Presented by
  • Carolyn Shannonhouse


Start Dates
  • 1st Day of Practice
  • -Mon., July 30 (men)
  • -Wed., Feb. 13 (women)
  • - Date of 1st Contest
  • - no earlier than Aug. 13 (men)
  • - no earlier than Feb. 27 (women)

  • Men Reporting Deadline- Oct. 29, 600 AM
  • 1st Round- Oct. 31
  • 2nd Round- Nov. 3
  • 3rd Round- Nov. 7
  • 4th Round- Nov. 10
  • Regional- Nov. 13
  • State- Nov. 16-17
  • Women Reporting Deadline-May 6, 600 AM
  • 1st Round- May 8
  • 2nd Round- May 11
  • 3rd Round- May 15
  • 4th Round- May 18
  • Regional- May 21
  • State- May 24-25

Playoff Dates
  • -Fall Try Out Dead Period July 30th through
    Sept. 1st
  • -Winter Try Out Dead Period
  • Oct. 31st through Dec. 1st
  • -Spring Try Out Dead Period
  • Feb. 13th through March 15th

Dead Periods
  • Yellow Card Tracking No change in policy.
    Remember a red card disqualification that is not
    an ejection is the equivalent of two yellow
  • Host School Management must provide an escort
    off the field for the officials, we recommend law
    enforcement officer in uniform for varsity
    matches (may be an assigned adult)
  • Home School Clock Keeper official time will be
    kept on the clock unless mutual agreement of
    coaches allow head referee to keep time on the
  • Uniform Changing Competitors must use
    locker-room facilities. Disqualifications may

  • Nine Goal Rule
  • If a goal differential of nine is reached by
    halftime or at any time in the second half, the
    game shall be terminated.

Tie Games
  • There is no exception in regular season if there
    is a tie at the end of regulation
  • play -
  • - Play continues with (2) overtime periods of 10
    minutes each.
  • - If there is no winner at that point, the game
    shall be considered
  • a tie for both teams.
  • - Junior varsity teams do not play overtime
  • In Tournament game and playoff games, tied games
    are resolved by the
  • National Federation Tournament Progression

Playoff Game Times
  • Game time will be 700 pm, unless mutually
    agreed to play at
  • 6 pm.
  • Where the distance is more than 100 miles for
    the visiting team, game time will be
    600 pm.
  • Any earlier time must be approved by the NCHSAA.
  • Saturday game times may be earlier if mutually
    agreed upon.
  • Playoff games may be played earlier than the
    assigned date if
  • mutually agreed upon.
  • Postponed games during the playoffs must be
    played the next
  • day, including Saturday.


Inclement/Hot Weather Guidelines The following
should be considered when scheduling
practice - Time of day - Intensity level of
practice - Equipment worn - Environmental
conditions High Temperature and high humidity
create a dangerous situation for athletes. A
high humidity and low temperature can also cause
serious heat-related problems. Water/fluid
replacement breaks recommended each 20 or 30
minutes. (depending on practice
conditions) Check with your AD on your LEAs and
schools policy pertaining to practice on days of
extreme heat.


Coaching Requirement All coaches must still
attend a required meeting with Athletic Director
to view the eligibility power-point presentation
prepared by NCHSAA Staff Concussion Rule
Gfeller-Waller Law must be observed If a student
receives head injury or suspected concussion,
he/she MUST have the return to play form signed
by Dr. licensed to practice medicine before
returning to practice and/or play all forms on
the health and safety page of the website

2011-2012 Soccer Ejection Reports
Ejection Per Type Fighting- 32 Taunting/Baiting-
8 Obscene Gestures- 14 Profanity- 54 Disrespect
Official-31 Spitting- 1 Biting- 0 Yellow Card-
2 Flagrant Contact- 26

Sportsmanship If student or coach is ejected or
DQed, still must complete the Star Sportsmanship
course on-line before returning to competition in
addition to serving the contest penalty.
Remember there is a fee. Additionally, if a
fighting ejection, head coach must take the
Teaching and Modeling Behavior NFHS course
cost is 20 must be completed before coaching
next game. Middle School Students Are not
allowed to practice and/or play against high
school students during open facility or skill
development sessions during school year.

NCHSAA Board Approved Items
  • Now a 250 fine for non-compliant uniform
  • Coaches Education Requirement
  • All non-faculty (non-teaching, certified
    personnel) and all newly hired coaches (new to
    your LEA, and has not passed the course) must
    complete and pass the NFHS FUNDAMENTALS OF
    COACHING certification course within sixty (60)
    days of hire.  This is for head coaches,
    assistant coaches, including volunteers.
  • If currently a non-faculty coach, certification
    course must be completed prior to first day of
  • Course is an online offering through the National
    Federation (NFHS).  To access and complete the
    course, go to . Cost of course is
    35 and is a one-time completion requirement to
    be nationally certified.
  • NCHSAA Board of Directors has recommended 100 of
    coaching staff(s) complete the FUNDAMENTALS OF
    COACHING certification in three (3) years
    Target date is August 1, 2015.

2012-2013 Soccer RulesPowerPoint
National Federation of State High School
Associations cont.
  • NFHS
  • Located in Indianapolis, Indiana (Est. 1920)
  • National leadership organization for high school
    sports and fine arts activities
  • Writes playing rules for 17 boys and girl sports
    at the high school level
  • Membership 50 member state associations and the
    District of Columbia
  • Reaches nearly 19,000 high schools and 11 million
    participants in high school activity programs,
    including more than 7.6 million in high school
  • National authority on interscholastic activity

National Federation of State High School
Associations cont.
  • NFHS Web site -

NFHS Soccer Rules Changes
NFHS Interpretation Policy
  • Each state high school association adopting these
    NFHS soccer rules is the sole and exclusive
    source of binding rules interpretations for
    contests involving its member schools. Any person
    having questions about the interpretation of NFHS
    soccer rules should contact the soccer rules
    interpreter designated by his or her state high
    school association.

MisconductRule 12-8-1f(13), 12-8-2d(1)
  • Penalty for an intentional hand ball by a player
    other than the goalkeeper in the penalty box
    to prevent a goal from being scored. If the goal
    is prevented, the penalty remains a
    disqualification of the player however, if the
    goal is scored, the penalty will now be a caution
    to the player who deliberately handled the ball.

MisconductRule 12-8-2c
  • When a player receives a second caution in the
    same game, he/she will be disqualified with a red
    card and the team will play the remainder of the
    game without replacing the disqualified player
    (play shorthanded).

MisconductRule 12-8-2c, 5-3-1g
  • For a subsequent yellow card to the same player
    in the same game, first show the yellow card and
    then show the red card.

Penalty KickRule 14-1-7 (new)
  • When, in the taking of a penalty kick, there is
    an unusual situation that causes a temporary
    suspension of play before the ball is played or
    touched by another player, or before the ball
    hits the goalpost or crossbar, the kick is
    retaken. Previously, this would have resulted in
    a drop ball.

NFHS SoccerPPoints of Emphasis
Player EquipmentRule 4-1, 4-2
Legal knee brace
Legal shinguard
  • Player equipment rule begins with the players
    wearing only legal equipment. Coaches, as the
    adults of their teams, must work with their
    players and officials to ensure that player
    equipment is safe and legal. Officials must also
    emphasize player safety and legal equipment
    throughout the match.

Equipment ChangesRule 4-1, 4-2
Fall 2012
Fall 2012
Fall 2013
  • Shinguard with NOCSAE stamp

All-white jersey and socks
Goalkeeper jerseys must have numbers
Coaching During an InjuryRule 3-3-1c1
  • When a coach or appropriate health-care
    professional is called onto the field to attend
    to an injured player, neither coach shall give
    instruction to their players.

GoalsRule 1-4-1
  • Anchored
  • Goal with 3-4 sandbags
  • Schools, coaches and officials are reminded that
    all soccer goals shall be adequately anchored,
    secured or counterweighted to the ground for
    safety. The game cannot start if the goals are
    not adequately secured to the ground.

Concussion ManagementRule 3-3-1c3
1008 a.m.
300 p.m.
  • The NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee has
    noted an increase in reported and diagnosed
    concussions in the 2010-2011 National High School
    Sports Related Injury Surveillance Study. The
    position of the NFHS Sports Medicine Committee is
    that no athlete should return to play or practice
    on that same day after suffering a concussion.

Concussion Recognition and Management
NFHS Soccer Major Editorial Changes Changes
Number of PlayersRule 3-1-3
Each team shall submit a team roster, containing
the first and last names and numbers of all
players, substitutes, all bench personnel and all
coaches, to the officials at least five minutes
prior to the start of the contest. The game shall
not begin until this is complete. Players, bench
personnel and coaches may be added to the roster
after the start of play. Goalkeepers may have two
numbers listed on the roster, a goalkeepers
number and a field players number.
SubstitutionsRule 3-4-1b
  • After a goal is scored by either team, team As
    coach may legally send substitute A13 directly
    into the game from the bench, without reporting
    to the scorer, for player A7.

The OfficialsRule 5-1-2
  • The officials retain clerical authority over the
    contest through the completion of any reports,
    including those imposing disqualifications, that
    are responsive to actions occurring while the
    referees had jurisdiction. State associations may
    intercede in the event of unusual incidents that
    occur before, during or after the officials
    jurisdiction has ended or in the event that a
    contest is terminated prior to the conclusion of
    regulation play.

Corner KickRule 17-1-1
  • A corner kick shall be awarded to the opposing
    team when a free kick taken from outside the
    penalty area goes untouched into a teams own

NFHS SoccerMajor Editorial Changes
12-4-3 The goalkeeper in possession of the ball shall not be interfered with or impeded in any manner by an opponent. This includes the act of bouncing the ball or dropping the ball for a kick or attempting to throw the ball or tossing the ball in the air to recatch. When goalkeepers put the ball on the ground, they relinquish their rights as goalkeepers.
The Field of PlayRule 1-2, 1-3, 1-6
  1. Continuous halfway line.
  2. Corner flag at least five feet high.
  3. Spectators in bleachers at least 10 feet behind
    goal line. Only ball persons behind nets.

  • Free Courses
  • Concussion in Sports What You Need to Know
  • Over 420,000 courses ordered
  • The Role of the Parent in Sports
  • Sportsmanship
  • A Guide to Acclimatization and Heat Illness

Concussion in Sports What You Need To Know
The Role of the Parent in Sports
  • Designed for parents
  • Explains what interscholastic athletics are about
  • Provides information and resources to ensure
  • their child has a positive educational
  • Includes units on
  • What interscholastic athletics are about
  • What You and Your Child Want Out of School Sports
  • Having a Successful Educational Sport Experience
  • Making the Call
  • Plan for Improvement
  • Keeping Perspective

  • Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer

Current Team Uniform RequirementsFront
Front of Uniform Options
All jerseys (including the goalies) shall be
numbered on the front with a different Arabic
number at least 4 inches in height This number
must be placed on the jersey or short
1 manufacturers logo 2¼ square inches is
permitted on each item (visible anywhere on the
Page 21
Home team shall wear white or light jerseys and
socks Visiting team shall wear dark jerseys and
Current Team Uniform RequirementsBack
Back of Uniform
All jerseys (including the goalies) shall be
numbered on the back with a different Arabic
number at least 6 inches in height
Page 21
Shoes must be worn by all participants
Both socks shall be the same color, with a single
dominant color, but not necessarily the color of
the jersey
Illegal Home Team JerseysStarting Fall 2013
Color Side Panels and Color Piping
Legal Home Team JerseysStarting Fall 2013
Thank You!
  • Visit the NCHSAA website often
  • Enter your code into the computer by August 3rd
    to get credit for attendance and to avoid 400
    fine for your school pick-up your card as you
  • Have a great year!