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Chapter 12: The World War I Era


Chapter 12: The World War I Era I. The Road to War – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chapter 12: The World War I Era

Chapter 12 The World War I Era
  • I. The Road to War

Bell Ringer
  • Define neutral
  • What impact might the presence of many
    first-generation European immigrants have had on
    the position of the United States toward entering
    the war?

  • Identify the main causes of world War I.
  • Understand how the conflict expanded to draw in
    much of Europe.
  • Analyze how the Us responded to the war in

A) Setting the Scene
  • June 28th, 1914 Archduke Francis Ferdinand was
    assassinated in Sarajevo.
  • Wanted Bosnia to be part of Serbia, not the
    Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

B) Causes of World War I
  • a) Imperialism All the good land had been
    taken If Germany wanted land have to take it
    from England and France
  • Militarism build up military and allow the
    military to have great say in government and
    foreign policy
  • b) Nationalism what was good for one country
    might cause a war
  • Alsace-Lorraine border region between Germany
    and France speak French but controlled by
  • Diverse ethnic pollution in countries that were
    controlled by other people
  • c) Alliances Germany and Austria-Hungary
    Russia and France Great Britain and France

C) The Conflict Expands
  • Austria-Hungary blamed Bosnia for the
    assassination of their heir
  • Declares war
  • Russia began mobilizing to defend Serbia
  • mobilization readying of troops for war
  • Germany began mobilizing to defend
  • France gets ready to defend against Germany
  • Germany attacks France and goes through neutral
    Belgium Britain declares war on Germany
  • One week the continent at war
  • movie

  • Central Powers Germany and Austria-Hungary
  • Allies France, Serbia, and Great Britain
  • Stalemate situation in which neither side is
    able to gain the advantage
  • Germany and the Schlieffen Plan got 30 miles from
    Paris lines stabilized
  • Trench warfare no mans land
  • Germany fighting a war on both sides
  • Ottoman Empire (Turkey) join the Central Powers
    Italy joins Allies

Modern Warfare
  • Machine guns
  • Rapid fire artillery
  • Poison gases
  • Generals thought superiority of numbers would win
    ordered soldiers to go over the top
  • Battle of the Somme British 60,000 casualties
    in one day 20,000 dead
  • Poisoned wells, killed livestock, Britain
    blockaded Germany, submarines sunk everything

D) The American Response
  • 1/3 of US immigrants or children of immigrants
    and felt involved
  • Irish and German Americans wanted to join the
    Central Powers
  • Most Americans favored UK
  • Germany monarchy
  • propaganda information intended to sway public
    opinion (lies)
  • British lied to US about German occupation

  • American Neutrality German submarines try to
    blockade Britain US big trade partner with
    Britain we declare neutrality
  • Preparedness Movement - US slowly begins to
    prepare for war build up and train armed forces
  • Peace Movement peace marches, taxed guns to pay
    for preparedness

  • What were the main causes of WWI?
  • How did conflict expand to draw in much of
  • In what ways did the US respond to the war in