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2013 Section Meeting


2013 Section Meeting Coach Administrator Training – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2013 Section Meeting

  • 2013 Section Meeting
  • Coach Administrator Training

  • AYSO Vision Statement
  • To provide world-class youth soccer
  • programs that enrich childrens lives.
  • AYSO Mission Statement
  • To develop and deliver quality youth soccer
    programs which promote a fun, family environment
    based on the AYSO Philosophies of
  • Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open
    Registration, Positive Coaching, Good
    Sportsmanship and Player Development

Coach Administrator Training
  • Development Over Winning
  • Quality Training
  • Age Appropriate
  • Have Fun / Inspire Players

  • AYSOs National Coaching Program is a fully
    accredited coaching education program!

What is the name of the accrediting
AYSO National Coaching Program Accreditation
AYSO National Coaching Program
  • The AYSO National Coaching Program has been
    established based on research and development
    conducted by
  • The Appointed National Coaching Advisory
  • The AYSO National Coaching Staff
  • The Player Development Coaching Department and
  • Professional and Volunteer Task Forces
  • All of whom took into consideration the current
    and future needs of the organization, its coaches
    and players

AYSO Coach Administrators
  • Of all the volunteer positions in AYSO,
  • coaches have the most direct contact with
  • and the most influence on the players,
  • which is why the job of ensuring that our
  • coaches are properly trained and certified is
  • so important

AYSO Coach Administrator Position Job
  • Highlights of the position description
  • Provide leadership and be an active role model
    exemplifying the AYSO culture and philosophies.
  • See that coach courses are available for all new
  • existing coaches.
  • Provide in-season training opportunities and
  • events for coaches.
  • Develop a coach calendar/budget and
  • recruiting and retaining coaches

All Coaching Job Descriptions can be found online
at www.ayso.org/resources. Coach Administrator
job position descriptions are in the AYSO Coach
Administrator Manual
Question? How many of you have the Coach
Administrator Manual? Need a manual? Contact
the Supply Center at 1-888-297-6786 or download a
copy from www.aysotraining.org...
You are not alone! Valued Resources
  • Area and Section Coach Administrators
  • Region Coach Trainer
  • Responsible for providing coach training in
    accordance with the AYSO National Coaching
    Program at the regional level and obtaining
    necessary training materials
  • Assistant Regional Coach Administrator
  • Larger Region? Get help!
  • Responsible for assisting RCA in delivering
  • AYSO National Coaching Program

AYSO Chain of Communication
  • Chain of Command do we have one?
  • All businesses need to have a chain of command
    but the important thing to have is

The Chain of Communication!...
AYSO Chain of Communication
  • Role of the
  • Region
  • To train
  • Area
  • To support training
  • Section
  • To communicate
  • National
  • To develop and update

Coaching Budget
  • In order to achieve the goals and objectives of
    your coaching program you need money. Develop a
    realistic coaching budget.
  • To construct and manage a coaching budget you
    need to play a key role in the development of the
    total Region budget.
  • Coach training and the retention of coaches will
    be a big part of that budget. Sample list

Coaching Budget
  • Possible program costs to consider in creating a
  • Communication
  • Phone
  • Newsletters
  • Mailing costs
  • Staff
  • Special training
  • Section Meetings (coach trainers, division
  • Dont forget pizza parties, award nights,
    picnics, etc.
  • Training
  • Coaching clinics for you
  • Instructor courses
  • Books or tapes for lending
  • Equipment and materials
  • Balls, nets, cones etc
  • Coaches shirts

Coaching Courses
  • Are you ready to hold a course?
  • Plan for every detail, plan for every
  • If you fail to plan, then plan to fail
  • Checklist
  • Establish a need
  • Course organization
  • Course implementation
  • Registering a coach course
  • Attendees receive credit

Coaching Courses
  • Establish a need
  • Do you need more coaches?
  • What age groups?
  • When do you need them dont forget the required
    coach training now in effect U12 mandatory in
  • Determine suitable dates and accommodate
    participants schedules (GOOD LUCK)
  • If you need assistance finding instructors, call
    the National Office

On-Line Coaching Courses
  • As a reminder, we offer online training courses
    for the U-6, U-8 and U-10 age divisions.
  • U-6 and U-8 courses are stand-alone courses,
    meaning the field sessions are included in the
  • The online U-10 course MUST be followed up with a
    field session within the Region

Course Organization
  • Delegation of Responsibilities
  • Do you do this all by yourself?
  • Get help!
  • Publicity director
  • Registrar
  • Equipment manager
  • Facilities coordinator
  • Locate additional qualified, certified
  • on an as needed basis in case the
  • of participants increases

Course Organization
  • Participants will need (or bring)
  • Lunch (brown bag, etc., or may be provided by
  • Paper and pencil
  • Suitable clothing (coaches do not play)
  • Soccer ball, proper footwear
  • Water, sunscreen, towel, chair etc

Course Organization
  • Materials/Equipment
  • Field aids nets, cones, pinnies or bibs, grids,
    extra balls
  • Classroom equipment (projector, screen, etc) -
    Course manuals
  • Region handouts
  • First aid kit and/or a medical person, if
  • Extras liquid refreshments, snacks, t-shirts,

Course Organization
  • Budget
  • Typical expenses include
  • Facilities
  • Staff (mileage, etc)
  • Manuals, certificates, pins, etc.
  • Accommodations for visiting instructors (if
    traveling, hotel or meals may be necessary)
  • Advertising
  • Equipment

Course Organization
  • Publicity
  • Publicize courses well in advance
  • Emphasize the clinics goals or objectives
  • Personal items to bring
  • Where, when and what time
  • Contact number for questions
  • Pre-requisites required
  • Registration in eAYSO (a must), by mail, email,

Course Organization
  • Site Acquisition
  • Determine suitability for course/clinic
  • Acquire necessary permits
  • Consider inclement weather (field location
    adjacent to an available gym is always useful)
  • Orientation (seating capacity)
  • Location of refreshment facilities, bathrooms,

Course Implementation
  • Ideal ratio is eight to ten participants per
    staff member.
  • Players to demonstrate and to assist.
  • Qualified coach instructors certified at the
    appropriate level.
  • Assistance from neighboring Regions

Finishing a Coach Course
  • Enter roster of graduates
  • in eAYSO preferred method
  • alternatively, submit roster to the AYSO National

  • As the Coach Administrator, it is your
  • responsibility to make sure your instructors
  • know and understand the proper procedures
  • for registering courses and making sure that
  • the attendees receive credit

Requesting a Course
Under Region, Instructor, Select Course Request
Requesting a Course
Enter Section, Course Name, Start Date, State,
and City.
Enter Lead Instructor - must have correct
Coach/Instructor certifications
Enter Course Contact
Enter Course Verifier Section (SCA) for
Advanced, Area (ACA) for Intermediate, Region for
all others.
Updating a Roster
Enter Roster Number Search
Select the Roster Manage Roster
Updating a Roster
Add Roster Attendees
Updating a Roster
Search for Attendee
Select Attendee and Add attendee to program roster
Updating a Roster
Once all attendees have been added, select Back
Updating a Roster
Check Completed to give attendees credit and
select Return Roster
Look on www.ayso.org for Instructor materials
including lesson plans and exams
Coaching Planning Calendar
  • Coaching calendars are vital to achieving success
  • in a Region. It provides a timeline of events to
  • achieve coaching goals and objectives.

Coaching Planning Calendar
  • Important to provide the coaching calendar to
    your Regional Commissioner and that it ties into
    the overall regional calendar.
  • Coaching planning calendar should show
  • Coaches meetings
  • Training clinics dates
  • Uniform distribution
  • Team parent meetings
  • First day of practice
  • First Game
  • Photo Day

Coaching Planning Calendar
  • Include any dates that are significant to your
    region registration dates, picnics, etc.
  • Helps to ensure there is no miscommunication
  • Reminder of tasks that need to be completed and
    by whom

Coaching Recruitment
  • Important part of the Regional Coach
    Administrator position
  • Determine how many current coaches will be
    returning for the next season division
  • Promoting existing assistant coaches
  • How many coaches needed for age divisions
  • Pre-registration publicity need for coaches
  • Coaching table at registration

Coach Recruitment
  • Work with Registrar to identify coaching
    requirements (based on of teams) and to help
    recruit volunteer coaches at Registration.
  • Work with the CVPA to register coaches and
    communicate our volunteer screening requirements.
  • Promote the rewards of positive coaching on
    childrens lives.
  • No experience necessary, AYSO will provide

Coach Retention
  • Those Regions, with their act together, will have
  • easier time retaining its best people.
  • Invest the time to recruit and retain what
    makes coaches stay?
  • Constant Care!
  • Offer sufficient training for your coaches

Coach Retention
  • Retaining coaches from year to year is easier if
    youve done a good job of training.
  • The more coaches you retain the less time youll
    spend in recruiting!

Coach Retention
  • Treat your coaches like they are ambassadors for
    our coaching program (because they are).
  • Line up the coaches early keep in touch with
    them during the off-season
  • Make sure they are involved with Team Balancing
  • Buy shirts for all your coaches so that they are
    easily identified

Coach Retention
  • Recognize their efforts.
  • Parties, special events, and other award
  • Coaches need to feel welcomed and
  • appreciated

Annual Coaches Meeting
  • Annual Safe Haven Refresher-
  • Invite your Region Child Volunteer Protection
    Advocate (CVPA) to attend (w/RRA, Division
    Coordinators, etc) and have them conduct an brief
    annual Safe Haven refresher of the key protection
    guidelines for all coaches

What are all AYSO volunteers required to do?
  • Complete a volunteer application form
  • Every Year
  • Be authorized to perform their jobs by their
    Region, Area, Section or other AYSO authority
  • Act within their Job Descriptions and the AYSO
    policies, procedures and guidelines
  • And you must have completed Safe Haven and be
    properly trained in your position

Kids Zone
  • The AYSO Program designed to encourage
    appropriate sideline behavior how many of you
    actively promote Kids Zone in your Regions?...

Kids Zone
  • Kids are 1
  • Fun, not winning, is everything
  • Fans only cheer, and coaches
  • only coach
  • No yelling in anger
  • Respect the volunteer referees
  • No swearing
  • No tobacco, alcohol or drugs
  • Leave no trash behind
  • Set a proper example of sportsmanship

Miscellaneous Facts about eAYSO
  • Coaches can now sign up for coach courses after
    making a profile.
  • During the eAYSO volunteer process, coaches can
    indicate which child they wish to be assigned to
    as the head coach or assistant coach.
  • They can also indicate if they wish to be a team
    parent or referee.
  • Division Coordinators can be assigned rights by
    the Regional Commissioner to access information
    for the coaches and players within their
    designated division.
  • Regions can allow coaches to enter player ratings
  • The RCA or the Division Coordinators can export
    review them, hopefully making regional team
    balancing quicker easier  
  • Recommend that Coach Administrators all take an
    e-AYSO webinar!

Coaching Webinars
  • In addition to the Coach Administrator Webinar
    currently available, other coaching webinars are
    being developed to aid coaches in their personal
  • For example
  • The Coaching Cycle
  • How to Run a Successful Training Session
  • Look for these in 2013 will be publicized in
  • Hey Coach! newsletter...

  • In part, we covered
  • Understand the history and importance of the AYSO
    coaching program, our accreditation and our
    association with USSF.
  • Understand duties and responsibilities of being a
    Coach Administrator.
  • Understand the coaching communication chain you
    have support.
  • Know how to plan and implement a coaching budget.
  • Know how to use a Region, Area and Section
    planning calendar.
  • Understand how to recruit retain coaches
  • This is only a start, get involved, get help and

Thank you for attending!
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