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The Renaissance Charter School High School Stepping up Orientation


Pressures of High School. High school emphasizes grades and performance more than elementary and middle school. Often, students feel pressured to join a lot of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Renaissance Charter School High School Stepping up Orientation


The Renaissance Charter School High School
Stepping up Orientation
Regents (Thandi)
Cluster3 Summer Reading Assignment
  • For the summer your child will have the
    opportunity to read a book selected by the
    cluster to enjoy during the vacation. The reading
    selection has a connection to NYC and to our
    mission statement. Your child should take some
    time to read our mission statement as well as the
    reading selection and prepare themselves to
    shared inquiry discussion. In addition, he or she
    will need to take notes in a journal in
    preparation for an inquiry shared discussion
    which will occur during orientation. During the
    inquiry based discussion journals will be checked
    and students will be graded for their
    participation. The grade will go toward science,
    math, and social studies. The credit will count
    for 5 of their grade for the first marking
    period. Your child should make sure to have a
    composition journal with notes to hand in the
    first day of classes during the inquiry based

Summer Reading (cont.)
  • 8th grade (Incoming 9th grade)
  • Crossing the BLVD Strangers, Neighbors, Aliens
    in a New America (Warren Lehrer and Judith Sloan)
  • 9th grade (incoming 10th grade)
  • I Am Malala The Girl Who Stood Up for Education
    and Was Shot by the Taliban
  • Malala Yousafzai (Author), Christina Lamb
  • 10th grade (incoming 11th grade)
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca
  • 11th grade(incoming 12th grade)
  • Mountains Beyond Mountains The Quest of Dr. Paul
    Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World (Tracy

After School Academic Options
  • 82nd St. Academics Enrichment Trips M-F 310
    - 600. 9th 10th - No charge
  • Call School (718) 803-0060 Ext 211 Jessica
  • 2) HW Center - M-F 310- 430- Different
    teachers/ subject each day- can be used to help
    with specific topics, or just to study
    individually- All Grades welcome. If students
    don't do their HW regularly they may be mandated
    to come.

AP Courses offered at TRCS (2016 -2017)
  • AP Global - 10th Grade
  • AP U.S. History - 11th Grade
  • AP Bio - 11th and 12th Grade
  • AP European History - 12th Grade
  • AP Spanish Language Culture - 12th Grade
  • AP Spanish Literature - 12th Grade
  • Honors English - 11th Grade
  • Please note that with the exception of the
    forthcoming school year, AP English is offered.

City University of New York - College Now Program
  • Free college-level courses for students at CUNY
  • Psychology, Sociology
  • Biology, Mathematics
  • Elective high school credit
  • Mathematics, Science
  • Primary partner - Queens College
  • Onsite (at TRCS) and online courses
  • English Personal and Consumer Finance
  • For further information
  • College and Career Office Blog

TRCS Mission Statement
  • Developing Leaders for the Renaissance of New
  • Renaissance is based on the conviction that a
    change in the destiny of a single individual can
    lead to a change in the destiny of a community,
    nation, and ultimately humankind. Its mission as
    a PK-12 school is to foster educated,
    responsible, humanistic young leaders who will
    through their own personal growth spark a
    renaissance in New York. Its graduates will be
    global citizens with an abiding respect for
    peace, human rights, the environment, and
    sustainable development.

Renaissance Values
  • Created in 2013, these values were developed by
    TRCS students in collaboration with teachers
  • Students voiced their opinions of the values they
    hold to be most important, and outlined these
    expectations in the TRCS High School Community
    Values document
  • Placed in all high school classrooms as a
  • It is expected that students will uphold these
    values in all aspects of their educational and
    extracurricular lives...please help your student
    in upholding them!!

  • We, the TRCS Community, are committed to.
  • being kind and thoughtful with our words and
    actions towards ourselves and the community.
  • leaving the community spaces better than we found

  • We, the TRCS Community, are committed to.
  • being equally important parts of the learning
    environment by advocating for our own learning
    and that of others.
  • being prepared, demonstrating hard work, and
    showing consistency.

  • We, the TRCS Community, are committed to.
  • being open-minded, curious about the world, and
    pursuing independent learning.
  • actively participating in the learning process by
    always doing our best, asking questions, and
    using critical thinking.

Community Service
  • We, the TRCS Community, are committed to.
  • developing compassion and empathy as global
  • helping our communities inside and outside TRCS
    to bring positive social change.

TRCS Advisory Program
  • Grades 9-10

Advisory Vision and Goals
  • Support students social-emotional development
  • Support students in monitoring academic goals
  • Promote community service and leadership
  • Create community through leading daily workshops
    on a weekly topic

Weekly Structure
  • High School
  • Meet 4 days a week
  • 15 minutes a day (820 835)
  • 1 weekly 45 minute period

Weekly plan structure
  • Monday Wednesday and long period Advisory
    curriculum topic
  • (Ex) Friendship/Family Relationships
  • Thursday Thoughts Students select a topic
  • Friday academic advising meet with 2-3 students
    per week. Please access Skedula to follow your
  • Long advisory - once every other month, use this
    time for a mini-neighborhood outing

The Structure of Advisory Class
  • Begins the meeting and includes everyone
  • A safe and structured way for the groupto learn
    more about each other
  • A lively, interesting academic or social game or
    exercise that energizes all

Advisory Is.
  • Community Building and Social Skills
  • Multicultural Understanding
  • Positive Relationships with Adults and Peers
  • Greeting Every Student Every Day
  • Safe Space
  • Fun
  • Community Service and Leadership Building
  • Reflection
  • Academic Planning
  • Planned and Intentional

Pressures of High School
  • High school emphasizes grades and performance
    more than elementary and middle school.
  • Often, students feel pressured to join a lot of
  • Staying organized and managing time can be
    challenging and stressful.
  • Students deal with a heavier workload and much
    more is expected from them.
  • Often, students are overwhelmed over the fear of
  • Students feel pressured from having to think
    about their future plans.
  • Social situations can also be a source of stress
    for teens.
  • Parents need to be patient, nonjudgemental, and
    available to their children. Students can also
    approach their teachers and guidance counselors
    for further support. If students are feeling
    pressured, no worries! We are here!

Resources for Social and Emotional Needs
  • Advisory - 9th and 10th grade students all have
    advisory daily. Advisers provide social/emotional
    support as well as academic support
  • College Bound Office - Provides emotional support
    for the college process
  • Counseling Office
  • Provides one on one counseling for students in
    need of social/emotional support
  • Provides group support for students in need of
    social/emotional support
  • Provides family counseling sessions for students
    in need
  • Provides referrals for mental health, etc.
  • Counseling Personnel include Ali, Pat and Alison
    in rm 211

Student Activities Leadership Program, Student
Government and National Honors Societies
  • Presenters
  • Derrick Paterson, Pierre Dizon, Nicole Jollon and
    Lisjane Gaviria

Leadership Programs Goals
  • Grades 9 and 10
  • To learn about myself and my community.
  • Take action to improve myself and my community.
  • Ask the question How can I make the world a
    better place?
  • Grades 11 and 12
  • Explore career interests.
  • Ask the question How will I contribute to the
    world when I get older?

Leadership Program Requirements
  • Students are required to complete 20 hours every
    semester of high school.
  • Results appear on the transcript at the end of
    each semester.
  • Freshmen are generally required to participate in
    programs at TRCS.
  • Sophomores may participate in programs at TRCS or
    outside of TRCS.
  • Juniors and Seniors required to participate in
    programs outside of TRCS.

Helping Your TRCS Leader
  • Visit the Leadership Program Website
  • Help your student explore the website for
  • Use the websites resource pages (FIND A PROGRAM)
    to start a conversation about personal and
    professional interests.
  • Visit the College and Career Office calendar to
    find out more about program deadlines and
    upcoming events.

TRCS Student Government Mission Statement
  • The purpose of the TRCS Student Government is
  • To work with the administration in all matters
    affecting the welfare of the student body.
  • To stimulate and develop good citizenship and
    democracy among students.
  • To develop student voice through participation
    within Student Council Governance.
  • To encourage leadership through service in the
    NYC community.
  • To host fundraisers for respective classes
    through well planned events.
  • The TRCS Student Government intends to provide a
    forum for discussing student concerns and ideas.
    In addition, students will be encouraged to
    interact with faculty, staff and administrators.
    The TRCS Student Government is responsible for
    representing and serving the needs of the student
    body through coordinating student activities,
    holding fundraisers and conducting frequent

TRCS Student Government Involvement
  • Encourage your child to inquire information about
    Student Government next year. The Student
    Government will hold an information session at
    the beginning of the school year.
  • Students who should try to join Student
    Government include
  • Those who want to STRENGTHEN their STUDENT VOICE
  • Those who are interested RAISING FUNDS for for
    class trips
  • Those who desire to FORM TIES within the NYC
  • Those who natural born LEADERS
  • Those who want to BOLSTER their RESUMES

National Honor Society
  • Each member is classified as a sophomore,
    junior, or senior at TRCS.
  • Each member must attain and maintain a minimum
    3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  • Each member must show good character and
    demonstrate dedication to the school community
  • Each member must show a commitment to community
    service during all grades of high school
  • Each member must demonstrate leadership by
    having taken a position of responsibility in
    school or in the community where he or she
    directs, guides or mentors others.
  • Once those requirements are met, students
    then send their application into the advisor and
    the National Honor Society Teacher Committee
    reviews the applicants and decides who is
    admitted. There are several factors that are used
    in the decision process.

How can you support your child at home?
  • Generally speaking
  • Students who apply are already extremely
    motivated students who strive for success in
  • Offer encouragement and emotional support as
    academic studies, AP classes and leadership
    opportunities are often grueling.
  • Encourage them to apply if they do not get in the
    first time.

What happens when your child is accepted?
  • They will be invited to the National Honor
    Society Induction Ceremony, which is a symbolic
    welcome into this scholarly organization. Senior
    member officers host the event, and other members
    offer to volunteer in order to welcome members
    and their families into this exclusive society.
  • Students who are a part of this society receive
    an honor on their resume for the college
    application process and are further honored at
    their graduation ceremony.
  • This organization is held in high esteem and is
    nationally regarded as bar of extreme academic
    success with a consistent commitment to the
    school and its surrounding community.

Questions On
  • Academics,
  • School Culture,
  • Student Activities