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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Russia 2015

Russia 2015
As a new year dawns, the world awaits Putins
next move
Daily Telegraph, January 1, 2015
Putin is a dangerous leader who will have to
decide early in 2015 whether to scale back his
ambitions. President Putin has steered Russia
into economic crisis with remarkable speed. At
the start of 2014, Russia seemed set to enjoy
another year of healthy growth by November, the
country was officially in recession. Falling oil
prices, Western sanctions and Mr Putins own
mismanagement all explain the sudden plunge.
Academics will argue over which factor has proved
the most damaging what matters is that Mr Putin
has courted disaster by confronting the entire
Western world. Mr Putin also mounted a shadowy
invasion of Ukraine, sending thousands of Russian
troops over the border. All this claimed about
5,000 lives and forced 500,000 refugees to flee
their homes. With this record, how will Mr Putin
react to Russias spiralling economic crisis?
That will, perhaps, be the vital question for

This is indeed the vital question for 2015. What
will Putin do next? Russia is isolated from the
western world. It is still embroiled in a proxy
war with Ukraine. It has massive economic issues
due to sanctions and the drop in oil price. With
Bible in hand we are told two clear things about
Gog (Putin). Firstly God puts hooks in his jaws
to bring him down to take a spoil from Israel. He
is literally unable to resist the pull of the
riches (quite possibly the recent gas finds
Israel has made) he sees there. So there is a
pull by God using the spoil. But we also read of
a push in Daniel 11 v 40. The push is from the
king of the south ie America and Britain. The
push is a provocation possible a military
provocation. We are seeing this happen as well.
America is pushing Russia into a corner with
sanctions and possibly helping drive down the oil
price. 2015 may well see Putin make more moves
  • And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy
    jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine
    army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed
    with all sorts of armour, even a great company
    with bucklers and shields, all of them handling

(Ezekiel 382)
Russia 'has deteriorated significantly' as Fitch
cuts credit rating
Daily Telegraph, January 9, 2015
Fitch has downgraded Russia's credit rating and
painted a horrific picture of a struggling
economy rocked by a collapsing rouble, falling
oil prices, high inflation and declining
international reserves. The ratings agency cut
the country to BBB- from BBB with a negative
outlook, meaning further downgrades are possible.
But it was the language Fitch used in its
reasoning that was most shocking. Russia's
economic outlook "has deteriorated significantly"
in just six months, Fitch stated. Gross Domestic
Product will shrink 4pc this year, the agency
added, far worse than the 1.5pc contraction it
previously expected. "Growth may not return until
2017," Fitch said. Western sanctions, imposed
after President Vladimir Putin's took Russia into
neighbouring Ukraine, "continue to weigh on the
economy" but the plunging oil price is causing
just as much, if not more, damage to one of the
world's energy giants.
The real pressure on Russia is coming from
falling oil prices. They are now 50 cheaper than
just 6 months ago! Russia needs oil to be 105 a
barrel to break even. It is now 50 a barrel.
There are those who think it could drop to 45
and below. But what is totally amazing are these
words published in 1849 yes over 150 years ago
by brother John Thomas.Let the Russian
treasury be as empty as it is said to be, and its
expenditure exceed its revenue by double the
alleged deficit, it will only operate as a
pressure from within, causing her autocrat to
enter into the countries, and to overflow and
pass over, and to enrich himself with the spoil
of those he is destined to subdue. How did this
man know that Russia would be in such a dire
financial situation at the time of the end? Well
he put two and two together using the Bible.
Russia wants a spoil- therefore Russia must be
desperate for it. Russia must be financially weak
  • It shall also come to pass, that at the same time
    shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt
    think an evil thought And thou shalt say, I will
    go up to the land of unwalled villages I will go
    to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all
    of them dwelling without walls, and having
    neither bars nor gates, To take a spoil,

(Ezekiel 3810-12)
Gorbachev Crisis in Ukraine could trigger
nuclear war
Daily Telegraph, January 11, 2015
Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader, has
warned that the world is at risk of a nuclear
war because of the tensions between Russia and
the West over Ukraine. In an interview with the
German magazine Spiegel, Mr Gorbachev said that
if either side lost its nerve in the current
stand-off, it could lead to nuclear war, and
spoke of his fears that the world will not
survive the next few years. I actually see all
the signs of a new Cold War, Mr Gorbachev said.
It could all blow up at any moment if we dont
take action. The loss of confidence is
catastrophic. Moscow does not believe the West,
and the West does not believe Moscow. Asked if
he thought the situation could lead to a war, Mr
Gorbachev said Dont even think of it. Such a
war today would probably lead inevitably to
nuclear war. But the statements and propaganda on
both sides make me fear the worst. If anyone
loses their nerve in this charged atmosphere, we
will not survive the next few years.
The 83-year-old ex leader of the USSR has spoken
out about the current stand-off between Russia
and the West before. Last year he used a speech
in Berlin on the 25th anniversary of the fall of
the Berlin Wall to warn The world is on the
brink of a new Cold War. Gorbachev has been
critical of his successor, Vladimir Putin,
accusing him in a recent book of overconfidence
and believing himself to be second only to
God. Notice that he says it could all blow up
at any moment. This is so true. The whole world
is stood on the edge of a precipice. The time is
fast approaching when the whole world will be
judged. The time of trouble such as never was
will be unparalleled in all history. The world
will be shaken like a drunkard, fire will sweep
the earth and hailstones weighing 75 pounds will
fall from heaven. Let us prepare spiritually now
  • every island disappeared, and all the mountains
    were leveled. There was a terrible hailstorm, and
    hailstones weighing as much as seventy-five
    pounds fell from the sky onto the people below.
    They cursed God because of the terrible plague of
    the hailstorm.

(Revelation 1620-21)
Russia to step up combat capabilities in Crimea
Reuters, January 13, 2015
Russia's top general said on Tuesday he would
beef up combat capabilities this year in Crimea,
the Arctic and the country's westernmost
Kaliningrad region that borders two NATO states.
The remarks by General Valery Gerasimov, chief of
the General Staff of the Armed Forces, are likely
to deepen concern in the West over what it sees
as Russia increasingly flexing its muscles since
the start of the crisis in Ukraine. NATO's top
military commander, General Philip Breedlove,
said the alliance was already looking at stepping
up exercises in the Baltic Sea region in response
to a rise in Russian military manoeuvres there
late last year. "In 2015, the Defence Ministry
will focus its efforts on increasing the combat
capabilities of its units and increasing combat
strength in accordance with the military
development plans," Gerasimov told Russian
Russia deployed 14 military jets to Crimea last
November as part of a squadron of 30 that will be
stationed there, making clear it intends to
strengthen its presence on the peninsula since
annexing it from Kiev last March. Russia's
"militarization" of Crimea is almost certainly
going to be used to exert control over the Black
Sea. The Black Sea gives Russian ships access
straight into the Mediterranean. We know with
Bible in hand that Russia comes with many ships
when it attacks Israel and Egypt. The taking of
Crimea is a step in this direction. The pressure
is continuing to build on Putin. Oil has dropped
again this week. Its now at 47 a barrel. Putin
needs it to be at 105 to balance the books. As
we reported last week Putin may actually spark
conflict to bring the price back up again

  • Then at the time of the end, the king of the
    south will attack the king of the north. The king
    of the north will storm out with chariots,
    charioteers, and a vast navy. He will invade
    various lands and sweep through them like a
    flood. He will enter the glorious land of
    Israel, and many nations will fall

(Daniel 1140-41)
Russia and Iran sign military cooperation deal
Associated Press, January 20, 2015
Iran and Russia signed an agreement Tuesday to
expand military ties in a visit to Tehran by the
Russian defence minister. Sergei Shoigu, in
remarks carried by Russian news agencies, said
Moscow wants to develop a "long-term and
multifaceted" military relationship with Iran. He
said that the new agreement includes expanded
counter-terrorism cooperation, exchanges of
military personnel for training purposes and an
understanding for each country's navy to more
frequently use the other's ports. Iran's Defence
Minister Hossein Dehghan urged greater
cooperation as a means of opposing American
ambitions in the region. Moscow and Tehran have
staunchly supported Syrian President Bashar Assad
throughout Syria's civil war, while Washington
advocates regime change and supports rebel
groups. "Iran and Russia are able to confront the
expansionist intervention and greed of the United
States through cooperation, synergy and
activating strategic potential capacities,"
Dehghan said. "As two neighbours, Iran and Russia
have common viewpoints toward political, regional
and global issues."

Russia as we know has been seriously hit by the
economic sanctions following its annexation of
Crimea and the on-going conflict in Ukraine. But
now, partly in retaliation to America and partly
because it needs the cash, it has stepped up its
economic and military ties with Iran. And so on
Tuesday, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu
signed a military cooperation deal with Iran. His
Iranian counterpart touted the agreement as a
joint response to US "interference. The Bible
says that Russia will act as a guard to Iran. The
word guard is normally translated ward. In
this sense it means to protect, to be a guardian.
We see Russia acting exactly like this with Iran
  • Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou,
    and all thy company that are assembled unto thee,
    and be thou a guard unto them.
  • Let every one with his servant lodge within
    Jerusalem, that in the night they may be a guard
    to us, and labour on the day. We see here a
    guard as a protector.

(Ezekiel 2822-24)
(Nehemiah 422)
Russia orders snap test of nuclear missiles
NewsWeek, January 20, 2015
Russia has ordered a snap drill of its Strategic
Missile Troops
(RVSN), which control the country's 305
land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles
and nuclear warheads, according to a statement
issued by the units high command today. More than
1,200 servicemen have been drafted to take part
in the test exercises, Colonel Igor Yegorov from
the RVSN said. Throughout 2015, we have planned
at least four similar such drills, he added. Last
October, Yegorov said that by the start of 2015,
up to 1,000 troops from the RVSN would be charged
with what he called particularly dangerous work
with nuclear arms. The drills, which Yegorov says
aim to educate Russia's missile unit in
anti-terrorist combat, are due to take place in
the Uzhurskoe rocket facilities, in Siberia,
between the central Russian cities of Novosibirsk
and Krasnoyarsk.
The announcement of this drill follows a report
in the Boston Globe on Thursday which said that
Russia had explicitly and abruptly ended its
nuclear partnership with the US. This partnership
and agreement has allowed Washington to monitor
and help secure Russias military stockpile since
1992. The declaration has effectively ended one
of the most successful areas of cooperation
between the former Cold War adversaries. This
week the Doomsday Clock was moved forward two
minutes and now stands at three minutes to
midnight. Basically a team of scientists try to
predict how close the world is to doomsday or
the end of the world. One of the key reasons for
moving the clock closer to midnight is because of
the new Cold War and the proliferation of nuclear
weapons. With Bible in hand we dont need a
doomsday clock. We know that worldwide judgement
is at hand. The world is about to go through a
terrible time of trouble
  • and there shall be a time of trouble, such as
    never was since there was a nation even to that
    same time and at that time thy people shall be
    delivered, every one that shall be found written
    in the book. And many of them that sleep in the
    dust of the earth shall awake,

(Daniel 121-2)
Gorbachev warns of hot war between Russia, West
CBS News, January 29, 2015
Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Unions last leader
and widely credited for helping end the cold war,
today blamed the West and the US in particular
for dragging Russia into what he says could be
a larger, hot war over Ukraine. "Unfortunately
I cannot say for sure that a cold war won't lead
to a 'hot' one, Mr. Gorbachev was quoted. I
fear they could take the risk. In comments to
Interfax news service, Mr. Gorbachev weighed in
on the Ukraine crisis, which has taken more than
5,000 lives since the spring, saying an American
thirst for dominance is behind the crisis.
"Where will that lead all of us? he said. A
cold war is already being waged openly. What's
next? Gorbachev lashed out especially against
sanctions "All you hear is about sanctions
towards Russia from America and the European
Union. Have they totally lost their heads?"
Another week and another dire warning to the
world from the ex Soviet leader Mikhail
Gorbachev. He is deeply concerned that the West
is not understanding the situation. He believes
that not only is the Cold War back but that it
could soon become a hot war. A full scale
military conflict essentially between Russia and
America (the West). Heavy fighting has continued
this week in eastern Ukraine and the EU has
agreed more sanctions on Russia. So the question
is could there be conflict between Russia and
the West (NATO, Europe / US) ? Well we know the
Europe is divided into east and west when Christ
returns. We know this from Daniels image with
two legs. The Roman Empire split into two. They
never unite. We can therefore expect division
between the eastern half (Russia) and the western
half (Europe). We also know there is a push
(military provocation) by the king of the south
(US) against king of the north (Russia)
  • Then at the time of the end, the king of the
    south will attack the king of the north. The king
    of the north will storm out with chariots,
    charioteers, and a vast navy. He will invade
    various lands and sweep through them like a

(Daniel 1140 NLT)
Warplanes scrambled to intercept Russian bombers
Daily Telegraph, January 29, 2015
More than 100 Russian aircraft were intercepted
last year, three times more than during the whole
of 2013. RAF fighter jets on high alert were
scrambled to intercept two Russian bombers as
they approached British shores this week, it has
emerged. The Typhoon fighters were ordered to fly
alongside the long-range Russian Bear aircraft
which are capable of carrying nuclear weapons
until they left the UK's area of interest. The
jets were launched on Wednesday from RAF
Lossiemouth in Scotland and RAF Coningsby in
Lincolnshire, the Ministry of Defence
confirmed. From a distance of around 1,000 ft,
they escorted the Russian pilots for about half
an hour as they passed over the Channel and south
of Bournemouth and Portsmouth. At no point did
the foreign aircraft enter UK airspace. Yet
experts said the Russian manoeuvre could be
interpreted as an act of aggression, timed to
test British readiness.

Elizabeth Quintana, who works for the defence
think-tank the Royal United Services Institute,
said this week This case is very unusual.
Normally Russian Bears come past Norway and down
the North Sea. It could have been used to probe
the RAF speed of reaction south. On Wednesday,
Britain summoned the Russian ambassador to
explain why two Russian long-range bombers flew
over the English Channel on Wednesday,
dangerously close to passenger planes. The
Russian planes were flying without their
transponders turned on, making them invisible to
civilian aircraft. A number of flights arriving
in Britain had to be diverted to avoid potential
disaster. Putin is testing Britains responses.
He is pushing back ever more aggressively. We are
watching Russia prepare and get ready for
  • a fierce king, a master of intrigue, will rise to
    power. He will become very strong, but not by
    his own power. He will cause a shocking amount of
    destruction and succeed in everything he does. He
    will destroy powerful leaders and devastate the
    holy people. He will be a master of deception
    and will become arrogant he will destroy many
    without warning.

(Daniel 823-25 NLT)
Russia extends olive branch to Greeks
CNBC, January 30, 2015
Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told CNBC
that Russia
would consider giving financial help
to debt-ridden Greece just days after the new
Greek government questioned further European
Union sanctions against Russia. Siluanov said
Greece had not yet requested Russia for
assistance, but he did not rule out an agreement
between the two countries if Greece came
asking. "Well, we can imagine any situation, so
if such a petition is submitted to the Russian
government, we will definitely consider it, but
will take into account all the factors of our
bilateral relationships between Russia and
Greece, so that is all I can say. If it is
submitted we will consider it," Siluanov told
CNBC in an exclusive interview in Moscow on
Thursday. Siluanov's comments come two days after
Greece's new left-wing-led government distanced
itself from calls to increase sanctions against
Russia indicating that Greece could be looking
east to Russia for support.
There was a political earthquake in Europe last
weekend as the Greeks voted for an ultra left
wing government that promised to renegotiate the
debt deal done with Europe last year. They want
Europe to right off half its debt instead of
paying it back. The German Chancellor, Angela
Merkel, has ruled out any cancelling of debt but
said she wanted Greece to stay in the Euro. And
that is the issue. If Greece insists on
cancellation of debt it might well force them out
of the Euro. And then in comes Russia! Russia
said this week they are prepared to help Greece
financially. Russia would love to see Europe
suffer and watch the Euro break up. It would be
payback for them encroaching into its territories
ie Ukraine. It is possible that 10 nations forge
ahead in Europe and leave Greece (and others)
  • The ten horns of the beast are ten kings who have
    not yet risen to power. They will be appointed to
    their kingdoms for one brief moment to reign with
    the beast. They will all agree to give him their
    power and authority.

(Revelation 1712 NLT)
Putin blames politics for Russian ratings
Daily Telegraph, January 27, 2015
The decision to cut the status of Russian
government debt to junk on Monday was
politically motivated, Vladimir Putin has said.
Standard and Poors (SP), a ratings agency,
slashed the rating it holds on Russian sovereign
debt from BBB- to BB, taking it below investment
grade status for the first time in a decade. A
prolonged oil price slump and heavy sanctions
over tensions in Ukraine have weighed heavily on
the Russian economy. The rouble has slid by close
to 49pc against the dollar since the beginning of
2014 as a result. More sanctions may soon be
deployed, making things harder still. SP said
The reason for the deviation is a significant
change in our perception of Russias monetary
flexibility. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the
Russian President, said that the decisions Are
politically motivated, and consequently its
unlikely that wise companies can and should take
them into account.
Russia is in serious trouble itself from a cash
flow point of view. It is massively dependent on
gas / oil prices staying high. Currently the
prices are 50 lower than it needs them to be. So
Putin is cutting back. He announced this week
cuts of 10 on planned spending APART FROM
defence and social spending. He said that Russia
needed to preserve its international might and
social stability. Russia extended its buying
spree of gold to a ninth straight month. Gold is
purchased by governments in times of crisis and
impending war. Gold is more stable than
currencies and equities when conflict occurs.
Putin sees the downgrading of its financial
position to junk status as politically motivated.
We recall the words of Bro John Thomas who said
that the Russian treasury would be empty and
this would act as a pressure for Gog to descend.

  • Let the Russian treasury be as empty as it is
    said to be, and its expenditure exceed its
    revenue by double the alleged deficit, it will
    only operate as a pressure from within, causing
    her Autocrat to "enter into the countries and to
    overflow and pass over," and to enrich himself
    with the spoil of those he is destined to subdue.

(Elpis Israel )
Putin could attack Baltic states warns ex Nato
Daily Telegraph, February 5, 2015
Vladimir Putin has dangerous ambitions beyond
Ukraine and aims to test Western resolve in the
Baltic states, the former head of Nato has
warned. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former
secretary-general of the Atlantic alliance, said
the Kremlins true goal is to shatter Nato
solidarity and reassert Russian dominance over
Eastern Europe. This is not about Ukraine. Putin
wants to restore Russia to its former position as
a great power, he told The Telegraph. There is
a high probability that he will intervene in the
Baltics to test Natos Article 5, he said,
referring to the solidarity clause that underpins
collective security. Putin knows that if he
crosses the red line and attacks a Nato ally, he
will be defeated. Let us be quite clear about
that. But he is a specialist in hybrid warfare,
he said.
Putin wants to dominate Eastern Europe.
Specifically he wants to bring back under control
countries that were once part of the USSR.
Lithuania is an example. It was part of the USSR
but now is in the European Union. Ukraine was
once in the USSR but then became an independent
nation. Now Ukraine wants to become part of the
EU. Russia will not allow this to happen.
Therefore it sends its troops in to wrestle
Ukraine back under its control. There is a huge
amount at stake. In effect Putin is saying the
European project has gone far enough. Putin will
allow no more nations that border Russia to join
Europe. In fact he may even try to break up the
EU as we know it. This is why the masters of the
European project, Germany and France, rushed to
Moscow this week to see Putin to try to stop
Russia doing anything more. East and West are
colliding. Daniels image ids divided as
  • As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so
    this kingdom will be partly strong and partly
    brittle. And just as you saw the iron mixed with
    baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and
    will not remain united, any more than iron mixes
    with clay. In the time of those kings, the God
    of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never
    be destroyed,

(Daniel 242-44 NIV)
Kremlin pursues military modernization despite
economic woes
Associated Press, February 4, 2015
Hundreds of new Russian aircraft, tanks and
missiles are rolling off assembly lines. Russian
jets roar through European skies under NATO's
wary eye. Tens of thousands of troops take part
in war games showing off the military's readiness
for all-out war. The muscle flexing suggests that
Russia's economic woes so far are having no
impact on the Kremlin's ambitious military
modernization program. Most Russian economic
sectors face a 10 percent cut this year as Russia
heads into recession. The military budget,
meanwhile, rose by 33 percent to about 3.3
trillion rubles (some 50 billion). The buildup
reflects President Vladimir Putin's apparent
readiness to raise the ante in a showdown with
the West over Ukraine but it is unclear whether
Russia can afford the modernization drive amid
slumping oil prices and Western sanctions.
Russia has renewed its military might and despite
economic difficulties is pressing ahead with
expansion. The West first got a sense of Russia's
revived military might during last February's
Crimea invasion. The U.S. and its NATO allies
were caught off guard when waves of Russian
heavy-lift military transport planes landed on
the Black Sea peninsula days after Ukraine's
former Moscow-friendly president was ousted,
unloading special forces which swiftly took over
key facilities in the region and blocked
Ukrainian troops at their bases. Dressed in
unmarked uniforms and equipped with
state-of-the-art weapons, the Russian troops were
a far cry from the ragtag demoralized force the
military was just a few years ago. We are
watching Putin prepare to fulfil his ambition
that is to revive the empire of Russia. To become
a superpower with worldwide influence. As the
West cuts back on military might Russia is
building it.
  • Get ready be prepared! Keep all the armies
    around you mobilized, and take command of them. A
    long time from now you will be called into
    action. In the distant future you will swoop down
    on the land of Israel, which will be enjoying
    peace after recovering from war

(Ezekiel 387-8 NLT)
U.S. sending 'tankbuster' jets to Russia's
Daily Mail, February 13, 2015
The U.S. Air Force is sending 12 of its
'tankbuster' jets back Europe as part of the
response to Russia's intervention in Ukraine. The
European command revealed the group of A-10s will
be deployed as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve
which was set up last year after Putin's troops
annexed Crimea. They will be stationed at
Spangdahlem air base in Germany along with 300
airman so they can be called to action by Eastern
European allies at short notice. Senior officials
said the unit were being sent to reassure allies
their commitment to European security is still a
'priority' following months of tension in the
region. Designed in the 1970s, the aircraft also
known as a Warthog was developed to support
ground troops against the armoured tanks of the
Soviet Union. Tom Jones, vice commander, United
States Air Forces in Europe, said in a statement
'The Air Force is increasing rotational presence
in Europe to reassure our allies.

As Britain ups the rhetoric against Russia,
America has begun to respond to the Russian
aggression by sending a deployment of fearsome
tank busting A-10 (known as the Warthog)
aircraft to deter Russia from further aggression.
The A-10 was used in combat for the first time
during the Gulf War in 1991, destroying more than
900 Iraqi tanks, 2,000 other military vehicles
and 1,200 artillery pieces. As the article says
it was originally designed to combat Russian
tanks. America is sending a clear message to
Russia by sending these aircraft to Europe. And
so Europe stands on the brink. The next 24 hours
will show if Putin will abide by the ceasefire or
not. If he doesnt we may see the US and UK
authorise military support of Ukraine. We may be
on the brink of conflict. The new Cold War may
soon be Hot.
  • If an ox gore a man or a woman, that they die
    then the ox shall be surely stoned, and his flesh
    shall not be eaten but the owner of the ox shall
    be quit. The word gore used here is the same
    word for push in Daniel 1140 where the king of
    the south pushes at the king of the north. The
    Hebrew word means to strike with a horn of wild
    animal (like a warthog!)

(Daniel 823-25 NLT)
Vladimir Putin's Egypt visit sends message to
Guardian, February 9, 2015
Russian president Vladimir Putin has flown to
Cairo for a two-day visit, in a move nominally
aimed at bolstering bilateral ties with Egypt
that also allows both countries to send pointed
messages to the US. As Russian and western
diplomats struggle to reach a peace deal over the
conflict in Ukraine, Putin will spend Monday
evening at Cairos opera house. In meetings on
Tuesday, the day before the resumption of Ukraine
peace talks, Putin is expected to hold
discussions about ending the use of the US dollar
in bilateral trade between Egypt and Russia.
Collaboration between a Russian and Egyptian
newspaper is also reported to be scheduled for
discussion. Egypts flagship state newspaper
printed a long feature about Putin that called
him a hero of our era. But the fact that the
posters were mostly written in English, rather
than Russian or Arabic, suggested their target
audience lies overseas.
Russian president Vladimir Putin arrived in Egypt
to a heros welcome. The Financial Times reported
the following in relation to this visitThe
visit is the latest sign of Russia attempting to
reassert its commercial and strategic interests
in the Middle East, an agenda that has included
bolstering support for Bashar al-Assads regime
in Syria. This is indeed a sign of Russia
asserting itself in the Middle East. Putin is
very interested in this area. Egypt over the last
40 years has been an ally of America but Putin
wants to weaken US influence in the world and
therefore wants to strengthen ties with countries
like Egypt. Daniel 11 it says that Russia will
sweep down through Israel into Egypt. But we also
read of this in Isaiah 19. We are told a fierce
king will one day rule over Egypt. The word
fierce is used another time- in Daniel 8 the
fierce king

  • And the Egyptians will I give over into the hand
    of a cruel lord and a fierce king shall rule
    over them, saith the Lord, the Lord of hosts.
  • And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the
    transgressors are come to the full, a king of
    fierce countenance, and understanding dark
    sentences, shall stand up.

(Isaiah 194)
(Daniel 823)
Nato Russian tensions could escalate into
all-out war
Daily Telegraph, February 20, 2015
Tensions with Russia could blow up into all-out
conflict, posing an existential threat to our
whole being, Britains top general in Nato has
warned. Gen Sir Adrian Bradshaw, deputy commander
of Nato forces in Europe, said there was a danger
Vladimir Putin could try to use his armies to
invade and seize Nato territory, after
calculating the alliance would be too afraid of
escalating violence to respond. His comments
follow a clash between London and Moscow after
the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, said there
was a "real and present danger" Mr Putin could
try to destabilise the Baltic states with a
campaign of subversion and irregular warfare. The
Kremlin called those comments absolutely

There is growing concern about Russias
intentions. Nato commanders are fearful of a
Russian campaign of skilfully disguised,
irregular military action by Russia, which is
carefully designed not to trigger the alliance's
mutual defence pact. In other words some kind of
aggression that is hard to pin onto Russia.
Russia showed last year it could generate large
conventional forces at short notice for snap
exercises along its borders. The army general
quoted above went on to say that Russia could do
this again not only for intimidation and
coercion but potentially to seize Nato territory,
after which the threat of escalation might be
used to prevent re-establishment of territorial
integrity. This use of so called escalation
dominance was of course a classic Soviet
technique. So Russia is making moves into
Ukraine but the fear is that they might move even
further. The Bible is very clear there is an
East West division. There never is a united
Russia / Europe front. In the final conflict
there is a Russian front against Israel. After
Christs return there is a separate Europe front
against Israel.
  • And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part
    of potters clay, and part of iron, the kingdom
    shall be divided but there shall be in it of the
    strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest
    the iron mixed with miry clay. The two legs of
    this image represent East and West. In fact
    further visions in Daniel continue this theme.
    Daniel 7 deals with West. Daniel 8 is East.

(Daniel 241)
UK cannot defend itself against Putin's
military might
Daily Telegraph, February 20, 2015
Britain cannot defend itself against the military
threat posed
by Russia, senior army
figures have warned. As two RAF
Typhoon fighters
were scrambled on Wednesday evening
escort Russian long range bombers flying off
military chiefs said that the UK could
not cope with an all-
out attack as our defences
have been decimated. David Cameron said Moscow
appeared to be "trying to make some sort of a
point. "I don't think we should dignify it with
too much of a response," he said. However, Sir
Michael Graydon, former head of the RAF, appeared
to take the threat far more seriously. I very
much doubt whether the UK could sustain a
shooting war against Russia. We are at half the
capabilities we had previously.
Putin is pushing back at Britain in a way that
kindles memories of when Germanys Luftwaffe was
our biggest threat at the start of the Second
World War. The latest move against Britains
defences came this week when two Russian aircraft
capable of carrying nuclear weapons were
intercepted by the Royal Air Force. The Telegraph
also reported the following..Worryingly, some
eyewitnesses claimed they saw the aircraft
actually flying inland over the normally serene
green valleys of Cornwall before they were buzzed
by Typhoon fighters. Britain IS very weak
compared to what it was. As Air Commodore Andrew
Lambert said this week,If Putin wanted to
attack, he would not send a pair of bombers, he
would send the lot and saturate our defences we
couldnt cope. They would outflank us, go around
us, or just go through us. This is exactly why
in Ezekiel 38 we read of Britain unable to stop
Russia descending into Israel.
  • Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish,
    with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto
    thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou
    gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry
    away silver and gold, to take away cattle and
    goods, to take a great spoil? Tarshish Britain.
    When Russia invades all they can do is question
    Russias motives!

(Ezekiel 3813)
Putin suggests US Is sending arms to Ukraine
Associated Press, February 18, 2015
Russian President Vladimir Putin is suggesting
that the United States is already delivering
weapons to Ukraine. At a news conference Tuesday
in Budapest with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor
Orban, Putin was asked how he assessed the
possible consequences if the United States
decides to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine in
its fight against Russian-backed separatists. He
answered that "according to our information,
these weapons are already being delivered. He
said the new weapons for Ukraine could increase
the number of victims but "the result will be the
same as it is today. This is unavoidable.

This is interesting Putin said this week that
according to Russian intelligence, America is
already delivering weapons to Kiev. He said this
in response to a question which asked whether a a
shipment of lethal hardware from Washington to
Kiev would fan the flames of war in eastern
Ukraine. As Putin clearly believes the arming of
Ukraine is already underway it may explain why he
continues to pour in Russian tanks and missiles
despite after agreeing the ceasefire. (see next
slide for more info on this). In December the
U.S. Congress did pass legislation authorising
the sending of arms to Kiev. But while U.S.
President Barack Obama has signed the measure
into law, he has been hesitant to use the option,
amid widespread warnings arming Kiev would be
seen as a declaration of war. So America is not
officially sending arms but may do so if the
situation gets worse. What we know with Bible in
hand is that there IS a military push against
Russia by the king of the south (US/UK). The push
is the final spark.
  • Then at the time of the end, the king of the
    south will attack the king of the north. The king
    of the north will storm out with chariots,
    charioteers, and a vast navy. He will invade
    various lands and sweep through them like a
    flood. He will enter the glorious land of Israel.
    The word attack in this modern version is
    translated as push in the AV

(Daniel 1140 NLT)
Kiev accuses Russia of sending more tanks
to Ukraine
Reuters, February 20, 2015
Kiev accused Russia on Friday of sending more
tanks and troops into eastern Ukraine and said
they were heading towards the rebel-held town of
Novoazovsk on the southern coast, expanding their
presence on what it fears could be the next
battlefront. Russia did not immediately respond
to the accusation which, if confirmed, would go
further to kill off a European-brokered truce
that was met by relentless rebel advances after
it came into force on Sunday. Moscow has always
denied accusations in the past that its forces
are fighting in Ukraine. Nevertheless, there were
signs that the rebels may be prepared to halt
their advance, having achieved their main
military objective this week by seizing the
strategic town of Debaltseve, where Kiev was
forced to withdraw thousands of besieged troops
this week. The black, blue and red flag of the
rebels' self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic
flew over the town hall.
This ceasefire is in tatters. It is going the
same way as the previous two ceasefires. Putin is
keeping the conflict alive. It was reported that
Russia sent in 20 tanks, 10 mobile rocket
systems, and about 15 trucks into the area of
Novoazovsk on Friday. So is this the beginning of
Russia becoming an empire that stretches right
across Europe? Is Europe going to become part of
Russian dominion? The answer to that is no.
Neither Daniel 2 or Ezekiel 38 describe a Russian
empire controlling Europe. In fact Ezekiel 38
doesnt describe any territory in what we would
now call Western Europe. The only element that
does creep into Europe is Magog. Magog originally
covered eastern Ukraine as well as southern
Russia. Russia therefore is taking that part
back. The role of Europe under the influence of
the Vatican is different. Europe / Vatican will
launch a religious conflict against Christ and
the saints. But Gog is defeated by then.
  • set thy face against Gog (ruler of Russia), of
    the land of Magog (E. Ukraine and S. Russia), the
    chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (both central
    Russia) , and prophesy against him, Persia
    (Iran), Ethiopia, and Libya with them all of
    them with shield and helmet Gomer (W.Turkey),
    and all his bands the house of Togarmah
    (E.Turkey) NO EUROPE!

(Ezekiel 382-5)
British forces head for Ukraine as David Cameron
issues warning to Vladimir Putin
Daily Telegraph, February 24, 2015
British troops will be deployed in Ukraine to
train soldiers fighting Russian separatists,
David Cameron has said, as he delivered an
extraordinary warning to Vladimir Putin over his
continued aggression in eastern Europe. The Prime
Minister said that there would be "deeply
damaging" consequences for all of Europe if the
EU fails to stand up to Mr Putin in Ukraine,
predicting that the Russian president could turn
against the Baltic states or Moldova if he is not
reined in now. He warned that Mr Putin has opted
out of the rules-based system of the
twenty-first century and warned that the Russian
president must expect consequences. Downing
Street said that around 75 UK troops will travel
to Ukraine to help with medical, intelligence,
logistics and infantry skills.
Britain is sending troops to Ukraine. It may seem
a paltry amount of troops but they are troops all
the same. The Ukrainian crisis is seen by Russia
(Putin) as Europe and NATO trying to take away
one of its offspring, one of its cubs. Ukraine
was once part of the USSR. Putin wants to revive
the USSR. He certainly does not want Ukraine to
be part of Europe and in NATO. So as Ukraine
moved towards Europe, Putin began to send in the
troops and stir up trouble. So Britain sending
troops (however few) to assist Ukraine fight
against Russian troops with be like waving a red
rag at a bull. Putin of course being the bull.
Britain is in effect saying we are not going to
let Russia take back Ukraine and we will support
Ukraine militarily to stay with Europe. We could
be watching the very start of the push against
Russia by the king of the south. It is a military
provocation that causes Russia to descend into
the Middle East. The next slide shows Russia
doing exactly that. Moving into king of south

  • Then at the time of the end, the king of the
    south will attack push / militarily provoke the
    king of the north. The king of the north will
    storm out with chariots, charioteers, and a vast
    navy. He will invade various lands and sweep
    through them like a flood. He will enter the
    glorious land of Israel

(Daniel 1140 NLT)
Putin's Cyprus deal gives Russia a
foothold in the EU
Daily Telegraph, February 27, 2015
Russia has gained a military foothold in Europe
after Vladimir Putin signed a controversial deal
with Cyprus to dock warships there. British MPs
said Nicosias decision to let the Russian navy,
including heavily armed frigates, use its ports
for counter-terrorism and anti-piracy was
worrying and disappointing. Cyprus, an EU
member, thrashed out the agreement despite
already hosting two British military bases and
3,200 troops. President Putin insisted the deal
should not cause worries anywhere. But Cypriot
President Nicos Anastasiades, who was visiting
Moscow, hinted Russian warplanes could also be
allowed to use a military airbase in Paphos, on
the south-west coast of the island. A senior
British Army officer said This will be watched
closely by London. We know Russia has long
coveted a naval base in Cyprus. 'This is another
sign we are creeping back into a new Cold War.
This is a significant event. Russia is moving
into the territory of the king of the south
(Britain). Cyprus has long been linked with
Britain. Cyprus is Kittim or Chittim in the
Bible. It is only mentioned 8 times. The Bible
shows that Britain and Cyprus are very close. 3
times Cyprus is mentioned with Tarshish
(Britain). In Daniel 1130 Cyprus is mentioned
sending ships against the king of the north. In
other words Cyprus was supporting the king of the
south. In Isaiah 231 we read of the ships of
Tarshish being based in Chittim. Even now Britain
has two sovereign bases in Cyprus with 3200
troops based there. Britain is also using Cyprus
as a base to launch attacks on ISIS in Iraq. And
so Russia arriving with ships into Cyprus will be
deeply concerning for Britain. It is a step
towards Russia entering the Middle East. We know
that Russia will come with many ships. We are
watching the king of the north v king of the
south in Cyprus!
  • And ships shall come from the coast of Chittim,
    and shall afflict Asshur, and shall afflict Eber,
    and he also shall perish for ever. This prophecy
    in Numbers has a latter day fulfillment. Asshur
    and Eber are territories currently occupied by
    ISIS. Britain is attacking ISIS from Cyprus!

(Numbers 2424)
Russia could cut off gas to Ukraine by end of
Associated Press, February 18, 2015
Russia could cut off supplies to neighbouring
Ukraine by the end of the week if it does not get
further payments from the country, state-owned
gas company Gazprom said Thursday. Spokesman
Sergei Kupriyanov said in televised remarks that
"if no new funds are received from Kiev, then
naturally we cannot continue delivering gas to
Ukraine." He did not specify the sum. Despite the
threat, Russian and Ukrainian energy ministers
are set to meet in Brussels on Monday, making an
immediate cutoff unlikely. Gazprom's ultimatum
came a day after Russian President Vladimir
Putin's announcement that Ukraine's latest
payment would only be good for "another three to
four days." Putin warned that Russia would turn
off the tap if Ukraine fails to remit payment
quickly, but did not set a concrete deadline for
the halting of deliveries.
The latest gas dispute erupted last week.
Basically Ukraine cut gas supplies to areas in
the east controlled by Russia-backed rebels.
Russia then began pumping gas directly to the
east, saying they should be counted as part of
the overall volume of its gas exports. On
Wednesday Putin angrily denounced Ukraine's
decision to halt gas supplies to eastern regions,
home to 4.5 million people, saying it "smacks of
genocide. Putin and other government officials
warned earlier this week that Russia would cut
off supplies to Ukraine by the end of the month
unless Kiev makes the due pre-payments. So even
with a shaky ceasefire now in place the troubles
continue. Putin is the little horn that grows in
Daniel 8. He is the fierce king. The arrogant
master of deception. The one who has become very
strong and who succeeds in all he does. He thinks
he in invincible. But God will bring him to an
end on the mountains of Israel.

  • a fierce king, a master of intrigue, will rise to
    power. He will become very strong, but not by his
    own power. He will cause a shocking amount of
    destruction and succeed in everything he does. He
    will destroy powerful leaders and devastate the
    holy people. He will be a master of deception and
    will become arrogant he will destroy many
    without warning.

(Daniel 823-25 NLT)
Russia and US spar over global crises at UN
Associated Press, February 23, 2015
Russia's foreign minister is implicitly accusing
the United States of violating U.N. principles by
bombing Syria, occupying Iraq under false
pretenses and manipulating a Security Council
mandate to destroy and create chaos in
Libya. Sergey Lavrov, clearly pointing at the
U.S. without naming it, said these acts were the
result "of attempts to dominate global affairs"
and use military force unilaterally to push
"one's own interests. U.S. Ambassador Samantha
Power implicitly criticized Russia for blocking
Security Council action against Syria and accused
Moscow of training, arming and fighting alongside
separatists who have seized Ukrainian territory.
They spoke at a Security Council meeting Monday
to assess the operation of the United Nations as
it nears its 70th anniversary organized by China
and chaired by its Foreign Minister.
The war of words between Russia and America get
worse each week. As well as the heated exchanges
recorded in the article above there were other
outbursts this week. A senior Russian diplomat on
Friday accused the U.S. administration of taking
a "destructive" stance in bilateral relations and
warned that Moscow could deal "painful"
counterblows. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei
Ryabkov said that Secretary of State John Kerry
breached "diplomatic ethics" when he told U.S.
lawmakers earlier this week that Russian
officials had lied to him about support for
separatists in eastern Ukraine. He warned that
Moscow could retaliate to potential new U.S.
sanctions, but wouldn't necessarily make them
public. And so we see the growing rift, the
increasing tension and the final stages leading
up to worldwide conflict. There is no doubt we
are on the brink of WW3 and the final judgement
of the world. It is coming.soon
  • in the last days scoffers will come, mocking the
    truth and following their own desires. They will
    say, What happened to the promise that Jesus is
    coming again? They deliberately forget that God
    made the heavens long ago by the word of his
    command. And by the same word, the present
    heavens and earth have been stored up for fire
    for the day of judgment..

(2 Peter 33-7 NLT)
Russia starts large-scale military exercises
Reuters, March 5, 2015
Russia's Defence Ministry said on Thursday that
large-scale military exercises had started in
southern Russia and in disputed territories on
Russia's borders. The exercises involve over
2,000 anti-aircraft troops and 500 items of
weaponry and will last until April 10, Interfax
news agency reported. The Defence Ministry said
the exercises were taking place in Russia's
Southern and North Caucasus Federal Districts, as
well as on Russian military bases in Armenia, the
Georgian separatist regions of Abkhazia and South
Ossetia and Ukraine's Crimea region, which Moscow
annexed last year. They are likely to be viewed
in the West as a show of force as relations
between Russia and the West are at their most
strained since the Cold War because of the
Ukraine crisis.
With so much happening on Russia's western border
we might have expected Russia to scale back from
its other southern borders. The opposite is true
though. Russia is acting aggressively on all its
borders especially the south. The report above
shows Russia now conducting large scale military
exercises in the region of Georgia and South
Ossetia. Russia annexed areas in this area a
bit like it did with Crimea. The message to the
West is that Russia is seeking to control all
areas that are what it deems to be in its
influence of control. We know that Russia will
descend south and come through Georgia and then
through Turkey. As Russia builds up forces in the
south we can see them preparing for this event.
There is increasing concern there could be
fighting soon in the ex USSR Baltic states.
Lithuania one of these countries announced it is
reintroducing conscription over concerns with
aggressive Russian behaviour. The president of
Lithuania said they are already under attack by
  • But I will remove far off from you the northern
    army, and will drive him into a land barren and
    desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and
    his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his
    stick shall come up, and his ill savour shall
    come up, because he hath done great things.

(Joel 220)
West condemns assassination of Nemtsov
Reuters, March 2, 2015
President Vladimir Putin vowed to punish the
killers of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov as
Russian opposition figures denounced what they
called a political murder and Western leaders
called for a full probe. The 55-year-old former
deputy premier, a vocal Putin critic prominent at
opposition rallies, was shot in the back several
times just before midnight Friday as he walked
across a bridge a stones throw from the Kremlin
walls. The brazen assassination is the latest in
a string of murders of opposition figures in
Putins 15 years in power and recalls the
shooting of anti-Kremlin reporter Anna
Politkovskaya, gunned down on Putins birthday in
October 2006. Allies of Nemtsov, a longtime
anti-corruption crusader who served as deputy
premier under Boris Yeltsin, linked his death to
his opposition to the Kremlins policies.
Yet another critic of Putin is killed by
assassins. The list of all Putins opponents who
have been murdered is astounding. Everytime Putin
blames with West on killing them because he says
they want to make it look like he (Putin) had
done it!! There are some truly chilling books
written about Putin that make your blood run
cold. Putin is utterly ruthless and nothing and
no one stands in his way. He operates completely
above and outside the law. Boris Nemtsov (who was
Jewish) was about to publish a report on Putins
involvement in Ukraine. He was an open opponent
of Putin who was gunned down right outside the
Kremlin. Tens of thousands took to the streets in
support of Nemtsov but we know it will come to
nothing. Putin is the latter day Gog, king of the
north and has a role to play in the future the
invasion of the Middle East and Israel

  • And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace
    between the seas in the glorious holy mountain
    yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help
    This is speaking of the
    king of the north- latter day Antiochus who
    invades Israel and Egypt. He finally comes to his
    end. See also Ezekiel 3822 (same event)

(Daniel 1145)
US to increase military aid to Ukraine
including Humvees and drones
Daily Telegraph, March 11, 2015
The US announced it was stepping up non-lethal
military assistance to Ukraine on Wednesday with
a 75m (50m) package that includes armoured
Humvees and surveillance drones. Michael Fallon,
the UK Defence Secretary, says Britain is also
planning to increase its assistance. The moves
come as US and Nato officials report that Russia
has continued to move men and materiel, including
tanks, into eastern Ukraine since the February 12
ceasefire that was brokered in Minsk by Germany
and France. The US also announced new economic
sanctions to be targeted at officials in the
self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic in
Ukraine as well as the Russian National
Commercial Bank and a nationalist Russian group.
Mr Obama has resisted pressure from Congress and
several senior officials in his administration to
provide lethal support to Ukraines embattled
armed forces.

With Bible in hand we know there is a push
(military provocation or even attack) by the king
of the south (America / Britain) against the king
of the north (Russia). It is the push that is the
spark that brings Russia down into the Middle
East. The key focus of where the push could come
is currently in eastern Europe Ukraine and the
Baltic states. America is inching towards
military support of Ukraine. The Pentagon also
announced Monday that about 3,000 U.S. soldiers
from the Georgia-based 3rd Infantry Division will
deploy to Eastern Europe beginning next week.
Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters that about
750 U.S. military tanks, helicopters, and other
vehicles and equipment arrived in Riga, Latvia,
on Monday. This deployment is part of an on-going
U.S. military troop rotation aimed at bolstering
support for NATO allies who are worried about
escalating aggression by Russia. We are getting
closer and closer to the push
  • Then at the time of the end, the king of the
    south will attack the king of the north. The king
    of the north will storm out with chariots,
    charioteers, and a vast navy. He will invade
    various lands and sweep through them like a
    flood. He will enter the glorious land of Israel,
    and many nations will fall

(Daniel 1140 NLT)
Britain may broadcast