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Ancient Egypt The Civilization of Kush


Ancient Egypt The Civilization of ... Kings of Kerma were buried in tombs like the Egyptian pharaohs. Egypt invaded Kerma, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ancient Egypt The Civilization of Kush

Ancient EgyptThe Civilization of Kush
  • Chapter 2 Section 4
  • Evelyn McLaughlin

  • The region of Nubia, later known as Kush, was
    located south of Egypt on the Nile River.
  • 1st people to arrive in Nubia were cattle
    herders, who grazed their herds on the savanna.
  • Savanna grassy plain.
  • Later farmers settled in villages in Nubia.
  • More powerful Nubian villages took control of
    weaker ones, and the kingdom of Kerma was
  • Kings of Kerma were buried in tombs like the
    Egyptian pharaohs.
  • Egypt invaded Kerma, and after 50 years of war,
    Kerma was defeated.
  • During the Egyptian rule, the people of Kerma
    adopted many Egyptian ways.

Discussion Question
  • Before the invasion by Egypt, how did the people
    of Kerma help the Egyptians?
  • The people of Kerma traded with the Egyptians and
    served as warriors in the Egyptian armies.

The Rise of Kush
  • Nubians broke away from Egypt and formed their
    kingdom called, Kush.
  • The Kushite kings ruled from city of Napata,
    which is located along the upper Nile.
  • This location helped Kush people become important
    traders, and Kush grew wealthy.
  • Kashta and his son, Piye, conquered Egypt in 728
  • Assyrians then later invaded Egypt and forced
    Kushites out.
  • Kushites learned iron working from Assyrians.
  • Kushites were the 1st Africans to become iron
  • The Kush moved the ruling city south to the city
    Meroe, farther away from the Assyrians.
  • Meroe become an important center of trade and
    iron working.
  • Kushite kings rebuilt Meroe to look like an
    Egyptian city, with pyramids and temples.
  • Kush eventually declined in power.
  • The kingdom of Axum arose in what is today
  • Axum invaded Meroe and burned it to the ground.

Discussion Question
  • How did iron working skills help the Kushites?
  • They could make farming tools with iron.
  • These superior tools helped them grow more crops.
  • They also could make iron spears and swords.
  • Traders also traded iron to other peoples.
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