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Where Opportunity Meets Excellence


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Where Opportunity Meets Excellence

Where Opportunity Meets Excellence
  • Strategic Plan Implementation Update
  • April 22, 2015

Renovations and Updates
  • Arcelio Aponte
  • Vice Provost for Budget and Administration

Projects in Progress
  • 15 Washington (including performance space in the
    Great Room)
  • Classroom improvements this summer
    (25-30 classroom upgrades)
  • Express Newark-Hahnes
  • Life Sciences II
  • Enhanced wi-fi indoor outdoor
  • Improvements to Stonesby Dining
  • Robeson lounge spaces

Next Steps
  • Additional Classroom Upgrade Program (Total 3
    Year Program)
  • Third Space Hahnes Development
  • Honors Living Learning Community
  • Transit Hub Facility
  • Street and Landscape Overlay

The Student Experience
  • John Gunkel
  • Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services

Co-Location of Key Student Services
  • Admissions/Welcome Center
  • Enrollment Services Registrar, Student
    Accounting, Financial Aid, One Stop
  • Academic Services Advisement, Career Services

Central to Physical Campus
Improvement Now!
  • New Student Information System
  • Student Oriented Web Site
  • One Stop
  • Creation of Academic Pathways Plans
  • Student Success Platform and Communications
  • Expand Learning Communities
  • More Integration of Advising and Career Services

Staffing for the New Mission Action Group
  • Co-Chairs
  • Bil Leipold (School of Criminal Justice)
  • Christina Strasburger (FAS-N History/African
    American and African Studies)

Staffing for the New Mission Group Members
Member Name University Organization
Bonilla, Angie Housing Residence Life
Clarke, Patty Athletics
Cunha, Tony University Facilities
DeMicco, Bob Rutgers Business School
Elahraf, Abeer FAS-N (Deans Office)
Gibbs, Aaron Rutgers Business (Undergraduate Programs)
Giordano, Elaine School of Law Library
Geddis, Melissa Graduate Student/Researcher
Hartland, Melissa FAS-N (MFA)
Hendrix, Jamie Public Safety
Kabir, Arif Newark Computing Services
Kressel, Ken FAS-N (Psychology)
Nagle, Josephine School of Law School
Perry, Kinna Honors College/GS-N
Pinto-Figueroa, Sofia FAS-N (Office of Academic Services)
Reyes, Sandy Graduate School-Newark
Rowe, Betsy FAS-N (Deans Office)
Santana, Engelbert Rutgers Educational Opportunity Fund
Williams, Amber Technology and Learning Spaces
Staffing for the New Mission Process
  • Process
  • Sub-teams
  • Readings
  • Researching
  • Benchmarking
  • Regularly scheduled meetings
  • Draft of report
  • Summer report out to staff/individual
    reviewers/Office of the Chancellor
  • Final report due in Oct
  • Voice
  • Professional Development
  • Staff Recognition
  • Talent Management
  • Communication
  • upcoming activities

Staffing for the New Mission Recommendations
  • Create a Staff Council
  • Advise Chancellor Office of the Chancellor
  • Collaborate with Student Government Associations
    and Faculty Council
  • Implement Talent Management Philosophy throughout
    the University
  • Ensure that current HR is staffed to implement
    new philosophy
  • Create Employee Experience processes, events
    and information that speak to the mission
  • Invest in our current staff by providing
    opportunities (e.g. job sharing)
  • Create and implement advisory group for talent
  • Create Learning Development Team
  • Provide learning opportunities through various
    platforms (e.g. classroom, online)
  • Collaborate with the organizations in Newark to
    create a learning community that would share
    resources (e.g. Prudential, Audible)

Staffing for the New Mission Recommendations
  • Develop Staff Recognition Programs Events that
    Support the New Mission
  • Create and implement awards for individuals,
    teams and departments that support and advance
    the mission
  • Provide tools and programs that will support
    year-round recognition
  • Integrate the Staff and Staffing with the Greater
    Newark Community
  • Provide recruitment and training pathways for
    community members
  • Create and implement volunteer policies for staff
  • Increase and Enhance Communication
  • Create a condensed version (1-2 page handout) of
    the strategic plan
  • Collaborate with University Communications to
    highlight staff, create a staff-focused website
    and other platforms
  • Create and implement monthly or quarterly
    information-sharing events to keep staff informed

The New ProfessoriateAction Group
  • Co-Chairs
  • David Troutt (School of Law)
  • Minglu Wang (Dana Library)

New Professoriate Group Members
Member Name University Organization
Abbas, Sadia FAS-N (English)
Arena, Jennifer FAS-N (Writing Program)
Barnett, Mike Rutgers Business School
Bonder, Ed FAS-N (Biology)
Brunson, Rod School of Criminal Justice
Butterfield, Sherri-Ann FAS-N (Sociology/Deans Office)
Caplan, Karen FAS-N (History)
Christian, Johnna School of Criminal Justice
Deutsch, Stuart School of Law
Henein, Marina School of Criminal Justice
Jett, Quintus School of Public AffairsAdmin
Johnson Jr., John Graduate School-Newark
Jordan, Van FAS-N (MFA)
Puhak, Robert FAS-N (Mathematics)
Robinson, Jeff Rutgers Business School
Discussion Questions for Schools/Departments
  • Supporting and Evaluating Publicly Engaged
    Scholarship (PES)
  • Innovations in Promotion and Tenure Criteria
  • Building Institutional Resources for the New
  • Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Part-time Lecturers
  • Graduate and Post-graduate Training

Preliminary Recommendations
  • RU-N should issue multiple annual PES awards from
    a central office and offer renewable research
    funds for faculty across the University
  • RU-N should vigorously adopt definitions,
    evaluation standards and reward structures that
    encourage widespread interest in PES among all of
    its faculty
  • RU-N should commit to a mechanism for ensuring
    faculty training and resources for development
    and mentoring
  • RU-N should re-establish a Center for Teaching
  • RU-N should create a graduate Office of Career

Research and Scholarship
  • Nabil Adam
  • Vice Chancellor for Research Collaborations
  • Todd Clear, Provost (Presenter)

Invest in Collaborative Academic and Research
  • Foster synergistic multidisciplinary research
    across academic units within RU-N and across
    Rutgers (RU-NB, RBHS) and NJIT
  • Promote research at the undergraduate level
  • Ensure effective communications with counterparts
    across the University and the office of Sr. VP
    for Research and Economic Development
  • Ensure responsiveness to issues faced by research
    active faculty and effective communications with
    faculty across RU-N
  • Ensure RU-Ns share in University-wide research
  • Engage RU-N faculty, students, and staff with the
    RU-N community to advance research that is
  • rooted in addressing real-world complex problems,
  • tested in a real-world field test environment,
  • validated using real-world data
  • Key aim students and faculty who are among the
    top in their respective fields addressing issues
    of direct concern to the community

Putting These Principles into Actions
  • 1) Established the Research Advisory Committee
  • Includes representative faculty from RU-N
    academic units
  • Meets monthly with the Provost, VC for Research,
    and other members of the Provost/Chancellor's
  • 2) Reorganized RU-N ORSP
  • A new position, entitled Research Facilitator
    has been created and is being advertised
  • A 3rd Grant Specialist position is added to
    complement our current staff
  • Professional and career development of RU-N ORSP
  • Works with leadership across the Rutgers units to
    enhance collaborations in three areas of
  • Neuroscience (collaboration includes RBHS,
    Kessler, VA, NJIT)
  • Data Science, Learning, and Applications
  • Strong, Healthy, and Safe Neighborhoods

  • 4) Initiated Multidisciplinary Research Teams
    (IMRT) Awards
  • Fosters multi-disciplinary research teams that
    can tackle the complex, multi-faceted research
    questions that face us today
  • Awards to be announced beginning of May
  • 5) Advanced numerous research initiatives
  • Institute for Data Science, Learning
    Applications (I-DSLA)
  • Secured RU-N HRT Chair line in Big Data
  • Became an NSF site -part of NSF Industry
    University Collaboration
  • Partnered with Columbia, NY, Cornell on the NSF
    Northeast BD Innovation Hub
  • Launched Spring 2015 Speaker Series and workshops

Seed Grant Initiative
  • Kyle Farmbry, Chair (Graduate School-Newark)
  • Lindsey McDougle, Presenter (School of Public

Seed Grant Committee Members
Member Name University Organization
Englot, Anne FAS-N (Arts, Culture and Media)
McDougle, Lindsey School of Public AffairsAdmin
Monteiro, Lyra FAS-N (History)
Morisseau, Natalia Office of Financial Aid
Oppenheim, Rosa Rutgers Business School
Rengifo, Andres School of Criminal Justice
Richardson, Lyneir Rutgers Business School
Russell, Shana FAS-N (American Studies)
Shon, Jongmin School of Public AffairsAdmin
Simmons, Michael Cornwall Center
Slater, Lee FAS-N (Earth Envir Sciences)
Valverde, Jennie School of Law
Purpose To fund single or multi-year projects
that create new infrastructure to support
scholarship, education, and community engagement.
  • Projects must be
  • Cross-cutting
  • Sustainable
  • Bridge building
  • Innovative
  • Impact

  • Seventy-two proposals submitted (currently under
  • Wide range of exciting and collaborative ideas
    across broad areas of innovation
  • Economic development
  • Strong, healthy neighborhoods
  • K-20 education
  • Diversity and social justice
  • Science
  • Arts and culture
  • New degree programs
  • Announcements expected first week of May (of
    funding and broad next steps)

Leveraging Our DiversityAction Group
  • Co-Chairs
  • Shigeo Iwamiya (Residential Life)
  • Jyl Josephson (FAS-N Political Science)

Leveraging Our Diversity Group Members
Member Name University Organization
Abdelbasset, Eslam Student Governing Association
Brenner-Moyer, Stacey FAS-N (Chemistry)
Devore-Leslie, Lesley Office of University Community Partnerships
DiTomaso, Nancy Rutgers Business School
Gonsalves, Josie School of Public AffairsAdmin (student)
Gonzalez, Rigoberto FAS-N (English)
Goodman, James FAS-N (History)
Hall, Roxanne Psychology (student)
Harber, Kent FAS-N (Psychology)
Hsu, Joanne Program on American Language Studies
Laurencin, Edith School of Criminal Justice
Osorio-Fernandez, Arturo Rutgers Business School
Perry, Twila School of Law
Raphael, Tim FAS-N (Arts, Culture, and Media)
Rivera, Luis FAS-N (Psychology)
Tantay-Wilson, Theresa Health Services
Tello, Giancarlo Political Science (student)
Vaughn-Handy, Marcel FAS-N (Development)
Walton, Clayton Student Life/Paul Robeson Campus Center
Williams, Jerome Rutgers Business School
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Leveraging and Increasing Diversity through Full
  • Leveraging and increasing Pre-K through 20
  • More effective pathways to higher education
    including diversifying faculty and staff
  • Recruiting and mentoring the future diverse
    faculty by identifying students early on
  • Increasing and leveraging the diversity of our
    curriculum and pedagogy
  • Co-taught courses with community partners, with
    staff, across colleges and disciplines
  • Community engagement in the curriculum
  • Mentoring for staff, faculty, students, and
  • Leveraging and increasing language diversity
  • Establishment of Center of Language Resources
  • Assessing our policies and our progress
  • Rutgers University-Newark Diversity Audit

Anchor Mission Action Group
  • Co-Chairs
  • Roland Anglin (Cornwall Center)
  • Consuella Askew (Dana Library)

Anchor Mission Group Members
Member Name University Organization
Auffant, Nicole GS-N (Urban Systems)
Bell, Anonda Robeson Gallery
Boxer, Paul FAS-N (Psychology)
Canty-Barnes, Esther School of Law
Caplan, Joel School of Criminal Justice
Devance, Donita Office of University Community Partnerships
Eastman, Wayne Rutgers Business School
Hoontis, Peter School of Public AffairsAdmin
Keene, John FAS-N (English/African African-American Studies)
Kline, Nick FAS-N (Arts, Culture and Media)
Krasovic, Mark FAS-N (History)
Lyons, Kevin Rutgers Business School
Pandit, Nikita Paul Robeson Campus Center
Sajjad, Kerin Rutgers Business School (Student)
Satter, Beryl FAS-N (History)
Schaefer, Karina FAS-N (Biology)
Scott-Pickens, Lori School of Criminal Justice
Surles, Elizabeth Institute of Jazz Studies
Thomas, Shanice School of Public AffairsAdmin (Student)
Walker McCall, Deborah Academic Foundations Center/EOF
Working Definition
  • An anchor institution is a placed-based
    organization that persists in communities over
    generations, serving as social glue, economic
    engines, or both. 
  • Cantor, N., Englot, P. Higgins, M. (2013).
    Making the Work of Anchor Institutions Stick
    Building Coalitions and Collective Expertise. p.20

  • K-20 Pipeline
  • Invest in a time limited (six months) process to
    present and explain pipeline initiatives such as
    the Honors Living Learning Community (HLLC) and
    the Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC)
    which seeks to increase postsecondary attainment
    in Newark from 17 to 25 by 2025 to the
    University community
  • Science and the Urban Environment
  • Explore putting in place an incentive structure
    to encourage staff, faculty and students to work
    on sustainability concerns both internally and in
    the wider region. Such incentives should
    encompass research and active engagement in the

  • Arts and Culture
  • Increase support for existing Arts programs on
    campus and coordination of arts education across
  • Economic Development
  • Develop an internal plan to coordinate RU-Ns
    role in local economic development
  • Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Incentivize community engagement work through
    support for programs that bring our university
    community together to share their projects and
    for some, to learn how to engage in such work.

Honors Living Learning Community
  • Co-Chairs
  • Shirley M. Collado (Executive Vice
    Chancellor/Exec Vice Provost)
  • Sherri-Ann P. Butterfield (Senior Associate Dean,
    Arts Sciences/Sociology)

HLLC Action Group Members
Member Name University Organization
Aponte, Arcelio Office of the Chancellor
Battle-Brown, LaToya Admissions
Bonilla, Angie Housing and Residential Life
Brunson, Rod School of Criminal Justice
Civico, Aldo FAS-N (Sociology Anthropology)
Gilbert, Brett A. Rutgers Business School
Hoontis, Peter School of Public AffairsAdmin
Kurland, Robert Rutgers Business School
Leipold, Bil School of Criminal Justice
McDougle, Lindsey School of Public AffairsAdmin
Moncada, Eduardo FAS-N (Political Science)
Monga, Ashwani Rutgers Business School
Morisseau, Natalia Office of Financial Aid
Rouff, Ashaki FAS-N (Earth Environmental Sciences)
Sloan-Power, Elizabeth FAS-N (Social Work)
Stewart-Winter, Timothy FAS-N (History)
Takesue, Kimi FAS-N (Arts, Culture Media)
Van de Walle, Gretchen FAS-N Deans Office
Veysey, Bonita Office of the Chancellor/SCJ
Walton, Clayton Student Life/Paul Robeson Campus Center
Local Citizenship in a Global World
  • Inclusive Admissions Identifying Talent and
    Redefining Merit
  • Focus on Persistence, Retention, and College
  • 500 Residents with many students from Newark and
    Greater Newark
  • Diverse Populations First Years, Transfers, and
    Non-traditional Students
  • Cohort based, Living-learning Model
  • Leadership, Innovation, Citizenship, and more

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Intersections of Key Issues Impacting the HLLC
Student Experience
  • Eslam Adbelbasset, President, Student Governing
  • Moderator
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