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IT Partner Presentation:


IT Partner Presentation: Why Vicon? Why Sell IP Video? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: IT Partner Presentation:

IT Partner Presentation Why Vicon? Why Sell IP
Who is VICON?
  • Design and manufacture networked digital video
    management systems
  • Applications installed in 36 countries
  • Over 3,600 installationsOur Products
  • Full-motion digital video/audio recorders and IP
  • Long-term video storage Disk, RAID, SAN
  • Live video streaming over LANs, WANs, and the
  • IP Cameras, single and multi-channel converters
  • API allows third parties to incorporate video
    management into their applications

Global Presence
Serving over 40 countries worldwide with offices
across the globe
  • Vicon Corporate Headquarters
  • Long Island, NY
  • Main Development Administration
  • Vicon Europe Ltd.
  • Main office Fareham, England
  • Sales Offices
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Cheshire, England
  • Zaventem, Brussels
  • Milan, Italy
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Vicon Systems Ltd.
  • Israel
  • Digital Video Development

Markets Served
Airports Seaports
Government Facilities, Transportation
  • JFK International Airport
  • San Diego International Airport
  • Tampa International Airport
  • Logan International Airport
  • Sky Harbor International Airport
  • CCAD Army Base
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Washington DC Monuments Park
  • Mn/DOT
  • United States Postal Service
  • US Customs and Border Patrol
  • White Sands Missile Range
  • Maricopa County Sheriffs Office

Gaming, Banking Retail
  • Motor City Casino, Detroit
  • Harrahs Casino, New Orleans
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • GAP Stores
  • Safeway Supermarkets
  • Sahara Casino, Las Vegas

Schools, Universities Medical Facilities
  • University of Texas
  • University of Rode Island
  • Springfield Central School District
  • Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Henry Ford Hospital
  • Arizona State Hospital
  • Sierra Health Services

Manufacturing Corporate Facilitates
  • IBM
  • Adobe
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Micron Technology
  • Legato Systems

Typical Customers
Nuclear Power Facility
How Vicon product is leveraged to sell other IT
  • General Stand-Alone Network
  • Wired Solution more switches, ports and adapters
    to the recorders, storage devices and review
  • Wireless Solution
  • Portable PC
  • Portable review stations
  • Multiple access points
  • WAN Expansion
  • Vicon is an enterprise system providing access
    over the WAN
  • Remote access expands the number of WAN ports

Advantages of Vicon IP Products
  • Leverage the customers existing system with IP
  • The recorder supports analog IP cameras
  • Analog and IP cameras can record on industry
    standard PCs and workstations
  • Network streaming devices supported
  • Looks like one system
  • Vicon can support technology for today and the
  • IP cameras and recorders

Strong Application to sell more IP Products
  • The Vicon IP Video Surveillance Solution
    leverages what is in the news today
  • Its new technology to discuss with customers and
    provides new points of contact within a customer
  • ROI is strong,
  • API provides integration with
  • POS Integration
  • Bar Code Integration
  • Access Control Integration
  • Building Automation
  • Advanced Video Analysis
  • Behavior Recognition
  • Object Tracking
  • Facial Recognition
  • Motion/Direction Tracking

Core Vicon Advantages
  • How Vicon is a leader
  • Large Installed Base
  • Scaleable Solution
  • Proven Vertical Solutions
  • Strong RD Leveraging latest technologies to
    provide best of class solutions
  • Vicon has been in business for 30 years

Key Vicon Advantages
  • Vicon equipment can record and stream both analog
    IP cameras
  • 95 of cameras installed are analog based.
  • Competitors can connect to either analog or IP
    cameras, but not both. Vicon can do both.
  • Vicon can offer from the most technologically
    advanced equipment down to the lower end
  • The Vicon solution is scaleable to meet the
    customers growing needs.
  • Other companies specialize in either the
    high-end, midrange or lower end, but dont have
    offerings for all three categories.
  • Breadth of the Vicon product line
  • Video Recorders
  • Analog and IP Cameras
  • Matrix Systems
  • IP video Streams
  • Sophisticated Software Solution

Why Customers Want IP Video
  • Uses existing infrastructure
  • Lower install cost
  • Easily expandable/scaleable
  • Devices are nodes on the network
  • Ties analog digital worlds together
  • Easier to store and distribute images
  • Remote viewing
  • Can be supported by IT
  • Lower operational costs and ease of use

What is ViconNet?
  • A software platform for transporting, storing and
    managing digital video from multiple video
    sources including
  • Conventional Digital Video Recorders
  • Surveyor VFT High-Performance IP Domes
  • Roughneck Vandal-Resistant IP-Cameras
  • Conventional IP Cameras (CS-Mount)
  • Single Multi-Channel IP video Servers

ViconNet IP Video Products
  • Surveyor VFT High-Performance IP Dome
  • Roughneck Vandal-Resistant IP Domes
  • VN-755IP Camera
  • VN-306T Server
  • VN-301T Server
  • Kollector Network Servers

  • Total Digital Video and IP Video Solution

Surveyor VFT ViconNet-Ready IP Dome Camera
ViconNet Video Management Station
ViconNet Cameras
Wide Area Network (WAN) / Internet
Local Area Network (LAN)
ViconNet Video Server
Kollector Pro Digital Recorder /Server
Kollector Elite Digital Recorder /Server
RAID Storage
Vicon IP Capabilities
  • Video streamed from the IP device can be viewed
    and recorded on any PC running ViconNet software.
  • Cameras have internal compression board no
    external server required
  • Scalable recording rate up to 30 fps
  • Resolution range from 320 x 240 to 720 x 488
  • Unlimited number of devices can be placed on the
  • VFT domes offer complete control of PTZ functions
    and programming from remote locations over the
  • Analog and IP products managed by the same
  • Designed and built by Vicon!

Surveyor VFT
  • Housing Options (All Support IP Capabilities)
  • Standard
  • In-Ceiling (Indoor)
  • Pendant (Indoor Outdoor)
  • Outdoor units are IP66 rated

Maximum Security Prisons Universities Public
areas prone to vandalism
Pressurized Traffic Management
Systems Manufacturing facilities
Surveyor VFT
  • Camera Drive Options
  • Cost Effective 22X High-Resolution Color
  • Sensitivity 2.0 lux _at_ 40 IRE, f/1.6
  • Resolution 470 TVL
  • Pan Speed Range 0.1 to 120/sec
  • Digital Zoom 12X
  • Low Light 22X High-Resolution Color w/ DSS
  • Digital Slow Shutter for extreme low light
  • Sensitivity 0.03 lux _at_ 40 IRE, f/1.6
  • Resolution 470 TVL
  • Speed Range 0.1 to 360/sec
  • Premier 23X Day/Night
  • True mechanical color/monochrome operation
  • Sensitivity 0.02 lux _at_ 40 IRE, f/1.6
  • Resolution 470 TVL
  • Pan Speed Range 0.1 to 360/sec

Surveyor VFT
  • Programmable Features / Benefits
  • Built-In Competitive Protocols
  • DIP-switch selectable
  • No need for optional modules
  • Pelco D Sensormatic (AD) Kalatel (ASCII RS232)
    Ultrak (RS-485) Bosch (RS-232) Cohu (MPC
    System) Panasonic
  • 16 Individual Privacy Zones (22X DSS 23X
    Day/Night models only)
  • Dynamically scalable with pan-and-tilt position
    and zoom magnification
  • Provides ability to mask specific private areas
    from operators view
  • Easily programmed using joystick operation
  • On-screen Directional Display (22X DSS 23X
    Day/Night models only)
  • Indicates general heading and degrees from north
    and horizontal
  • Used in traffic management systems and other
    outdoor applications
  • Provides immediate indication of camera direction
  • Updates in real-time as PTZ movements change
    camera direction

Surveyor VFT
  • Programmable Features / Benefits
  • Image Freeze (23X Day/Night Models Only)
  • Ability to freeze a specific image even during
    PTZ movement
  • Freeze capability can be manual or automatic
  • Reduce digital recording storage during PTZ tours
    by freezing images between presets
  • Auto-Learn Tours (22X DSS 23X Day/Night models
  • Automatically records an operators PTZ steps and
    stores them as a complete tour
  • Eliminates the need to program individual steps
    via menu selection
  • 2 Auto-Learn tours available, each with 256 PTZ
    functions per tour
  • Motion Detection (23X Day/Night models only)
  • 6 programmable motion detection zones with 3
    sensitivity levels
  • Active motion reacts with automatic preset solve
    or relay output

IP Capabilities
  • Multiple camera/lens options offer the right
    combination for most applications
  • High-resolution color or day/night
  • Varifocal lenses
  • IP video options available in all versions
    including surface and in-ceiling
  • New base design and 3-axis position adjustment
    provide greater field-of-view
  • Tough polycarbonate dome repels damage from
    harmful impacts

VN-755IP Camera
IP Capabilities
  • Conventional CS-mount camera with direct IP
  • Scalable recording rate from up to 30 fps via
  • Range of resolution settings from 320 x 240 to
    720 x 488
  • Use of any CS-Mount lens options including
    varifocal autoiris
  • Accepts 3 external analog video inputs

Vicon IP Cameras
  • Value / Benefits
  • Compatibility with ViconNet software makes it
    more than just an IP camera, it is part of a
    total video management solution
  • Designed and manufactured by Vicon, with over 20
    years of experience designing PTZ and dome
  • Internal ViconNet compression technology produces
    small file sizes and requires less bandwidth than
    traditional methods
  • IP video options are available in every VFT model
    (over 30 IP camera options in this line alone)
  • Fixed-position VFT IP domes will also become
    available, adding a new price point for ViconNet
    IP domes
  • Perfect selection for wide variety of
    applications for indoor and outdoor use

VN-301T IP Video Server
  • IP Video Capabilities
  • Single-channel video server converts analog video
    to ViconNet digital video
  • Scalable recording rate up to 30 fps
  • RS-485 port for PTZ dome control
  • Range of resolution settings from 320 x 240 to
    720 x 488
  • One Channel for Audio

VN-301T IP Video Server
  • Value / Benefits
  • Compatibility with ViconNet software makes it
    more than just an IP server, it is part of a
    total video management solution
  • Low profile design can be used with Vicons
    smaller cameras inside a V9312H housing
  • High-quality video is encrypted at the source
  • Perfect for converting existing systems to digital

Kollector Network Servers
Capabilities and Options
  • 16-channel PC-based servers with internal local
  • Model options include 30, 60 and 120 fps units
  • Units accept 2 internal hard drives
  • Recent approval of 400 GB driver will make a 800
    GB unit possible
  • 20 GB portioned for Operating System
  • No local support of video signals, video must be
    viewed from a Workstation or Kollector Elite
  • All units include a 100 Base/T network card

Kollector Network Servers
Value / Benefits
  • Perfect solution for converting multiple analog
    video sources to digital
  • Local storage provides months of recording
  • Provides excellent price point for basic server
    and recorder functionality
  • Small profile design takes only 2U rack space
  • High quality video produced from ViconNet
  • Compatibility with all other ViconNet products
    makes it part of a complete digital video
    management system

Typical Total IP-Video Solution
Surveyor VFT
Surveyor VFT
Surveyor VFT
IP Roughneck
IP Roughneck
IP Roughneck
ViconNet Cameras
ViconNet Cameras
Cameras ViconNet
ViconNet Management Station
ViconNet Management Station
ViconNet Management Station
Central Storage with or without Redundancy
IP Considerations
  • Items to consider when implementing IP Solutions

  • IP Cameras and ViconNet
  • Each camera has its own unique IP address and is
    identified in the site list as a transmitter
    (same as the Kollector).
  • Once the camera is setup, all viewing and control
    operations are done through the ViconNet setup.
  • What is the maximum number of clients that can
    connect to an IP camera?
  • 1 IP camera can support viewing/recording to 5
    Workstations simultaneously.

Network Design Parameters
  • Issues to consider when designing a network for
    an IP Video system
  • How many cameras can connect to a single network
  • How many Network Switches can be cascaded and in
    what manner?
  • When and how should we use a 1000Mpbs (1Gb)
  • How many cameras can be viewed/ recorded on a
    single WorkStation?

Network Bandwidth
  • IP Cams Vs. Kollector's
  • Using A Kollector sends a fixed amount of fps
    onto the network
  • Example KE240 will have max of 240 fps
  • So, the maximum fps/camera 15 fps
  • Using A IP Video Camera each camera can send up
    to 30 fps onto the network
  • Example 16 IP Cameras can produce 480 fps total
  • Bandwidth of IP Cameras
  • Note Maximum usage of network bandwidth is 70
    of total (i.e. 100 Base/T network can provide
    about 70 Mbps for video transportation)

File Size Bandwidth of Cameras on 100 Base/T Network of Cameras on 1000 Base/T Network
10 K (Low Activity) 2.3 Mbps 30 300
25K (Medium Activity) 5.8 Mbps 12 120
50K (Maximum Activity) 12 Mbps 6 60
Network Configurations
  • How many cameras can the network support
  • Assume that each camera output is 2 Mbps
    (2400Kbps) but the output of the switch to the
    Workstation will be the accumulation of all

Connecting 10? 20? 50? Cameras on the network?
- 10cams X 2 Mbps (2400Kbs) 23Mbps
- 20cams X 2 Mbps (2400Kbs) 46Mbps -
50cams X 2 Mbps (2400Kbs) 122Mbps (More than
70 Mbps available, 70 x 100Mbps).
Network Configurations
  • How many Network switches are needed?
  • For systems with high numbers of IP cameras,
    several switches will be required. There are two
    options as for how to cascade the switches
  • Option 1 connect each switch to the next one
    (Daisy chain).
  • Option 2 connect all switches to a main
    central switch (star topology).

What is best network configuration?
  • Star topology is recommended since it lowers the
    latency and creates a central point (this will
    also assist in 1000Mbps)

Network Configurations
When Should a 1000Mbps(1GBs) Network Switch be
  • IP cameras are equipped with a NIC (Network
    interface card) of only
  • 100Mbps, this provides more than enough
    bandwidth to operate !
  • Using a switch that has both 100Mbps and 1000Mbs
    (1GB) capabilities, would allow to concentrate a
    larger number of cameras towards the WorkStation.
  • Example

Network Configurations
  • What are the critical design points in the
  • The total bandwidth on a 1000Mbps port towards
    the viewing station must be carefully planned so
    the accumulated traffic from the100Mbps switches
    will not exceed its 700Mbps capacity (70).
  • Remember there is one stream per user ! make sure
    to calculate this!
  • Bandwidth sent to the switch is doubled, if
    more then one WS is viewing the camera.

IP Video Parameters
  • How do I calculate the maximum number of cameras
    I can connect?
  • First Considerations
  • Software limitation ViconNet can handle up to
    99 cameras in a Macro.
  • Network limitation The use of a network card
    that carries the bandwidth.
  • CPU limitation we will assume the minimal
    specification of P4-1.4Ghz.
  • Disk writing speed limitation normal IDE
    writing speed is 25 - 200MBps.
  • Based On those assumptions 2 bottlenecks must
    be considered
  • Network speed for a100Mbps viewing station
    using 100Mbps Network Card
  • (70Mbps max).
  • Disk writing speed limitation normal IDE
    writing speed is 25MBps200Mbps.
  • While using 1000Mbps (1GB) Network Adapter.

How Do I Calculate the bandwidth?
  • 1 WS with 100Mbps Network card. 100Mbps
  • How many cameras I Can View/Record?
  • Quality viewed Q1 Full 50KBytes/sec
  • FPS 30 Fps
  • Calculation
  • 50KBytes/sec X30FPS1.5MBytes/sec
  • 1Byte8Bits therefore 1.5MBytes/sec X 8
  • 100Mbps(WS)70(Ethernet usage)70Mbps
  • 70Mbps/12Mbps 6 cameras on a Workstation.

  • The following Table shows the amount of cameras
    can be used using 100Mbps Network as a
  • function of Quality Requested and movement in
    front of the cameras.

Quality Very Low Normal Medium/High Very High Full
Q1 60 30 12 7 6
Q3 90 50 20 12 10
Q5 176 88 35 22 18
Q7 597 299 119 75 60
  • The Calculations are theoretical, approved tested
    results will be provided later on.

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Main Features
  • Lenel
  • Hirsch
  • RS2
  • ObjectVideo
  • 360 Networks

Lenel Video Viewer - Live Playback
Experience, leadership and commitment make Vicon
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