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8B Unit 1 Past and present Unit 2 Traveling – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ??????8B

  • ??????8B
  • Unit 1 Past and present
  • Unit 2 Traveling

?????????????????? ??????,?????????????? ??????
1.????????????,?????? ????????,??????????? ??????
2. ???????????,??????? ????????????? 3.
??????????????????, ?????????? 4.????????????,????
??? ??????
1. Welcome to this unit ??? Eddie?Hobo????
? ??????????????
?????????????????????? ?????????,?????????????
? ????????,??,???????????? ????????,??????????????
? ?????,???????????????,?? ?????????????
2. Reading
Kitty ???????????
??????????????????,????? ?????????????????????
?????, ???????????,?????????????? ????????????????
?????????? ??????????????????????????, ???????????
3. Vocabulary
????????????????,???? ?????????????
?????????????????,????? ??????????,??,????????
??? ????,??????????????,????? ????????????????????
????? ??,?????????????????
1.??????????? 2.??????????????
????????,??,??????????? ???,????????????,?????
??? ???????????????,????????? ??????,????,???????,
????? ????????????,???????????? ??????????????????
5. Integrated Skills
???????(1)??????????? ???????, ??????????
??? ??? ????????????????
Integrated skills ??????????????? ?,??????
??????,?????????? ????????????????????????? ??????
??????????,???????? ????????????
6. Pronunciation
??Pronunciation ???????,?????? ?????????,
??????????, ????? ???????.
7. Main Task
Main task ??????????????????? ?????????????
??????,?????? ??Main task ??????????,???????? ????
????????Main task?????????? ?????????????,????????
???, ???????
8. Checkout
????? ???????????????
Checkout??????????????????,? ???,????????,?
?????????,?? ??????????????????????,??? ?????Check
out???,???????????, ????????????????????
???????????????, ?????? ????????????????C
omic strips?? ???have been there,?????????,??? ???
Grammar???????????????? ??,????????????
  • Period 1 Grammar A(1) Comic strips Welcome to
    the unit
  • Period 2 Grammar A (2)
  • Period 3-4 Reading
  • Period 5 Vocabulary CheckoutB
  • Period 6 Grammar B CheckoutA
  • Period 7 Integrated Skills
  • Period 8 Speak up pronunciation
  • Period 9 Main task

Period 1
Grammar A(1) Comic stripWelcome to
the Unit
1. ????have/has been to ?have/has gone to ????
2. ???????????????????????????
  • I. Lead-in
  • The teacher can show her own photos to students
  • have a free talk with them.
  • For example Where was I? What was I doing in
  • picture? Do you like travelling ?
  • Key sentence I have been to Nanjing/Shanghai
  • (showing the photos one by one.)
  • 2) The teacher asks Have you ever been to any
    places in
  • your holidays ? Where did you go? Do you know any
  • famous places of interest?
  • Ss talk about the things of travelling freely.
    (They can talk
  • about the names of the places of interest and any
  • they like to talk about during travelling.)

2. presentation
Teacher says Maybe you have visited some places
of interest in China.Here are some more places of
interest in the world .Perhaps you will travel to
these places in your future. Please look at the
pictures. Tell us which country it is and what
people can do there.
the Statue of Liberty
_the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pisa, Italy
New York, the USA
The Little Mermaid
The Great Wall
Copenhagen, Denmark
Beijing, China
The Tower Bridge
Mount Fuji
Tokyo, Japan
London, England
According to teachers model students practise
dialogues like this Sample1 S1Whats this? T
Its the Great Wall in Chinaa symbol of
China? S1What can people do there? TThey can
see the beautiful view there.
  • S2Whats this?
  • TIts the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.
  • S2What can people do there?
  • TThey can take photos there.
  • go hiking /go skiing /see the beautiful view/
  • take photos/ see the mermaid/
  • know more about the history of

Teacher says Lots of people like travelling.Our
friends Eddie and Hobo also like travelling. They
will go on a trip for their holiday. Will Eddie
have a happy holiday? Why or why not? Lets
listen to their conversation. After listening,
answer questions 1.Where is Eddie going? 2.Does
Hobo want to go too? 3.What does Hobo want to
bring? 4. .Why is Eddie unhappy in the last

  • 1.Is a heavy bag suitable for travelling?
  • 2.What things do we need to take with
  • us when we go on a trip?
  • 3.Do you plan to have a trip to
  • South Hill? Where do you want to go
  • for your holiday?

  • Students can give reasons.Why?
  • Or Why not?

ID card credit card cash map sunglasses
camera medicine

3.Students can talk freely.
Period 2 Grammar A(2)
??????? 1. ???????,??have/has been to ? have/has
gone to ????????? 2. ????????????????????
  • Lead-in
  • The teacher asksHave you visited any tourist
  • attractions recently?
  • 2)The teacher encourages students to use Present
  • perfect tense to make sentences about their daily

2. Presentation (compare)
  • The teacher can ask one student to go out to the
  • office. Then ask the other students the
    following questions
  • Is he in the classroom now?Where has he
    gone? He has gone
  • to the teachers office.
  • 2) Two minutes later, the student comes back to
    the classroom.
  • The teacher asks him this question Where
    have you been?
  • The student answers I have just been to the
    teachers office.
  • (Teacher can teach this student the things
    about the
  • grammar first.)

1)????????have/has been ?have/has gone ???? have
been ??????????????? have gone
?????????????? (???????????) 2)e.g. Eddie has
been to South Hill many times. Daniel
and Sandy have never been there. Kitty
has gone to Hong kong with her family. 3)??
?have/has been?have/has gone???????? ??have/ha
s been to ???have/has gone to ??
?have/has been?have/has gone???there?here?
4.practice 1)Use have/has been or have/has gone
to fill in the blanks 1.My father___ to
Beijing. He will be back in two days. 2.The
Greens ____to the USA twice. 3.A Where is your
aunt now? I havent seen her for a long
time. BShe ____to Xiamen . 4.The
Class1,Grade 8 students_____ to many places of
interest in our city. 5.A ____Tommy____to
Nanjing? B Yes. He went there last month and
hasnt come back yet.
Period 3-4 Reading
??????? 1.??Kitty ??????????? 2.
????????????? ??????? at the entrance
at high speed through the
whole ride such
as in all
scream with excitement I heard youve gone to
Thailand. Ive been here in Hong Kong for two
days. I met many of my favourite Disney
characters, such as Sleeping Beauty,Snow
White,Alice and Cinderella. The performers all
wore different costumes and waved to people while
they marched across the park singing and dancing
all the day. The children clapped and screamed
with joy.
1.Lead in
Teacher says There are many places of interest
in China as well as in other parts of the world.
Have you ever been to Hong Kong? This picture is
a place of interest in Hong Kong. Do you know its
name? Students sayHong Kong Disneyland. TWould
you like to go there?Lets look at the pictures
of Disneyland.If you go there ,I think you will
have a really fantastic time.(Show the following
pictures.) Teacher is introducing Hong Kong
Disneyland is a famous theme park and includes
four different parks-----Main Street
USA, Tomorrowland,Fantasyland and Adventureland.
We went to Disneyland by underground. First, we
can take photos in front of the whale fountain
at the entrance.Then we can go to
Tomorrowland,Fantasyland and Adventureland .We
can take a roller coaster ,watch the parade of
Disney characters, see a three-D film and do
many wonderful things like that.
theme park
whale fountain
take the underground
parade of Disney characters
1.When describing every picture, teacher can use
the words like cute, wave to sb, performer, march
,clap,magic etc. 2.Finish off B2 (If students do
this exercise first, they can catch the letter
more easily)

TKitty visited Hong Kong during the Spring
Festival. She wrote a letter to Millie about
Hong Kong Disneyland. Listen to the tape and
answer the questions.(twice) T/F questions(Put
Exercise D here) 1).Who visited
Disneyland? 2).How long did they stay in
Disneyland? 3).How did Kitty think of Hong Kong
Disneyland? 4).What did they see at the
entrance? 5).Why couldn't Kitty stop taking
photos with Disney characters? 6).What was the
best part of the day? 7).What did they buy as
Students tasks
  • A dialogue between Kitty and Julia
  • Questions about Kittys trip
  • Teacher can ask students to read in roles or play
    a game.
  • (talk about the word other groups
    mentioned.---have a competition)
  • 3)Discuss with their group members to fill in the
    form.(If this task
  • cant be finished, we can do it in the second
    reading lesson.)

Kitty is showing photos.
Time Place Activities
After we left tomorrowland
After lunch
Later in the afternoon
After the parade

After the show
At the end of the day
Activities1.Ask students to guess the place
2.Talk about the theme park.
3.Describe one of your trips to the park.
Period 5 VocabularycheckoutB
??????? 1.????????????. 2.??????????????,????????
T What do you think of Disneyland/your
English/your partner/ your English
teacher?(Write them down on the Bb) 2.Review the
words we learnt before ,then students work out
the rule.(review other forms like
health---healthy, sun---sunny)
Suffixes-ful and -less
Todays task
Noun Adjective(with-ful) Adjective(with-less
) care careful
careless help helpful
helpless use useful
useless power powerful
(exercise A)
Noun Adjective(with-ful) Adjective(with-less)
cheer cheerful cheerless
color colourful colourless
harm harmful harmless
hope hopeful hopeless
meaning meaningful meaningless
delight delightful
end endless
noise noiseless
wonder wonderful
Fill in the blanks with the correct words in the
(vocabulary B and checkout B)
Complete the following sentences
1.Their clothes are very _________.(????) 2.The
old dress is __________.(??) 3.Millie s aunt is
a ___________nurse.(???) 4.Simon lost his key and
his purse. So he is a ____________boy.(??) 5.A
t my birthday party , she was very
_________.(????) 6.He is sick and poor. So his
life is so__________ (??) 7.Liuxiang is a
________player.(???,????) 8.He is very lazy. It
is _______ for him to work hard.(???)
Period 6 Grammar B CheckoutA
??????? 1.??????????????????,?? ???????? 2.???????
  • Lead-in
  • 1.Teacher asked How long have you been in this
  • S1I have been here for about two years
  • T That means you have been here since two years
  • It can also sayYou came here two years ago.
  • 2.First of all ,let the students work out the
    rule.Then the teacher
  • explain the differences among for, since and
    ago.(We can use Chinese
  • to explain the differences.)
  • for ??????
  • since?? ?????????
  • 3) for ?since ????????, ago ????????.

2. presentation
1.Ask students to study the table of Page32
(Teacher gives the Chinese 2.A telephone call on
page33 .
(!) I bought this dress two years ago. I ____
this dress _______.(have had for two years/since
two years ago) (2) She borrowed a book from the
library yesterday. She ______ a book from the
library since yesterday.(has kept) (3) Uncle Li
arrived in Beijing three days ago. Uncle Li
_______Beijing since three days ago.(has been
in) (4) My parents got married twenty years
ago. My parents _____for twenty years.(have been
married) (5) The rain stopped five minutes
ago. The rain____ since____.(has been over five
minutes ago)

  • Period 7
  • Integrated Skills

??????? 1.????????????? 2.??????????????????????
???? all year round
go sailing ????Spring is the best time for
visiting Chinese gardens.
In which season do you like going out for a
S I like going out for a trip in spring.
Because its warm and I ..
T Which country and which city do you like
travelling to? Why? S I like travelling in
China. Because there are many places of
interest in China. T In winter which city in
China do you like travelling to?Why? S Harbin. I
like to see sculpture made of ice there. T Which
do you like best to do when you go out for a trip
there? S Go skiing.
T The Class 1, Grade 8 students are planning
their trips to different parts in China. They
want to know which parts of the country match
their interests. Read what they are saying and
Put a tick in the correct boxes in the table
3. Oral practice
Students make sentences like Millie likes to go
hiking in Lushan Mountain. Kitty wants to go
shopping in Shanghai
4. Listening
T What time is the best time to visit Hongmei
Park? S In Spring. T Actually in the evenings.
Do you know why?(Let students answer first. If
they cant , the teacher will say Because there
are many beautiful lights in the park in the
evenings.) T The students are listening to a
radio programme about travelling in China.Can
you help them finish the form?
5. Writing
Finish Amys notes about some advice on
travelling in China.
6. Reading
Read the whole passage.
  • Period 8
  • Speak up pronunciation

??????? 1.????????????????? 2.???????????? 3.?????
?????????????. ???? abroad
check ???? Do you have any ideas about what to
do for May Day holiday?
TTravelling is very interesting. May Day is
coming and its a good Season for travelling. Do
you have any ideas about what to do for May Day
holiday? Students TAmy will go travelling.
Where will she go? Listen to the tape. S
Singapore. TMore questions for you. 1.Why has
Amys father gone to Singapore? (He has gone
there for a meeting.) 2.How is Singapore? (Its a
nice and clean country.) 3.How long does Amy want
to stay there? (About five days.)
1.Make up a dialogue between a Chinese guide and
a foreign tourist. e.g. GWhere did you go last
summer? FI went to the beautiful seaside
city Qingdao. GWhat did you do there?
FI went sailing and swimming. It was
wonderful. GThen where will you go during
this May Day holiday? F 2.A tourist is
asking Travel agency some questions. Please make
up a dialogue.
(The teacher must encourage the students to make
up the dialogues as possible as they can.)
Linking sounds(students can have a
competition.) Rules1.put the words into their
dialogue.The more, the better. 2. good
pronunciation 3.the dialogue is about travelling
  • Period 9
  • Main task

??????? 1.??Kitty?????,????. 2.???????????????????
. 3.??????????????????????. ???? cultural
clearly ???? have a birds eye view of
cultural centre
TDo you remember Kitty and her Hong Kong
experience? Please help her finish her
article.(Exercise C)
  • T Ask students to pay attention to Kittys main
    points before they
  • write down their own best or dream holiday.
  • Including five main pointsplace,time,people,exper
  • Write down the details.
  • According to the outline finish an article .The
    following tips may
  • also help you.
  • a.Remember to state clearly the place and time of
    your trip, and the
  • people who went with you.
  • b.Think of something interesting and special to
    write about.
  • c.Use adjectives and adverbs to make your article
    more interesting.
  • d.Write about your feelings in the last

3.Sample writing
1.Students can discuss with their partner
first. 2.Write in class. 3.When teacher correct
this kind of writing, focus on clarity and
presentation. The purpose of this kind of writing
is to provide as much detailed information as
possible so that the reader can get a clear
picture of the situation.
Thank you.Byebye!
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