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The United States Foreign Policy for Genocide


The United States Foreign Policy for Genocide By: James Wilkins Genocide n. The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The United States Foreign Policy for Genocide

The United States Foreign Policy for Genocide
  • By James Wilkins

  • n. The systematic and planned extermination of an
    entire national, racial, political, or ethnic
  • n. the deliberate and systematic destruction of a
    racial, political, or cultural group
  • n . systematic killing of a racial or cultural

20th Century Genocide
  • 1992- 1995 Bosnia- Herzegovina- 200,000 deaths
  • 1994 Rwanda- 800,000 deaths
  • 1938- 1945 Holocaust- 6,000,000 deaths

Bosnia- HerzegovinaWhat the US Did.
  • The Serbs in Bosnia were confident that the U.N.,
    United States and the European Community would
    not take militarily action, so they freely
    committed genocide to the Muslims.
  • August 30, 1995 U.S. finally led a massive NATO
    bombing campaign in response to the killings at
  • President George Bush chose not to get involved
  • (Want more information go to) http//www.historypl

RwandaWhat the U.S Did.
  • Nothing
  • The United Nations peace keepers consisted of
    United States, France, Belgium, and Italy
  • Ten of the soldiers from Belgium were captured by
    the Hutus, tortured and
  • killed, so they all began evacuating their own
    personnel from Rwanda.
  • (Want more information go to)
  • http//

HolocaustWhat the U.S Did.
  • When the United States noticed that Germany were
    becoming too powerful they reacted.
  • They took too long to react.
  • (Want more information go to)
  • http//

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The Proper Foreign Policy
  • The foreign policy that the United States should
    take is when there are signs that there are a
    connection to mass killings in a country, they
    should react. The U.S. waited too long in the
    time of the holocaust and the Bosnia- Herzegovina
    genocide. In the Rwandan genocide they didnt do

Current Status of GenocideBackground Information
  • Recently their were signs of a genocide in
    Darfur, Sudan. Reporters were quick to label this
    as being a genocide. On the Website labeled (1)
    it says
  • 1.2 million people have been displaced from
    their homes in Sudan while at least 200,000 have
    fled to neighboring Chad. As many as 405 villages
    have been destroyed and and more than 100 others
    significantly damaged. The United Nations High
    Commissioner for Refugees reports at least 50,000
    people have died as a result of the conflict
    between government-backed Arab militias and
    Africans in western Sudan.
  • This conflict have been going on since the
    1970s. The dispute between these two are over the
    resources in Darfur.

Current Status of GenocideWhat's Happening?
  • There are Arabian militia backed by the
    government is killing the Africans living in
    Darfur. The Arabians are even raping and killing
    the refugees.

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Current Status of GenocideWhat the U.S is or
could be Doing.
  • On July 22, 2004 the United States House of
    Representatives and the Senate declared the
    events in Darfur a genocide. The United States
    are helping the refugees of Darfur. Some
    reporters think that the United States could stop
    this in Darfur by taking a stronger role in
    stopping further altercations.

Current Status of GenocideWhat the U.S is or
could be Doing. Cont.
  • Some things they could do is freeze of assets
    and sanctions against those who have committed
    crimes of genocide. The United States could get
    involved by sending support relief groups to
    Darfur. The United States current foreign policy
    for the for genocide has to be determined from
    past experiences. History shows that America have
    been a little too late with assisting others with

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What the U.S should do about the genocide in
  • The United States should continue the their
    involvement in Darfur. In a couple of months or
    so if it starts to get worse then we need to
    bring in troops. We have to act soon and cautious
    because casualties are the last thing that
    America needs right now.

Other Countries
  • I noticed that when I posted my questions about
    genocide only three of the schools knew what
    genocide was. In Togo and Brazil they thought
    that the United States should of got involved in
    the genocide in Rwanda. Also that they should be
    involved in preventing all genocides. The country
    in Germany believed that the United States did
    the right thing in not being involved in the
    Rwandan genocide.

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