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A Peek at Pecker


1 hour 26 min. A Peek at Pecker Analyzing the film as fiction. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Peek at Pecker

A Peek at Pecker
1 hour 26 min.
  • Analyzing the film as fiction.

Art is.
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Rory
  • Shelly
  • Friends of The Whitney
  • Matt
  • Pecker

  • What fundamental elements go into the
    crafting of just about any story, and how do
    those elements function in this film?
  • Character
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Point of view
  • Theme
  • Language (style, tone, diction)
  • Image
  • Symbol

Plot, character, setting, themeall intimately
enmeshed in Pecker !
  • Whats the storys narrative question?
  • Will Pecker become famous artist? How will
    he develop as an artist? What will happen to him,
    his community (Baltimore, family, friends), and
    his art as he becomes famous?

Good and interesting stories often involve a
character who is put into a situation which will
disrupt his equilibrium. In this case, we have a
kid who relies on his community and his
connection to that community for his well-being,
his equilibrium, and his art. His happiness
(even joy) seems to come from his ability to
frame/control/actively make and embrace his world
and life. So what situation would put such a
character to the test? What would amplify his
weaknesses or provide maximum tension--and
therefore maximum interest for us, the viewers?
Break or threaten to break his connection
to his community. Take away or threaten
his freedom and power to frame or own his own
Plot Structure of Pecker
  • Exposition long sequence of scenes in which we
    are introduced to community and all people
    closest to Pecker. Art and community are closely
    linked, with Shelly at center. Pecker is an
    active framer of his life. Art and life are one.
  • First hook or complicating action Rory sees
    his stuff on exhibit and he gets fired. (Or, even
    before this, we see the community react to his
    work.) First loss of control, ability to
    frame/make own life first loss of own vision.

  • Second complicating action has a show in NY and
    sells work. First signs of rupture Shelly
    unhappy, homeless people mistreated. With fame
    comes increasing loss of innocence.
  • Return home and further ruptures
  • burglary of home
  • Matt in trouble
  • sister fired
  • little sister changed
  • mother used and abused
  • Mi Mama rejected.
  • I.e., the people he cares about are being hurt,
    so his art is suffering at its root. Also, the
    community is mad at him and so his art suffers
    needs love for his art to work. Note that the art
    industry at this point is in control of Peckers
    art and vision. Pecker relies for his well-being
    on art, which comes from his community and his
    ties to his community. The tension comes when
    those ties are severed or in danger of
    severinghis character is put to a test, must
    find new ways of connecting, regaining control
    and equilibrium.

  1. Crisis, maximum rupture Shelly sees Pecker and
    Rory and splits. Loss of Shelly loss of his
  2. Turning point throws down camera and says,
    Cancel the Whitney. Becomes active agent again
    not passive receiver of his own life. His art
    comes from his life and his life was appropriated
    from him. He chooses his life over art and thus
    regains his art.

  • Gets Shelly back in voting booth notice how art
    Shelly are linked in Peckers well-being. (Note
    that, to some extent, this story is really about
    Shelly, who actually changes the most?)
  • Reverse show in Baltimore Pecker regains (and
    even enlarges) his community and thus his art.
    The embrace of art is enlarged and tightened.
    Miracle of art/community/love affirmed.
  • Notice too that the community actually
    becomes involved in his art. Maximum
    art-community synthesis.
  • Mi Mama and Mother Mary real art happens
    when artist makes right choices? When art and
    world are in proper balance? When artist is in
    control of his own vision?
  • Balance restored. Or rather a new equilibrium is

  • Standard, rising-action, linear plot.
  • Any plot devices?
  • Flashbacks?
  • Framing?
  • Multiple, intersecting plots?

  • If you were to do the written equivalent of what
    Pecker doeswhat would you be doing?
  • How might the art of photography translate into
    the art of writing poems and stories? That is,
    how is writing like taking pictures?
  • Community portraits!
  • Exploring who you are by exploring where you are.
  • Portraits as interpretations. How do you wish the
    community members to be seen? How do you see
    them? What would you leave in and leave out?

Reviewing perspectives
A confrontation with reality facing reality
The invention of reality
(possibly mocking or interrogating?)
A magnification of reality you become more alive
The discovery of reality
An escape from reality a sedative or distraction
The improvement of reality (art as a hammer)
A craft or learnable skill
A mysterious inborn talent
Something solely for others pleasing an audience
A passtime
A process
A commodity
A product
The honoring of tradition connecting with our
most ancient roots
A hoax excuse for not having a REAL job
The subversion of tradition (make it new)
Emotional or psychological therapy
Self-expression solely for self exploration
of ones private vision
A way of seeing
The most vital of all human activities
A form of prolonged childhood
  • My thoughts on Joshs poem and Nicks story.
  • Quiz credit for your feedback to them last week
    2 pts. I gave a for extra thorough material.
  • Josh and Nick also get 2 pts. (partly for what
    they contributed last week, and partly for
    speaking today).
  • Total quiz credit for term 20 pts.
  • To date 13 pts.
  • Writers Link!
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