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World History


World History Themes . – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: World History

World History
  • Themes.

World History Themes
  • Themes help us to better focus on the key
    features of each society and event we read and
    learn about.
  • Remember Things dont happen in a vacuum. Events
    are CAUSED by something. People are who they are
    because of their HISTORY!

World History Themes
  • 1. Continuity and Change
  • History is the story of CHANGE. Some changes
    happen quickly a Revolution, for example. Others
    happen more slowly such as the spread of
    Democratic Ideas which may take decades.
  • Despite the eventuality of change there are
    enduring traditions and concerns linking people
    across time and space.

World History Themes
  • 2. Geography and History
  • Geography influences where people settle, how
    they live and how goods and ideas travel.
  • Think of environmental issues
  • Think of the fact that control of certain
    geographical features can determine the outcome
    of wars.

World History Themes
  • 3. Political and Social Systems
  • Monarchs, presidents, dictators, tribal
    councilseach society has a form of government.
    WHY?.....because they want to ensure order and
    guard against outside threats
  • Legal systems
  • Social classes
  • The most basic unit of all THE FAMILY.
  • Why is the family so important? What purpose does
    the family as a unit serve?

World History Themes
  • 4. Religions and Value Systems
  • What do I mean by Value System?
  • A value system is a set of consistent ethic
    values (more specifically the personal and
    cultural values) and measures used for the
    purpose of ethical or ideological integrity. A
    well defined value system is a moral code.
  • Continue next slide.

World History Themes
  • Religious symbols

World History Themes
  • Religion exerts a powerful influence and impact
    on the world.
  • Belief in one God has guided the histories of
    Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike.
  • Buddhism and Hinduism has shaped many Asian
  • Nonreligious values, such as Greek ideals of
    beauty and individuality, have had a wide

World History Themes
  • 5. Economics and Technology
  • Who controls vital resources? What work do people
    do and how ae they paid? Economic questions such
    as these are often closely linked to technology.
  • From Stone Age farming tools to the printing
    press to the steam engine to the computer,
    technology has transformed the world again and

World History Themes
  • 6. Diversity
  • The diversity of the worlds cultures is
    reflected in many ways, including language,
    ethnic background, customs, beliefs, and
  • Such diversity has enriched the human experience.
  • Yet, cultural and ethnic differences are often at
    the source of bitter conflict.

World History Themes
  • 7. Global interaction
  • Different parts of the world interact in
    different waysthrough migration, trade, warfare,
    or the exchange of ideas.
  • When people traveled by oxcart or sailing ship,
    this process was slow. Today, communications
    networks can link people of the world instantly.

World History Themes
  • 8. Art and literature
  • People have created art and/or literature since
    time began. Think Stone Age cave

World History Themes
World History Themes
World History Themes
World History Themes
World History Themes
  • .such paintings express.
  • .the values and lives of the people who
    created them. In the Middle Ages, Europeans built
    soaring cathedrals to the glory of God. Today,
    novelists and filmmakers from Nigeria to Brazil
    vividly depict the challenges of modern life.

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World History Themes
  • 9. The Individual
  • Everyone who has ever lived and everyone who is
    living is part of the human story. Yet some
    people have such an impact on events that we
    remember them long after they die. For good or
    ill, individuals have had and will continue to
    have a lasting influence on our world.