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Review for SBA


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Review for SBA

Review for SBA
What evidence might you use to support that these
might have a common ancestor?
  • bilateral symmetry
  • body segmentation
  • endoskeleton (bony or cartilaginous)
  • pharyngeal pouches (ears) (present during some
    stage of development)
  • complete digestive system
  • ventral heart
  • closed blood system
  • tail (at some stage of development)
  • Chordates (Chordata)
  • Vertebrates-fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds,
    and mammals.
  • Four characteristics
  • Stiff dorsal rod helps to organize the embryos
  • The central nervous system (brain and spinal
    cord) is tubular
  • Their sides have slits just behind the head.
    These pharyngeal slits (pharynx means throat)
    becomes gill slits of adult fish. In
    air-breathing chordates, they develop into
    various organs such as internal parts of the ears
  • They have a tail in humans its the tailbone, or
    coccyx, which curls internally.

Human Elephant Moose
Kingdom Animalia Animalia Animalia
Phylum Chordata Chordata Chordata
Class Mammalia Mammalia Mammalia
Order Primate Proboscidea Artiodactyla
Family Homindae Elephantidae Cervidae
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Which of the following matches a cell organelle
with its function? A. chloroplastmovement B.
nucleuscell regulation C. vacuoleenergy
production D. mitochondrionphotosynthesis
Which of the following normally results from
meiosis in a human cell that contains 46
chromosomes? A. an egg cell with 46 chromosomes
B. a liver cell with 23 chromosomes C. a
blood cell with 46 chromosomes D. a sperm cell
with 23 chromosomes
The cell organelle shown below produces ATP and
is found in most eukaryotic cells that require
large amounts of energy. The highest
concentration of such organelles would be found
in which type of human cell?
A Bone B Skin C Muscle D Fat
What would happen if all the rodents died?
  • Male peafowl, called peacocks, have long,
    colorful tail feathers. Among peacocks there is
    variation in the size, brightness, and pattern of
    the tail. Scientists observed the mating success
    of two groups of peacocks. The graph below shows
    the scientists data.
  • Explain what the data show about the advantage of
    longer, more colorful tails for peacocks.
  • Identify one disadvantage that longer, more
    colorful tails have for peacocks.
  • Explain in detail how the longer, more colorful
    tails evolved in peacocks despite causing
    disadvantages for the males.

  • In 2006, scientists discovered fossilized
    skeletons of an animal with several interesting
    features. Fossil evidence indicated that the
    animal not only had scales, fins, and gills, but
    also had lungs, a full set of ribs, and limb
    bones arranged to support the animals weight.
    The illustration below shows what the animal,
    called Tiktaalik, probably looked like based on
    the fossil evidence.
  • Which of the following statements best explains
    why the Tiktaalik fossils are an important piece
    of evidence for evolution?
  •   A.They include skeletons of both males and
  •   B.They are complete skeletons of a carnivorous
  •   C.They allow scientists to estimate the
    animals lifespan.
  •   D. They show a transitional form between fish
    and land-dwelling vertebrates.

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  • Heat flows from where it is to where it is not.
  • The rate of heat exchange depends upon the
    temperature difference.
  • Different substances have different abilities to
    conduct heat. The energy required to raise 1
    gram/ 1 degree celsius is a Kelvin, what is it in
  • What are the 3 methods of heat transfer?

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Fault types
  • Which would occur at a spreading plate boundary?
  • Which is the type of the san andres fault, in CA?

Rock Cycle
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  • The Moon produces no light, and yet it shines at
    night. Why is this?
  • A. The Moon reflects the light from the Sun.
  • B. The Moon rotates at a very high speed.
  • C. The Moon is covered with a thin layer of ice.
  • D. The Moon has many craters.

Table 5b-1 Evolution of the Earth's atmosphere.
Name of Stage Duration of Stage (Billions of Years Ago) Main Constituents of the Atmosphere Dominant Processes and Features
Early Atmosphere 4.4 to 4.0 H2O, hydrogen cyanide (HCN), ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), sulfur, iodine, bromine, chlorine, argon Lighter gases like hydrogen and helium escaped to space. All water was held in the atmosphere as vapor because of high temperatures.
Secondary Atmosphere 4.0 to 3.3 At 4.0 billion H2O, CO2, and nitrogen (N) dominant. Cooling of the atmosphere causes precipitation and the development of the oceans. By 3.0 billion CO2, H2O, N2 dominant. O2 begins to accumulate. Continued release of gases from the lithosphere. Water vapor clouds common in the lower atmosphere. Chemosynthetic bacteria appear on the Earth some time between 3.9 and 3.5 billion years ago. Life begins to modify the atmosphere.
Living Atmosphere 3.3 to Present N2 - 78, O2 - 21, Argon - 0.9, CO2 - 0.036 Development, evolution and growth of life increases the quantity of oxygen in the atmosphere from lt1 to 21. 500 million years ago concentration of atmospheric oxygen levels off. Humans begin modifying the concentrations of some gases in the atmosphere beginning around the year 1700.
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  • Which question cannot be answered using
    scientific methods?
  • A What is the most nutritious food for cats?
  • B How far is Jupiter from the sun?
  • C Who deserves to be vaccinated in a time of
  • D Which fuel source is the most economical to
    replace coal?

  • The graph below shows the average resting body
    temperatures of Gila monsters in the southwestern
    United States by month.
  • Which of the following conclusions is supported
    by the graph?

A Gila monsters are most active when
environmental temperatures are highest. B Gila
monster populations are largest when
environmental temperatures are highest. C
Increases in Gila monster body temperatures
directly affect the environmental temperature. D
Increases in environmental temperatures cause
Gila monster body temperatures to increase.
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  • N2. Which one of these refers only to living
  • A. clouds, fire, rivers
  • B. fire, rivers, trees
  • C. rivers, birds, trees
  • D. birds, trees, worms
  • E. trees, worms, clouds

  • Where would you be most likely to find a bird
    with a foot like this?
  • A. a forest
  • B. a meadow
  • C. a corn field
  • D. a desert
  • E. a lake

  • A baby chick grows inside an egg for 21 days
    before it hatches. Where does the
  • baby chick get its food before it hatches?
  • A. It is fed by the mother hen.
  • B. It doesnt need any food.
  • C. It makes its own food.
  • D. It uses food stored in the egg.
  • E. It eats the egg shell.

  • Oil flows slower than water when
  • poured from the same container
  • under similar conditions. Which of
  • the following properties best
  • explains this behavior?
  • A Density
  • B Ductility
  • C Viscosity
  • D Turbidity

  • A powder made up of both white specks and black
    specks is likely to be
  • A. a solution
  • B. a pure compound
  • C. a mixture
  • D. an element

Which is -an element -a compound -a mixture of
elements -a mixture of compounds -a mixture of
element and compound
Chemical Equations
  • Balance the following equations.
  • Mg SiO2 MgO Si
  • CaCl2 Na2CO3 CaCO3 NaCl
  • C6H6 O2 CO2 H2O
  • Al2S3 H2O Al(OH)3 H2S

Balance the following equations. 2
Mg SiO2 2 MgO Si CaCl2
Na2CO3 CaCO3 2 NaCl 2 C6H6 15 O2 12
CO2 6 H2O Al2S3 6 H2O 2 Al(OH)3 3
  • Which is NOT used as an energy source?
  • A. Flowing water
  • B. Iron ore
  • C. Sun
  • D. Oil

  • John kept some seeds on moist cotton in a dish.
    Mike put the same kind of seeds in a dish beside
    Johns dish, and covered them with water. After
    two days, Johns seeds sprouted, but Mikes did
    not. Which is the most likely reason?
  • A. Mikes seeds needed more air.
  • B. Mikes seeds needed more light.
  • C. Mike did not put the dish in a warm enough
  • D. Mike should have used a different kind of seed.

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  • Which animal produces milk for its young?
  • A. Chicken
  • B. Frog
  • C. Monkey
  • D. Snake

  • In a box there is a mixture of iron filings and
    sand. Which is the easiest way to
  • separate the iron filings from the sand?
  • A. Pour water on the mixture
  • B. Use a magnifying glass
  • C. Use a magnet
  • D. Heat the mixture

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  • Which of the following best describes the
    process producing most of the suns energy?
  • A Hydrogen combusts to produce energy.
  • B Helium atoms split in a fission reaction,
    forming hydrogen atoms and releasing energy.
  • C Hydrogen atoms fuse to form helium atoms,
    releasing energy.
  • D Helium atoms decompose in a chemical reaction,
    producing energy

  • Your temperature is taken when you are NOT sick.
    Which temperature is
  • CLOSEST to what the thermometer would show?
  • A. 29C
  • B. 37C
  • C. 100C
  • D. 212C

  • Which of the following elements is classified as
    a metal?
  • A bromine B helium C sulfur D lithium
  • Which of the following atoms has the largest
    atomic radius?
  • A barium (Ba) B chlorine (Cl)
  • C iodine (I) D magnesium (Mg)

  • Ken put a thermometer in a glass filled with hot
    water. Why does the liquid
  • inside the thermometer rise?
  • A. Gravity pushes it up.
  • B. Air bubbles are released.
  • C. Heat from the water makes it expand.
  • D. Air pressure above the water pulls it up.

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  • While hiking in the Sandias, I accidentally
    strayed from the National Forrest trail. My
    friend said we were on a game trail (one used
    only by wild life), what evidence would you look
    for to support such a claim?

This picture shows a block of wood floating in
fresh water.
  • If this block were placed in salt water from the
    ocean, which picture shows what would happen?

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  • The diagram below shows a model of
  • a simple electrical generator. There are
    conducting pieces that allow the circuit to
    remain closed as the handle is turned.
  • The bulb can be lit as current electricity is
    produced in the
  • wires when the handle turns
  • the metal coil.
  • In your answer document,
  • A. State what the pieces labeled
  • X represent.
  • B. Describe how an electrical
  • current is produced when
  • the coil is turned.

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