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InPrint - Munich


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: InPrint - Munich

Hybrid UV - Aquacure What, Why, Where and When
InPrint - Munich 10-12th November 2015
Who are SunJet?
  • SunJet is the business unit responsible for
    digital within Sun Chemical globally
  • SunJet has stated aim to be the major supplier of
    ink to packaging, graphics, publication and
    industrial markets
  • SunJet has pioneered technology in UV inkjet
    since 1990s
  • SunJet has been an OEM ink partner in wide format
    since 2000 / 2001
  • OEM channel is key to strategy
  • Technology and supply partnerships are the
  • Integrity is key to partnership

What is our core technology?
  • UK based technical team specialising on the
    development of,
  • Aqueous Textiles, Publication, Packaging
  • UV Graphics, Packaging (flexible direct to
    container) and Industrial
  • Hybrid Graphics, Packaging and Industrial
  • Solvent Graphics, Industrial and Edible
  • Oil based Coding and marking
  • Hotmelt Industrial and Edible
  • Ceramic and glass inks décor and Industrial
  • Strong links to core RD teams across Sun and DIC
    e.g. Polymer Chemistry, Packaging,
    Publications, Pigments

What is Hybrid UV?
  • Aquacure
  • Aquacure is a functional aqueous technology,
    combining waterbased and UV curing technology.
  • The water component addresses,
  • The feel, film weight and odour
  • Health and safety and environmental profile
  • The UV component addresses,
  • Durability
  • Jetting reliability
  • Media versatility

What is the background to Aquacure?
  • Aquacure technology builds upon Sun Chemicals
    leadership in aqueous energy curable inks
  • WetFlex was developed for flexo printing of
    packaging and incorporated aqueous energy curable
    dispersion technology
  • 10 years plus of technology development
  • Fundamental patented technology for liquid inks
    and inkjet inks well established
  • Additional patenting of long wavelength
    sensitisation PIs for aqueous inks now also
    established for inkjet to accommodate LED curing
  • Aquacure inks contain
  • 60-90 water
  • Low level of co-solvent humectant
  • UV curable resins/monomers
  • Photoinitiators, sensitizers
  • Pigment/dispersant
  • Additives

What does this mean practically?
  • Its a truly functional aqueous technology
  • It requires a dual cure system both heat and UV
    / EB cure
  • Offers good head sustainability
  • Excellent re-solubility
  • Significant reduction in product hazard labelling
  • Low film weights
  • Very low print odour

So how do we cure it?
  • The new functional aqueous technology must be
    cured with the following mechanism to produce
    robust films
  • If the functional aqueous ink is exposed to UV
    curing before it is fully dry then a robust ink
    film will not be produced.

Why dry before cure?
UV Reactive Molecules separated by large
distances due to dilution with water
UV light exposure cause cross linking of
molecules to occur
Removal of water causes UV reactive molecules to
coalesce together
UV Reactive Molecules
Cross-links formed by UV reaction
UV Reactive Molecules
Cross-links formed by UV reaction
IR Drying
UV Cure
So what does this all mean?
  • To produce quality images the hybrid ink must be
    thermally pinned. This prevents the ink droplets
    from combining and reticulating.
  • It is recommended that infrared lamps are
    installed on the moving carriage or shortly after
    the printheads in single pass in order to fix the
    drops as they land and prevent reticulation

Not thermally pinned
Thermally pinned
So why Aquacure - how does it compare to UV?
  • Low build - it looks and feels like an analogue
    flexo or gravure print
  • Lower film weight on final print (10-30 of the
    thickness of a standard 100 solids UV-curing
    ink). Prints can thus be around 1-2 microns.
  • Very low odour
  • Improve the health and safety profile and product
    labelling, since materials of higher molecular
    weight can be used due to the diluting power of
    the water component
  • Extended colour gamut due to thinner films
  • Low migration capability
  • Better environmental profile than solvent or 100
    solids UV due to low VOC and less consumption of
    material per square meter of print.

Aquacure offers a sustainable solution?
Ink Type Functional Aq UV-curing Solvent
VOC Content Low Low High
Non-renewable Resource Consumption Low High High
Aquacure inks offer key environmental advantages
Aquacure offers a sustainable solution?
Function Aq
Aquacure inks offer key low VOC inks with high
Aquacure offers a sustainable solution?
Non-Renewable Resource consumption
Functional Aq
Aquacure inks offer a sustainable solution and
key environmental advantages
Where will Aquacure be used?
  • Graphics
  • Roll to Roll
  • Hybrid
  • Rigid
  • Printers and technology exists today
  • Drive toward more friendly ink solutions due to
    continuing complexity of chemical legislation
  • Primary packaging
  • Flexible packaging
  • Surface Print
  • Reverse Print / Lamination
  • Food Personal Care
  • Packaging sector is keen for digital
  • Printheads, curing systems and single pass
    printers now meet packaging sectors needs
  • A must is the feel and odour of conventional

Where will Aquacure be used?
  • Carton and corrugated board
  • Ideally suited in some respects due to absorption
    reducing required evaporation
  • Existing Flatbed machines can serve this market
  • Ink build and general properties allow for
    improvement over existing UV chemistry with
    respect to,
  • Odour
  • Feel
  • Resistance
  • Folding.

Aquacure the enabling functional aqueous inkjet
What could a system look like? Multi-pass
CMYK Printheads
Head Scanning
NIR Heaters
Preheater for media, heated platen under heads
and post print heaters (40-50C)
Hot Air Knife
Ideally air movement drying (air knife) to
accelerate drying
Full Width UV Exposure
Dry printed area entering UV exposure zone
Cured print to take-up roller
Take-up roller
What could a system look like? Single pass
Water vapour to extraction
Print must be dry prior to UV exposure
CMYK Printheads
UV dose lt200mJ/cm2
Drier (Air/IR)
Print Direction
Interstation IR Drying for spot control?
What are the likely drying arrangements? Thermal
  • Heated platens at 40-55C (variable for media
  • Pre-heater, under head platen and post print
  • Pre-heating opens the media for better
    receptivity wetting and adhesion
  • Aids spot control by reducing spreading
  • Starts drying of inks
  • NIR IR lamps
  • Pinning of spots and additional drying
  • Suppliers include Adphos, IST, Heraeus and Honle

Adphos NIR Sources
What are the likely curing arrangements? UV / EB
  • UV-cure by full-width array
  • On roll-to-roll machines relatively long exposure
    times will help cure
  • LED array? e.g. 395nm stacked array
  • Instant on/off
  • Long life/low maintenance
  • Little heat generation
  • EB unit where the additional benefits and
    security are required
  • Multiple UV-lamps mercury or metal halide?
  • Fragile lamps with routine replacement required
  • Warm-up time

ebeam lamp
Cure-All Linear 100 Array
SunJet Test Arrangements
When will Aquacure be available?
  • Aquacure chemistry is available
  • Aqueous compatible printheads are available
  • Drying techniques are on the open market
  • Inkjet printer architecture available in graphics
    and narrow web
  • Inks are optimised for both scanning and single
    pass printer architecture
  • The target markets are ready for digital this
    technology, consumers like the idea of print
    being produced with waterbased inks.

Aquacure available for application and OEM
equipment development now
Any Questions?
Hybrid UV - Aquacure What, Why, Where and When
InPrint - Munich 10-12th November 2015