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Lord of the Flies 1954


Lord of the Flies 1954 Introduction and Background * * Beelzebub a Hebrew word for LUCIFER. However, the literal translation of Beelzebub into English is ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lord of the Flies 1954

Lord of the Flies1954
  • Introduction and Background

Title Translation
  • Beelzebub a Hebrew word for LUCIFER. However,
    the literal translation of Beelzebub into
    English is LORD OF THE FLIES.

About the Author
  • William Golding
  • Born in Britain
  • 1911-1993

In the decade before LOTF was published,
Britain had been involved in two wars
  • WWII
  • Korean War

  • As a child, Golding had witnessed WWI, which was
    referred to as the war to end all wars
  • HOWEVER,22 years later Britain was again involved
    in ANOTHER WAR to end all wars, which caused more
    devastation than was imaginable

On War
When I was young, before the war, I did have
some airy-fairy views about man. . . . But I went
through the war and that changed me. The war
taught me different and a lot of others like me"
Golding told Douglas A. Davis in the New
  • In the setting for Lord of the Flies, Golding has
    created his own "Coral Island"an allusion, or
    literary reference, to a book of that name by R.
    M. Ballantyne.
  • Using the same scenario of boys being abandoned
    on a tropical island, The Coral Island (1857) is
    a classic boys' romantic adventure story, in
    which everyone has a great time and nobody dies
    or ends up unhappy.
  • Golding, however, has quite different ideas, and
    he has used the setting in his story to reinforce
    his themes and symbols.
  • Yes, the island can be a wonderful place, as the
    littluns discover by day when they are bathing in
    the lagoon pool or eating fruit from the trees.
    But at night the same beach can be the setting
    for nightmares, as some boys fancy that they see
    "snake-things" in the trees.

Through Lord of the Flies, Golding is making the
statement that we cannot escape our savage,
violent tendencies
and without social order,we devolve into a
state of chaos
Lord of the Flies
  • It was simply what seemed sensible for me to
    write after the war when everyone was thanking
    God they werent Nazis. Id seen enough to
    realize that every single one of us could be
    Nazis. Golding on Lord of the Flies

Goldings Fiction
  • Allegorical
  • Yes, theres a basic story but theres much more
    to it than what meets the eye
  • Pay attention as you read what life lessons
    could this novel be teaching?
  • Allusions to
  • Classical literature
  • Mythology
  • Christian Symbolism

About the Novel
  • Set in mid 1940s when Europe engulfed in war.
  • A plane carrying British school boys is mistaken
    for a military craft and shot down.
  • Only the boys survive the crash, and try to form
    a society and govern themselves.

Themes in the Novel
  • Civilization vs. Savagery
  • Loss of Innocence
  • Original Sin
  • Fear that separates one from God
  • Nature of Good and Evil
  • Goodness is rare and fleeting

  • The main theme (according to Golding)
  • A desire to trace the defects of society back to
    the defects of human nature.
  • Thoughts about this? What does it mean?

Goldings LOTF Introduction
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?vvYnfSV27vLY
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