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Workforce Performance Report January 2015


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Workforce Performance Report January 2015

Workforce Performance ReportJanuary 2015
  • Jayne HalfordDeputy Director of HR

Caring, safe and excellent
Headline HR KPIs
  • Turnover Target 12 - Actual 12.79
  • Turnover is down this month from last month and
    at its lowest
  • level since June 2014. Next month will show if
    this is a continuing
  • downward trend.
  • Sickness Target 3.5 - Actual 4.66
  • Although the trend October Jan is a mirror
    image for 13/14
  • the current sickness of 4.66 is the highest rate
    for the last 4
  • financial years. Hot spots are Urgent Care 8.16,
    Community Nursing
  • 7.22, Countywide Services 6.91  and Older
    Adults MH 6.89.
  • FirstCare a triage solution for managing
    sickness absence is still
  • under consideration.
  • Bank and Agency- Limit 5 Actual 6.5
  • At 6.5 bank and agency is 0.1 lower than in
    December 2014
  • and below the 7.4 high of October 2014. Oxon
    Clinical Pathway
  • is particularly high at 18.5 whilst community
    hospitals have
  • decreased usage by 50 over last month and
  • Performance contracts have also decreased usage
    but Strategy
  • and Development have increased usage again to its
    highest level.
  • Sessional usage at 2.4 is slightly down on
    previous months.

Headline HR KPIs - Sickness
Sickness Reasons Given the season it is no surprise that coughs, colds and flu have increased as one of the main causes of absence (up from 11.41 in November). Coughs, colds etc are at 38.54 of short-term sickness absence with gastro-issues at 12 and chest infections at 8.32. Public Health England in their weekly reporting show influenza at a peak in December, stabilising through January and into early February. This means that stress as a reason has decreased from a high of 23.79 in November but see below for long term absences. Long Term Sickness This graph shows reasons for long-term absence. Whilst seasonal conditions are in evidence Anxiety/Depression continues to be overwhelmingly the main reason for absence. The Office for National Statistics Report on Sickness in the Labour Market 2014 states that more sickness absence days were lost to back, neck and muscle pain than any other cause followed by coughs and colds (the most common reason for sickness absence) and stress, anxiety and depression and that of the larger public sector organisations sickness absence rates are highest for those working in the health sector.

Directorate Performance Headlines
Directorate Performance
  • CYP Directorate
  • Sickness 3.33 V 3.5 Target
  • Sickness absence has seen an increase from last
    month of 0.43. Long term absence is currently
    1.39 - an Increase from last month of 0.15.
    This equates to WTE days 1107 lost (last month
    929). Top reasons for sickness absence in CYP
  • Cold, Cough, Flu 18.42 (last month 10.46)
  • Anxiety and Stress 16.39 (last month 26.91)
  • Gastrointestinal problems 11.14 (last month
  • The overall trend since April 14 has continued to
    be significantly below trust target. Sickness
    absence is being managed in line with support
    from Occupational Health we have seen a number
    of successful returns to work plans in
  • Turnover 11.7 V 12.0 Target
  • We have seen a slight decrease in turnover from
    last month of 0.29, turnover remains lowest
    across all Directorates except Corporate.
    Highest turnover is within Dental Services at
    21.38 (last month 21.56) followed by Swindon,
    Wilts and Banes at 13.5 (last month 13.16) and
    Complex Care at 12.4 (last month 12.47).
  • To note sickness has steadily and consistently
    reduced within the Dental service from 12 in
    April to the 4.23 and the management of sickness
    issues are represented in the turnover figures.

Directorate Performance
  • CYP continued
  • Bank Agency 5.1 V 5.0 limit
  • Overall, Agency accounts for 4.9 the highest
    users of agency are within CYP Specialist
    Services (includes 2 Oxford inpatient units) with
    Bank Agency at 10.8 (last month 9.6).
    Cotswold House Oxford will see a spike in
    staff/agency due to the admittance of a number
    of high dependency patients week commencing 2
    Feb 15 which will require extra staff levels.
    Since December the Ward has been supporting a
    number of patients on level 3 and 5, all
    requiring extra staff. The appointment of new
    sessional contracts will help ease the level of
    agency and bank spend.
  • Medical agency remains high due to sickness
    absence/requirement of reasonable adjustments.
  • Change Management
  • HR has input to and are supporting a number of
    re- tender/TUPE processes, namely Buckinghamshire
    CAMHS, Dental Services in Leicester Nottingham,
    Smoking Cessation Service to a private provider,
    Paediatric Liaison to the OUH and Wiltshire
    Community Services.
  • Vacancies 3.9 v limit 9
  • The majority of vacancies are in the inpatient
    wards and community teams. Five nurses have been
    offered posts as a result of a recent open day
    for Boundary Brook House. An open day is taking
    place for nursing staff for the Highfield Unit
    and we are hopeful of filling a number of
  • The most problematic area is recruiting nurses to
    the Community Team. Respite nurses are difficult
    to find.
  • Recruitment to student health visitor posts and
    student health nurses is taking place at the
    beginning of March.

Directorate Performance
  • Older Peoples Directorate
  • Turnover 13.66 v 12 Target
  • Staff turnover in the Directorate continues to be
    high. In this period, there were 32 leavers
    across the Directorate including three
    dismissals, three retirements, two end of bank
    contracts and 24 resignations. 40 of those who
    resigned cited Work/Life Balance as the reason
    for their resignation.
  • Community Nursing continues to have the highest
    turnover in the Directorate at 16.65. This
    continues to be monitored by the service and exit
    interviews offered.
  • Further analysis of the reasons for staff leaving
    the Directorate will be looked into.
  • Turnover in Older Peoples Mental Health was also
    high in January 14.49 (due to 2 resignations
    and 2 retirements).
  • Sickness 6.64 v 3.5 Target
  • There was an increase in sickness absence from
    5.47 last month to 6.64. Increases in short,
    medium and long term absence were all recorded.
    However more short term absence was recorded than
    had existed in the previous two months.
  • Sickness Absence in Urgent Care has increased to
    8.16 (from 4.77 last month). This reflects
    long term absence which is specifically within
    the Witney EMU, this is being managed in line
    with the formal policy.
  • Countywide services continues to have high
    sickness levels particularly within the
    Reablement service at 14.2. Management of
    sickness absence continues to be a priority in
    this area.
  • The main reasons for absence in the directorate
    continue to be
  • Anxiety and Stress 21.46 (last month 25.19)
  • Muscoskeletal (MSK) problems 19.21 (last month
  • A specific pilot project looking at fast tracking
    physiotherapy for staff experience MSK problems
    is in the process of being planned and should be
    in place by the beginning of March.

Directorate Performance
  • Older Peoples Directorate Contd.
  • Bank and Agency - 6 v 5 limit
  • There was a slight decrease in Bank and Agency
    Spend from 7.07 to 6.
  • Bank and Agency is still high specifically in
    Urgent Care and Community Hospitals. One of the
    key reasons for high levels in Community
    Hospitals is the level of patient acuity
    continues to be high. However this is reviewed
    as patients are discharged.
  • Recruitment in Community Hospitals and Community
    Nursing has resulted in increased staffing levels
    which is having a positive impact on bank and
    agency usage.
  • Organisational Change
  • A new structure for 8a and 8b operational roles
    has been implemented within Older Peoples
    Directorate in January. In addition integrated
    Locality Teams have been implemented in January
    resulting in Community Nursing, Therapy Services
    and Reablement working closely together. This
    has coincided with weekend working been
    introduced for Therapy services.
  •  Vacancies 9.6 v 9 limit
  • Community Hospitals - Vacancies for registered
    nurses are spread across all the hospitals.
    There is a constant struggle for recruitment to
    keep up with turnover rates. Some of the
    hospitals are difficult to recruit to because of
    their remote geographic location. All 15 vacant
    posts for HCAs have been offered and candidates
    are going through recruitment checks.
  • Community nursing historically this is a
    difficult to recruit to area. In particular we
    struggle to recruit in the City, South East and
    South West although there has been a small rise
    in applications in recent months.
  • Other areas where we struggle to recruit are Band
    2 posts in Reablement due to the nature and
    structure of the role nursing staff for the
    Community Mental Health Teams in Bucks due to
    proximity to London and nursing posts within
    Urgent Care.

Directorate Performance
  • Corporate Directorates
  • Turnover 11.12 V 12.0 Target
  • Staff turnover was down in most areas and below
    the trust target. An increase in turnover in the
    Strategy and Development department was the
    result of one leaver in OPS and 1 temp ended
    their contract in Research and Development. In
    the CEO office one individual left as a result of
    failing the probationary period.
  • Sickness  2.5 V 3.5 Target
  • Sickness is at its lowest level since February
    2014, bucking the seasonal trend. The sickness
    figures for the Medical Director department
    reflect some long term sickness for individuals
    on nil pay within CPSU pharmacy. Similarly the
    sickness figures in Strategy and Development
    department mostly reflects a long term sickness
    case on nil pay.
  • Bank Agency r 4.7 V 5.0 limit
  • Strategy and Development Agency is this
    department has increased month on month. A plan
    has been agreed to employ agency staff where
    budgeted and where appropriate.
  • Organisational change The organisational change
    paper for the Estates and Facilities department
    for the soft FM services went to SPNCC for the
    consultation to commence Monday 2nd March.
  • Vacancies -22.8 v limit 9
  • There are a few difficult to fill posts within
    Corporate services we are struggling to recruit
    to a procurement management post and to senior
    informatics posts. We are looking into
    advertising on specialist websites.
  • We are struggling to recruit to B7 B6
    Occupational health nurse posts despite offering
    a substantial recruitment and retention premium.
    This reflects a national shortage of these
  • We continue to look at other ways of advertising
    for domestic assistants.

Directorate Performance
  • Adults Directorate
  • Turnover 13.4 V target 12
  • There has been a slight decrease mainly due to
    the 12 month trend from Psychological Therapies
    decreasing after a peak in Sept 14. The PWP
    recruitment cycle started again in February for
    Bucks and 8 new roles have been offered so the
    downward trend will reverse when they start in
    April . Inpatient wards continue to have the
    highest turnover and although recruitment is our
    highest priority at the moment, we are
    encouraging the Operational Management to develop
    a retention strategy. HR will support with a plan
    to increase the use of the exit data
  • Sickness 4.44 V Target 3.5
  • There has been a slight decrease from December
    2014 mainly due to an improvement in the Service
    Delivery and Development team. Sickness remains
    high on inpatient wards with an increase in colds
    and flu which is predictable at this time of
    year. Long term sickness cases are being managed
    with support from Occupational Health.  
  • Bank Agency 9.1 V limit 5
  • The use of bank and agency has increased
    significantly since December 2014 mainly in the
    Clinical Pathways in Bucks and Oxford. Forensic
    services used very little Bank or Agency in
    January with some inpatient wards being up to
    establishment and Kennett not able to get agency
    support to fill short notice shifts.  There are a
    high number of Inpatient vacancies at Band 6, 5
    3 and hard to fill Band 6 roles in the Community.
    Recruitment events are being held regularly and
    in January we specifically targeted student
    nurses qualifying in July 2015, inpatient staff
    nurses and HCAs.   Bank Agency use is
    appropriate for the known vacancies and increased
    sickness on the inpatient wards where,  due to
    safer staffing requirements shifts have to be
    filled through sessional, NHSP or as a last
    resort agency staff. Agencies are used for longer
    term cover in the Community to ensure that
    caseloads are manageable while recruitment is
    undertaken. Hard to fill roles are being
    addressed through targeted recruitment and
    discussions are taking place regarding rotation

Directorate Performance
  • Adults Directorate
  • Vacancies 7.9 v limit 9
  • Vacancies within Oxford Inpatients remains high
    although a recent successful open day held at the
    Warneford has seen 5 nurses being offered posts
    and 11 HCAs. Further interviews from contacts
    from the open day are taking place w/c 16
    February. There is difficulty recruiting to the
    deputy ward manager roles. Job adverts are
    currently being revamped for these posts.
  • Following a recent open day, Thames House have
    invited 7 nurses and 8 HCAs to attend interview.
  • AMHTs there are ongoing difficulties in
    recruiting B6 Care Coordinators and Night
    Assessment Workers particularly in Oxford City
    due to the nature of the work. We continue to
    think of new ways to attract staff. These roles
    are currently out to advert. 

Directorate Performance
  • As described last month the following graphs are
    available to drill down into specific areas.
  • As we can see from the Kestrel figures vacancies
    have been relatively consistent as has sessional
    and bank usage although there is an increase
    corresponding with increased sickness in
    September and December. Therefore what has to be
    considered are other factors such as patient
    acuity, holidays, study leave etc
  • For Urgent Care vacancies are not high but
    increased bank/agency mirrors an increase in
    sickness from September.

Directorate Performance
Kingfisher AAFP07
WTE Differences By Subjective
Agency/Bank/ Sessional Spend
Directorate Performance
Urgent Care WVIE04
WTE Differences By Subjective
Agency/Bank/ Sessional Spend
Recruitment Data
January has seen an increase in live adverts as
vacancies that were not advertised during the
Christmas period have now been published.  There
has been an increase in applications received as
is expected in January as people tend to think
new year, new job . Values Based
Recruitment The Values Based Framework is still
to be given final approval from the Exec Team
before launching. Positive feedback was received
from SPNCC. Work continues on updating
recruitment materials.   Recruitment Action
Plan Work has progressed on identifying available
staff accommodation and a revised accommodation
policy regarding allocation has been drafted by
Estates colleagues. Detailed work continues on
identifying improvements to the current
recruitment process. We have attended six
different recruitment fairs/open days with some
success in attracting candidates for hard to fill
vacancies. In addition further analysis of
leaver data is underway to aid consideration of
pre-emptive recruitment i.e. to have recruits
lined up to backfill vacancies.
Recruitment Data
Job Fairs January and February
Event Date Feedback
Milton Keynes 23rd January 2015 10am-6pm Well attended event. Spoke with over 100 attendees, obtained details for 86 attendees. Mainly HCA/Support Worker and Administration interest. Small number of clinical attendance, mixture of Nursing and Therapy. Contact made with all applicants seen on the day. Follow up to be diarised.
Milton Keynes 24th January 2015 10am-6pm Well attended event. Spoke with over 100 attendees, obtained details for 86 attendees. Mainly HCA/Support Worker and Administration interest. Small number of clinical attendance, mixture of Nursing and Therapy. Contact made with all applicants seen on the day. Follow up to be diarised.
Cherwell School   22nd January 2015 6pm-8pm Well attended by pupils and parents. Spoke with over 20 pupils. Interest in medical career, GP and Psychiatry. Useful to have RS in attendance due to the questions asked. Learnt that pupils had used our services which stemmed their interest.
Warneford Hospital 24th January 2015 12pm-5pm 54 people attended, 16 were nurses and 38 were HCAs 5 Staff Nurses offered roles, 1 unsuccessful, 11 to be interviewed over the next 2 weeks 13 HCAs offered, 3 unsuccessful, 22 to be interviewed over the next 2 weeks
Warneford Hospital 28th January 2015 2pm-6pm Saw 4 people in total. Nobody interviewed on the day. Shortlisted to interview WC 9th February.
Recruitment Data
Westfields, London 6th February 2015 10am-7pm  We saw over 100 jobseekers in all across the 2 days Mainly Administration candidates, very little clinical staff. Minimal interest in relocation/accommodation. Provided lots of advice to those looking to get into the NHS or school leavers with parents looking for advice about various options.
Westfields, London 7th February 2015 10am-7pm   As above
Highfield 12th February 2015 2.00pm-7.00pm TBA in next months report
Whiteleaf 28th February 2015 TBA in next Months report
Oxford Town Hall (Admin and HCAs) 4th March 2015 10am-3pm  TBA in March Report
  • Overall the casework duration has improved again
    in all but whistleblowing and performance
  • At 94 cases there are 3 fewer cases than last
  • Childrens and Families
  • HR are currently managing 9 formal cases (a
    decrease of 2 since last month), which consist of
    2 disciplinary matters, 5 capabilities (3 of
    which relate to Health) and 2 Bullying
    Harassment. One performance capability is in
    abeyance. Neither of the 2 grievances that have
    been closed were upheld and decisions were not
    appealed. There are no current ET claims or
  • HR continues to work closely with managers,
    support is also being provided regarding informal
    matters some of which are of a complex nature.
  • Corporate
  • HR are currently managing 16 cases of ( which 10
    relate to health) There have been 2 new cases
    this month, a complaint and a grievance. These
    are being managed with HR support.
  • Older Peoples Directorate
  • HR are currently managing 55 formal cases which
    consist of 8 disciplinary matters, 35
    capabilities (31 of which related to Health) and
    1 Bullying Harassment, 7 Grievances, 3
    Grievance Appeals and there is 1 current ET
    claim. 8 formal cases have been closed in

  • Adults
  • Bucks 3 Disciplinaries.  2 have dates for
    hearings in February and March. One is adjourned
    for an OH appointment
  • Bucks 2 Conduct Safeguarding hearing scheduled
    in February
  • Bucks 1 Conduct Other On maternity leave
  • Oxford 2 Whistleblowing one complete waiting to
    be presented to Exec Team. One being investigated
    outside Directorate, report being written
  • Oxford 1 Grievance Hearing on 10 Feb. 15
  • Specialised
  • 6 Disciplinaries 3 have hearings scheduled
  • 1 Appeal held on 9/2
  • 1 Conduct Safeguarding
  • 1 Whistleblowing completed waiting for action
    plan to be signed off by Exec Team

Staff Health and Wellbeing
  • Oxford Health NHS FT is going smoke free
  • Oxford Health NHS FT will be smoke free from 2
    March 2015 across all its sites.
  • From 2 March smoking will not be allowed in any
    of the trusts buildings or within any of its
    grounds and this will apply to all staff,
    patients and members of the public visiting our
  • Under the new policy, staff will no longer be
    allowed to take smoking breaks and staff who
    wish to smoke whilst on duty will have to do so
    within their allocated breaks.
  • Smoking cessation advice and support is available
    for both patients and members of staff.
  • Oxon Bikes (similar set-up to Boris Bikes)
  • We entered 3 bids to Oxfordshire County Council
    for their Local Sustainable Transport Fund from
    the Department for Transport in December 2014. We
    were awarded funding for Littlemore (5 bikes ),
    Chancellor Court (5 bikes) and Warneford (12
  • We are hoping that these will be installed and
    ready for staff to use from April 2015.
  • Benefits
  • The introduction of OxonBikes will help encourage
    and support staff to make healthier choices when
    travelling between sites.
  • As well as improving staff physical and mental
    health, increased use of cycling will help reduce
    the significant congestion around our sites.
  • Cycling is an efficient, economic and
    environmentally sustainable travel choice, in
    line with the Trusts Travel Plan and
    Environmental Policy.

Occupational Health
Referral by Manager 99
Reviews 60
Self Referrals 15
WHA 133 received
WHA Appointments 43
Immunisations 170
Physiotherapy 18
Work Station assessments 2
Case Conferences 1
Triage 1502 contacts
Total activities 2058
  • KPIs for January 2015
  • 68 of referrals were seen within 10 days and the
    average amount of days between attendance and
    dispatch of the report is 2.35 days. 
  • In addition to the above appointments the
    following activities were undertaken
  • Drop-in Flu clinics daily at Littlemore.
    Currently 63.2 of front line staff to date have
    been vaccinated.
  • Partnership working with Older Peoples
    Directorate re Fast track Physiotherapy pilot is
    in progress with commencement due in
    February/March 2015.
  • Slide 3 demonstrates the increased workload taken
    on by the Occupational Health Department with
    immunisations and work health assessments
    (pre-employment) providing the highest numbers of
    work items.

Occupational Health
Occupational Health
2013 2014 2015 13-14inc 14-15inc
January 512 1019 2058 99 102
February 561 857 53
March 491 1029 110
April 523 949 81
May 670 1002 50
June 690 1183 71
July 741 1353 83
August 582 1229 111
September 627 1592 154
October 698 1537 120
November 719 1544 115
December 574 2115 268
Occupational Health