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Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing is an unconditional system of promotion that relies on time, imagination rather than big marketing budget. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guerrilla

Guerrilla Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing is an unconditional system of
promotion that relies on time, imagination rather
than big marketing budget. Guerrilla Marketing
campaigns are unexpected and unconventional and co
nsumers are targeted in unexpected places. The
objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a
unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to
generate buzz. Guerrilla marketing involves
unusual approaches such as intercept encounters
in public places, street giveaways of
products, PR stunts, any unconventional marketing
intended to get maximum results from minimal
Levinson says that when implementing guerrilla
marketing tactics, small size is actually an
advantage instead of a disadvantage. Small
organizations and entrepreneurs are able to
obtain publicity more easily than large companies
as they are closer to their customers and
considerably more agile.
  • A Few Guerrilla Marketing Principals
  • Guerrilla Marketing is specifically geared for
    the small business and entrepreneur.
  • Instead of money, the primary investments of
    marketing should be time, energy, and
  • Guerrilla Marketers should use a combination of
    marketing methods for a campaign.
  • Messages are aimed at individuals or small
    groups, the smaller the better.
  • Technology should be used at its best.

The term Guerrilla Marketing is now often used
more loosely as a descriptor for non-traditional
media, such as Reverse Graffiti clean
pavement adverts Viral marketing through
social networks Undercover marketing subtle
product placement
Reverse Graffiti Reverse graffiti, also known
as clean tagging, dust tagging, grime
writing or clean advertising. It is a method of
creating temporary images on walls or other
surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. The
duration of adverts lasting in the street ranges
from 8 - 16 weeks depending on the footfall
intensity and weather conditions of any given
advertising location. Because the work is
temporary, biodegradable, and no hard materials
such as ink or paper are wasted in its
production, many consider reverse graffiti to be
an environmentally friendly way of advertising.
Viral marketing Marketing phenomenon that
facilitates and encourages people to pass along a
marketing message. The buzzwords viral
marketing and viral advertising refer
to marketing techniques that use
pre-existing social networks to produce increases
in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing
objectives Viral marketing depends on a high
pass-along rate from person to person. If a large
percentage of recipients forward something to a
large number of friends, the overall growth
snowballs very quickly. If the pass-along numbers
get too low, the overall growth quickly fizzles.
Undercover Marketing Undercover marketing is a
subset of guerrilla marketing where consumers do
not realize they are being marketed to. For
example, a marketing company might pay an actor
or socially adept person to use a
certain product visibly and convincingly in
locations where target consumers congregate.
While there, the actor will also talk up their
product to people they befriend in that location,
even handing out samples if it is economically fea
sible. Eg Sony Ericsson
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