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Amelia High School International Baccalaureate World School


... Without IB I honestly do not think I would have started college off ... IB program helped immensely in getting into pharmacy school by preparing me in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amelia High School International Baccalaureate World School

Amelia High SchoolInternational
BaccalaureateWorld School
  • I never would have had the confidence or the
    work ethic to take these courses without the IB
  • Had you told me as a high school freshman or even
    as an IB senior that I would present at an
    academic conference I wouldnt have believed you.
  • The work I did in those years made this
    accomplishment possible, and Im forever grateful
    to the IB Programme and to my amazing teachers
    for preparing me to achieve things I never
    dreamed of.
  • - Taylor Olmstead (Class of 2011)

  • Without IB I honestly do not think I would have
    started college off so smoothly. I did not have
    the panic attack that everyone else had when the
    professor said, There will be no study guides in
    this class, your notes are your study guide.
  • Do not drop out of IB because it sounds like a
    lot of work. It is a lot of work, but guess what
    kids, college is even more work and you cant
    just drop everything because its hard. Do your
    four years and I promise it will pay off after
  • - Shalee Rogney (Class of 2012)

  • As a graduate student pursuing a PhD in
    chemistry, this program has given me the most
    essential tool of all the ability and creativity
    to think on my own.
  • The structure and fundamental values that push
    high school students past their potential
    afforded me with the foundation to develop myself
    as both a scientist and person.
  • IB has created a curiosity that permanently
    resides within me and the effects it has had on
    my life continues to be more than I could ever
  • - Erin
    Hancock (Class of 2011)

  • I can say without hesitation that the
    International Baccalaureate (IB) Program as
    Amelia High School was the most profound
    educational experience I have had in my life.
  • The IB program demanded students to think
    critically both as independent scholars and as a
    team, created an environment where challenging
    your peers to be their best was an everyday
    occurrence, and developed a close-knit group of
    productive citizens which I have yet to see in
    any other education setting.
  • Because of the IB curriculum, students are
    forced to think critically about the work they
    put forward.
  • We were conditioned to tackle a task that we
    couldnt just answer by regurgitating something
    we saw in a book.  We had to connect the dots, we
    had to build the logical case for our argument
    - Dan Stultz (Class of
    2008 )

  • This ability to critically think was undoubtedly
    an advantage in college, as a majority of my
    undergraduate peers were still developing this
    skill.  Additionally, because of the rigor of the
    IB curriculum, I personally received credit at
    Ohio State for coursework I completed in high
    school and was admitted to the Scholars Program
    at Ohio State.
  • For me, one of the IBs programs most important
    features is that it creates an environment of
    academic responsibility among peers.
  • The IB program goes further to create a
    close-knit group of leaders that are passionate
    about making their community better.

  • - Dan Stultz Division of
    Graduate Medical Sciences

  • Being a part of IB was a life changing
    experience. It prepared me for college in many
    ways and provided me with a significant amount of
    college credit. IB challenged me in ways that
    prepared me for college and helped me learn
    concepts and material that some of my fellow
    college classmates had not learned
  • A lot of the material in the freshman classes
    was a review from IB classes in high school
    making it easier to adjust to the fast-pace of
  • All of the teachers in IB were entirely devoted
    to teaching their students and preparing them for
    college. They took the time to get to know them
    on a personal level and were always willing to
    help when needed.
  • - Christina Ahting (Class of 2011)

  • Biomedical Engineering '16
  • University of Cincinnati

  • The IB program was the reason I chose to go to
    Amelia High School instead of going to a private
    school. I can honestly say that was one of the
    hardest and best decisions I have ever made. The
    IB program helped me in so many ways that it
    would be hard to list all the benefits I gained
    from the program.
  • The program challenges you so that you are
    beyond ready for college, so much so that I felt
    as if my first year of college was easy. I
    received college credit for taking HL Biology.
    Even the classes I did not receive college credit
    for were easy for me when I took it in college
    and most of it was a review.
  • I believe that the IB program played a vital
    role in helping me get in to the University of
    Cincinnatis College of Pharmacy. My interviewers
    were extremely impressed with the IB program when
    I explained it to them and were surprised and
    amazed about having done a drug chemistry section
    in my high school chemistry class.
  • - Maria Kling (Class of )

  • Not only having the academic benefit, there was
    also the benefit of having an IB family. All of
    the students in the program want to succeed and
    do well and it is a wonderful atmosphere to have
    where everyone cares for each other and want to
  • The teachers who teach in the program are truly
    the best and really care for their students and
    want to see us succeed.
  • Having taken HL Chemistry and HL Biology in the
    IB program helped immensely in getting into
    pharmacy school by preparing me in these subjects
    and reassuring that my dream was to be in the
    medical field and pharmacy school.
  • - Maria Kling (Class of 2013)

  • IB teaches students to be independent learners,
    hard workers, that failing once is not the end of
    the world, and sometimes things are more
    important than chilling on the weekend.
  • In IB you have to learn to think and develop your
    ideas in every class, and this skill will be
    essential throughout your life.

  • Let me start out by saying that IB helped me
    prepare for college A LOT!
  • IB really did help me learn how to study, manage
    time, and handle heavy workloads. A lot of things
    change when you get to college, and this can be a
    source of stress. Having a bunch of classes also
    weighing you down with work was never on my mind
    because I was used to it. To be honest, some of
    the hardest assignments I had to do were in IB.
  • IB gave me a lot of important skills, prepared
    me mentally and academically for a difficult
  • You may find IB tedious and annoying, but trust
    me, the classes you are in are very high quality,
    and will benefit you for not just freshman year,
    but the rest of your academic career.
  • - Kelsey McHenry (Class of 2011)
  • Computer Science
    Major, Ohio State University

  • The International Baccalaureate (IB) program at
    what was Amelia high school had a profound
    impact on my life at the time and I can still
    feel the effects today.
  • The critical thinking and creative writing
    skills that were enforced in IB really opened up
    many doors.
  • of the all the math and science classes I
    needed to take none taught me a concept I was
    completely foreign to me. I already had an in
    depth understanding of the material in many
    classes not directly related to electrical
    engineering or computer science. This allowed me
    to be significantly less stressed than my peers.
  • I would qualify myself as a successful graduate
    of IB but that doesnt mean much because I dont
    think I know an unsuccessful graduate of IB.
  • - Christopher Andrews (Class of 2010)

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