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IELTS Speaking


IELTS Speaking By Chris Tang You don t have to be!!! Predictable Easy preparation Lots of tips to use On Entering the Test Room Waiting out at the door Do you ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking
  • By Chris Tang

Are you afraid of IELTS speaking test?
You dont have to be!!!
  • Predictable
  • Easy preparation
  • Lots of tips to use

On Entering the Test Room
  • Waiting out at the door
  • Do you have a mobile on you?
  • Psychological suggestion

So how do you say it?
  • Ive taken the test for times. For my previous
    tests, I always got X for my reading, X for my
    listening, and X for my writing. But I havent
    got enough for my speaking. So I have to take the
    test over and over again until one day I can get
    at least 6.5 for my speaking.

Why you can say it?
  • The four official marking criteria
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Fluency
  • What you say doesnt really matter, but how and
    how well you say it!!!

General mistakes to avoid
  • Vocabulary
  • Overusing words like good, nice, beautiful,
    interesting, delicious
  • Learn to paraphrase
  • Can you list ten positive words (adj.) to
    describe a person?
  • What about ten negative ones?
  • Good and well, Clever and smart, Bored and boring
  • Say no to Chinglish

  • Grammar
  • Plurality, third person pronoun, past tense,
    perfect tense, misusing gender-related nouns
  • Pronunciation
  • Mispronunciation
  • Be intelligible, so enunciate
  • Fluency
  • Speed is not fluency
  • Join and expand ideas Avoid pauses Avoid
    repetition Expand rather than listing things

First things first
  • Standard What is your full Chinese name?
  • Variants What is your full name?/ How should I
    call you?/ How should I address you?
  • Answer Long??? Or short???
  • My name is ____. (even Name is___.)
  • My full name is ____, and I also have an English
    name, ____. You are welcome to call me ____.
  • Remember what matters?

First runner-up
  • Are you working or studying?
  • Principle Dont make it too difficult.
  • Eg. Im studying. And I study ____ in _____, one
    of the top universities in China and I will be
    graduating in 2 years time.
  • Im working for ____ as an administrative
    staff/sales/secretarial staff. Ive been doing
    this job for many years and I still like doing

Like it and not like it.
  • Eg. Why did you choose this major? Do you like it
    and why? Do you like your job?
  • Be prepared. You may stumble at the easiest
  • Dont talk big, talk small.
  • Tell a story rather than giving empty, lifeless

A dose of panacea
  • It is all because of my girlfriend. She is the
    one and only woman I love the most on the earth.
    In order to make her happy, I would like to do
    anything for her, including. Because I just want
    to be with her, to be where she is.
  • It is because when I was young, I had a teacher
    and he always told me about , which has deeply
    influenced me. So I

East or west, home is the best.
  • Where is your hometown and could you please tell
    me something about your hometown?
  • Answers that may let people laugh their head off
  • My hometown is Xin Jiang.
  • My hometown is .... But Ive never been there
  • My hometown is . It is a very beautiful place. I
    love my hometown.
  • It is your homeTOWN in contrast to homePROVINCE,
    homeCOUNTRY, homePLANET.
  • It is where you were born and grew up in contrast
    to where your parents or grandparents came from.

  • Elaborate in four aspects
  • Location, population, climate, and something

Let me show you how!
  • My hometown Taizhou, is located in the middle
    part of Jiangsu province along the Yangze
    river,it has a population of 5 million people,
    and the mostly temperate climate here offers an
    excellent environment for various agricultural
    activities and for tourism It has produced many
    well-known scholars and intellectuals, one of
    them is our Chairman Hujingtao, who has spent his
    early years studying here.

A bit about climate or seasons
  • Climate
  • Wet/warm/tropical, dry/arid/semiarid,
    temperate/continental, etc.
  • Four distinct seasons spring, summer,
    autumn/fall, winter
  • Beijing's climate is defined as "continental
    monsoon." The four seasons are distinctly
    recognizable. Spring and autumn is the best time
    to be in Beijing, particularly in the months of
    April, May, September and October.

And if you choose to describe the seasons
  • Spring
  • Warm, windy, dusty, sand-storm, flowers start to
  • Make it poetic. Eg. When spring comes, everything
    wakes up from their long and cold sleeps. Trees
    turn green, and flowers also start to bloom it
    seems like the world is, all of a sudden,
  • Season of new life/rebirth

  • Summer
  • Hot, rainy, wet (lots of rain), stormy, humid,
    sunny, stuffy, sweltering, sauna-like
  • Learn to use a variety of descriptives to say
  • Quite, rather, pretty, fairly, really, so,
    extremely, totally
  • One can even use analogy. Eg. It is like an oven
    in summer time.
  • Activities holiday
  • Holiday season

  • Autumn/Fall
  • Cool, crisp, mild, cozy, clear sky, golden
    season, azure sky
  • Golden season, season of harvest
  • Winter
  • Cold, freezing, snowy, icy, short days, long
  • Silver season, Christmas season

Id like to own my own house!
  • Do you currently live in a house or an
    apartment/flat? Where do you live? Can you
    describe what is in your home?
  • Lets see a few pictures.

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
To compare two or more things
  • Always think in terms of
  • Cost/price
  • Features (what makes it really what it is)
  • Effects (popular?)

What are the differences between a house and an
House Flat
Price Expensive Cheap (affordable)
Space Spacious Cramped
Location Far from town Near town
Im a traveholic.
  • Do you love traveling? Do you often travel?
  • To answer Yes and No
  • Sure. You bet. Absolutely. Definitely.
  • Not if I can help it. Not a chance.
  • Is ice cold? Does bird fly?

Shop till you drop, and sports stuff
  • Do you play sports? What sports do you play?
  • Do you often go shopping? What do you buy?
  • Common answers I play soccer, basketball,
    tennis, table-tennis (listing things)
  • Better answer I often buy lots of different
    things from food to drinks, from clothes to
    shoes. Anyway, I enjoy shopping, cause it brings
    me great joy.

Food, forever I like. Cooking, um, yet to be
  • Avoiding overusing the word delicious
  • Flavor spicy, hot, sweet, sour, bitter, salty,
    savory, light
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Cooking methods boil, fry, steam, roast, bake,
    grill, stir-fry, stew, braise, barbecue
  • Texture chewy, tender, crispy, flakey

Other questions, but they are easy!
  • What is your favorite kind of music/
    book/movie/food? What kind of do you like?
  • What is your favorite time in a day/ month/season
    in a year?
  • What is your favorite kind of music?
  • Genres pop, jazz, blues, rock, classical,
    instrumental, rap (urban), gospel
  • When it comes to music, I have to say
  • Im very much into/ fond of/ fascinated by/about
    is the greatest passion in my life
  • When I am listening to, I feel like
  • For example, for instance, once
  • Think outside of the box

Lets give it a try!
  • Well, I am not really into music. But sometimes I
    do like listening to religious music, I mean,
    Christian music. Christian music is always about
    singing praises to God and reminding people of
    their responsibility to live a pure and holy
    life. It is music that purifies life. It helps me
    a lot. Whenever Im listening, I feel like being
    lifted up to heaven and drawn close to God. It
    gives peace to my mind and joy to my soul.

Lets get serious Topic/Cue Cards
  • Four categories
  • People
  • Place
  • Object
  • Event
  • And I dont care what category it is. I always
    have my way.

  • Well, today I am going to talk about none other
    than my uncle. My uncle is quite famous in his
    place. People often call him Mr. Traveholic. And
    just as this name suggests, he loves traveling
    very much. And actually traveling is one of the
    most important things in his life. And he has
    been to many places throughout China, from Harbin
    in the north to Guangzhou in the South, from
    Shanghai in the east to Urumuqi in the west. And
    he always says his favorite place of all is
    Qingdao, because of its natural beauty, its food
    and its unique local culture, which all drive him
    to return to Qingdao to visit over and over
  • First, Qingdao is famous for many of its
    interesting places, its beautiful beaches, and
    its clean streets. Hundreds of thousands of
    visitors are attracted here from all over the
    world by its enchanting natural beauty.
  • Second, the local food and snacks are also
    something one can never miss when visiting
    Qingdao. They come in various colors, shapes and
    tastes, to suit different palates and wallets.
    They are not only exotic and delicate to the
    tongue, but also to the eye.
  • Last but not the least, Qingdao is also famous
    for its unique cultural heritage represented in
    local festivals and Qingdao beer. Especially,
    Qingdao beer. It is quite a big name in China. It
    is loved by millions of people, including me.
  • Anyway, that is my uncle, a traveholic, and
    Qingdao, a great place to visit.

People Cards
  • Who the person is
  • What the person looks like
  • What the person is like (character and
  • What the person does/has done
  • When and where you met this person
  • Why you like/dislike/admire/choose to talk about
    this person

Who question
  • Well, I am going to talk about
  • When it comes to , I would like to talk about
  • (Snow White) was a very good friend of mine.

  • A childhood friend
  • I would really like to talk about Slobbery, a
    childhood friend of mine. Slobbery is his
    nickname, because he used to let saliva dribble
    from his mouth while sleeping in class. His real
    name is XXX. But anyway, he is a nice buddy

Ones Looks
  • General descriptors good/bad-looking, handsome,
    beautiful, pretty, plain, homely, ugly, awful
  • Significant parts on the face eyes (eye
    colorblack, green, blue, hazel), eyebrow,
    nose(aquiline nose), mouth, teeth, cheek, chin
  • Other parts of the body torso, limbs

Quotation from Gone with the Wind
  • Scarlet OHara was not beautiful, but men seldom
    realized it when caught by her charm as the
    Tarleton twins were. In her face were too sharply
    blended the delicate features of her mother, a
    Coast aristocrat of French descent, and the heavy
    ones of her florid Irish father. But it was an
    arresting face, pointed of chin, square of jaw.
    Her eyes were pale green without a touch of
    hazel, starred with bristly black lashes and
    slightly tilted at the ends. Above them, her
    thick and black brows slanted upward, cutting a
    startling oblique line in her magnolia-white
    skinthat skin so prized by Southern women and so
    carefully guarded with bonnets, veils and mittens
    against hot Georgia suns.

Character and Personality
  • Kind, warm-hearted, easy-going, faithful, honest,
    responsible, accountable, trustworthy, reliable,
    compassionate, humble
  • A giving person, a man of his word, a me, me,
    me person, an angel of mercy, double-crosser,
    double talker

What One Does
  • Occupation
  • Time, Location and Story
  • Significance or meaning
  • Eg. A friend looking after you when you are sick.
    It shows that he has heart of gold.

  • Good character/personality impresses or touches
  • You have learned a life lesson from them
  • Story

A Childhood Friend
  • Relating topics child, friend
  • Tell me about a child that you know
  • You should say
  • How you know them
  • What they look like
  • cute, short, chubby, messy hair, dirty hands,
    innocent and pure
  • Something about their personality
  • And say whether or not they are similar to how
    you were as a child

  • I would really like to talk about Slobbery, a
    childhood friend of mine. Slobbery is his
    nickname, because he used to let saliva dribble
    from his mouth while sleeping in class. His real
    name is XXX. But anyway, he is a nice buddy.
    Round-faced with chubby cheeks, and usually
    dressed in his baggy pants, he can hardly conceal
    his over-weighted body. But you know kids. They
    never worry about their body weight. Dont be
    fooled by his looks. He isnt as tough as his may
    look. He is the tenderest thing Ive ever seen.
    Whenever other kids laugh at him or bully him, he
    would run to a corner and cry like a girl. Well,
    if you ask me whether Slobbery is similar to how
    I was as a child, I would say no. But he surely
    resembles that kind of people who are one person
    on the outside, different on the other.

  • When it comes to a childhood friend, I cant help
    thinking about Princess Fiona, my best playmate.
    Her real name is Annie. Even now, I can still
    recall her black curly but long hair, and her
    favorite red dress with black strings tied around
    the waist. She looked so beautiful and elegant,
    just like a princess. So we all called her
    Princess Fiona. Not like me, Princess Fiona was a
    strong little girl. She never cried, even when
    she stumbled over rock and hurt her knees. Now
    shes become a big girl and even stronger, while
    I am still who I am, never able to become like
    her. And that is Princess Fiona, my best

Common People Cards
  • A person youd like to spend time with
  • Famous person
  • A person who is good at cooking
  • A person who has influenced you
  • A person who helped you
  • Old people
  • Best friend
  • Etc.

Famous person
  • Who he/she is
  • How you got to know this person
  • What this person is famous for
  • Why you choose to talk about this person

  • Who my uncle
  • How live in the same neighborhood
  • Famous for traveling
  • Why I also love traveling

Place Cards
  • What the place is
  • When and with whom you visited that place
  • What did you feel when you visited that place
  • Why do you visit that place

What Questions
  • Name of that place
  • Location
  • be located/situated
  • sits/lies
  • Features
  • Ten adj. to describe a place

When and with whom
  • Long time ago?
  • Several years ago? Many years back?
  • Just last year?
  • A few months ago?
  • A couple of days ago?

Feeling High or Down?
  • Feeling
  • Sad, excited, thrilled, down, frustrated,
    depressed, etc.
  • Feeling like

  • Reasons
  • Tourist spot, beautiful
  • Understand the local culture and customs
  • Story

Common Place Cards
  • Hotel
  • Shopping mall
  • A place where there is water
  • Tourist site
  • Library
  • Historical site
  • A place you want to visit
  • Etc.

Object Cards
  • Eg. A useful equipment, a gift, a toy
  • Elements
  • What it is
  • What it looks like what functions it has
  • Where/when you got it who gave it to you
  • How/why

Common Object Cards
  • A piece of news
  • A book
  • A TV program
  • An artistic statue
  • A gift
  • A piece of clothing
  • A course
  • A childhood game
  • An advertisement
  • Etc.

A Useful Equipment
  • What it is cell phone, mp3 player, computer
  • What it looks
  • in color/incolor, in shape/inshape
  • Trendy, classy, hi-tech, in, fashionable
  • Function
  • Why it is special

Sample Answer
  • Well, I would love to talk about my little
    girlfriendiPod, a trendy mp3 player, which I
    would always take along with me wherever I go.
    Though it is a mp3 player, I seldom use it to
    listen to music, but something called Podcast,
    which basically is a kind of radio program
    broadcasted on the web. There are so many
    different programs, about culture, news, politics
    and even language learning. I am particularly
    fascinated by the free educational resources it
    provides. Now I have French, German and Japanese
    learning programs on my iPod. Given me some time,
    I am pretty sure I can speak some French, or
    German, or Japanese, at least some daily phrases.
    In a word, iPod is special to me not only because
    it can accompany me wherever I go just like my
    girlfriend, but also because it is a new
    technology that I have greatly benefited in
    language learning.

Event Cards
  • Topic questions
  • What it is
  • When and where it takes/took place
  • Who (participants) and how (effects)
  • Why

Common Event Cards
  • A journey
  • A change in life
  • Help/advice received
  • A sport/traditional/public event
  • An important/difficult decision
  • A traffic jam
  • A successful experience
  • Etc.

A Change in Life
  • What it is
  • Going to college, graduation, going to work,
    getting married, divorced, becoming a
  • When and where it happened
  • How it changes/has changed your life
  • How you feel
  • Why

Sample Answer
  • Honestly I havent thought about this much. The
    one and only great change I can think of now is
    leaving school. Look, after going to school for
    more than 16 years, all of my life has been so
    used to school, my daily schedule, my mindset, my
    social life, etc. The world outside the school
    seems so familiar and yet so strange. My feelings
    are mixed with ambition, hope, expectation, as
    well as uneasiness, insecurity and worries. It is
    such a difficult time. I am like a person lost in
    the no-mans land, not knowing where to turn.
    Anyway, most people have to face this change once
    they leave school. It is a total challenge. But
    just as one great mind has once said, life is
    always full of changes and uncertainties we just
    do all that we can and hope for the best.

Help/Advice Received
  • What it was
  • When and where you received it
  • Who gave it to you
  • Feeling
  • Why

Sample Answer
  • When it comes to this topic, I cant help
    thinking about last year when I was overwhelmed
    by lots of works that I have to do. It was my
    college graduation year. Besides all of the
    lectures I had to attend, the graduation paper
    alone was a heavy task there were tons of
    reference books to read, a series of surveys to
    be conducted and also the revision and editing
    works. It was just too much for me. But thank
    God, my professor XXX offered to give me a hand.
    Basically he gave me some very good ideas and
    challenged me to consider a slight modification
    of my project structure. Then he introduced me to
    someone who happened to have done the similar
    kind of project. Woow, I was feeling just like
    Oh, thank you dear God. I choose to talk about
    this, because it means so much to me. Without his
    help, I just cant imagine myself successfully
    completing such a great project and finishing my
    graduation paper.

Stage III
  • Two principles
  • Take evasive action
  • Relate it to yourself (dont talk big, talk small)

Evasive Action
  • Version 1 That is a good question. I never
    thought about this question before. But if you
    look at this question from different
    perspectives, you may just have different
    answers. Well, I am not really sure. Thank you.

  • Version 2 That is a very good question. I
    remember reading about this before somewhere. I
    have read about it on the Internet. But I dont
    wear their colored glasses and remember exactly
    what it said about this. There seem to be many
    different views. Because people all have
    different education backgrounds and experiences.
    They tend to look at things through thus have
    different ideas. Well, this is not my field. I am
    not sure. Thank you.

Relate to yourself
  • Example
  • What do you think the government should do to end
    the economic crisis?
  • That is a good question (evasive action). But I
    dont think it is very bad for everyone, both
    poor and rich. So I sincerely hope the government
    can do something about it.

  • Example
  • Do you think primary school students should have
  • That is a very good question (evasive action).
    But I do remember when I was young, I had too
    much homework to do. I dont think I had very
    happy childhood. So I think when I have children,
    I would like them to have no homework or little
    homework. I they can really have a good memory of
    their childhood.
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