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The Alphabet


The Alphabet Sign Language is NOT JUST an alphabet where you have to sign each letter of the word you are trying to communicate. Sign Language is a complete language ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Alphabet

The Alphabet
  • Sign Language is NOT JUST an alphabet where
    you have to sign each letter of the word you are
    trying to communicate. Sign Language is a
    complete language with a sign representing the
    concepts found in written and oral English. It's
    rarely required to spell a concept or word
    because no ASL sign exist. For example of
    fingerspelling would include personal names,
    surnames, medical terms, etc. The Sign Language
    Alphabet can serves as a great starting point to
    learn Sign Language just as the alphabet is a
    great starting point for English.

The Alphabet
  • The manual alphabet is a visual alphabet used by
    the Deaf and to communicate with others who
    understand deaf signing Characters (letters) are
    formed by finger positions.

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The Alphabet
  • The one hand signing system is used by
    Austria, Finland, Germany and Norway's signing
    communities with some minor differences
  • The Spanish BSL (British) alphabet is signed
    with two hands.
  • Today it is barely recognizable by ASL

BSL - the letter A
The Alphabet
The goal of the sign language alphabet is to
enhance communication when using ASL and to
ensure the correct or specific meaning in
technical language, in titles, medical
environments, the correct address as well as in
literature, poetry, and other settings where
specific word usage is important..
Apothecary Shop and Doctor's Dispensary
The Alphabet
  • Letters should be shown with preferably the
    dominant hand and, with the palm outwards, in a
    comfortable position facing mostly toward the
  • The only exception is with the letters G and
  • In signing these two letters the palm should
    be shown to the side

The Alphabet
  • Correct position signing
  • The position of the hand should remain steady
    at the starting point or follow the line of
  • Any movement should be very slight as not to
    call attention away from the signer.
  • Try these words
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentine
  • Pumpkins
  • Memorial
  • Homestead
  • Hurricane
  • The purpose of this task is to remain steady
    throughout the word

The Alphabet
  • To show new sentences, a longer pause should
    be utilized.
  • A large hand movement distracts the receiver
    and moves the hand away from it's correct
  • When fingerspelling a word, you should say
    the word while fingerspelling. Never say the
    individual letters. The letters represent a
    complete word.
  • Try these sentences
  • I stayed up all night reading Harry Potter.
    It was a wonderful book.
  • I am ready for supper. It really smells
  • My cat is smart. He opened the cabinet where
    his food was.

The Alphabet
  • When two or more words are required to be
    signed alphabetically back to back (i.e. first
    and last names), to show individual words a
    slight pause should be utilized at the end of
    each word.
  • Try practicing these
  • John Harris
  • Yard Guard
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Paper fight
  • Jump rope
  • Jack and Jill
  • Poetry Reading
  • Shopping spree

The Alphabet
  • To show double letters, repeat the letter
    while using a slight bounce, or a very slight
    movement to the right.
  • Some recommend repeating letters by moving
    the hand slightly forward.
The Alphabet
Practice starting with 3 letter words then move
to 4 letter words and gradually on through 6 and
7 letter words. Assignments on the following
slides are designed to enhance your alphabetical
skills. Remember that signing with a partner
will help you to develop your receiving skills as
will as your interpretation skills
The Alphabet
UN for United Nations US for United States
Capital characters can be shown by circling the
signed character. It is used mostly for
organizations or information where you do not
want the receiver to misunderstand that you are
not signing the alphabet but identifying a name.
The Alphabet
  • Practice maintaining a slow steady pace in
    the beginning and then increase your speed
    without sacrificing a steady pace.
  • Remember that an ill placed pause may confuse
    the receiver to think you started a new word or

Sign the things you see in this picture.
The Alphabet
  • Practice the alphabet with a partner. Sign
    the things you find in the picture.