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Chapter 4 Section 1


American Revolution begins! First Continental Congress October 1744~12 colonies ( not Georgia) sent representatives to Philadelphia First Continental Congress was a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chapter 4 Section 1

Chapter 4 Section 1
  • American Revolution begins!

First Continental Congress
  • October 174412 colonies ( not Georgia) sent
    representatives to Philadelphia
  • First Continental Congress was a gathering of
    colonial leaders about the relationship between
    Great Britain and its colonies
  • Some wanted violent rebellion while others wanted
    a peaceful resolution
  • Locked in debate for weeks

First Continental Congress cont
  • Compromise
  • Continue to boycott British goods
  • Told colonial militia to prepare for war
  • Drafted the Declaration of Rights
  • List of 10 resolutions to present to King George
  • Included the rights of life, liberty, and
  • Did NOT seek independence
  • Agreed to meet again in 1775 if not resolved

Paul Reveres Ride
  • Gov. Thomas Gage (MA.) learned of a stockpile of
    weapons the colonists were gathering in Concord,
  • April 1775 decided to seize the weapons
  • Patriot spies thought action would occur but did
    not know when/where/how
  • Move to Old North Church tower in Boston to watch
    for British movements

Paul Reveres Ride cont
  • 1 ( lantern) if by land, 2 if by sea in the Old
    North Church Tower
  • Revere, Dawes and Prescot would ride on horseback
    to warn the minutemen
  • Minutemen-could be ready to fight in a minutes

Lexington and Concord
  • April 19, 1775 British soldiers arrive in Concord
  • shot heard round the world fired by ?
  • Battle ended in minutes
  • 8 colonists dead ,10 wounded
  • British 1 soldier wounded
  • British cant find weapons and set fire to
    buildingsminutemen charged forward and fired on
    British redcoats and they retreated

Second Continental Congress
  • King George refused Declaration of Rights
  • Meet in May 1775 in Philadelphia
  • Compromised again-sent word to colonial
    authorities asking for new state constitutions
  • MA. Army becomes the Continental Armywhich
    included soldiers from all colonies (George
    Washington Commander)

Olive Branch Petition
  • 2nd Continental Congress sends King George the
    Olive Branch Petition-asking for peaceful
    resolution-rejection by King
  • Washington continues to prepare for war

Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Colonial army needed supplies
  • Sent Benedict Arnold and 400 soldiers to New York
    to attack Fort Ticonderoga (May 1775)
  • Colonial army pins the British in Boston by
    digging into Breeds hill just outside of Boston
  • British would have to fight uphillvery deadly
  • 2400 British attack 1600 Militia

Battle of Bunker Hill Cont
  • As British fight up Breeds hill they are cut
    down by Patriot army
  • Twice retreated and reattempted
  • Patriots run out of ammunition and retreat
  • Patriots lost but proved could fight with the
  • British won but sacrificed twice as many soldiers
    as the Patriots

Dorchester Heights
  • Washington arrives in Boston and knows he needs
    bigger guns
  • Fort Ticonderoga has cannons he wants
  • Henry Knox bring the cannons 300 miles to Boston
  • March 4,1776-Washington moves army to Dorchester
    Heights outside of Boston and over the British
  • British retreat to Canadaleaving Boston to