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JESUS CHRIST the only way


JESUS CHRIST the only way – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: JESUS CHRIST the only way

  • JESUS CHRIST the only way

  • Today we celebrate the resurrection of JESUS who
    is the only way to the FATHER but why is this
  • In John 14 v6 JESUS declared I AM the way the
    TRUTH and life. No one comes to the FATHER except
    through me
  • The key passion for JESUS was to make a way for
    man to reach to GOD the FATHER
  • JESUS made the only way by shedding HIS blood. No
    other prophet or holy man shed their blood to
    redeem their followers (Buddha, Mohammed)
  • None of these religions have the transformation
    power that we see in the NAME of JESUS

How can we be certain about these events?
  • Could Christ have simply arranged HIS life to
    match all the previous Bible
  • prophecies, including all the miracles, the
  • He would have to have all HIS enemies (the Roman
    Army, Chief
  • priest, Pharisees and the whole Jewish
    nation play to HIS script!)
  • HE would also have to manufacture every
    supernatural event in the Bible (virgin birth,
    healings, walking on water etc)
  • Prophesied over 400 times in the Bible
  • Sold for 30 pieces of silver (Zech 11v 12 -13),
    JESUS word on the cross (Ps 22 v1-7, v16-17),
    JESUS sufferings (Isa 53 v1-12)
  • It was recorded by many 1st Century non-Christian
    historians such as Josephus
  • Why would JESUS disciples choose to die for
    what they know is a lie e.g. being burnt alive or
    thrown to lions?
  • What of the transforming power
    that we see today?

Why the cross? It is the only solution to sin
  • Sin is costly! Mans relationship with GOD
    has broken
  • Sin is dangerous ! Even presidents have lost
    their place due to sin
  • Sin is deadly! Even lying can kill (ask Ananias
    and Sapphira in Acts 5)
  • Without JESUS, we were all on death row
  • Without the shedding of blood there is no
    forgiveness of sins (Heb 9 v22, Lev 17 v11)
  • Sacrifice of bulls and goats could not take away
    sins it simply covers sin but the power of sin
    is not broken (Heb 10 v 1-7)
  • Blood of JESUS cleanses us and provides eternal
    redemption (Heb 9 v11-14)
  • ?GOD so loved the world (John 3 v16). GOD made
    man in HIS own image there is always that
    attachment to HIS creation

Why the cross? It is the only access to GOD
  • Access to GOD has never been easy without JESUS
  • Open Heavens of the 25 March 2013 was entitled
    GOD so approachable has it always been like
  • Esther 5 v1-3 Having access to people in
    authority is very hard and even in the olden
    days it can cost lives e.g. Esther
  • Ex 19 v 10 -22
  • V10 There is preparation consecration and
  • V12 -13 Access for everyone is NOT allowed
  • V16 -19 The LORD thunders and even mountains
    quake hence one has to be careful and approach
    HIM with GODLY fear and humility
  • v21 Unauthorised access will kill - just like
    any live wire can kill
  • v23 Once a place is declared a Holy ground,
    there MUST be limits set
  • v22 -25 Even the priest could NOT have access to
    GODs presence

Access to GOD is limited to the qualified
  • ?ISREAL ON THE MOVE and the TEMPLE has
    demarcations (inner and outer court and the HOLY
    of HOLIES) i.e. there are limits to access
  • The Temple was where the presence of GOD resided 
  • You MUST qualify(i.e. be a Levite) before you
    can even have access to the Tabernacle(Num 1
  • You MUST be the High priest to have access to the
    inner court and the HOLY of HOLIES
  • It is only at the HOLY of HOLIES that requests
    can be made.

Access to GOD is limited to the qualified
Access to GOD is limited to the qualified
Access to GOD is limited to the qualified
Access to GOD is limited to the qualified
Access to GOD is granted to everyone
  • Matthew 27 v50 -51
  • JESUS cut the curtain granting us access into the
  • It is only at the HOLY of HOLIES that requests
    are granted
  • JESUS is still making a way and opening doors
    for us today
  • You dont need to be of any pedigree but you
    MUST be born again.
  • We see that JESUS set people free once HIS blood
    touches the earth to the extent that even the
    dead arose. HE is still doing the same today!

Access to GOD is granted to everyone
  • Today the only access is through the BLOOD of
    JESUS (Heb 9v11-14 and 10v 1-10)
  • The BLOOD of JESUS took common people like us
    from the exterior into the Outer court -gt from
    the Outer to the Inner court -gt and from the
    Inner court to the HOLY of HOLIES
  • Our LORD JESUS also granted us freedom so that we
    can come boldly to GOD the FATHER to receive help
    in time of need(Heb 4 v16)

The Cost of Salvation
  • Matthew 27 v 22-66, Matthew 28 v1-10, v16-20

The Cost of Salvation
  • ? Demonstration of humility (Phil 2v 5-8)
  • Demonstration of total submission to the will of
    GOD v us humans (Isa 53, Heb 2v 9 -10 Captain
    of our Salvation)
  • Showing forgiveness self control (even when
    nailed to the cross), Christ restrained himself
    for you!
  • Make no mistake, JESUS suffering was brutal
    (King of the Jews!)
  • JESUS agonised over what HE was about to face
  • Could there be any other way (JESUS enquired of
    the FATHER). Do not be deceived there is NO
    other way except through JESUS

Victory through the BLOOD of JESUS
  • The BLOOD of JESUS speaks forgiveness unlike the
    blood of Abel that speaks condemnation
  • Matt 28v18 JESUS said All power is given unto
  • The BLOOD of JESUS has power over death and Hell
    and the devil
  • I am the resurrection and the Life(JESUS
    told Martha)
  • - Dead saints rose (Math 27 v 52-53)
  • Opened the way for us to have direct access to
    the FATHER (Math 27 v 51)
  • Securing our hope for eternal life
  • Bought us by HIS blood - HE now stands as the
    GREAT HIGH PRIEST(Heb 2 v14 -18)

Victory through the BLOOD of JESUS
  • For Christ is the end of the law for
    righteousness to everyone
  • who believes (Romans 104)
  • JESUS triumphed over the devil and all
    principalities and powers (Col 2 v15, Eph 1 v21)
  • JESUS wiped away the death penalty (Col 2 v
  • JESUS restored our relationship with the FATHER
    (Eph 2 v14 -18)
  • For by one offering HE has perfected forever
    those who are being sanctified(Heb 1014).

Victory through the BLOOD of JESUS
  • The BLOOD of JESUS brings a new covenant (Matt
  • I am going to my FATHER and your father (John 20
  • JESUS still stands today as our GREAT HIGH
    PRIEST pleading for us because of HIS blood.
    Because CHRIST himself suffered HE is able to
    sympathise with them that suffers (Heb 2v18)
  • JESUS also gave us the only weapon that defeats
    the devil
  • Rev 12 v11 They overcame him by the BLOOD of the

Victory through the BLOOD of JESUS
  • Hope for the future
  • The BLOOD of JESUS also qualifies us for Heaven
  • Rev 7 v9-14 Those whose robe are washed in the
    BLOOD of the LAMB

  • There is no other way but JESUS
  • May the LORD bless you as you keep HIS word
  • Amen
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