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Alleluia, Christ is risen,


Alleluia Alleluia Christ is with us He is with us indeed Alleluia And so ... may they rise to new life with Christ. Lord, ... Alleluia, Christ is risen, Author: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Alleluia, Christ is risen,

Fifth Sunday of Lent
Alleluia AlleluiaChrist is with usHe is
with us indeedAlleluia
  • And so we gather. In the name of the Father

Walk with me, oh my Lord Through the darkest
night And brightest day. Be at my side, oh
Lord, Hold my hand and guide me On my way.

1. Sometimes the road seems long, My energy is
spent. Then, Lord, I think of you And I am
given strength
4. Help me to pierce the mists That cloud my
heart and mind, So that I shall not fear The
steepest mountain-side.
2. Stones often bar my path, And there are times
I fall, But you are always there To help me
when I call.
5. As once you healed the lame And gave sight to
the blind Help me when I'm downcast To hold my
head up high.
3. Just as you calmed the wind And walked upon
the sea Conquer, my living Lord The storms that
threaten me.
Lord, You gave up your life for us. Let us try
to live in Your example. Amen
Mrs. Dunstone
  • You come to us in light,
  • Lord have mercy.
  • Lord, have mercy.
  • You bring us out of the shadows,
  • Christ have mercy.
  • Christ, have mercy.
  • You send us to share your love,
  • Lord have mercy.
  • Lord, have mercy.

Mrs. Dunstone
Mrs. Measures
A Reading from the Gospel according to St.John
Glory to you, Oh Lord
The Gospel of the Lord
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ
(No Transcript)
I wonder what you heard in the Gospel
today? How does it make you feel to know that
God loves us all so much that He was willing to
sacrifice His only son Jesus? What did He mean
when He said He was like a grain of wheat? Do
you think Jesus was afraid to die? What must we
do to share Gods glory? Mrs. Dooley
Mr. Powell
In the gospel today Jesus used an example from
nature to help His followers understand His
message. In nature, new life often depends on
another life coming to an end. Jesus explained
that just as one little wheat seed falling to the
soil can produce an ear of grain with many, many
seeds, His own death would produce a rich harvest
of new and eternal life.
Mrs. Ricketts
For todays ritual response we would like each
class to take a picture of an ear of wheat to
remind us that we are all the seeds of God and
Jesus death allowed us to share in a new life of
eternal glory with Him.
Mrs. Ricketts
We remember our brothers and sisters throughout
the world as we pray together The response is
sung, Lord hear our prayer. We pray for the
Church and all who follow Christ. Lord in your
mercy Lord hear our prayer. We pray for those
who have died in faith, may they rise to new life
with Christ. Lord, in your mercy Lord hear our
prayer. We pray for peace and forgiveness in our
troubled world. Lord, in your mercy Lord hear
our prayer. Knowing that our heavenly Father is
listening, in the silence of our own heartslet us
share our own unspoken prayers with Him. Mrs.
Let us say this prayer together Loving Father,
make our lives pleasing to you. As children of
God, may we produce a rich harvest for your
kingdom of love. We ask this through Christ our
Saviour. Amen
1.Longing for light, we wait in darkness.Longing
for truth, we turn to you.Make us your own, your
holy people,Light of the world to see. 2.
Longing for peace, our world is troubled.Longing
for hope, many despair.Your word alone has powr
to save us.Make us your living voice. 3.
Longing for food, many are hungry,Longing for
water, many still thirst.Make us your bread,
broken for others,shared until all are fed. 4.
Longing for shelter, many are homeless,Longing
for warmth, many are cold.Make us your building,
sheltering others,walls made of living
stones. 5. Many the gifts, many the people,many
the hearts that yearn to belong.Let us be
servants to one another,making your kingdom
Christ, be our light! Shine in our hearts.Shine
through the darkness. Christ, be our
light!Shine in your Church gathered today.
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