Mrs. Leal-Mansito 2nd Grade Math/Content Open House - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Leal-Mansito 2nd Grade Math/Content Open House


Mrs. Leal-Mansito 2nd Grade Math/Content Open House Working together as a partnership is an essential tool to your child s academic growth and development. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mrs. Leal-Mansito 2nd Grade Math/Content Open House

Mrs. Leal-Mansito 2nd Grade Math/Content Open
  • Working together as a partnership is an essential
    tool to your childs academic growth and

Morning Drop-off for Main Campus
  • Students are to be dropped off (no earlier than
    730 a.m.) in the drive way on the North side of
    the building and are to walk to their line up
    number under the P.E. shelter. Our class lines
    up on number 12.
  • Students will be picked up by the teacher at 825
  • No parents will be allowed in the building due to
    our Closed Campus Policy.
  • If students arrive early, they may have breakfast
    in the cafeteria at no cost to them. Breakfast
    is provided to all students daily. Once they are
    done in the cafeteria, they are to go directly to
    the line up to be picked up by the teacher.

Dismissal for Main Campus
  • Students will be dismissed at 245 p.m., except
    on Wednesdays, which will be at 145 p.m.
  • Parents are to stay in their cars, unless they
    walk home.
  • The teachers will call for your child and put
    them in the car.
  • All students must be picked up by 300 p.m.

  • When a student reaches 5 absences (excused or
    unexcused) parents will be sent home an absence
    notification letter and a SCAM will be filled out
    and submitted to the counselor.
  • When a student reaches 10 absences (excused or
    unexcused) a SCAM will be filled out and
    submitted to the administrator.
  • For every additional 5 absences (excused or
    unexcused) a SCAM will be filled out and
    submitted to an administrator.

Tardy Policy
  • In the Main Building, the first bells rings at
    830a.m. and students need to be in the classroom
    by 835a.m. If not, students are marked tardy.
  • On 3rd tardy in a 9-week period, a Parent
    Notification will be sent home.
  • On the 4th tardy in a 9-week period, students are
    referred to the counselor. For any additional
    tardy, students will be referred to the counselor
    and an administrative detention will be issued.

Early Dismissal
  • When students accumulate 5 early dismissals, they
    are referred to the counselor.
  • After 10 early dismissals, a SCAM will be filled
    out and referred to a counselor.

Parent Communication
  • Students are to bring their B.E.E BINDER each day
    to school. The B.E.E Binder lives in the
  • Any notes, money(in a labeled envelope), or
    information that needs to be sent to school
    should be placed in the front pencil pouch of the
    B.E.E Binder. No supplies should be kept in the
    pouch of the binder.
  • Any information we need to send to you that needs
    to be signed returned will be placed in the
    pocket labeled RETURN RIGHT BACK of the Blue
  • Any papers or information placed in the LEAVE AND
    KEEP AT HOME pocket should be taken out and kept
    at home.
  • If you need to speak with me, it is best to
    e-mail me or send me a note in the pencil pouch
    or blue vinyl Parent Communication Folder.

Parent Communication Cont
  • My e-mail address is
  • You may also call the school (305)557-3303 and
    leave a message. Keep in mind I may not get your
    message till the end of the day. I will make
    every effort to call you the same day. If not, I
    will get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Our class website is another means of
    communicating with you. You will receive
    frequent e-mails letting you know that new
    information has been posted. We encourage you to
    check it on a regular basis and access the
    information/links we have for you.
  • http//

Home Learning
  • Home Learning is given daily and listed on the
    Home Learning sheet that goes home on Monday
    (Tuesday if Monday is a TWD or Non-school day).
  • Home Learning is to be completed daily and
    returned to school the next day unless otherwise
  • Pages assigned from the Math Practice Book will
    be torn out each day and need to be completed
    nightly. Your child should keep this page in the
    Yellow Home Learning folder of the B.E.E Binder
    and brought back for review the following day.
  • Home Learning is to be completed by the CHILD,
    not the parents. Your role is to assist your
  • Please review and sign your childs Home Learning
    sheet after assignments are completed. This
    ensures that you are aware of the assignments
    given and assure that your child completed their
  • Technology will be incorporated in the Home
    Learning. Students will be required to complete
    assignments on IXL, I-Ready, Reflex Math,
    Pearson, and other school wide programs as

Grading Scale
  • Grade Pt. Value (Percentage/Grade Pt. Average)
  • A (Excellent progress) 90 - 100, 4 points.
  • B (Good progress) 80 - 89, 3 points. 
  • C (Satisfactory progress) 70 - 79, 2 points. 
  • D (Minimal progress) 60 - 69, 1 point. 
  • F (Unsatisfactory progress) 59 and below, 0

  • Class/School Code of Conduct
  • The following are a list of rules that we, as a
    class, have determined will help keep our
  • Class/school a safe, fair, and a good learning
  • Be prepared for class and in your seat when the
    bell rings.
  • Remain in your seat and work quietly to complete
  • Raise hand to speak.
  • Follow directions the first time given.
  • Remain silent while instruction is taking place.
    Eyes watching, ears listening at all times.
  • Do not make rude noises (ie pencil tap, mouth
    sounds, etc)
  • Walk. Do not run, especially with objects in your
  • Show respect to others and adults.
  • Respect personal property of others.
  • Keep classroom and cafeteria clean.
  • Be Kind and help others.
  • Keep your hands, feet and other objects to
  • Follow the rules of a straight line
  • 1. look
  • 2. walk

  • I will be keeping track of your childs positive
    behavior as well as behaviors that need
    improvement utilizing an online tool called Class
    Dojo. Each child will earn/loose points based on
    our class discipline contract above. You and
    your child can monitor points daily and get
    immediate feedback on how their day was. You
    will also be able to receive class updates and
    read/reply to private, instant messages from me.
    Students will receive incentives at the end of
    the week for points earned. Some of the rewards
    for points earned would include
  • Verbal Praise
  • Stickers
  • Positive Notes
  • Incentive Passes for No Home Learning, Computer
    Time, etc
  • Your childs Conduct grade at the end of each
    nine week period will be determined by
  • their Class Dojo percentage and will correlate
    with our grading system on a 10 point scale
  • 100-90 - A
  • 89-80 - B
  • 79-70 - C
  • 69-60 - D
  • 59 or below F

2015-2016 District Wide Assessment Calendar
  • GRADE 2
  • Date/Assessment
  • September 8 October 2
  • I-Ready Diagnostic Test Assessment Period
    1 (AP1) 
  • January 5 - 29
  • I-Ready Diagnostic Test Assessment Period
    2 (AP2)
  • February April
  • ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 (ELL only)
  • April 4 7
  • Stanford Achievement Test- Tenth Edition
    Reading and Mathematics (SAT-10)
  • May 9 June 3
  • I-Ready Diagnostic Test Assessment Period
    3 (AP3)

Parent/Student Portal
  • Parents have access to their childs grades and
    other student information through the Parent
    Portal on
  • You will need a Parent Pin in order to create a
    parent account.
  • Students must know their Student ID and student
    portal password at all times. This is how they
    will be able to access their books and district
    wide applications.

Parent Volunteers
  • Parents who wish to volunteer must fill out the
    School Volunteer Program Registration Form, which
    is found online through the Parent Portal at
  • Parents need to have clearance and a volunteer
    number before they can come into the classroom.
  • Parents should come to the main office to provide
    a copy of their Drivers License so that the
    school can finalize your clearance.
  • Please make sure to e-mail your Volunteer Number
    to me so that we can keep it on file.

Other Important Information
  • Please remember that we are a mandatory uniform
    school. Students should wear their blue or gold
    uniform shirt and beige or blue uniform bottoms
    (boys can wear shorts or pants, girls can wear
    shorts, skorts, or pants).
  • Uniform sales are on the 2nd Tuesday of each
  • Students will be given opportunities to dress
    down on PTSA sponsored events or other events as
  • It is imperative that all Emergency Contact Cards
    are returned and updated as necessary. It makes
    it easier for us to contact you in any event.
  • Please be sure that you utilize the PayPams
    website to pre-pay your childs lunch. Lunch is
    2.25 a day or 11.25 a week. You can find the
    link to PayPams on our class website under Parent
  • Remember to join our wonderful PTSA. They are
    the backbone of our school and provide so much to
    the students. They fund so many wonderful
    programs such as IXL and Brainpop, and events
    such as the Holiday Store, and Blast Day to name
    the few. Our class goal is to have 100 parent
    participation. PTSA will give a prize to the
    winning class!

Other Important Information
  • Please be sure your child has all pencil
    box/pouch supplies readily available and in
    school daily
  • Sharpened 2 pencils
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 Highlighter marker
  • 2 red pens
  • 1 box of 24 count Crayola crayons
  • 1 box of colored pencils
  • 1 4oz. bottle of Elmers glue (white glue only!)
  • 1 Fiskar scissor
  • 1 Jumbo glue sticks
  • As mentioned before, the B.E.E Binder is to
    live in your childs backpack and brought to
    school each day.

  • I thank you in advance for your cooperation,
    support, efforts in making this a great
    2014-2015 school year!
  • Mrs. Leal-Mansito
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