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the most widely-owned book that no one reads. Top 3 clues you need to read the Bible more When you open your Bible, your allergies explode because of all the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The%20Bible

The Bible
  • the most widely-owned book that no one reads.

Top 3 clues you need to read the Bible more
  • When you open your Bible, your allergies explode
    because of all the dust
  • You think the minor prophets were a rock group
    from the 1960s
  • Your favorite Bible verse is, Jesus went about
    doing good and casting out deacons.

What is the Bible?
  • The Scriptures constitute a coherent whole. They
    are at once divinely inspired and humanly
    expressed. They bear authoritative witness to
    God's revelation of Himself in creation, in the
    Incarnation of the Word, and in the whole history
    of salvation, and as such express the word of God
    in human language. We know, receive, and
    interpret Scripture through the Church and in the

Why read it?
  • The Bible is not primarily read in order to
    appropriate theological or doctrinal convictions
    or to set moral, social or ethical norms rather
    it is read in order to experience the life of
    communion that exists in God.

Why read it?
  • In the Bible one finds the self revelation of
    God and can come to a true and genuine knowledge
    of Him and His will and purpose for man and the
    world. In and through the Bible, human persons
    can enter into communion with God. - Fr.
    Thomas Hopko

Inspired Word of God
  • 2 Timothy 316All Scripture is given by
    inspiration of God, and is profitable for
    doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for
    instruction in righteousness,
  • Given by inspiration Theopneustos meaning

Inspired Word of God
  • 1 Thessalonians 213For this reason we also
    thank God without ceasing, because when you
    received the word of God which you heard from us,
    you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it
    is in truth, the word of God, which also
    effectively works in you who believe.

Teaches Doctrine
  • Orthodox doctrine is rooted in the Bible
  • What more shall I teach you than what we read in
    the Apostle? For Holy Scripture fixes the rule
    for our doctrine, lest we dare to be wiser than
    we ought. - St. Augustine

Teaches Doctrine
  • Everything in the Church must be biblical for
    the Church, in order to be the Church, must be
    wholly expressive of the Bible or more
    accurately, it must be wholly faithful to and
    expressive of that reality to which the Bible is
    itself the scriptural witness. - Fr. Thomas

Corrects Us
  • 2 Timothy 42Preach the word! Be ready in season
    and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with
    all longsuffering and teaching.

Instructs Us in Righteousness
  • For just as the tree planted by the channels of
    waters, so also the soul watered by the divine
    Scripture is enriched and gives fruit in its
    seasonand is adorned with evergreen leafage, I
    mean, actions pleasing to God. For through the
    Holy Scriptures we are trained to action that is
    pleasing to God, and untroubled contemplation.
    For in these we find both exhortation to every
    virtue and dissuasion from every vice. If,
    therefore, we are lovers of learning, we shall
    also be learned in many things. For by care and
    toil and the grace of God the Giver, all things
    are accomplished - Fr. John of Damascus

How to read it?
  • Devotional reading
  • Topical Study
  • Book Study

Devotional Study
  • Prayerful mediation on a passage
  • Read the Holy Gospel, be penetrated by its
    spirit, make it the rule of your life, your
    handbook in every action and question of life
    act according to the study of the Gospel.

Devotional Study
  • Consider what essential truth God is
    communicating in the passage
  • What do these passages tell you about Christ?
  • How are they reflected in the theology of the
  • In the hymns sung in the Liturgy?

Devotional Study
  • These are not just distant places, events in the
    remote past. They belong to my own encounter with
    the Lord.
  • Put yourself in the place of those of whom you
    are reading.
  • Favor the words of the Bible over that of society
  • Should read and seek to practice what you learn
    every day

Topical Study
  • Examine what the Bible says about a particular
  • Create list of words related to the topic
  • Use online search to find all mention of the topic

Book/Passage Study
  • Discover the central themes of a biblical book
  • Allows you to examine in detail the ways in which
    God dealt with His people in a specific
    historical context and how it applies to us today

Book/Passage Study
  • Background
  • Who is the author?
  • Under what circumstances religious, political,
    and cultural was the book written?
  • Audience?
  • Start broad and then study details

Book/Passage Study
  • Identify main themes
  • Study cross-references
  • Attend Bible Studies
  • Orthodox Commentaries

Communion with God
  • Bible is Lifes Guidebook
  • Knowledge Faith Struggle ? Virtue
  • By reading it, meditating on it, and practicing
    we can achieve communion with God and lead a life
    of virtue
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