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5/16/2013 All deeds ultimately bring one back to the impermanent, because their forces all have their final day. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Be Done With Dunn

Be Done With Dunn Stop Reagan Dunn King
County Municipal corporation from taking more
private propertyat the expense of local property
owners Update on Squak Mountain Trojan Horse
All deeds ultimately bring one back to the
impermanent, because their forces all have their
final day. They are like a dart discharged
through the air when its strength is exhausted,
it turns and falls to the ground. Thus do they
all revert to the wheel of life and
death. His-Yun Zen Calendar May 15, 2013
To know what we do not know is the beginning of
wisdom. Maha Sthavira Sangarakshita
The states long ago lost control of
their constitutionally created children, i.e. the
public and private corporations.  The states were
lead (by their nose) to originate and
continuously revise the state constitutions to
give themselves more power while downloading more
power via "home rule" to THEIR municipal monopoly
while taking out, not including or diluting core
individual unalienable rights.  Constitutions do
no dictate or limit sovereign state Citizens
rights.  Furthermore, the rights and ownership of
the American infrastructure and natural resources
are systematically outsourced via development
rights and deception sales to international
corporate boards at a direct cost to the property
owner and tax payer.  This is a form of human
wage and property trading, i.e. human slavery
and indentured servitude on a massive global
level.  The municipal  planning associations
across America and beyond American borders
are charged with expanding their centralized
planning areas for increased control.  Planning
Control.  The Bank of International
Settlements, World Bank, IMF, unFederal
unReserve, IRS and all the applicable cereal
agencies are systematically tightening up their
fish nets to pull us all into their pockets. 
Reagan Dunn and his King County Muni Corp.
cohorts plus thousands of other city and county
municipal corporations are part and parcel of
this green planning game.  The globalist have
made an end run around DeCeit, Inc. and created
many avenues of taking beyond what the average
American can believe. Slavery today has become
much more sophisticated than ships of human cargo
traded across the Atlantic.  Now the same global
families who have always been in control of the
vast majority of the money and power, trade in
cornering markets of natural resources which
thread down to enslaving humans, their wages,
lives and their public and private property. As
more Americans wake up everyone else up, this
global to local green web will be ripped out.
The world will not end and there will be no chaos
or anarchy as many believe.  The chaos will only
be in the eyes of the fat greedy spiders spinning
these webs of lies taking local property one bite
at a time tying up the allodial rights of
sovereign state Citizens so the next insect can
spin a larger web to poison more communities
using forced usury, taxes and regulatory
compliance. At least one third of Americans
strongly believe the masses must be controlled or
there will be anarchy. The planning
associations, politicians, lawyers and banksters
play on this fear by constantly creating false
flags for profit and power. One glaring clue to
believe this is the following no one can get out
of this political subdivision prison camp.
Those who try die. The public and private
corporations at the direction of elite global
bodies will use any deception and tyranny
necessary to create a pretext to take your
private and public land, privacy, home, vehicles,
animals, independence, sovereignty including
killing you and/or creating false flags events to
justify doing so. They will deny any global
connection because someone who wants your land
and wages more than you do, always has a better
public and hidden reason to steal you property
and wages with lies enough to convince at least a
majority of their peers, i.e. plutocracy. 
 Here we go again with Dunn taking more private
property (216 acres) by using private property
taxes behind closed doors without a vote by the
property owners while property owners were
working, if they were lucky to have a job, King
County Municipal Corporation was working harder
taking everything you own.
  • Property owners, state senators and
    representatives should notice these land taking
    decisions are made before they are announced.  
  • Millions of Americans are jobless, homeless,
    living with relatives if they are lucky to have
    any, just to survive, while these Muni Mafia
    drive us into further poverty.
  • States like Maine are now waking up finally to
    stopping all land takings based on UN Agenda 21,
    see below. 
  • Municipal corporations should return all this
    stolen wages to the property owners.
  • Municipal corporations are NOT true and honest
    free limited governments,
  • They are simply a utility service provider
    mutated into a network of global corporations via
    a popcorn effect influenced by super agendas. 
  • Municipal corporations cannot put a gun to the
    head of a property owner and compel payment for
    anything, most especially the following
  •  recreational land, "toxic" weed control, "flood
    control", ferries, "emergency medical services",
  • "Other", Libraries, Hospital, Fire, Port,
    unincorporated/Road, City, County, Local School
    Support, State.
  • Stealing private property by taking property
    owner's wages is NOT necessary, not apportioned
    evenly as required by the U.S. CONstitution and
    not permitted at all by American fundamental
    laws, do you get the picture.
  • True and honest free limited republics cannot
    legitimize theft no more than an individual can.
  • True and honest free limited republics and THEIR
    public private corporations cannot make a wrong
    a right by "majority no more than
    an individual thief can justify his takings with
    fellow thieves. 
  1. In a true and honest free limited republic, there
    is a very clear line in the consciousness of the
    community separating the church and the state
  2. Separating the church and state from the divine
    birthrights of the individual sovereign and free
    state Citizen. 
  3. Neither the church nor the state can take free
    will and free choice away from the state Citizen,
    especially for "recreational" purposes. 
  4. A true and honest free limited republic was never
    meant to be run by "professional" career
    politicians and lawyers.
  5. All public servants take short term offices and
    rotate so neither party, politics, religion,
    special interest roots
  6. The global to local movement has infested itself
    from day one into our republic and Hamilton made
    sure of that. 
  7. It is critical to understand land takings are
    planned and taken one bite at a time over
  8. The hope of the Takers is the average Citizen
    will never notice and even applaud the taking.
  9. One day you and your children wake up and there
    is no private property to own with allodial
    rights, i.e. today.
  10. There is no public land to homestead upon, you
    can raise no crops, you cannot build, you cannot
    do anything with your property, i.e. today.
  11. Every piece of property and movement is "secured"
    by cameras and satellites and controlled at
    locations far from where you were born and
    raised, this is exactly what HAS happen.
  12. Property owners do not need Reagan Dunn or any of
    his type who are working day and night with
    globalist agendas for their profit and  power. 
  13. Municipal Corporations are unnecessary
    monopolies which must be reconstituted into free
    market coops and local private enterprises
    offering free choice.  

King county municipal corporation has signed with
the trust for public land to tie up more
private property they do not need at the expense
of local property owners
Land Conservation is a Trojan Horse for global to
local entanglement of our sacred individual
sovereignty and property rights greased with UN
Agenda 21.
  • The Trust For Public Land is one of the main
    organizations which is a member of the UN Agenda
    21 International Union for Conservation and
  • American is blessed with 95 rural space does
    not need more rural land takings nor rat packing
    of the urban areas.
  •  Notice Maurice Strong is one of the global key
    players (link following) and former director of
    the UN Environments Program, Chairman of World
    Wildlife Foundation and a communist -
  • Read about Maurice Strong here -
  • The Trust For Public Land is also part of The
    Smart Growth Network which is a nationwide effort
    coordinated by the U.S. Environmental Protection
    Agency Urban and Economic Development Division.
  • http//
  • The EPA is one of the worst U.S. federal cereal
    agencies  - http//
  • The Trust for Public Land has infested some 43
    states acquiring over a 100 tracts of land.  
  • See their board here - http//
  • Here is their interactive green taking map -

State of Maine waking up -to land conservation
Trojan horse un agenda 21
  • Here is an excellent article on what has happen
    in Maine using land trusts to tie up land -
  •  Please read this article via link directly
    below to understand how this game is played out,
    i.e. the Agenda.
  • http//
  • Maine has started a bill "An Act To Ban the
    United Nations Agenda 21 in Maine" to stop all
    political subdivisions, e.g. municipal
    corporations from entering into any agreements
    with these organizations.
  • "This bill prohibits the State or any political
    subdivision of the State from adopting or
    implementing policies originating in the United
    Nations Agenda 21 or other international laws
    that restrict private property rights without due
    process. Because the United Nations has
    accredited and enlisted numerous nongovernmental
    and intergovernmental organizations to assist in
    the implementation of its policies related to
    Agenda 21 around the world, the bill prohibits
    the State or any political subdivision from
    entering into agreements or financial
    arrangements with those organizations."
  • Land "conservation" is not what you think it is,
    i.e. it is a selling out of our sovereignty and
    property rights to international corporations
    colluding with local municipal corporations
    transferring private property into a highly
    coordinated network of international corporate
    boards.  No  you do not need to put your tin hat
    on to believe this. 

Link to above Maine bill - http//www.mainelegisla
Be done with dunn take his cooked survey fill
his ear
  •  I invite all property owners to take Reagan
    Dunn's cooked survey and turn it around on him
    AND then call, fax or email him and the council
    of self bestowed kings with divine rights.  They
    are stealing us blind, YOU MUST ACT NOW AND call,
    fax, email your Representative and Senator and
    tell them to contact Maine leaders on
  • http//
  • Take action and flood his phone, fax and email to
    stop this nonsense.
  • Councilmember Reagan Dunn Council
    District 9  516 Third Ave., Rm. 1200Seattle, WA
    98104Phone 206-296-1009Toll Free
    800-325-6165TTY/TDD 206-296-1024Fax
  • KingCountyCouncil, Reagan DunnE-mail
  • KingCountyCouncil, Dow ConstantineE-mail
  • Property owners demand all your public servants
    sign this Resolution on Property Rights including
    Dunn and Dow.
  • http//

We do not need more rural space, we have more
than enough, see below. We need free choice and
free will returned to America. Muni planners and
those directing them need to put in prison for
life .
If you cannot believe that others what your
local land more than you do, watch Dr. Michael
Coffmans findings http//
There is no need for private land takings at the
expense of local property owners property
rights municipal corporations are lying to
corral more sheeple for slaughter
  • This 216 acre Squak Mountain taking is being done
    at the same time King County Municipal
    Corporation is trying to take 43,000 acres off of
    SR410 toward Mt. Rainier Park in Washington state
    by colluding with John Hancock Timber Company
    which is a part of a large international Canadian
    holding company affiliated with the UN Agenda 21
  • I reported on this 43,000 acre taking a month ago
    and sent it to King County Council, WA state
    House and Senate and hundreds of property
    owners.  Please review this research again via
    the link below if you have not seen.
  • The Dark Side of Municipal Corporations - Best
    Viewing Office 1997 - 2003 PowerPoint (large file
    longer download)
  • Here We Go Again - The Dark Side of Municipal
    Corporations - 2nd Best Viewing Option Adobe PDF
    (3MB faster download)
  • Applicable slides follow from the above
    presentation for review. It is imperative to
    visualize the big picture of what is going in
    American Municipalities and their planning
    associations who will deny and defy this.
  • What we don't see and don't believe is killing US
  • America is abundant in property, we do not need
    to conscript American property owners and America
    private and public property with national or
    international corporations. 

The rat packing of American communities by the
global to local interlocking associations is
based on lies they create to control the masses
for profit and power. These lies include
creating false flag strikes, wars, intentionally
leaving our borders unprotected to break the
American worker and their families, population
control, man caused global warming, alternative
energy is economical, trading sprawl for
municipal corporations to sprawl all over our
land, life and unalienable rights.
Planning your life away one Stepford town
after another
No one can take anything from anyone without
their express personal permission because the
minute this happens, everyone else is given a
better reason to take your property than you have
to keep it. FreedomForAllSeasons
  • The true sprawl is the growing nodes of
     municipal and planning associations all over
    America, i.e. local city, county, state, national
    to global.  Public planners and their councils of
    cohorts have swallowed a poison which makes them
    believe they have magic powers and insight
    regarding our sovereign and free future. 
  •  Planners believe they can plan every facet of
  • our life,
  • property, 
  • what we each of us considers right and wrong, 
  • the density of the community we live in
  • the appropriate designation of any land, water
    and air around our allodial land rights, 
  • what type of land is more appropriate for each of
    us to go onto or stay off of,
  • the percentage of open space and agriculture
    space we may live on, 
  • crops the sovereign Citizen may grow or not,
  • when you can burn your slash,
  • the size of your toilet,
  • the type of light bulb you can use as well as the
    appropriate license,
  • permit and fees you will pay for all of the
  • All while they trespass all over your property
    and birthrights and have no professional
    education in the area of their taking.   
  1. All these takings are being done without a vote
    or true understanding of the taking by the poor
    home owners.  Most if not all of the state
    Citizens will not have a clue what is really
    going on even if they were told because they at
    the most listen only to mainstream media.  These
    are back room deals between the benefiting
    municipal corporations and the non government
    corporations like Hancock Timber.
  2. See how much land the federal government holds in
    the western states (above graph) and then add
    land taken by the states and their
    "constitutional" children (the county and city
    municipal corporations).   There is no need nor
    fundamental laws of the land to use force upon
    the individual property owners and business
    owners to take land or anything when America is
    so rich and bountiful in resources and corporate

The nature of natural forcing property owners
to pay to park..
Life is a maze in which we take the wrong turn
before we have learned to walk. Cyril Connolly
  • Political manipulation of nature kills creativity
    and assures failure due to collateral downstream
    problems beyond human comprehension impacting
    the generations proceeding.
  • Many false beliefs which have taken on a life of
    their own can no longer be supported in the mass
  • The nature of these mass takings of property are
    debased on a false structure of political,
    scientific, financial and monetary negative
    rewards which have long run its course.
  • Elite groups of very passionate people have
    created their own reality through their own
    belief system and successfully projected it
    globally to locally like the popcorn effect.
  • The victims of these groups have a very different
    view supported by real science reality who cannot
    be obligated or forced to comply in a true and
    honest limited free Republic.
  • Reality is manipulated through various lens of
    perceptions, e.g. politics, religion, science,
    law, etc.
  • Manipulated data including holding back the big
    picture or creating a biased big picture through
    dogma boils down to intolerance for others
    unalienable rights and rightful credible
    dissenting science.
  • Intolerance, fear and highly judgmental agendas
    are hallmarks of blind belief systems.
  • So called buffers, sensitive areas ordinances,
    critical area ordinances, Shoreline Management
    Acts, Growth Management Acts are environmental
    and social feasibility studies AT BEST which
    should never have been allowed into real life
  • True and honest limited free Republics never
    force property owners to do anything they do not
    directly contract and agree to do. Municipal
    sewer and water utility coops never take anyones
  • So they can look more green
  • So urban muni corporations CAFRs look good
  • So they fit into the ICLEI global community
  • so they can borrow more
  • so they can tax more
  • so they can park out more land
  • So more local property owners have to sell and
    get out of this God forsaken county

Washington state is dumping parks while king
county municipal corporation is parking out more
private land on the backs of local property owners
  • Other Park Related Property Owner Horror Stories
  • WA State Is Dumping Its Park System, Keeping The
    Taxing Funding AND Running
  • 2013-01-29 Parks, Property Rights, And The
    Possibilities Of The Private Law
  • 2013-01-27 Courts throw out gun ban in city parks
    throughout state - The Western Front News
  • 2012-07-11 Request For Info re. Private Property
    Selling Problems Around Parks, National
    Monuments, Conservation Areas
  • 2012-05-12 Re. Global to National to Local Park
  • 2012-04-05 National Monument issue - San Juan
    Island County Council voted 6 to 0 To Include BLM
  • 2012-03-20 Write a Letter To Stop Land Transfers
    From Local To Global
  • Tom DeWeese on National Heritage Areas, UN
    Heritage Areas and "Hallowed Ground,
  • Municipal Research and Service Center Washington
    - Park FacilitiesHow Parks Become Like a Cancer
  • 2011-11-01 The Post-Postal Society - If We Do
    Not Need Public Postal Service We Definitely Do
    Not Need Public Parks
  • 2011-11-01 Tort Law - Sports Law
  • 2011-11-01 San Rafael neighbors continue to
    debate merits of baseball in their town
  • 2011-11-01 Baseball Sound Systems Acoustics
  • 2011-10-14 Bike park/trail impacts property
  • 2011-06-25 Facelift or Theft
  • 2011-05-25 The Nickolis and Charvilles have been
    engaged in years of litigation against Defendants
    over MetroParks attempt to establish a public
    bicycle and leisure path across their property
    on the former Milan Canal Corridor (the Canal
  • 2010-11-01 Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. on the Failure
    of the Public Sector, the Coming Military
  • Beyond 2013 A Transformation Strategy
  • In 2003, the Washington State Parks and
    Recreation Commission adopted Centennial 2013, a
    vision for the future of State Parks and a plan
    to carry it out. For the past decade, State Parks
    has been working with the public and park
    supporters to upgrade and improve state parks all
    across Washington.
  • As Washington State Parks enters its second
    century of service in 2013, a new plan must be
    developed to meet public needs and desires, and
    to continue State Parks' legacy of stewardship
    for future generations.
  • A new strategic planning process is now under
    way, involving recreation, heritage and
    conservation groups, park neighbors and
    supporters, legislators and other governments. We
    are exploring choices and setting direction for
    the next five years and beyond. We especially
    want those who love state parks to be involved in
    the process. Information gained through the
    process will be used to develop the
    transformation strategy intended to succeed the
    Centennial 2013 Plan. http//
  • WA State Inc. is not making enough revenue,
    a.k.a. taxes, on our park system so they are
    going to sell it off to the highest bidder AND
    continue to tax and take more and do less. This
    is what WA State Inc. and its legions of Muni.
    Corporations are designed to do best, tax, take
    and make it look like chocolate cake while
    transferring the sovereignty and ownership of
    your private and public property and your local
    businesses out of state and out of country. All
    while they increase their revenue and net worth.
  • Heritage is a key word taking for UN and global
  • other governments are foreign governments,
  • conservation groups love your land so much they
    will do anything to take it from you. Here is a
    short list of 40 some http//
    parklands-oz.htm .
  • The transformation strategy means the WA State
    Sovereign Citizens will own and control less of
    his or her public land and pay more big time.
  • FreedomForAllSeasons

Force never works it creates more problems
than its worth part 1 of 3 we can have what we
need without stealing private property
For Whom Do The Park Bells Toll, They Toll For
  • City of Seattle privatized the City Aquarium and
    the Zoo because they were increasingly forcing
    operational costs onto the local property owners.
    Now the private owners/investors are free to make
    a profit and provide a viable service to the
    Seattle visiting public not on the backs of local
    property owners.
  • The state of Washington is offloading its Park
  • Public owned park systems poison the community
    private and public property because once land can
    be taken for free there are never enough parks
    to satisfy everyone as long as their land is not
  • If this slide seems counterintuitive to what you
    know about parks please refer to the site page
    link below for examples. Note one case in
    particular of the Rosser family on Vashon Island
    in King County. Vashon Park Division has 22 some
    Parks but the School Dist. , Park Dept. and King
    County still must walk all over one of best and
    dearest families I have long known over 47 years.
  • http//
  1. A municipal corporation is debased on the
    ideology of a monopoly and a monarchy while using
    tyranny and force in a free limited republic
    which can be easily privatized and/or
    reconstituted into a coop giving everyone free
    choice to make the right decisions for themselves
    and their family not on the backs of others who
    do not want anything for anyone and most
    especially when stealing property from A to give
    to B all done by B and C.

King county wa municipal corporation cafr
consolidated annual financial report tax taking part 4 of 8
Between truth and the search for truth, I opt
for the second. Bernard Berenson
King County Municipal Corporation of WA Inc.
Annual Gross Revenue for 2010 is 3.522 Billion
The Property Tax Larceny for the same year is
3.428 Billion Did I Make a Mistake in my
Accounting or is this Unbelievable.
  • The 2010 Total King County Municipal Corporation
    property tax takings and pie chart on the
    previous slide show some 3.428 billion dollars
  • Then refer to the table to the left. King County
    Municipal Corporation has a annual gross revenue
    of some 3.522 billion for the year 2010.
  • The revenue of King County Municipal Corporation
    appears to be near identical to the annual
    property tax larceny grand theft.

Property, wages small family businesses cannot
be taxed, taken, regulated or charged usury
Speech is blasphemy, silence a lie. Above
speech and silence there is a way out I-Tuan
  • There have been at least 53 cases in the Supreme
    Court and Federal Circuit Court ruling against
    the taxing of labor and private property.
  • Supreme Court Cases re. Taxes on Labor -
  • - Also backed up here
  • This documentation lays out 42 U.S. Supreme
    Court rulings against taking of Labor and
    Property and 11 Federal Circuit Court Cases
  • Grand juries must be reinstalled outside of the
    state and its corrupted strangle hold on
    individuals so that the state sovereign and free
    Citizens can prosecute all public officials who
    are stealing individual and family property
    owners and small business owners blind, bankrupt
    and homeless.
  • Taxes of any kind, regulations of any kind and
    usury at any level is equivalent to murder and
    torture and are slow death to the victims and
    societies they are imposed upon.
  • All the politicians, banksters and liewyers and
    their NGOs have turned against the highest
    fundamental laws and the children of the land to
    expand their kingdoms beyond the limited basic
    community sewer, water and power infrastructures.
  • The history of the rights of man show this same
    pattern of denial to free man from tyranny, e.g.
    child labor, slavery, women suffrage, soldiers
    rights, human rights, property rights, etc.
  • Free limited Republics do not debate
    unalienable rights let alone take them, they
    protect them at any cost.
  • In the history of enslavement of others through
    tyranny and war there is one common denominator
    and that is the justification of taking and
    forcing upon others for anothers profit and
    power, i.e. the self righteous and arrogant
    takings debased on thinking the equivalent of a
    utility sewer maintenance public servant knows
    more than the sovereign Citizen.
  • Americans revolted and shed blood to stop all tax
    taking upon their individual and family labor and
    property including regulations and usury.
  • Jesus stated, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom
    do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute?
    Of their own children, or of strangers? Peter
    saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto
    him, Then are the children free. Matthew
    1724-27 King James Version
  • The Laws of Nature and Natures God encompass our
    70 some unalienable rights which are divine
    birthrights providing sanctuary to all man and
    most especially those who have been blessed to be
    born in America. These highest fundamental laws
    are inviolable, immutable, indisputable,
    unrestricted, unqualified and absolute.
  • http//
  • http//
  • The American Declaration of Independence is very
    clear, the colonists detested British oppression
    from uncountable fronts, especially taxing of the
    Citizens (the children vs. strangers.)
  • The American first Revolution intent and success
    was also very clear that Americans were willing
    to fight, bleed and if necessary die to take down
    the monarchy. General Washington and a few
    thousand frontiersmen and the French Navy won our
    freedom. However, the British monarchy remained
    by leaving its barbaric banking system and feudal
    municipal infrastructure exercised by tyranny not
    free choice.

The planning paradigm
  1. The planning paradigm relies on sophisticated,
    centralized interdependent systems of
    services. This creates greater capacity for
    disruption when any one part fails. Economies of
    scale in utilities may come with increased risk
    of failure under duress. This applies to sewage
    treatment infrastructure, communications, water,
    energy distribution, and power supplies. It also
    applies to public transport systems.
  2. Poorly designed intensification reduces permeable
    surfaces, intensifying flood impacts.
  3. Converting brownfield and even greenfield sites
    (such as undeveloped urban space) to housing or
    mixed use reduces the safety valve of open space
    and increases vulnerability associated with the
    concentration of buildings and populations.
  4. Crowding more people into smaller spaces around
    constrained road capacity reduces prospects for
    rapid evacuation from the city or into safe
    structures and areas.
  5. Lifting the density of buildings increases the
    consequential impacts of severe events by such
    things as the collapse of structures, the spread
    of fire, and the transmission of disease.
  6. Mixing uses increases the risk of injury and
    destruction when people live close to premises
    where hazardous and flammable goods may be
    stored. Gas, chemical cleaners, and fuel are
    obvious examples.
  7. Reducing the space available reduces the capacity
    of people households and communities to fend
    for themselves, particularly if the consequences
    of a disruptive event are prolonged.
  8. 2012-08-31 Tom DeWeese -- The American Planning
    Association and Its Faulty Handbook
  9. 2011-02-28 What Kind of Cities Do We Want - Re.
    the Case for Resilient Cities
  10. Groups behind Agenda21 Taking Property ARE
    American Planning Assoc., Int. Council for Local
    Env. Initiatives, Sierra Club, Southern Poverty
    Law Center, to name a few.
  11. 2011-09-19 CAPR San Juan County WA Letter by
    Frank PenwellTo San Juan Planning Commission
    2008-11-30 Central PS Growth Planning Hearings

The central banking warfare investment model
Okay Ms. Fitts "...... you mention as a prime factor that governs our lives on planet earth for roughly the last 500 years the central banking-warfare investment model. Can you describe to us at the beginning of this interview some of the essential characteristics, rationales and goalsof that model?The central banking-warfare investment model is really a control model, through which a small group of people can control the most resources on the most profitable basis. Essentially what happens is Central banks print money and then the military makes sure that other parties accept it and that the financial system continues to have liquidity. The question many people ask with regards to a fiat currency, which is a paper currency, is Why would anybody take paper, which has no value? They take the paper, because its part of the enforcement and military supervision, if you will, of the network that is printing the money. The system has created a fantastically profitable way of controlling large populations and access to resources very cheaply. Lets say for a second that Mr. Global is in charge of the central banking-warfare investment model Mr. Global prints money and then people take that paper and give him in essence what he needs to buy up and control the national resources. Thepopulation is dependent on his paper and then he controls all the real things. Also through the military, he can steal whatever he wants. And organized crime is a very important component as well, because it can be expansive to drop an army and to occupy a place. If he can take over a place and buy that place with the places own money, its much more efficient, and thats where the drug business traditionally comesin. Its basically part of a model for controlling a territory with huge resources in the cheapest way possible."
2010-9-3 Behind the Wheel With Catherine - About Her Interview
"Although it is unpleasant to acknowledge, we are caught up in an invisible war. We are being tricked and, in many cases, we can't see the game. It follows that if we don't know we're being 'played,' we won't know how to protect ourselves. My goal is to remove the barriers that prevent you from seeing this game how it affects your money, your health, and your safety. Then I can help you take action. This is why I am doing The Solari Report."Catherine Austin Fitts
http// - Listen to short audio clip on "Mind Control"
Learn How Everything You Own Is Stolen -You Don't Know THEM, See THEM Nor Elect THEM
Catherine Austin Fitts offers a unique
perspective on the global financial system and on
the political economy. Her background includes
Managing Director and member of the Board of Wall
Street investment bank Dillon Read Co. Inc.,
Assistant Secretary of Housing Federal Housing
Commissioner in the first Bush Administration and
President of Hamilton Securities Group, a
Washington DC investment bank. Catherine has
designed and closed over 25 billion of
transactions and investments to-date, has led
portfolio strategy for 300 billion of financial
assets and liabilities and has participated in
the private and public workout and turn around of
billions in mortgage, real estate and banking
How to tell if you are in prison or Free
  • Key Thoughts To This Slide
  • American communities have never been totally
    free. While they enjoyed a greater level of free
    choice early in American history, communities
    have been subverted into a nationwide franchise
    of political subdivisions and municipal
    corporations systematically centralizing power
    which are clearly prison camps.
  • American state Citizens have been intentionally
    out maneuvered into playing an escalating
    defensive losing game with the politicians,
    liewyers and banksters and the corporate cartel
    of non government benefactors.
  • When you realize you cannot get out of these
    overlays of political, financial and
    environmental webs anywhere in America, you will
    see we are in a political prison camp.
  • Free and sovereign people are not locked into
    overlays of tyranny, usury, compulsory
    regulations and tax taking for the common good.
  • Prisoners have limited to no choice, free people
    have unlimited choices. Constitutions limit the
    government, not the free state Citizens, i.e. the
    constitutions were cooked from get go.
  • True and honest free limited republics promote
    experiments of freedom and liberty NOT prison
    franchises of feudal habitual municipal
    monarchies using predatory encroachment.
  • I challenge any individual or groups or community
    to get out of this suffocating, dictatorial, self
    bestowing, arrogant, interlocking, degenerate
    imperial system and create your own free
  • The first community(ies) to escape and cut the
    chains of the fed, state and its municipal
    madness will declare themselves free of all
    taxation, usury and compulsory regulations upon
    its local citizens will be flooded with business
    and people stampeding to its doors to reinvent a
    new experiment in freedom and liberty.
  • The act alone of escaping from the municipal
    subdivision prison camps will be the death knell
    of the one world government global to local
    multigenerational squeeze play. They hate
    freedom and anyone who tries to escape will have
    to fight to the death if necessary. This is how
    sick these municipal corporations and their
    mother states and DeCeit Inc. have become. This
    is what Jefferson warned us about and other
    righteous leaders.

The chart above shows how the stages of
oppression under any name ultimately collapse a
society. America is in Stage 3 4. Only when
individuals are allowed to be completely free to
use their God given free will and free choice
will society prosper and become enlighten to shed
itself completely of the chains of over control.
Without risk, experimentation and competition,
freedom and liberty degenerate into oppression.
You cannot force free people to take care of each
other, that is an oxymoron, however you can force
artificial man made creations to perform to some
reasonable code and conduct. God creates man with
free well, then man creates the public and
private corporations, a.k.a. government to
serve man, not visa versa. Man serves God if he
chooses, God gives him a choice. The state
rightful Citizen is the sovereign and free
creator and does not serve government or its
constitutional children of private and public
duped GOVERNMENT employees globalizing American
local land and water for their parks
  1. Rod Dembowski District 1, 206-296-1001rod.dembows
  2. Jane Hague Council Vice Chair, District
  3. Larry Gossett Council Chair, District
  4. Pete von Reichbauer District 7,
  5. Kathy Lambert District 3, 206-296-1003kathy.lambe
  6. Joe McDermott District 8, 206-296-1008joe.mcdermo
  7. Larry Phillips District 4, 206-296-1004larry.phil
  8. Reagan Dunn District 9, 206-296-1009reagan.dunn_at_k
  9. Julia Patterson District 5, 206-296-1005julia.pat
  10. Dow Constantine, County Exec., 206-296-0194,

Tell these usurpers of property rights no
Squak Mountain Forest Takings
One World Government Ignorance UN Agenda 21
  • King County Muni. Corp. Council Education
    Profile(top to bottom left to right)
  • Ferguson Political Science / Law
  • McDermott - Public Admin. /History/Law
  • Patterson Society Justice/English
  • Dunn Undergraduate no subject mention/Law
  • Lambert Teaching/BA no subject/AA no subject
  • von Reichbauer No education mention
  • Hague No education mention
  • Gossett graduate UW no subject mention
  • Phillips JD/Masters of Law
  • Dow Constantine - Politics/Law (Absent)

King County WA Muni Corp. Property Takings Map
  1. King County Municipal Corporation, constitutional
    child of WA Inc., Council members are forbidden
    by the American fundamental and founding laws of
    our land to assume this sovereign role which is
    exactly why this power is left strictly to the
    sovereign and free individual state natural born
  2. These employees only have authority over county
    employees. This group of political egos has been
    given no rightful authority or jurisdiction over
    any Citizens private property or family business.
    Municipal employees have no rightful power or
    authority than a common janitor, plumber or
    electrician. Mayors, councils and cereal
    agencies are merely utility providers, e.g.
  3. The political parties and NGOs behind this
    council front themselves with false masks by
    creating dialectics for power and profit. Voting
    different parties in and out of office has no
    effect to the game plan of the global to local
    agenda. The agenda is to take all forms of
    rightful individual sovereignty and replace it
    with global to local false flag political,
    banking and legal control to suffocate any form
    of sovereign State Citizen freedom and liberty
    to keep you safe while safely keeping them in
    power over your freedom and liberty.
  4. The city and county municipal corporations are
    taking private property from the home owners
    with one hand thru property tax extortion while
    they tie up more private property in land
    development rights with the other hand.
  • To fully understand how easy it is to dupe
    government employees (1) look at the make up of
    this county municipal corporation council. They
    have no technical education or skills to separate
    fact from fiction which is handed to them by
    their NGO cereal agency stooges. Yet they are
    ruling on science and engineering policy they
    have no clue about and worst yet, they are
    strongly biased in outcome debased political
    agendas. (2) More facts at these sites
  • Freedom From Rural Cleansing BY Global To Local
    UN Agenda 21
  • Freedom From Critical Area Ordinances Myths
  • Current Property Battles -Taking Back Our Rights
  • Freedom To Own Property W/O TYRANNY - Embattled
    Owner Stories

About Jack
To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to
understand. Jose Ortega Y Gasset
  • - Table of Contents
  • 1. Mission Statement
  • 2. Natural Law Natural Rights
  • 3. Unalienable Rights vs. Inalienable Rights
  • 4. Organic Laws of The United States of America
  • 5. The British Common Law
  • 6. The U.S. Constitution That Never Was
  • 7. Current Property Battles -Taking Back Our
  • 8. Freedom From Alternative Energy Myths
  • 9. Freedom From Critical Area Ordinances Myths
  • 10. Freedom From Fish Myths
  • 11. Freedom From Endangered Species Mythomania
  • 12. Freedom From Environmental Extremism
  • 13. Freedom From Government Cover Ups - The 9-11
    Hot Engineering Facts
  • 14. Freedom From Government Roundabout Nonsense
    For Humans Fish
  • 15. Freedom From Illegal Aliens in Government
  • 16. Freedom From "Man Caused" Global Warming
  • 17. Freedom From Rails To Trails Takings
  • 18. Freedom From Rural Cleansing BY Global To
    Local UN Agenda 21
  • Jack Venrick
  • Enumclaw, Washington
  • Rollins, Montana
  • Pioneer Family of Montana
  • Pioneer Family of Nebraska
  • Pioneer Family of Wisconsin
  • The Boeing Company 30 Years Service - Retired
  • Montana State University
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering
  • M.S. Applied Science
  • Business Administration
  • Industrial Engineering
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