Are You Weird Enough to Win? Tom Peters The NAB Radio Show New Orleans/09.06.2001 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are You Weird Enough to Win? Tom Peters The NAB Radio Show New Orleans/09.06.2001


Are You Weird Enough to Win? Tom Peters The NAB Radio Show New Orleans/09.06.2001 We are entering an era of no limits, with nothing to brake the cascade of human ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Are You Weird Enough to Win? Tom Peters The NAB Radio Show New Orleans/09.06.2001

Are You Weird Enough to Win?Tom PetersThe NAB
Radio ShowNew Orleans/09.06.2001
We are entering an era of no limits, with
nothing to brake the cascade of human
intelligence unleashed by the Information Age.
The Web essentially allows all the brains on
earth to communicate and share insights in real
time, around the globe, all the time.Jeffrey
Young, Cisco Unauthorized
In 25 years, youll probably be able to get the
sum total of all human knowledge on a personal
device.Greg Blonder, VC was Chief Technical
Adviser for Corporate Strategy _at_ ATT Barrons
lt1000A.D. paradigm shift 1000s of years1000
100 years for paradigm shift1800s gt prior 900
years1900s 1st 20 years gt 1800s2000 10 years
for paradigm shift 21st century 1000X tech
change than 20th century (the Singularity, a
merger between humans and computers that is so
rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the
fabric of human history)Ray Kurzweil, talk
Part I Brand InsidePart II Brand OutsidePart
III Brand Leadership
Forces _at_ Work IThe Destruction Imperative!
The corporation as we know it, which is now 120
years old, is not likely to survive the next 25
years. Legally and financially, yes, but not
structurally and economically.Peter Drucker,
Business 2.0 (08.00)
Good management was the most powerful reason
leading firms failed to stay atop their
industries. Precisely because these firms
listened to their customers, invested
aggressively in technologies that would provide
their customers more and better products of the
sort they wanted, and because they carefully
studied market trends and systematically
allocated investment capital to innovations that
promised the best returns, they lost their
positions of leadership.Clayton Christensen,
The Innovators Dilemma
Acquisitions are about buying market share. Our
challenge is to create markets. There is a big
difference. Peter Job, CEO, Reuters

The New Ge
The Gales of Creative Destruction29M -44M
73M4M 4M - 0M
Brand InsideBrand Org Lean, Linked,
Internet-driven, Virtual
White Collar Revolution!
108 X 5vs. 8 X 1 540 vs. 8 (-98.5)
IBMs Project eLiza!
Brand InsideRedefining the Work Itself The WOW
Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre
successes.Phil Daniels, Sydney exec
Learn not to be careful. Photographer Diane
Arbus to her students (Careful The sidelines,
per Harriet Rubin in The Princessa)
The greatest dangerfor most of usis not that
our aim istoo highand we miss it,but that it
istoo lowand we reach it.Michelangelo
Characteristics of the Also ransMinimize
riskRespect the chain of commandSupport the
bossMake budgetFortune, article on Most
Admired Global Corporations
Forbes100 from 1917 to 1987 39 members of the
Class of 17 were alive in 87 18 are in 87
F100 the 18 F100 survivors underperformed the
market by 20 just 2 (2), GE Kodak,
outperformed the market from 1917 to 1987.SP
500 from 1957 to 1997 74 members of the Class of
57 were alive in 97 12 (2.4) of 500
outperformed the market from 1957 to
1997.Source Dick Foster Sarah Kaplan,
Creative Destruction Why Companies that Are
Built to Last Underperform the Market
Message Are all CEOs bozos? Was Darwin a
genius, or what? So, Boss Man, whadda you say
about risk taking now?And all that (2 of
100 12 of 500) was in relatively placid times.
Brand InsideBrand Talent The Great War for
From 1, 2 or youre out JW to Best
Talent in each industry segment to build best
proprietary intangibles EMSource Ed
Michaels, War for Talent (05.17.00)
We believe companies can increase their market
cap 50 percent in 3 years. Steve Macadam at
Georgia-Pacific changed 20 of his 40 box plant
managers to put more talented, higher paid
managers in charge. He increased profitability
from 25 million to 80 million in 2 years.Ed
Michaels, War for Talent (05.17.00)
Message Some people are better than other
people. Some people are a helluva lot better than
other people.
AS LEADERS, WOMEN RULE New Studies find that
female managers outshine their male counterparts
in almost every measureTitle, Special Report,
Business Week, 11.20.00
Womens Stuff New Economy MatchImprov
skillsRelationship-centricLess rank
consciousnessSelf determinedTrust sensitive
IntuitiveNatural empowerment freaks less
threatened by strong peopleIntrinsic
motivation gt Extrinsic
TAKE THIS QUICK QUIZ Who manages more things
at once? Who puts more effort into their
appearance? Who usually takes care of the
details? Who finds it easier to meet new
people? Who asks more questions in a
conversation? Who is a better listener? Who
has more interest in communication skills? Who
is more inclined to get involved? Who
encourages harmony and agreement? Who has
better intuition? Who works with a longer to
do list? Who enjoys a recap to the days
events? Who is better at keeping in touch
with others?Source Selling Is a Womans Game
15 Powerful Reasons Why Women Can Outsell Men,
Nicki Joy Susan Kane-Benson
Boys are trained in a way that will make them
irrelevant.Phil Slater
The Cracked Ones Let in the LightOur business
needs a massive transfusion of talent, and
talent, I believe, is most likely to be found
among non-conformists, dissenters and
rebels.David Ogilvy
Are there enough weird people in the lab these
days?V. Chmn., pharmaceutical house, to a lab
director (06.01)
And Dr. LauraLarry KingPaul HarveyImusHoward
SternPat RobertsonGarrison KeillorJohn Edwards
MantraM3Talent Brand
Part I Brand InsidePart II Brand OutsidePart
III Brand Leadership
Forces _at_ Work IIThe Sameness Trap
The surplus society has a surplus of similar
companies, employing similar people, with similar
educational backgrounds, working in similar jobs,
coming up with similar ideas, producing similar
things, with similar prices and similar
quality.Kjell Nordstrom and Jonas
Ridderstrale, Funky Business
Companies have defined so much best practice
that they are now more or less identical.Jesper
Kunde, A Unique Moment
Brand OutsideStrategy 1Use E-Commerce to
Re-invent Everything!
Ebusiness is about rebuilding the organization
from the ground up. Most companies today are not
built to exploit the Internet. Their business
processes, their approvals, their hierarchies,
the number of people they employ all of that is
wrong for running an ebusiness.Ray Lane,
Kleiner Perkins
The concept of being always on, always
connected, is very powerful. Companies are
going to need to reach consumers across all the
different transmission media and devices across
wireless, on cell phones, into cars, onto
airplanes, into cabs, into the home and TV set.
Its not just the message now youve got a
connection, what do you do with that?Marc
Andreessen Mosaic, Netscape, Loudcloud
The Age of the Never Satisfied
CustomerRegis McKenna
Brand OutsideDemographics/Strategy 2AWomen
4.8T gt Japan9M/27.5M/3.6T gt Germany
?????????Home Furnishings 94Vacations
92Houses 91Consumer Electronics 51 Cars
60 (90)All consumer purchases 83 Bank
Account 89Health Care 80
Women 50 of Web users 6 of 10 new users 83
of wired women are primary decision makers for
family healthcare, finances, education.Source
Business Week Jupiter Communications
Read This Book EVEolution The Eight Truths
of Marketing to WomenFaith Popcorn Lys
FemaleThink/ PopcornMen and women dont think
the same way, dont communicate the same way,
dont buy for the same reasons.He simply wants
the transaction to take place. Shes interested
in creating a relationship. Every place women go,
they make connections.
EVEolution Truth No. 1Connecting Your Female
Consumers to Each Other Connects Them to Your
The Connection Proclivity in women starts
early. When asked, How was school today? a girl
usually tells her mother every detail of what
happened, while a boy might grunt, Fine.
What If What if ExxonMobil or Shell dipped
into their credit card database to help commuting
women interview and make a choice of car pool
partners?What if American Express made a
concerted effort to connect up female
empty-nesters through on-line and off-line
programs, geared to help women re-enter the
workforce with todays skills?EVEolution
Women dont buy brands. They join them.Faith
Popcorn, EVEolution
STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY I am a businessperson.
An analyst. A pragmatist. The enormous social
good of increased womens power is clear to me
but it is not my bailiwick. My game is
haranguing business leaders about my fact-based
conviction that womens increasing power
leadership skills and purchasing power is the
strongest and most dynamic force at work in the
American economy today. Dare I say it as a
long-time Palo Altan THIS IS EVEN BIGGER THAN
27 March 2000 email to TP from Shelley Rae
Norbeck I make 1/3rd more money than my
husband does. I have as much financial pull in
the relationship as he does. Id say this is also
true of most of my women friends. Someone should
wake up, smell the coffee and kiss our asses long
enough to sell us something! We have money to
spend and nobody wants it!
Brand OutsideDemographics/Strategy 2BWelcome
to Old World!
Age Power will rule the 21st century, and we
are woefully unprepared.Ken Dychtwald, Age
Power How the 21st Century Will Be Ruled by the
New Old
Subject Marketers StupidityIts 18-44,
Subject Marketers StupidityOr is it 18-44
is stupid, stupid!
2000-2010 Stats18-44 -155 21(55-64
Member Growth 1987 199718 34 2635
49 6350 118Source IHRSA
NOT ACTING THEIR AGE As Baby Boomers Zoom into
Retirement, Will America Ever Be the
Same?USNWR Cover/06.01
Aging/ElderlyIm in charge!
507T wealth (70)/2T annual income50 all
discretionary spending79 own homes/40M credit
card users41 new cars/48 luxury610B
healthcare spending/74 prescription drugs5 of
advertising targetsKen Dychtwald, Age Power
How the 21st Century Will Be Ruled by the New Old
Brand OutsideStrategy 3BRAND POWER!
WHO ARE YOU these days ?TP to Client
Brand You Must Care!Success means never
letting the competition define you. Instead you
have to define yourself based on a point of view
you care deeply about. Tom Chappell, Toms of
You do not merely want to be the best of the
best. You want to be considered the only ones who
do what you do.Jerry Garcia
1st Law Mktg Physics OVERT BENEFIT (Focus 1 or
2 gt 3 or 4/One Great Thing. Source 1
Personal Passion)2ND Law REAL REASON TO
BELIEVE (Stand Deliver!)3RD Law DRAMATIC
DIFFERENCE (Execs Dont Get It See the next
slide.)Source Jump Start Your Business Brain,
Doug Hall
2 QuestionsHow likely are you to purchase this
new product or service? (95 to 100 weighting
by execs)How unique is this new product or
service? (0 to 5)No exceptions in 20 years
Doug Hall, Jump Start Your Business Brain
2001 NAB Marconi Radio AwardsJim Bohannon.
Paul Harvey. Ronn Owens. (Mark Breen.) WGY.
The individual station! / The quality of talent!
/ Point of view! / Peculiarity!
Part I Brand InsidePart II Brand OutsidePart
III Brand Leadership
Brand LeadershipPassion Rules!
Create a Cause, not a business. Gary Hamel,
Fortune (06.00), on re-inventing a company
(Exemplar 1 Charles Schwab)
Lets make a dent in the universe.
Steve Jobs
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