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The Dancing Bird of Paradise


From Miss Ida s Porch By Sandra Belton Illustrated by Meryl Treatner Spelling List modesty honesty lucky messy rainy tasty necessity civility nobility ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Dancing Bird of Paradise

Theme Heritage
From Miss Idas Porch
  • By Sandra Belton
  • Illustrated by Meryl Treatner

Spelling List
  1. modesty
  2. honesty
  3. lucky
  4. messy
  5. rainy
  6. tasty
  7. necessity
  8. civility
  9. nobility
  10. agility
  1. hostility
  2. purity
  3. formality
  4. vigilant
  5. servant
  6. assistant
  7. immigrant
  8. pleasant
  9. defiant
  10. resistant

BONUS WORDS 1. buoyant 2. specificity
From Miss Idas Porch
Genre Realistic Fiction A story that contains
characters, settings, and conflicts that can
exist in real life.
Comprehension Strategy Adjusting Reading Speed
  • Focus Questions
  • Who saw Marian Anderson perform in Washington
  • Why was it significant that Marian Anderson sang
    at Constitution Hall?
  • By Sandra Belton
  • Illustrated by Meryl Treatner

Word Structure
lucky messy modesty honesty
specificity normality formality necessity
monument/Lincoln Memorial monument/Lincoln Memorial that magnificent singer/Marian Anderson that magnificent singer/Marian Anderson
servant applicant coolant assistant
Word Structure
  • suffix- is found at the end of a base word.
  • y
  • having the quality of, state, or condition
  • ex honesty
  • ity
  • having the quality of, condition of, or state of
  • ex necessity
  • -ant
  • being in a particular state or one who.
  • ex defiant
  • Levels of Specificity
  • It narrows done a topic.
  • insect beetle ladybug

You can know where you are going in this world
only if you know where youve been!
What do you know about Civil Rights Movement in
the United States?
Building Background
  • From the 1880s to the 1960s, states and cities
    throughout the nation practiced segregation. They
    required separate spaces for white and black
    Americans. Black Americans could not sit in the
    same places, drink from the same water fountains,
    or use the same facilities as white Americans.
  • These laws, known as separate-but-equal laws,
    were anything but equal. The black Americans were
    treated unfairly and discriminated against in
    most settings.
  • The laws were also called Jim Crow laws after a
    character in a minstrel show. The civil rights
    movement worked in opposition to these unfair
    laws, seeking to gain equality for African

This is a frame story. A frame story is a story
within a story. The first two pages of this
selection is the picture frame, and the setting
is the frame for the story within the story.
Setting Miss Idas Porch
The dedication of the Lincoln Memorial.
25 years later Ms. Anderson is singing at
Constitution Hall for a farewell concert.
What are they doing on the porch?
Ms. Anderson sang at the Lincoln Memorial,
because she was not allowed to sing at
Constitution Hall.
Who is sitting on the porch?
How is this connected to the theme heritage?
  • attitude
  • noun
  • A way of acting,
  • thinking, or feeling
  • claim
  • verb
  • To declare as ones own

  • magnificent
  • adj.
  • Outstanding excellent
  • spellbound
  • adj.
  • Fascinated filled with
  • delight or wonder

  • civilizations
  • noun
  • An advanced human society in
  • which agriculture, trade,
  • government, art, and science
  • are highly developed
  • section
  • noun
  • A part of an area

  • concert
  • noun
  • A musical performance
  • finest
  • adj.
  • Most excellent

  • forbidden
  • noun
  • Off-limits
  • trolley
  • noun
  • A streetcar that runs on tracks
  • and gets its power from and
  • electric wire overhead

After completion of test, please file. Must Do
Complete or correct your Sentence 4
Square Correct your sequencing sheet. Use
strategies discussed. 1. Read sequencing
choices 2. Read passage completely one time. 3.
Read a second time, underlining details. 4.
Sequence at the bottom referring to the key
details underlined. Journal Writing In reading
response section, write a comparing and
contrasting paragraph. Compare and Contrast the
4 stories read in our Unit 1. Discuss the ways in
which Heritage was passed down in each story. Use
key words. different same alike
difference although similar
however as well as
on the other hand more/most
both but
in contrast to MAY DO READ