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4 Spiritual Principles Concerning Spiritual Gifts 1 Corinthians 12 One of the primary aspects of church leadership is how it seeks to develop each individual in the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 4%20Spiritual%20Principles%20Concerning%20Spiritual%20Gifts

4 Spiritual Principles Concerning Spiritual Gifts
  • 1 Corinthians 12

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  • One of the primary aspects of church leadership
    is how it seeks to develop each individual in the
    church to realize the fullness of Christ within
  • One of the biggest aspects to Christian growth is
    the proper use of spiritual gifts within the

  • All true use of Spiritual Gifts results in the
    glorification of Christ

  • It is important because it ties in very closely
    with their spiritual growth both individually and
    corporately as a church.
  • It was unfamiliar to them because the Corinthians
    were primarily Gentiles
  • As pagans they could do whatever their debased
    and sinful nature wanted to do.

  • These people were Stoics or Epicureans. Both
    these systems of philosophy were evolutionary
  • With no desire to please a holy God to what
    depths will an unregenerate heart descend?
  • Paul wants to make a strong contrast between what
    they knew previously and their situation now as

  • Paul is telling the Corinthians that in contrast
    to the way you used to serve your god, where
    anything goes, as a Christian, whatever you do
    will never belittle or derogate Christ, and
    contrary-wise any true ministry, under the
    direction of the Holy Spirit will always glorify

The Triune God is sovereign over the Gift
  • Notice that there are three phrases each phrase
    mentions that there are varieties of something
    and each phrase mentions a member of the Trinity.
  • But I believe that we can say that in contrast to
    the pagan doing whatever he wants to do We have
    the Triune Lord God of heaven in sovereign
    control of us to use us to glorify His Son.

  • Just think about it, Here is the God of the
    universe, who has gifted you and me, placed us in
    the exact position where He wants us to minister,
    both in the church and in our jobs, and equipped
    and empowered us to do that task for Him a task
    which He from eternity past decreed that we would

  • Each and every saved individual has a gift or
    gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit. There is
    not a single Christian left out.
  • Every individual is gifted so that everyone else
    in the church will benefit from that gift.

  • I have heard people say of their gift, It makes
    me feel so good, I pray better . That entire
    attitude is wrong and sinful and will come out as
    wood, hay and stubble.
  • The third issue here is Who is in charge of the
    distribution of the gifts. It is the sovereign
    Lord God in the person of the Holy Spirit that
    chooses for us exactly what gift we have.

  • Here Paul introduces his metaphor comparing the
    church to a human body.
  • Paul is going to extend this illustration with
    two absurd and silly examples to confront
    problems within the church.
  • First Problem Jealousy.

  • That is exactly what we are doing when we say, I
    cant preach like . I cant sing like . I cant
    do anything in the church. No you cant preach or
    sing like anyone else.
  • There is not one ministry in the church, but
    many. That is why all of us arent eyes.

  • Second Problem Arrogance
  • One of the dangers of being a pastor is that we
    have so many people listening to us and believing
    what we say, we get enamored with our own
  • The entire body ministers to itself by each
    member caring for each other member.

  • Paul ends this section by listing in an order of
    priority various gifts within the church

Lessons for our Lives
  • The ultimate product of our lives is to glorify
    Christ. What a great privilege it is to know that
    if we do what we are designed to do, because we
    desire to please the Lord, the Holy Spirit will
    ensure that will happen. We cannot fail if we
    just seek to serve Him.

Lessons for our Lives
  • Arent you glad the Lord does not save us then
    abandon us to muddle through this world on our
    own? He is intimately involved in every aspect of
    our life, leading us, teaching us all things.

Lessons for our Lives
  • This is true to the point that He has designed
    and built and gifted you exactly as He would have
    you to be. There is not another person like you.
    As such there is not another person who can do
    things you can do in the way you can do them.
    That is not merely humanistic flattery talk.
    There is a real responsibility to follow through
    and serve. There are great blessings to be
    enjoyed by those who do serve as He would. There
    is great sorrow ahead for those who choose not
    to. Question How do I know how I am gifted?
    Answer Not Spiritual Gift Assessment tests
    Just serve however you can and pay attention to
    how God uses you.

Lessons for our Lives
  • Remember we are all one body. God has formed us
    together to minister to one another and care for
    one another. Dont think of yourself as superior
    or inferior to anyone else within the church.
    Just different from everyone else within the
    church equipped uniquely to accomplish the task
    God from eternity past formed you to do.
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