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Title: City%20College%20of%20San%20Francisco

City College of San Francisco
  • Women in Digital Home Technology Integration
What is DHTI?
  • This work involves installing computer networks,
    home entertainment systems, alarm systems,
    heating and air conditioning systems, and other
    computer-monitored and managed home systems at
    customers homes.

Career Path
  • Graduates to this program have the skills to work
    as entry level premise technicians or installers
    for companies like
  • Comcast
  • ATT
  • Best Buy (the Geek Squad)

Career Path Advancement
  • Once graduates have proven their skills and
    dedication at a company, many opportunities for
    advancement exist.
  • Workers may also become consultants within their
    own businesses or work with smaller firms who
    provide these services.
  • Some graduates also go on to get a four-year
    degree, which may lead to management.

Labor Market
Approx. StartingSalary New graduates can expect an hourly wage as a premise technician or installer of up to 18/hour.
Average Wageat Placement 17 - 34 per hour
Average Salary 35,000 - 40,000
Placement Rate This program is new, and will not have graduates until 2008. However, several current students have been placed at ATT and Comcast while they are in school.
Labor Market The demand is strong for trained individuals with excellent work habits and positive attitudes who can help consumers with complex installations of home entertainment systems, alarm systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and other computer-monitored and manager home systems.
Industries Employing Graduates of this Program
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computer sales
  • Digital home integration
  • consulting firms

Career FAQs
  • Are employers hiring for jobs in this area?
  • Yes, definitely! Companies such as ATT, Comcast,
    and the Geek Squad always have a need for entry
    level premise technicians, installers, and
    computer support personnel. As the home
    environment contains more and more consumer
    electronics, systems become more complex and
    require expert intervention to set up and
    maintain them.

Career FAQs contd
  • Can I pursue a career in this field without a
    background in technology?
  • Yes, but you should be comfortable using a
    computer and typical desktop software. If you
    need help getting up to speed, you can enroll in
    CNIT 100, Introduction to Computers Using PCs.
  • Will employers hire women into male-dominated
    technology areas?
  • Yes, in fact we have been contacted by some of
    the major employers specifically asking for help
    in attracting women into this field.

Course Information
  • Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree Digital
    Home Technology Integration
  • 2 years to complete, including general
    education requirements
  • Certificate Digital Home Technology
    Integration Around one year part time to

Class Hours
  • Classes are mainly offered in the evening, on
    occasional weekends, and online.
  • One-third of the classes are offered online.
    Schedules vary by semester.

Academic FAQ
  • How long will it take to complete this technology
  • The Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree in
    Computer Networking and Information Technology
    (CNIT) (with an option in Digital Home Technology
    Integration) takes two years to complete,
    including general education requirements and 21
    units of CNIT courses and the Home Technology
    Integration option courses for a total of 60
  • The certificate program usually takes one year.
    Many students work full-time while in school,
    since most classes are held in the evening. The
    program requires four lecture/lab courses
    including the new Digital Home Technology
    Integration course (CNIT 150) plus one lab course
    for a total of 13 units.

Role Models
  • If They Can Do It So Can You!

Abigail Bornstein
  • Instructor, Computer Networking
  • Digital Home Technology Integration is a huge,
    new, growing field, and I think women should go
    for it. The home is becoming more and more
    digital, whether its our stereo system, or a big
    screen TV, or laptops and networks and handheld
    devices, theres a lot of growth in this area,
    and its not going to go away. So if you want a
    job thats definitely going to be looking for
    employees, this would be a great area to go

Abigail Bornstein contd
  • She took night classes to better prepare
    herself for her job at a hard drive company
  • Her hands on experience at CCSF helped
    reinforce the learning from books and lectures

Salary 50K - 80K Education
Years in Field 6 years in high tech doing market research, 4 years as instructor in computer networking. Computer courses, City College of San Francisco MBA, Cal State University Hayward
City/State San Francisco, CA  
Abigail Bornstein contd
  • On working with men
  • A lot of my female students lack confidence in
    what theyre doing, but they actually know just
    as much, if not more, than my male students.
    Dont underestimate what you can do, and dont
    underestimate your knowledge, Abigail advises
    her women students. Youre probably doing much
    better than you think you are. So dont think
    that youre lacking something and that everyone
    else knows more.

Shirley Ho
  • Information Systems Administrator I
  • I believe a lot of women can work in Computer
    Networking. Do whatever you need to do to grab
    that opportunity. That opportunity is not going
    to go after you.

Shirley Ho contd
  • Was always interested in computers
  • It wasnt until a professor inspired her that
    she found her interest in networking

Salary 48K - 65K Education
Years in Field 6 years Laney College and the College of Alameda, 2.5 years B.A. in Business Administration, San Francisco State University, with a concentration in Computer Information Systems
City/State Oakland, CA  
Valerie Stewart
  • Information Technician IIWhat I would say is
    this especially if you are married and have
    kids, dont stop, be persistent, continue even if
    its just one class each semester or each year.
    It all adds up. Be persistent and stick with it.

Valerie Stewart contd
  • Realized during high school that she wanted to
    work withcomputers
  • She chose CCSF because the classes were more
    convenient and they had a great selection of
    classes to choose from

Salary 50K - 65K Education
Years in Field 28 years Multiple courses, CCSF and Merritt College (programming, hardware, data communication, networking, etc.) MCSE, A and CCNA certifications
City/State Pittsburg, CA  
Valerie Stewart contd
  • On the lack of gender barriers at CCSF
  • They the instructors treat me like they really
    want me to be a part of their class. Their
    actions say that if there is anything they can do
    to help me become a successful student in their
    class they will do it.

Women in Information Technology Organizations
  • Association for Women in Computing -
  • National membership organization with local
    chapters that offers online newsletters, local
    networking opportunities, and mentor/mentee
  • Grace Hopper Conference - http//
  • Annual national conference in which more than
    1,000 women in computing in academia, industry,
    and government come together for research and
  • Women in Cable Telecommunications - San
    Francisco Bay Area Chapter - http//www.wictnorcal
  • Bay Area chapter of WICT National membership
    organization. Offers networking opportunities,
    local and national events and programs, and an
    annual mentoring event.

Women in Information Technology Organizations
  • Women in Technology International -
  • International membership organization with
    networking, WITI Marketplace, Career
    services/search, national conferences and
    regional events, publications and resources,
    small business programs, research, and bulletin
  • Women in Telecommunications - http//www.womeninte
  • Non-profit organization of mainly women from the
    San Francisco Bay Area who meet regularly for
    informal meetings to educate themselves on
    industry trends and to network with colleagues.
    Includes multiple yearly panel discussions and

CCSF CalWomenTech Website Features
Visit us at
  • Find an e-mentor
  • Read real womens success stories
  • Check out news articles about women in the field
  • Find out information about the DHTI program
  • See our list of women in technology career
  • Take advantage of industry articles and listservs
  • Join WomenTech Talk

  • The on-line home for women technicians to connect
    with each other. Whether you are a Network
    Engineer, a Mechanic or a Sound Tech or a female
    student in a tech major, you'll want to visit
    WomenTechWorld.Org where you're not alone

25 WomenTechTalk
  • This listserv has more than 500 women technicians
    and students participating in an email discussion
    group. It serves as a source of support and
    inspiration where women help each other with
    questions and topics such as
  • How do I effectively handle negative comments
    by classmates or coworkers so I can focus on my
    class or job?
  • Finding a Job in Your Male-Dominated Field
  • Getting Promoted in Your Male-Dominated Field

  • E-Mentors exists to connect female students in
    technology/trades with women successfully
    working in male-dominated fields
  • Women new to traditionally male jobs can find
    guidance and support from women who have been

  • Connect with employers who are actively seeking
    female job applicants in typically male-dominated
    professions. E-Jobs offers you
  • Free, current listings in telecommunications
    with Comcast
  • Auto Notify, which gives you email notices when
    new jobs meeting your criteria have been posted
  • My Checklist feature to save your favorite job
    opportunities for easy reference

CalWomenTech Project
  • 8 California community colleges receive expert
    support and technical assistance from the
    Institute for Women in Trades, Technology
    Science to help recruit and retain women into
    technology programs where they are

CalWomenTech Project contd
  • City College of San Francisco
  • DHTI Program
  • San Diego Mesa College
  • GIS program
  • Cañada College
  • Video Game Design program
  • El Camino College
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program

CalWomenTech Project contd
  • Evergreen Valley College
  • Hybrid-Alternative Fuel Program
  • Irvine Valley College
  • Electronics Technology Program
  • Las Positas College
  • Automotive and Welding Programs
  • San Jose City College
  • Facilities Maintenance Technology Program
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