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Careers in Media Crash Course


Marketing/Global Brand Strategy Shepherd marketing across all ... (Philadelphia) Ogilvy Interactive Strategist Walt Disney Internet Group Strategy and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Careers in Media Crash Course

Careers in Media Crash Course
MMA Careers Education Fall 2008
  • This resource was lovingly created for your eyes
    only. Please do not post anywhere or share
    outside the MMA family.

  • 2008 full time summer internship placements
  • Television facts opportunities
  • Film facts opportunities
  • Publishing facts opportunities
  • Music facts opportunities
  • Digital facts opportunities
  • Gaming facts opportunities

2008 Full Time Placements
American Express Interactive
Google Inc. (2)
MTV Networks - a division of Viacom
Reuters Media
RTL Group
Sling Media
Spotzer Media
The New York Times (2)
The Walt Disney Company (3)
Washington Post
Worldwide Biggies
Yahoo! (3)
Marketing - Business Development
General Management
Business Development
Business Development
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning
Marketing - Product Development
Business Development
Strategic Planning
Brand Management/Digital Strategy/Studio Operations
Business Development
Marketing - Brand/Product Management
2008 Summer Internship Placements
Summer Employer
Nokia Interactive
Google Inc. (2)
Hearst Interactive Media
Walt Disney Company (3)
IGA Worldwide
NBC Universal
Warner Music
This Is That Corporation
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Elephant Eye Films
e'topia inc.
New York Times (2)
Dow Jones Company, Inc. (Wall Street Journal)
National Basketball Association

General Management

Marketing - Sales
Marketing - Advertising
Corporate Development, Brand Management, Operations
Business Development

Strategy/Business Development
Business Development

Strategic Planning

Television General Facts
  • Television studios usually do not recruit from
    the business school. However, most majors offer
    internships throughout the school year and
    summer. Because the media industry generally
    favors individuals with previous work experience
    in TV, securing a part-time internship during the
    school year is a great stepping stone towards
    finding a full time job post-graduation.
  • Most TV studios have positions available in New
    York and Los Angeles CBS, NBC, CWTV, ABC, Sony
    Television, Warner TV and FOX. In addition to
    the majors, many of the cable networks offer
    several internship opportunities in New York
    (i.e. Comedy Central, Spike, Bravo, HBO).
  • The TV industry does not follow a pre-graduation
    recruiting schedule. Instead, it adheres to
    just in time hiring.
  • One of the best ways to apply for positions (if
    it is not advertised at school) is to submit an
    application through the studios website. This
    is not a black hole process and viable resumes
    are filtered to appropriate business groups.

Television Opportunities
  • Strategic Planning /Business Development
  • Traditionally recruit from Top MBA programs to
    evaluate new business opportunities and
    strategies for the company
  • Perform financial and strategic analysis in
    support of business plans for new initiatives,
    MA activities, joint ventures and investments in
    entertainment-related businesses
  • Support various lines of businesses through
    special projects
  • Post-strategic planning, people move on to head
    specific business units
  • With current trends in this industry, studios are
    looking for people who are not only knowledgeable
    in broadcast cable but also experienced in
    digital media

Television Opportunities
  • Finance
  • Executives at the associate level and above
    typically have an MBA. Unlike the past, studios
    strongly prefer candidates who have a finance
    background academically and professionally.
  • Marketing/Global Brand Strategy
  • Shepherd marketing across all consumer
    touch-point (advertising/promos/events/viral/gueri
    lla/digital etc campaigns). Efforts should work
    towards increasing ratings, revenue growth
    enhancement of brand perception.
  • Human Resources
  • The top positions in HR value an MBA. Its a
    fairly stable position and the individual has an
    opportunity to work with people from various
    studio departments.

Examples of past full-time TV positions listed on
  • NBC Universal GE Sales Marketing Leadership
    Program (opportunities in NY, LA London),
    Management Associates Program, Business
    Development, Strategic Planning (LA), Digital
    Alliances, Strategy
  • ESPN Finance
  • Cablevision Interactive Finance
  • iN DEMAND Networks Project Management
  • Fox Business Channel Business Information
  • Viacom/MTV Strategic Development Marketing
  • Time Warner Cable Marketing Strategy
  • CBS Digital Product Manager, Ad Sales,

Examples of past TV summer internship positions
listed on COIN
  • PBS Strategy Business Development positions
    within Kids, Ventures and Interactive (4 MBA
    positions per summer, in DC)
  • ABC News Finance Operations
  • Disney Digital Strategy Conference Planning
  • Ovation TV Digital Media Business Development
  • DIRECTV Sales and Marketing (LA)
  • Univision Financial Analysis

Film General Facts
  • With the exception of finance and strategic
    planning, most studios do not actively recruit on
    campus for potential candidates. The best means
    to secure a position is to network and take on
    internships during the school year and summer.
    Most media companies place heavy emphasis on
    previous work experience in the industry.
  • Studio jobs are primarily located in Los Angeles
    with a few positions in New York Warner Bros,
    Disney, Sony Pictures, Paramount, CBS Studios,
    MGM/UA, Fox (Proper, Searchlight, Atomic),
    Universal, Lionsgate, and Weinstein Co.
  • While some opportunities are posted on COIN, the
    best means to check job availability is to visit
    the companys corporate websites. Please note
    that most studios hire on a need basis. Hence,
    securing a position in the film industry often
    comes later in the school year or even after
  • The best way to position yourself in the industry
    is to utilize ones network. Hence, take an
    early lead and network with alumni and contacts
    through various channels.

Film Opportunities
  • Finance Operations
  • Depending on Studio division (major or
    independent label) finance executives help with
    strategizing, financing and acquiring movies of
    various budgets and size.
  • Determine the PL for specific films (including
    distribution, marketing, etc.
  • Research and project performance estimates for
    each film product.
  • Manage pipeline and deal flow.
  • Because filmmaking is an integrated process,
    MBAs will work closely with creative to
    determine the best strategy to handle each
    project. Experience in working with teams is
    essential since successfully launching a product
    is a collaborative effort across all divisions.
  • Since numbers for studio accounting are not often
    finite, one must be able to quickly grasp the
    industrys idiosyncrasies and work within the
    given framework.

Film Opportunities
  • Strategic Planning/Business Development
  • Like television, studios mostly recruit MBA
    candidates to fill these positions. This group
    works closely with the parent companys corporate
    division and helps to make key decisions in
    expanding and creating new opportunities for the
  • This is a great starting position to launch
    executive management careers within the studio,
    as well as the parent company. Most successful
    executives from this divisions move on to lead
    other divisions/groups within the organization.
  • Home Entertainment
  • Studios have the most MBAs in this division
  • The position is very similar to packaged goods
    marketing and employers generally like to hire
    people who have related work experience

Film Opportunities
  • Domestic/International Distribution
  • Work as the final agent between the studio and
    film exhibitor
  • Utilize marketing techniques to convince
    exhibitors to carry a film
  • Provide exhibitors with enough film prints and a
    full line of advertising materials to release and
    promote each film
  • Marketing
  • Primary objective is to market and increase
    revenues for each film product
  • Work closely with creative and distribution to
    strategize the most effective plan to promote a
    film in all markets
  • Studios often launch expensive marketing
    campaigns to maximize audience attendance of the
    film early in the release cycle. Marketing is an
    essential component to a films success and hence
    plays an important role in the film making
    process. The position requires a strong balance
    between analytical and creative skill sets.

Examples of past full-time TV positions listed on
  • NBC Universal GE Sales Marketing Leadership
    Program (opportunities in NY, LA London with
    most film rotations being in LA)
  • Warner Bros. Leadership Program (LA)
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment Corporate
    Development, Programming Manager (LA)

Publishing Facts
  • Book publishers rarely recruit from business
    schools, though several multimedia corporations
    like TWDC and Time Warner have arms in many areas
    and do reach out to MBAs for other opportunities.
    Take advantage of those meetings!
  • Major book players The Walt Disney Company, Time
    Warner, Random House, HarperCollins, Macmillan,
    Scholastic, Penguin, Houghton Mifflin, Simon and
    Schuster, Harcourt, McGraw-Hill
  • Most opportunities are in NY, some, like
    Chronicle, in CA or London
  • Major magazine publishers follow similar models
  • Digital increasingly important as magazines shift
    to online content models
  • Salaries for MBAs in better times would start in
    the low six figures (100ks), depending on prior
  • You will find some opportunities on COIN, but
    your best approach would be to go directly to the
    companies Web sites
  • Look for openings, apply there, and network.
  • Set up informational interviews and get your name
  • Finally, employing the services of a head hunter
    could work to your advantage and reinforce your
    commitment to being in the industry.

Publishing Opportunities
  • Business Development/ Strategy
  • Several companies look for MBAs to head their
    development teams
  • MBAs are needed to seek out overall growth
    opportunities (mergers and acquisitions) as well
    as synergies with other media internally and
  • Salaries have traditionally been generous, but
    the economy and mergers have touched almost
    everyone lately
  • Human Resources
  • MBAs are highly prized in HR roles throughout
  • Top HR positions seem relatively stable positions
    in publishing
  • Finance
  • You will find that most of the finance executives
    at publishers hold MBAs from top institutions

Examples of past full-time publishing positions
listed on COIN
  • Bertelsmann Leadership Program
  • McGraw Hill Leadership Program
  • Disney Publishing Strategic Planning
  • Time Inc, MA, Brand Management
  • Random House Business Analyst
  • Arab Media Group (Dubai)Strategy
  • ScholasticProduction Manager

Examples of past publishing summer internship
positions listed on COIN
  • Time Inc.Consumer Marketing
  • ScholasticStrategic Planning, Business
  • Arab Media Group (Dubai)Strategy

Music Facts
  • The Major Players include Sony BMG, Sony/ATV,
    Vivendi Universal, BMG, EMI, Warner Music Group
  • Several Music Publishers list their open
    positions for MBAs on COIN
  • However, as is the case with the majority of
    media-related businesses, your greatest bet is
    building a network
  • Try compiling a list of the companies for whom
    youd like to work and start e-mailing people
    there to get an unpaid internship during the year
  • Whos come recruiting? FULL TIME Sony BMG
    -Corporate Development, Digital Business Manager
    INTERNSHIP Sony BMG - Strategic Marketing
    Development, Marketing Planning

Music Opportunities
  • Business Development
  • MBAs seem to dominate this area in music
  • At this point, with the industry struggling to
    monetize and find additional sources of revenue,
    sharp MBAs are a valuable commodity, yet all
    publishers are cutting back
  • A large proportion of VPs and Presidents from top
    corporations hold MBAs
  • Starting salaries for MBAs traditionally started
    in the low-mid 100Ks.
  • Investment
  • MBAs play key roles in mergers and acquisitions
  • Finance
  • These positions seem tailored for MBAs
  • Sales
  • As the industry struggles to make sense of its
    situation, those with sales experience, who can
    deliver revenue, are prized

Video Game Facts
  • There are two types of video game applications
  • Games as products
  • Opportunities exist both with platform
    manufacturers (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony) and
    developer/publishers (Activision, EA, Take Two)
  • Activision recruited through COIN for summer and
    full-time opportunities last year, Microsoft
    recruits for full-time opportunities through COIN
    during the fall, Disney Interactive Studios has
    also posted full-time opportunities
  • These opportunities tend to be on the West Coast
    (Bay Area, LA, Seattle) with some (more
    independent) gaming opportunities in NY
  • Games as marketing materials
  • Opportunities exist within digital groups of many
    large traditional media players
  • Boutique digital marketing agencies that design
    games for corporate clients have popped up
  • Very few CBS alums have pursued careers in gaming
    so it is hard to track where MBAs end up

Video Game Opportunities
  • Brand Management
  • Games are treated like consumer products so
    marketing is highly valued, especially CPG brand
  • Business Development
  • There are a number of MBAs working in business
    development for large companies, as gaming
    companies continue to do deals, MBA skills are

Digital Media Facts
  • Large digital pure plays include Google (Bay Area
    NY (mainly sales)), Yahoo! (SF area LA), (NY), IAC (NY), MSN (WA NY), Comcast
    Interactive (PA), and AOL (NY VA)
  • Most recruit on campus or post on COIN
  • MBAs highly valued and present at larger
  • Most are making cut backs due to the economy
  • Digital opportunities are increasingly available
    at traditional media firms, which in recent times
    have formed digital media groups
  • Lots of start-ups in this space, but most do not
    post on COIN so you have to seek them out
  • MBAs from top schools valued because they help in
    VC beauty contest
  • Opportunities exist in VC firms but very limited
    in number and very competitive, associates come
    from top MBA programs

Digital Media Opportunities
  • Strategic Planning Business Development
  • Most common area for MBAs
  • The jury is still out on a business model so MBA
    analytical skills hold value
  • Many senior managers have consulting background
    in addition to an MBA
  • Corporate Development
  • Banking/valuation background highly valued since
    work is very MA focused
  • Product Management
  • Engineering is king in many of the more
    tech-oriented companies so an engineering/CS
    background is often preferred for these positions
  • Marketing/Brand Management
  • Many marketing managers in digital groups have
    MBAs, ad agency or prior consumer brand
    management experience is valued

Examples of past full-time digital media
positions listed on COIN
  • NBC Universal Digital Alliances
  • IAG Research Online Marketing
  • Google Product Management
  • Microsoft Marketing (Seattle)
  • IAC Finance
  • CBS Digital Product Manager
  • Spotzer Media Channel Sales
  • Crackle (a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company)
    (Bay Area)
  • AOL Strategy and Operations
  • Comcast Interactive Media Marketing
  • Ogilvy Interactive Strategist
  • Walt Disney Internet Group Strategy and Business
    Development (LA)
  • Sony BMG Digital Business Manager

Examples of past digital media summer internship
positions listed on COIN
  • PBS Interactive Strategy (DC)
  • NY Times Digital Strategy
  • Comcast Interactive Media Strategy
    Development (Philadelphia))
  • Google Strategic Partner Development, Business
    Development, Online Sales Operations, People
    Operations (HR), Sales Management all except
    Sales Management are in Bay Area, Sales
    Management opportunities are in Bay Area, NY, and
  • Disney Diital Strategy Group, Annual Conference
    Planning (NYC)
  • Ovation TV Digital Media Business Development
  • Joost Business Development
  • National Basketball Association Digital Media
  • Dow Jones/WSJ Digital Strategy Business