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The Spanish American War, 1898


THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR, ... just an investigation Investigation showed that a mine had destroyed the ship Jingoists and Yellow Journalists demand war AMERICA ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Spanish American War, 1898

The Spanish American War, 1898
  • America will fight for colonies!

Causes of the War
  • Spain was doing a terrible job controlling it
    colonies (the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico)
  • America had interest in Cuba (sugar plantations)
  • Cuba was constantly rebelling against Spain for
    their freedom
  • Spain retaliates by cutting Cuban rebels off from
  • thousands die of disease and starvation
  • America relates to the Cubans because of the
    American Revolution
  • but doesnt get involved immediately neutrality

Yellow Journalism
  • Exaggerated atrocities
  • Practiced by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph
    Pulitzer, especially about Cuba
  • Increased the American public dislike of the
    Spanish government in Cubarallying support for
    Spanish American War
  • Compared Cuban rebels to the patriots of the
    American Revolution

  • Attitude of extreme nationalism
  • Started by William Randolph Hearst after
    President McKinley was insulted by the Spanish

Impact of Yellow Journalism and Jingoism
  • Led to US government giving Spain an ultimatum to
    fix things with Cuba or get ready for American
  • Cubans wanted independence not reform
  • Spain not willing to back down and neither is
  • US sends the USS Maine to Cuba to protect
    American citizens in Cuba

USS Maine Explodes
  • The USS Maine exploded in the Havana Harbor
  • 266 killed
  • The Spanish are blamed
  • McKinley doesnt declare warjust an
  • Investigation showed that a mine had destroyed
    the ship
  • Jingoists and Yellow Journalists demand war

America Declares War
  • After USS Maine investigation President McKinley
    declares war
  • Teller Amendment declared that the US had no
    intentions of annexing/colonizing Cuba, just
    helping them gain independence

The Philippines
  • Filipinos were fighting for their freedom from
    Spain just like Cuba was
  • Under the control of Commodore Dewey, the
    American navy crushed a Spanish fleet in Manilo
    Bay in May
  • By August the Spanish had surrendered

Rough Riders
  • Led by future president Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba
  • Unit consisted of rugged westerners and upper
    class easterners
  • Made famous after the battle of San Juan Hill

Splendid Little War
  • Termed used by Secretary of States John Hay
  • Called it this because it only lasted for 4
    months showing how easy it was for America
  • Only 380 die in battle
  • 2,200 die from disease (malaria)

Effects of the War
  • What will US do with Spains former colonies?
  • Treaty of Paris officially ended the war
  • Spain gave US all of Puerto Rico and Guam
  • Sold Philippines to America for 20 million
  • Big debate of Philippines but US needed it for
    trade with China, a stepping stone
  • After war, America is a world power and model

Anti-Imperialism league
  • Formed over the debate of the Philippines
  • Included Mark Twain and William Jennings Bryan
  • Argued that imperialism was a crime and
    undemocratic because US did not treat colonists
  • Challenged the Treaty of Paris