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Title: Childhood Obesity:

Childhood Obesity The Big Fat Truth
Jennifer Pricci May 30, 2006
child obesity epidemic
  • One of the largest studies of public school
    students has confirmed that childhood obesity has
    reached epidemic proportions.
  • The BIG numbers
  • 30 of Americas kids are overweight
  • 15 of Americas kids are obese
  • 18 have a high probability of developing future
    weight problems
  • African-American and Hispanic children have a
    greater tendency to become overweight
  • Effects all ages
  • Kindergarten 34
  • 6th grade 43
  • 12th grade 36
  • Obesity is the single most widespread
  • health problem facing U.S. children.

Source Arkansas Center for Health Improvement
and its only getting worse
  • The epidemic of obesity in children is advancing
    much more quickly than the Center for Disease
    Control and Prevention had originally predicted.
  • The percentage difference between the number of
  • overweight 12- to 19-year olds in
  • 1963-1970 versus 1976-1980 is 0
  • The percentage difference between the number of
  • overweight 12- to 19-year olds in
  • 1963-1970 versus 1990-2000 is 300
  • and the reality is that even if they do slim
    down, overweight children are more likely to
    become overweight adults.
  • U.S. obesity causes at least 300,000 excess
  • and healthcare costs of American obese adults
  • amount to over 100 billion.

Source Center for Disease Control and Prevention
some scary statistics
The percentage of students attending a daily
physical education class has dropped from 42
percent in 1991 to 28 percent in 2003. In fact,
only 8 percent of elementary school, 6.4 percent
of middle schools and 5.8 percent of high schools
provide daily physical education or an
Source Vita Mix
slimming down the problem
  • What parents can do to save their childrens
  • 1. Face the facts.
  • If your kid is gaining weight for two years, it's
    not baby fat. Talk to the family doctor for a
    weight loss plan and healthy eating advice.
  • 2. Get the whole family involved.
  • Everyone should eat healthier, so get everyone
    interested in healthy meals that taste good.
  • 3. Eat as a family--at the dinner table.
  • That way you can watch what everyone eats and
    guide the kids into eating well-balanced meals.
    Even snacks should be structure "sit down"
    events. Food eaten on the run is fast forgotten.
  • 4. Make it fun.
  • Nutrition can be fun! Kids can make their own
    low-fat ice cream treats and add little goodies
    like nuts, candy cane pieces and brownie bits--in
  • 5. Unplug!
  • Turn off the TV and the computer for healthy
    activities like biking, walking, ping pong,
    bowling--vary the plan and be creative. It's a
    great way to get to know your kids better, too.

identifying the need
  • Parents understand the importance of regular
    physical activity for their children and have
    prevailing concerns about their weight. There is
    much support for an event that engages the family
    as a unit to conquer these issues.
  • The majority of parents in the U.S. (78 percent)
    believe that physical education or recess should
    not be reduced or replaced with academic classes
  • Almost 30 percent of parents said that they are
    "somewhat" or "very" concerned about their
    children's weight
  • Comparing their own childhood health habits to
    their children's, 27 percent of parents said
    their children eat less nutritiously, and 24
    percent said their children are less physically
  • 35 percent of parents rated their children's
    school programs for teaching good patterns of
    eating and physical activity to prevent obesity
    as "poor," "non-existent," or "don't know"
  • Among six choices of what they believed to be the
    greatest risk to their children's long-term
    health and quality of life, 5.6 percent of
    parents chose "being overweight or obese" More
    parents selected other choices as the greatest
    risk alcohol (6.1 percent), sexually transmitted
    disease (10 percent), smoking (13.3 percent),
    violence (20.3 percent), and illegal drugs (24
  • In terms of their own behavior, 61 percent of
    parents said that it would be either "not very
    difficult" or "not at all difficult" to change
    their eating and/or physical activity patterns if
    it would help prevent obesity in any of their

Source American Obesity Association
taking ownership at home
  • eventive marketing will design and execute a
    multi-sponsor proprietary program designed to get
    Americas youth back on track toward healthy
  • eventive marketing will offer a custom experience
    based on experts advice that successful weight
    loss and childhood obesity prevention should
    include families, businesses and the school

taking ownership in business
  • eventive marketing understands the sensitive
    balance between a corporations need to market
    their products and societys need for a healthier
    children. A socially responsible healthy kid
    retail campaign finds balance between these two
  • Shelf markers flagging healthier products for
  • Package logos denoting healthier products for
  • Special displays of healthier product choices
  • Cross merchandising healthier product combos
    (e.g. fruit and cereal)
  • Pricing for health
  • Loyalty card activity promoting healthier
    products for kids
  • Integrated marketing to children for health
    (retailer website, point of purchase, fliers)
  • Incentives and premiums awarded for healthy
    food purchase, nutrition education, physical
    activity which is redeemable for sports
    equipment, activity based events, etc.
  • In-store and promotional entertainment for kids
    (mascots with message)
  • Product sampling healthier alternatives with
  • Grassroots sponsorship of healthy activity
    based events (walk-a-thons, skateboarding, etc)

taking ownership in school
Teaching healthy behaviors at a young age is
important since change becomes more difficult
with age. Behaviors involving physical activity
and nutrition are the cornerstone of preventing
obesity in children and adolescents.
  • Educational school nutrition tours
  • Nutrition information for teachers (e.g. math
  • Web and print nutrition and weight management
  • Menu planning for children (e.g. lunches)
  • In store checkups, vaccinations, etc. to
    include BMI checks
  • Understanding the balance of nutrition with
    activity for weight management
  • Provision of childcare/child activity areas
  • In store real estate leased for healthcare or
    child activity programs
  • Healthy school mascot with MySpace account

Health Wellness Initiatives
GE Picture A Healthy World Campaign
Dairy Management, Inc. 3-A-Day
Dairy Management, Inc. is already prepping for
swimsuit season with a slate of 3-A-Day dairy
promotions. The effort, themed "3 Steps Toward
a Slimmer Summer," breaks in April with a
premium offer, sampling, special online content
and a sweeps dangling a grand-prize spa
trip. Shoppers who buy milk, cheese and yogurt
in the same shopping trip qualify for a
three-issue subscription to Prevention or Women's
Health. The offer runs April 1 through May 7 via
in-store brochures that carry three-step recipes,
snack ideas, and the subscription order form.
(The form also appears at At the
same time, DMI will host sampling events in 6,500
supermarkets nationally, with in-store radio
support in some markets.
The Presidents Challenge
The Presidents Challenge
The President's Challenge is a program that
encourages all Americans to make being active
part of their everyday lives. No matter what your
activity and fitness level, the President's
Challenge can help motivate you to improve.
Some affiliated events Cartoon Network's GET
ANIMATED Tour Cartoon Network and Cox
Communications are partnering to bring the
network's GET ANIMATED Tour to multiple Cox
markets from June 11-August 26, 2006. To read
more please see the press release. Sportline
Steps Across America Progam Launch A team of 12
Sportline Steps Across America walkers took their
first steps on April 18th from Chelsea Piers in
New York City to launch Sportline Steps Across
America. The Sportline Steps Across America
program is a 14 week coast to coast walking
journey designed to start an active lifestyle
challenge. To find out more and get involved
visit We Move Kids!
sponsorship to attend Walking for Health
conference at UIUC, October 13-15, 2005 Robert
Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the American
College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) announce "We
Move Kids," a program sponsoring 12 elementary-,
middle- or high-school Physical Education/Health
teachers to attend Walking for Health
Measurement and Research Issues and Challenges,
an ACSM specialty conference held at the
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, October
13-15, 2005. Features of the conference include
access to a world-class faculty, as well as
programming focused on promoting physical
activity and education in the school environment.
For more information and to apply please review
the application form.
Presidents Challenge online tools
Presidents Challenge Partners
Many corporations are currently teamed up with
the President's Challenge to help Americas kids
get active and stay fit.
Alphabet Fitness develops the Alphabet Athlete
TM. It is a movement-linked, alphabet learning
system for children. Designed by Wellness, Inc.
to fight illiteracy, obesity and stress related
diseases, Alphabet Fitness is now incorporating
the President's Challenge to broaden its
accessibility to children of all motor skill
levels as a fun new way to spell, read, write,
and be well. The President's Challenge invites
Head Start Centers, Pre-schools, Home schoolers,
Elementary schools, and Special Ed programs to
participate in Wellness, Inc.' Alphabet Fitness
programs for kids . Individual children, or whole
classes, can now post their "Alphabet WorkOut"
activity points online at www.presidentschallenge.
org. Please go to for
ways to participate. More info
Burger King Corporation is teaming up with the
President's Challenge to help Americas kids get
active and stay fit. Burger King Corporation is
proud to have sponsored the Presidential Active
Lifestyle Award (PALA) and the Physical Fitness
Awards in 209 participating schools within 206
DMA's across the United States during the Spring
of 2004. These schools provided opportunity for
65,882 badges to be awarded from the President's
Challenge through the sponsorship of Burger King
Corporation. In 2005, Burger King is sponsoring
even more schools and providing 100,000
Presidential awards. This partnership is great
way for kids to get active and stay fit, and to
learn the impact exercise can have on their
lives. Visit and click on
kids to learn more.
Cardio Tennis is a new fun, group, fitness
program which gives players of all abilities a
great workout. Cardio Tennis is offered in
approximately 1000 public and private facilities
throughout America. Participants are constantly
moving in a series of high energy drills taught
by a certified tennis professional. For more
information, please visit
Presidents Challenge Partners
CircusFit is a new and exciting national fitness
program from Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey
that encourages America's youth to lead healthy,
active lifestyles by combining the fun of circus
skills with stretching, strength building and
aerobic exercise. This creative and action-packed
approach to physical fitness motivates kids to
get a movin' and a groovin' whether in the
classroom, after school or at home. In launching
CircusFit, Ringling Bros. has joined forces with
the President's Council on Physical Fitness and
Sports (PCPFS) to promote physical activity
across America. Schools and after-school programs
are being invited to participate in CircusFit as
part of their involvement in the annual
President's Challenge. For more information on
CircusFit visit http//
Coca Cola Company's LIVE IT! is a program
designed to engage and educate students in grades
4-8 on the importance of regular physical
activity and healthy eating by providing
activation and educational tools that will
inspire them to begin and maintain a healthy and
active lifestyle. The Live It! program features
two student activity components 1. Step With It-
for physical activity, 2. Fit It In - for healthy
Coca Cola Step With It. As part of the Step With
It portion of Live It!, students are asked to
keep track of their steps each day. Participants
of the program, developed by Coca-Cola and the
National Association for Sport and Physical
Education (NASPE), are provided with a
"stepometer," a small pedometer, that tracks the
number of steps they take. Students are
encouraged to earn the Presidential Active
Lifestyle Award from the President's Challenge as
part of this program. As of April 2006, Live
It!TM has reached over 2 million students and
teachers during the school year. Those students
are enrolled in over 6400 schools across all 50
states, Canada, and the Carribean. For more
information on how to get your school involved
please visit http//
Presidents Challenge Partners
Continuing Fitnesshas partnered with the
President's Challenge to provide a comprehensive
fitness and exercise program for Seniors right in
the comfort of your own home or at a fitness
facility. Our products, including the Resistance
Chair Exercise System are specifically tailored
to meet the needs of fitness-conscious mature
adults, we also provide classroom style video
programming which is easy to follow and will
allow you to participate in the 8 week Active
Lifestyle program and become eligible for an
Active Lifestyle Award. We focus on improving the
following four key areas of a fitness plan
Endurance, Strength (Resistance Training),
Flexibility and Stretching, and Balance. For more
information please visit the Continuing Fitness
website at
ESPN Play Your Way.Team ESPN, the corporate
outreach program for ESPN, Inc., introduces a
multi-faceted outreach program designed to make a
difference in our world and our communities. Fans
helping fans. ESPN Play Your Way is a youth
fitness program designed to encourage kids, ages
7-12, to get fit and remain physically active.
It's an outreach program that inspires them to be
physically active by making up their own
physically active games and writing their own
rules. ESPN Play Your Way is a unique program.
It's all up to them and wherever their
imagination takes them. We just kind of lead them
in the right direction. For more info
FlagHouse CATCH Program (Coordinated Approach To
Child Health) is a Coordinated School Health
Program designed to promote physical activity,
healthy food choices, and prevent tobacco use in
elementary school-aged children. CATCH Program
has proved that establishing healthy habits in
childhood can promote behavior changes that carry
into adulthood. FlagHouse, Inc., the publisher of
the CATCH curriculum, is extremely proud to
partner with the President's Challenge, and to
incorporate the Presidential Active Lifestyle
Award into the CATCH Program. Info
http// or http//www.catchtexa
Presidents Challenge Partners
General Mills Challenge Schools. The President's
Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS)
and the General Mills Foundation are pleased to
announce a new opportunity for Action for Healthy
Kids state coordinators to encourage low
socio-economic status schools (SES) to
participate in the President's Challenge Physical
Activity and Fitness Awards Program and be
recognized as "The General Mills' Challenge
Schools." To learn more www.presidentschallenge.o
General Mills Champion Grants is a comprehensive
program designed to instill good nutrition and
fitness habits among our nations youth. The
intention is to build local connections and, most
importantly, to help instill good, healthy
lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime for
Americas kids. Over the past 3 years, GMC has
awarded over 1,000,000 in grants to schools and
community organizations ACROSS THE COUNTRY that
foster programs to encourage youth nutrition and
fitness. At the end of the six-week program,
participating students are recognized with badges
and certificates for completing 60 minutes of
physical activity a day for five days each week.
More info
Gopher launched the Active and Healthy SchoolsTM
Program with the President's Challenge. This
Program is designed to help schools across the
nation develop and implement comprehensive
Wellness Policies that truly improve the health
of America's youth. The first element of the
Program will be the release of the Active and
Healthy SchoolsTM Checklist which offers
innovative ideas for how schools can enable
high-quality physical activity for students
throughout the day, and create an environment
that teaches and encourages students to enjoy a
lifetime of nutritious eating. Students will be
able to track their physical activity through the
free interactive at http//www.presidentschallenge
.org. Visit http// .
The Harlem Globetrotters have teamed up with the
President's Challenge and the U.S. Department of
Education to promote healthy and fit lifestyles
through physical activity and character
education. With the CHEER Challenge the
Globetrotters are encouraging students to be
physically active for at least 60 minutes every
day and will encourage them to earn the
Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. Visit
Presidents Challenge Partners
Home Depot Building Better Health (BBH) Worksite
Wellness Program is utilizing the President's
Challenge Awards Program to demonstrate a core
company value to take care of its associates.
Home Depot is also supporting 2000 Olympic gold
medalist and Home Depot associate, Derek Parra.
Building Better Health's goal is to make every
associate aware of the Challenge and lead them to
a more active and healthy lifestyle to look and
feel their best. Each site's Wellness Rep marks
off a mile long strip in or around the store and
promotes it as the "Home Depot Gold Medal Mile."
Associates are encouraged to walk the mile to
"warm up to work" and track it on their Challenge
log sheet. Having this track is one of the
requirements for a location to be recognized
internally as a "Gold Medal Worksite." BBH
encourages all associates to increase their
physical activity by promoting the program in
activity kits, the intranet, on TV slides in all
Home Depot stores, and in the company newspaper,
"Doings at the Depot." In 04 approximately
24,000 Home Depot employees received Presidential
recognition through this program.
L T Health and Fitness (LT) is an established
national provider of award-winning,
cost-effective fitness and health promotion
programs. LT has been helping companies lower
health care costs, improve moral and maximize
performance. LT also offers a variety of
programs that promote healthy safe lifestyles,
behavior modification, personal resilience, and
an overall sense of well-being. These services
cater to the client's needs and interests and
include health education seminars, weight
management, health risk appraisals blood
pressure, body composition, cholesterol, PSA and
osteoporosis screenings resting metabolic rate
(RMR) measurement, and fun, interactive and
educational health fairs. LT has incorporated
the President's Challenge as part of its
incentive and motivational programming to
encourage long-term participation in health and
fitness endeavors. LT fitness/wellness center
members are using the Active Lifestyle program to
log their activity, track their progress and
challenge themselves to reach new health and
fitness goals. For more information please visit
Presidents Challenge Partners
Packy Play Fair is dedicated to expanding the
message of sportsmanship and fair play through
the development of fun board games, hip
merchandise, youth sportswear, interactive
computer games and lessons taught by their
mascot, Packy PlayFairT. Their vision is to make
fair play and good behavior as fundamental to
raising successful members of society as the
three R's "Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic."
Packy PlayFairT is proud to partner with the
President's Challenge to encourage youth to
Follow the rules, Always try your best, Include
everyone, and Respect your opponent. Visit
Pitney Bowes(PB) teamed up with the President's
Challenge in 04 to offer "Get Movin PB
National". As part of the Pitney Bowes Health
Care University this program offered PB employees
the opportunity to earn the Presidential Active
Lifestyle Award (PALA) for being physically
active on a regular basis. A special web portal
was developed where employees could register for
the Challenge and be automatically recognized as
a PB employee. Visit http//pitneybowes.presidents
Powergrid Fitness Challenge is a national
campaign to introduce Americans to a novel
technology that allows people to get exercise
while they play their favorite video games.
Powergrid Fitness has developed innovative
technology that requires the use of large muscle
groups to control the on-screen action in your
favorite video games. The PCPFS offers awards to
American's that have successfully adopted active
lifestyles through the Presidential Active
Lifestyle Award and Presidential Champion
programs of the President's Challenge. Now, with
Powergrid Fitness's innovative award winning
Kilowatt and Exer-station game controllers,
American's can play video games to help meet
their daily activity goals and earn these awards.
For more information please visit
Presidents Challenge Partners
Quick Fit Products, LLC and their partnership
with Presidents Council is dedicated to helping
inactive people realize the overall health
benefits of exercise through an easy, daily
15-minute exercise program. Our Quick Fit program
of aerobic activity, strengthening exercises and
stretching can be done at home or at work, and is
designed to get people moving toward a healthier
life. This exercise program is demonstrated in
seminars by the author, Rick Bradley, in his book
and on his DVD. It is simple and safe and can be
done by people of all ages.The Presidential
Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) program provides
Quick Fit exercisers with the ability to track
their progress and receive recognition when they
reach their physical activity goals. Please
visit http//
Scooby Snacks "Get out and Doo" President's
Challenge. Scooby Snacks is encouraging all
Americans to earn the Presidential Active
Lifestyle Award by getting out and being active
because staying active with your dog has never
been more fun or rewarding. Please visit
Stephanie Oakes has dedicated her life to
thousands especially busy moms who want to fit
fitness into their already hectic lifestyles. She
focuses on how to recover physical fitness after
pregnancy, how to plan an exercise regime while
traveling away from home on business or pleasure,
or reporting on the benefits of kids and exercise
- to name a few. Please visit http//www.stephanie
The Sportline Steps Across America (SSAA).
Presented by TracFone and WalMart, a team of 12
walkers are making a coast-to-coast journey
across the country. As part of this journey the
walkers will be visiting local communities and
WalMart stores along the way while spreading the
word about all the benefits of walking. SSAA
encourages all Americans to take the President's
Challenge and earn a Presidential Active
Lifestyle Award. Please visit http//www.stepsacro
Presidents Challenge Partners
THERA-BAND The First Step to Active Health
provides an evidence-based, progressive physical
activity program for older adults. The goal of
the program is to improve health and functional
ability, to promote independence, and to help
prevent chronic disease and disability in adults
over age 50. The program includes a step-by-step
approach to improve physical abilities with a
variety of simple activities, including
cardio/aerobic, flexibility, strength, and
balance activities. By providing motivational
awards and activity logs, The Presidents
Challenge is an important Educational Partner in
the Active Aging Toolkit and First Step to Active
Health.Please visit http//www.FirstSteptoActiveHe
Cartoon Network's GET ANIMATED Tour is a
pro-social, pro-lifestyle interactive program
designed to motivate, energize and educate kids
ages 6-11 about healthy living choices through
the power of Cartoon Network's top shows,
characters and brands. At each stop of the GET
ANIMATED Tour, kids have the opportunity to
engage in fun physical activities that promote
the message of keeping in shape. Participating
kids in each Cox market are given a Fitness
Passport, which allows them to keep track of
physical activity goals they reach over a 6 week
period as they work toward earning a Presidential
Active Lifestyle Award (PALA), a feature of the
Council's President's Challenge. Please visit
Total Golf Adventures (TGA)is a national golf
program that is the only at-school, after-school,
golf enrichment program in the country and a
leading initiative to grow junior golf. TGA's
program, available for children in grades K-8,
works to develop a child's passion for the game
of golf through a curriculum that expands and
improves their motor skills and coordination,
encourages their advancement, and builds their
confidence and self-esteem. TGA has partnered
with the President's Council on Physical Fitness
to encourage kids to get healthy and physically
fit through golf. Children who play golf will
have the benefits of stretching their muscles,
developing muscle memory and gaining aerobic
exercise by walking a course. Golf also develops
mental skills and life values such as
sportsmanship, respect, commitment, and honesty.
Please visit http//
Presidents Challenge Partners
Trek Bicycle Corporation has been an important
contributor and supporter of the President's
Challenge program and the Website - creating a
special cycling section on the Web site,
developing the Get It In Gear program. Trek
served as a pilot program and having over 800
employees take part in the Active Lifestyle and
Presidential Champions programs. Visit
Greater Washington Board of Trade - Wellness
Works is a regional, business-led fitness
campaign offered by the Greater Washington Board
of Trade. This program encourages employees to
engage in 30 minutes of physical activity, five
days a week for six weeks. Using the President's
Challenge website to track their physical
activity employees will be eligible to earn the
Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. Because
healthier employees miss fewer work days, are
more productive, and consume less medical care,
the Board of Trade believes that good health is
good business. Please visit http//www.botwellness and for more
information about this initiative.
VCycling's Virtual Challenge is supporting the
President's Challenge with their incentive
program called VCycling's Virtual Challenge.
VCycling encourages everyone from school-age
children to Senior Citizens to participate in
this challenge. Participants will log their
sessions each time they ride in an effort to
obtain a goal of 100 hours. When this goal is
reached, they will receive a special Presidential
Champions Gold Award. VCycling will also post the
winner of these awards on their web site giving
encouragement to others to Pedal For the Gold!
Please visit http//
Presidents Challenge Partners
Ballys (04) The "Fitness Runs in the Family"
program was created to encourage Americans to
take the President's Challenge and work towards
the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA).
With 64 of Americans considered overweight or
obese, this program offered exciting fitness
alternatives to current sedentary routines many
American families find themselves in. On the
final day, those individuals that have finished
the six week challenge could simply print out a
copy of their activity log and take it to their
Bally Total Fitness Center to receive their
certificate of completion for the Presidential
Active Lifestyle Award (PALA). During the 6-week
period of "Family Fitness Days", parents and
children were able to work out for free during
the week with fitness professionals on hand to
offer assistance. Classes for children 8 years
were available on weekends to create a fun and
active experience for kids. Hip-hop dance and
boot camp classes were held each weekend to offer
kids a high energy workout that was more intense
and exciting than a gym class. They heard their
favorite music and learned new dance moves and
exercises that kept them moving to the beat and
got them off the couch when they returned home.
Got Milk? Get Fit! (04) . The got milk? 3v3
Soccer Shootout teamed up with the Presidents
Challenge to help teach kids and teens about the
importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle.
The key is a balance of physical activity and
smart nutrition choices to ensure an all-around
healthy way of life. At select got milk? 3v3
Soccer Shootout tournament events throughout the
country, kids of all ages took part in fitness
activities based on the Presidents Challenge.
Participants received a Passport to Healthy
Living, and those who completed all activities
received a blue ribbon in recognition of their
accomplishment. To learn more about the got milk?
3v3 Soccer Shootout and the many benefits of
drinking milk visit
Presidents Challenge Partners
Motorola Marathon, Inc (04) an annual charity
event in Austin, Texas, offers registrants a
chance to run for charity in February each year.
All proceeds go to the United Way, Capital Area.
Motorola will matches up to 100,000 of
contributions to the United Way through
registrations to the Motorola Marathon. Visit
ActivTrax (03) is a web-based application
delivering personalized workouts to Fitness Club
members at their club location. The company was
founded on the belief that while personal
training is not an option for everyone,
personalized attention is. ActivTrax offers an
innovative blend of technology and years of
personal training experience to create
customized, ever-changing workouts to keep club
members motivated and on the path to the results
they seek. ActivTrax was specifically designed to
assist people in forming permanent exercise
habits. Visit
Pepsi-Cola Company (03) Walk, Run, Fit, Fun
Take the Pedometer Challenge was an educational
program created by lifetime Learning Systems,
Inc., a division of Weekly Reader, in cooperation
with Pepsi. This program was developed to
encourage middle school-age students and their
parents to become physically active and provides
pedometers to monitor their efforts. The program
contained 100 pedometers for a school and a
poster guide with lessons to supplement the
physical fitness/health curriculum. Students were
encouraged to keep moving and earn the
Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA)
provided by Pepsi. Visit and
Presidents Challenge Partners
Shape Your Life (03) is setting a new gold
standard for fitness with its spiritually-based
program where fitness isn't simply about the
shape of your body it's about the shape of your
life. Shape Your Life collaborated with the
President's Challenge program to integrate Shape
Your Life's 7 elements of holistic fitness
(exercise, nutrition/diet, body image, sleep all
modes of rest, relaxation and meditation, work,
spirituality, and emotional well-being) with the
President's Challenge interactive website.
Developing cutting edge strategies to motivate
Americans to adopt and maintain an active and fit
lifestyle is essential in such times when life's
pace is fast, stress is high and the need for
finding balance and inner calm has never been
greater. Additionally, Shape Your Life brought
the pages of Weider Publications, LLC women's
magazines to life through intensive 2-7 day
programs at destination resorts such as Red
Mountain Spa in St. George, Utah 1-day events
throughout the country and other services and
products designed to help you "create the life
you really want to live! Visit or
contact Kathy Soverow, M.S., M.Ed, Executive
Wheaties (03-04) collaborated with the
President's Challenge to recognize the State
Champion schools for the 02-03 and 03-04
school years. Schools that received State
Champion status received a State Champion
Physical Fitness prize kit containing a large
banner to hang in the school and a variety of
athletic equipment. In addition, these State
Champion schools were eligible to make a poster
showing how the students of that school achieved
State Champion status. The artwork was used as
the backdrop for a school banner sent to the
2003-2004 State Champions. 3 schools' posters,
one representing each of the State Champion
categories, was selected as a winner and received
5,000 grants to go towards the physical
education departments of each school. Visit or http//www.presidentschallenge
Nickelodeon GAS (Games And Sports)
Nickelodeon GAS is a part of MTV Networks'
Digital Suite and is a celebration of the way
kids play, from board games to video games, from
backyard play to extreme sports. GAS is fueled
with shows that challenge, motivate and energize
kids ages 6-11. In lieu of commercials, Nick
GAS airs interstitial segments, some of which
were produced at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando,
Florida. The studio segments often include
competitions between families, or interviews with
athletes and other celebrities. For an
interactive list of all programs http//en.wikipe
y_Nickelodeon_GAS Executives Cyma Zarghami
President, Nickelodeon (responsible for GAS)
Healthy Kids Challenge(as seen in Cooking Light)
Healthy Kids Challenge is a nationally recognized
program offering a multi-level approach of
assistance to schools, programs, and communities
to create healthy eating and physical activity
opportunities EVERYWHERE kids live, learn, work
and play A- Appealing and funW- Welcome and
invitingE- Easy and simple We call this
AWE-some C.H.A.N.G.E.! C-Connect H-Health A-And
N-Needs G-Get E-Excited! All KidLinks -Anyone
who has the potential to impact eating and
activity choices for kids, including teachers,
school board, families, community partners,
grocers, media, community kids programs leaders,
coaches, and kids themselves. Ideas, assistance,
workshops, and written materials fit any need.
Choose from simple, fun ideas for healthy eating
and physical activity messages to comprehensive
school, community, county, or statewide programs.
  • Hot links
  • Workshops, Trainings, and Presentations-
  • Consulting to Help Guide Solutions for Healthy
  • Materials - Written materials range from ideas
    to detailed how to manuals for building
    health initiatives that last!
  • Take The Challenge Program - Guidance for
    schools and programs to develop a team
    approach that stimulates and helps improve
    eating and physical activity habits.
Dole 5-A-Day supermarket tours
  • This highly successful program, already
    implemented by thousands of supermarkets, is
    designed to bring elementary students into the
    supermarket produce department to learn about
    fruits and vegetables in a fun and memorable way.
    Tours encourage kids and their parents to buy and
    consume more fruits and vegetables, make 5 A Day
    come alive in your store and generate positive
    community relations by partnering with local
    elementary schools. Everything a retailer needs
    to implement the program is included in Doles 5
    A Day Supermarket Tours A Guide for Retailers. 5
    A Day educational materials for kids are
    available for purchase from Dole. Assistance
    identifying elementary school teachers who are
    focusing on 5 A Day in their classrooms and may
    be interested in tours can also be video
  • Getting Started Implementing 5 A Day Tour
  • Establishing a Store Team
  • Sending Invitation Letters to Schools
  • Reviewing Content of Tour Activities 1-5
  • Role Playing
  • Printing Student Activity Sheets
  • Deciding on Fruits and Vegetables to Sample
  • Discussing Concerns about Doing Tours
  • Educational Materials to Support 5 A Day Tours
  • Fun with Fruits Vegetables Kids Cookbook
  • How'd You Do Your 5 Today? Chart
  • Jammin 5 A Day Music
  • 5 A Day Adventures CD-ROM
  • Publicity Opportunities
  • Press Releases, Media Alerts
  • Inviting TV and Newspapers
  • Benefits of Media Publicity

PE4life inspires active, healthy living by
advancing the development of quality, daily
physical education programs for all children.
Events National PE Day PE4life, SGMA and
partners held the 6th Annual National PE Day in
Washington, D.C. May 2-3, 2006. The eve of
National PE Day, attend the PE4life Annual Awards
Gala and Benefit Dinner. Each May, PE4life and
SGMA bring together champion celebrity athletes,
physical education advocates and leaders from the
corporate, healthcare, government and education
sectors to celebrate achievements and honor the
accomplishments of individuals and organizations
committed to physical education and healthy
lifestyles for children. Program May 2 430 -
600 p.m. PE4life Academy exhibit open for all
guests 600 p.m. Cocktail Reception/Silent
Auction 700 p.m. PE4Life Benefit Dinner and
Awards Ceremony 830 p.m. Champagne
Reception/Silent Auction May 3 730 a.m.
Breakfast Briefing Session, Marriott at Metro
Center 1000 a.m.-500 p.m. Congressional
Meetings, Capitol Hill 400 p.m.-600 p.m.
Celebration Reception, SGMA Offices
Milk Matters
Milk Matters is a public health education
campaign to promote calcium consumption among
tweens and teens, especially during the ages of
11 to 15, a time of critical bone growth.
A resource for weightloss with an interesting
online play page.
Kellogg Earn Your Stripes
Kellogg Earn Your Stripes program is designed to
raise kids' awareness about the importance of
keeping fit, staying active and working hard to
achieve their goals. The online website is a
high energy, flash gaming site that offers
energized play for kids sitting at the computer
to get them motivated. In 2005, Kellogg's
Frosted Flakes announced its sponsorship of six
U.S. Olympic athletes in Torino, Italy
  • VERB Its what you do. is a national,
    multicultural, social marketing campaign
    coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health and
    Human Services Centers for Disease Control and
    Prevention (CDC).
  • The VERB campaign encourages young people ages
    913 (tweens) years to be physically active every
    day. The campaign combines paid advertising,
    marketing strategies, and partnership efforts to
    reach the distinct audiences of tweens and
  • Goals
  • Increase knowledge and improve attitudes and
    beliefs about tweens regular participation in
    physical activity.
  • Increase parental and influencer support and
    encouragement of tweens participation in
    physical activity.
  • Heighten awareness of options and opportunities
    for tween participation in physical activity.
  • Facilitate opportunities for tweens to
    participate in regular physical activity.
  • Increase and maintain the number of tweens who
    regularly participate in physical activity.

VERB programs
  • Get tweens moving with this action-packed
    promotional program for schools and community
    organizations that offers special rewards and
    recognition for being physically active. You can
    tailor VERB YELLOWBALL to fit your organizations
    needs and customize it to add your own ideas,
    too. Kaleidoscope Educational Support Group will
    award mini-grants to schools and community
    organizations to support physical activity
    programs. Grant applications are due June 1, 2006
    for schools, and July 15, 2006 for community
  • Download YELLOWBALL Materials for
  • Community Organizations
  • Schools
  • See all VERB programs at

VERB advertising
  • VERB commercials air on age-appropriate
    television and radio channels
  • Cartoon Network
  • Nickelodeon
  • The WB
  • ABC Saturday Morning Disney (including Radio
  • Telemundo
  • BET
  • Print advertising is placed in youth and parent
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids
  • TIME for Kids
  • Teen People
  • Seventeen
  • Family Circle
  • Parent Magazine
  • Ebony
  • Indian Country Today
  • Spanish and Asian in-language advertising and

VERB media and partnerships
  • VERBs media partners
  • The WBs Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven
  • Disneys Kim Possible
  • Cartoon Networks Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • The WB produced VERB PSAs featuring Reba
  • CBS produced VERB PSAs featuring Deion Sanders
  • VERB sponsorship
  • Nickelodeons Wild and Crazy Kids Show
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids Road Show
  • Teen Peoples Break for the Beach
  • VERBs corporate partnerships
  • National Football League
  • National Hockey League
  • Major League Soccer

School Nutrition Association
The School Nutrition Association (SNA) is the
only professional association dedicated solely to
the support and well being of school nutrition
professionals in advancing good nutrition for all
children.  Since 1946, SNA has been advancing the
availability and quality of school nutrition
programs as integral part of a students
education.  With its 52 affiliates, SNA is
dedicated to your success and the success of your
school districts nutrition program and to the
health and wellness of Americas school children.
Kid Fitness TV
Founded in 2003 by the World's Best Trainer
(Met-rx 1999) Paul Neville, Kid Fitness is
dedicated in combating childhood obesity and
promoting healthy lifestyles and educational
themes for today's kids through song, dance, and
games.Kid Fitness is the most progressive and
proven children's fitness national television
show to ever hit the market. With over 20 years
of fitness and healthy lifestyle experience Kid
Fitness is quickly becoming the market leader in
providing a healthier and more active lifestyle
for children of all ages. Kid Fitness is
dedicated to parents who wish for a
healthier lifestyle for children. Their
main goal from day one has been to
educate, entertain, and get children
moving by mimicking animals exercising.
Children are delighted to exercise with
Kid Fitness and his animal friends.
Contact Melisa Richter 416-652-5592 melisa_at_richt
whats packing on the pounds?
  • Childhood obesity only has a few major causes
  • Media
  • Inactivity results from todays children spending
    much more time watching television, using
    computers and playing video games.
  • The typical child is exposed to 40,000 candy,
    cereal, soda and fast-food ads per year
  • Exposure to calculated food marketing campaigns
    determines the kinds of food kids pick out or
    request at the grocery store
  • Pre-schoolers were more apt to choose broccoli
    over chocolate when the vegetable had a picture
    of Elmo on it (Atkins Foundation Study, 2005)
  • Drinking soda and juice instead of water
  • For every soft drink or sugar-sweetened beverage
    a child drinks each day their obesity risk jumps
  • Eating sugar, bread, cereal and other grains
  • Childrens cereals are mostly sugar and can
    easily be traded for more healthy options
  • Ethnic variables

Source Mercola
the BIG FAT truth
Being overweight or obese increases the risk of
many health conditions, including
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea and respiratory problems
  • Some cancers (endometrial, breast, and

Todays children are at risk for living fewer
years due to the tripled obesity rate.
Source Center for Disease Control and Prevention
the BIG FAT impact
  • Overweight and obese children experience social
    stigmatization and discrimination.
  • Insecure children grow into insecure adults
  • Insecure children can react very negatively to
    their unsupportive peers in many different ways
    including but not limited to withdrawal,
    rebellion, and suicidal tendencies
  • What if nothing changes?
  • Children who dont respect nor care for their
    health today will very rarely change their
    perspectives on healthy living for the future
  • If children continue to lack the proper attitude
    in approaching life and others, it will result in
    disorganization and eventual incohesiveness in
    life and the workforce
  • Ultimately, the world will be a less productive
    and efficient place to work and live
  • Why should we take action?
  • When children learn to respect themselves,
    especially their health, they will then
    understand what it takes to respect others
  • Children who are in control and aware of their
    health today will ultimately approach their
    adulthood and their own children with the same
  • Healthy attitudes from children will result in a
    workforce that is more organized and well-thought
  • economical growth
  • Healthy children today translates to fewer health
    issues, fewer visits to the doctor and less
    stress on parents
  • Keep health insurance premiums manageable
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