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Microscopes Microscope: A tool used by people to enlarge microscopic objects Microscopic: extremely small, cannot be seen without a microscope Lens- a curved ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Microscopes

  • Microscope A tool used by people to enlarge
    microscopic objects
  • Microscopic extremely small, cannot be seen
    without a microscope

  • Lens- a curved transparent piece of glass that
    bends light, which may increase the size of the
  • Simple microscope- has one lens
  • Compound microscope- has two or more lenses
  • Electron microscope- uses beams of electrons to
    magnify objects, instead of light

Parts of the microscope
  • Eyepiece (or ocular)- used to look through and
    helps to magnify
  • Body tube- holds the lenses at the proper
    distance so the microscope can focus
  • Revolving nose piece- holds and allows the
    objective to be turned into viewing position

  • Objectives- are the lenses
  • Low power is 4 times magnification. Always start
    and end with this lens.
  • High power is 40 times magnification. It is the
    longest lens, never use the coarse adjustment
    knob with high power lens

  • Stage- the place that the slide is put on
  • Stage clip- holds the slide in place
  • Diaphragm- controls the amount of light that is
    passing through an object
  • Fine adjustment knob- smallest of the two knobs,
    used to sharpen image
  • Coarse adjustment knob- largest of the two knobs,
    used for a quick focus, never on high power

  • Arm- supports the microscope and is used to carry
  • Base- supports the microscope and is used to
    carry it
  • Light source- provides the light

  • The word magnify means make bigger.
  • The number on microscope lenses tell you how much
    they magnify the image of the object you are
    looking at.
  • The magnification of a lens is also referred to
    as its power.

Total magnification
  • The objective lenses have different numbers on
  • To determine the total magnification of an
    objective lens and the eyepiece working together,
    you multiply the magnifications together.
  • Example When you use 10x eyepiece with 4x
    objective lens total magnification is 40x.

Using the microscope
Using the microscope
  • Carry the microscope- with one hand on the base
    and one hand on the arm
  • Do not touch- the lens with your finger
  • Always focus- first with the low power objective
  • Do not use the coarse adjustment knob to focus
    the high power objective lens
  • Use only the fine adjustment knob when focusing
    on the high power objective lens.

Using the microscope
  • 1. Place the microscope on a flat surface away
    from the edge of the table.
  • 2. Look through the eye piece, adjust the
    diaphragm for the best amount of light.
  • 3. Place the slide on the stage so the object is
    in the center.
  • 4. Always focus first with the low power
    objective and the coarse adjustment knob.

  • A. Eyepiece
  • B. Coarse Adjustment Knob
  • C. Fine Adjustment Knob
  • D. Arm
  • E. Stage Clip
  • F. ---
  • G. Bodytube

  • H. Nosepiece
  • I. Low power objective
  • J. High power objective
  • K. Stage
  • L. Diaphragm
  • M. Mirror/Light
  • N. Base
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