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Global Ethical Issues


Global Ethical Issues – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Global Ethical Issues

Global Ethical Issues
What We Are Doing!
  • For the next two weeks, we will be learning about
    Global Ethical Issues
  • This is in preparation for your FINAL PROJECT
  • Your final project will consist of
  • A Storify(An introduction look into how your
    topic is trending on the Internet)
  • A SLAM Poem(A creative representation of your
    topica way to highlight the causes of the
  • Project/Research Packet(Research, Annotated Bib.
    Draft Poem, Final Poem, Know/Do/Reflect)

StorifyIntroduction to your SLAM Poem
  • Storify allows you to tell stories by collecting
    updates from social networks, amplifying the
    voices that matter to create a new story format
    that is interactive, dynamic and social.
  • Showcase research introduce your subject
  • Must include information in text under
    sourcewhat you want your audience to know about
    your issue
  • 3 - 4 minutes

What is Poetry Slam?
  • Simply put, poetry slam is the competitive art of
    performance poetry. It puts a dual emphasis on
    writing and performance, encouraging poets to
    focus on what they're saying and how they're
    saying it.
  • While you wont be competing, you will be using
    the poetry slam format to get your message out
    and inform your peers on an issue that is
    important to YOU.

What is a Poetry Slam?
  • Your issue will be one that also has historical
    influencein other words, whatever topic you pick
    must be something grounded in history (i.e. human
    rights, etc.)
  • You will be responsible for linking this history
    with the message you want to sendthat will
    become your SLAM!

SLAM Poetry Brave New Voices
  • Listen for style/delivery choices, symbolism and
    illusions, content integration
  • Denver
  • http//
  • Cupid in a war zone
  • http//
  • 1893
  • http//

Tips for writing SLAM poetry
  • Select a topic. Research your topic.
  • Slam poetry usually makes a statement about
  • Write your poem using short rhythmic stanzas that
    play on the theme you have chosen.
  • Slam poetry is typically quite strong and blunt.
  • Focus on emotions and ideas you want to express.
    Dont worry about rhyming or complete sentences.
  • Find action verbs that are strong (ie. cried
    could be changed to sobbed or bawled).
  • Use metaphors and similes that help to add
    description (ie. I felt empty, could be I felt
    like a hollow drum.)

Tips for writing SLAM poetry
  • PRACTICE during allotted practice time in class!
  • Performance tips...
  • Trying to be cool is definitely not cool in
    slam poetry.
  • The slam poet should find themselves passionate
    and animated as they scream, laugh, cry, stomp,
    and wave arms, becoming pensive, quiet or
    piercingly direct.
  • Slamming is all about expression
  • Costumes/dress should be reflective of the
    subject matter and message of your poem
  • NO props, music or instruments

Now you will make your SLAM debut
  • Pick an issue, event, idea or topic that is
    important to you, related to Gobal Ethical
    Issues or human rights, and historically
  • You may do this with up to four people or on your
  • Research your topic/idea adhering to the research
    process explained by your incredible teacher.
  • Write a slam poem that addresses, educates and
    explains what you learned and showcases your
    unique message. This message is the first step
    you will take in the process of CHOOSING TO
    PARTICIPATE in your world.
  • Practice and present!

Now you will make your SLAM debut
  • You WILL perform your SLAM live on presentation
    day (notes may be used but knowing your poem well
    is expected)
  • This, together with your Storify, is your
    finalNO LATE WORK or excuses will be accepted!
  • Your written poem must be at least one page in
    length (single spaced).
  • Your written poem must include FIVE historical
    references (can have more).
  • Your presentation must be between one minute and
    three minutes.
  • Everyone in the group must speak in the
    presentation length of part does not need to be

The Research/Project Packet
  • What you need to include

Annotated Bibliography
  • Annotated Bibliography for FIVE sources
    (Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for this
  • These will be the sources you use for your
    Storify introduction AND for your SLAM poem
  • This will also help you with the HISTORICAL
    references you need to make in the poem
  • List each source in MLA format
  • Under each source listing, answer the following
    questions in a brief narrative
  • What type of source is it?
  • What does it offer you? (What is the topic,
    briefly summarize the source)
  • How is the material relevant to your topic?

Poetry DRAFT
  • Write a draft of your poem
  • This must be your original work. Do not be
    tempted to plagiarize. You must realize that you
    will jeopardize your entire final project.
  • Up to four lines of the poem can be Found but
    must be cited in your final bibliography
  • Found lines must be from PRIMARY sources and
    cited as a quote
  • Include all group member names
  • You MUST have approval from ME before you
    finalize your poem!

Finalized Poem
  • Finalized Poem
  • A typed, single-spaced copy, free from errors
    with all group member names

  • Designed to show
  • What you KNOW and learned ( needed to know in
    order to complete the project)
  • What you can now DO as a result of doing the
  • Your reflection on the projectsyour skills
    content learned
  • We will complete this in stages in class
  • Lets walk through the directions together

  • Your Research/Project Management Packet Worth 1
    Project Grade!
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • SLAM Poem Draft w/teacher approval feedback
  • SLAM Poem Final
  • Know/Do/Reflect Writing Activity
  • Your Storify/SLAM performance
  • Worth TWO TEST Grades!

Topic IdeasA Place to Start The Universal
Declaration of Human Rights
  • Lets investigate
  • What is a right?
  • What does it mean to be a citizen?
  • What does it mean to be a global citizen?
  • What should citizens be responsible for in
    their world?
  • What is the difference between a right and a

Topic ChoicesA Partial List
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Impact and Effects of Terrorism
  • Human Trafficking
  • The Growing Face of AIDS in the World
  • Gender Equality
  • Modern Day Genocide
  • Contemporary Slavery
  • Access to Health Care
  • Child Abuse
  • Abelism Disability Rights
  • Torture and Human Rights Abuses
  • Public Health Violations
  • Organ Trade
  • Bioterrorism
  • Hunger Homelessness
  • The Effects of War on People Society

Topic IdeasA Place to Start The Universal
Declaration of Human Rights
  • Eleanor Roosevelt (yes, this is FDRs wife)
    believed that the Universal Declaration of Human
    Rights would be an important tool for education.
    Since the document was ratified, our world has
    become increasingly interconnected. Some have
    suggested that young people need to see
    themselves not only as citizens of their own
    country but also as global citizens, with both
    national and international rights and
  • Lets read through the Introduction to the
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights to learn
    the history and importance of the document.

The Values of the UDHR Whats it to YOU?
  • In reflecting on the principle of human dignity
    and the value of human rights, Eleanor Roosevelt
  • where, after all, do human rights begin? In
    small places close to home so close and so
    small that they cannot be seen on any map of the

The Values of the UDHR Whats it to YOU?
  • After reading this quotation, the preamble, and
    the first 30 articles of the UDHR, consider how
    you might use the UDHR to help teach others about
    rights and responsibilitieshow you would help
    them to understand.
  • Specifically, identify THREE or more areas of the
    UDHR that you are interested ineven passionate
    about, and determine how you would choose to
    participate in that issue. Might you use this
    information in your poetry slam? Does it give
    you any ideas?