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Title: Welcome to

Welcome to
Mrs. Swierskis Fifth Grade!
Open House 2015-2016
Questions? Email melody.swierski_at_cobbk12.org
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  • TTF Annual Campaign Has Begun!
  • Donate by August 31st to be eligible for drawings
    of local area attractions.
  • Pledge tonight and receive the new coveted car
  • Your donation to the TTF is the sole funding
    source for
  • Salary of the full time science lab instructor
    (Mr. Giunta), plus lab supplies.
  • Salary of the full time computer lab instructor
    (Mrs. Pascual), plus lab supplies.
  • Previous investments include 230 iPads, 25
    netbooks, 3-D printer and other technology.

The Tritt Tiger Foundation provides science and
technology enrichment for your children
TTF volunteers are at the table at the front of
the school to answer any questions you may have.
Look for them in the bright orange shirts!
All About Melody
  • Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Product of Cobb County Schools.
  • Attended Southwest Texas State University in San
    Marcos, Texas and Kennesaw State University.
  • BS degree in Middle Grades Education with focus
    in LA, science and social studies.
  • M.Ed. In Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  • Endorsed in gifted education.
  • Currently working toward endorsement in
  • Married Todd Swierski for 20 years.
  • 2 children Evan 9th grade and Anna 5th grade
  • Enjoy spending time with my family, reading,
    tennis, animals, travel and teaching!

All About Jennifer
  • Im so sorry that I cant be with you tonight!
    We are enjoying getting to know your children and
    look forward to a fantastic year!
  • Born and raised in North Carolina (GO DUKE!)
  • Attended Brevard College in Brevard, NC (where I
    met my husband) and then attended Western
    Carolina University and graduated with a BSEd in
  • Dual certified in Early Childhood Education and
    Special Education.
  • Currently going to KSU for my Masters in Early
    Childhood Ed. And to add another special
    education certification
  • Married to Charlie Dino (Go DAWGS!)
  • 2 children Im dropping my son Alec off at GCSU
    TODAY for his FRESHMAN year! My daughter Katelyn
    is a senior at POPE, .how did that happen???
    They were JUST in 5th grade!!
  • Enjoy reading, singing, music, spending time with
    my family, tennis, and chocolate

Tritt School-Wide News
  • S.T.E.M Certification
  • Parking
  • SPLOST project to replace the existing Annex
  • Approximate start date November
  • Limited Parking
  • Assigned Parking for Staff
  • Visitor Parking limited to minimal spaces
  • Carpool, walk, park on the grass in front of the
  • Violators will be towed
  • State visit will be October 13
  • Practice All-School STEM Days August 18
    September 15
  • Parents welcome to come and experience STEM
    during the hours 830-1030am

Tritts Innovation Learning Commons Our
Innovation Learning Commons takes Tritts Media
Center into the 21st century by continuing to
provide printed texts along with research and
technological resources. There will be a hum of
activity with students talking, learning,
searching for information on a variety of
devices, focusing on content creation and
synthesizing of information. The ILC is the hub
of the school a place for teachers and students
to collaborate to build inquiry learning and
critical thinking skills a place for technology
integration and experimentation a place that is
owned by students and staff alike.
Source http//aslc.ca/blog/what-is-a-learning-co
  • Students in all grades (k-5) will visit the ILC
    every other week for a 45 minute lessons.
  • Science and ELA standards will be used to drive
    instruction for research and product creation
  • Students will continue to check out books.
  • Our maker space will provide all types of
    resources for staff and students.

We are looking forward to working with your
children! -Joanne Bates, Alexa Dean, and Kathy
Our Classroom Environment
  • Respect and accountability
  • Develop responsible, confident, life-long
  • Emphasis on problem solving and working
    cooperatively with others (use STEM process which
    includes 4 Cs see bulletin board.)
  • Communicate and record in Thursday folder
    (teachers only parents please do not write
    notes here.)
  • Daily Class Meetings facilitate
  • successful peer relationships
  • communication skills
  • Inclusion class with 2 teachers

Class Schedule
  • 800-900 math
  • 900-1030 reading
  • 1030-1105 ELA
  • 1109-1139 lunch
  • 1140-1210 science
  • 1210-1240 social studies
  • 1240-100 recess
  • 100-125 class meeting and agenda
  • 125-210 specials

  • Students will be rewarded both individually and
    as a class for good behavior.
  • ClassDOJO
  • Be sure to sign up for classdojo and check often.

Inclusion Classroom
  • Inclusive education is nothing more than good
    teaching practices. Good teachers develop and
    implement ways to teach all children. It
    challenges us to be the best educators we can be.
    As we share the knowledge to meet needs of kids
    with challenges and kids who need to be
    challenged, we improve the quality of education
    for all children in that classroom. In this case,
    the number of adults increases the contact time
    between students and teachers.

Inclusion students who require special
education services receive that service within
this classroom
  • How does this benefit the child who does not
    require special services? Thats easy!
  • Teacher to student ratio is improved!
  • Other classrooms, have 26 students and one
    teacher. Thats a 126 ratio (at best).
  • Our class has 25 students and two certified
    teachers. Thats a 112.5 ratio.

Purpose of Class Meetings
  • Compliments
  • Help each other
  • Solve problems
  • Plan events
  • Life skills/lessons with focus on respectful

Student Organziation
  • Take home folder - Students have two folders in
    desk. One is a folder that they can use to take
    home daily for homework. This folder should go
    home daily.
  • Works in progress folder Students will not take
    this folder home. It stays here inside desk.
    Students will store work that I havent taken up
    yet, things they are working on, and writing.
  • Composition books Four composition books used
    for reading, math, social studies, science. These
    are interactive books where students will glue
    things in as well as write responses and
    reflections about content.
  • Agendas provided by our PTA. Agendas will have
    all homework written in them. It is imperative
    that we work together to get the students into a
    good homework routine as the amount will increase
    this year in order to prepare them for middle
  • Thursday folders provided by our PTA. Folders
    will come home every Thursday. On the back cover
    you will find a sheet of paper that I would like
    for you to initial each week. Your initials
    indicate that you have seen the contents of the
    folder. Do not write notes in this folder if
    you need to send a note, please do that on a
    separate piece of paper or via email. This
    folder will contain graded papers from the week.
    Folders should be returned on Monday. Keep graded
    papers for each quarter.
  • Behavior information yellow slips
  • Homework infractions pink slips

Homework, Blog and Emails
  • Monday-Thursday
  • approximately 1 hour a night, plus 20 minutes of
  • Update Blog daily with homework
  • Blog daily try to have posts completed between
  • Email address melody.swierski_at_cobbk12.org
  • I check email in the morning, during planning and
    after school. I will get back with you as soon
    as possible. If for some reason I dont respond,
    PLEASE email again.
  • Curriculum www.georgiastandards.org
  • Common Core Georgia Performance Standards

  • Remember the planner, homework, and projects are
    the students RESPONSIBILITY!
  • Thurday folders go home EVERY Thursday and should
    be checked for announcements and graded papers.
  • Please establish a homework and agenda routine.

Is your child spendingtoo much time on homework?
  • If so, this checklist may help us determine what
    might be going on. I assign homework with a goal
    of averaging 60 minutes or less of a students
    time for all subjects each night. If a student
    is consistently spending more than 60 minutes, it
    could be for any number of reasons.
  • Which of the ideas below might relate to your
  • Is your child using his/her time appropriately at
    school? Is (s)he having to bring work home that
    was supposed to be completed in class?
  • Is your child behind in a basic skill in reading
    or math? Would (s)he benefit from tutoring or
    remediation in that skill?
  • Is your child struggling with study skills, such
    as how to prepare for a test?
  • Is your child struggling with a new concept (s)he
    is practicing, and needs continued help/guidance?
  • Is your child doing homework in a location that
    is distracting?
  • Is your child having a difficult time focusing on
    starting or completing the work?
  • Is your child striving for perfection, instead of
    striking a balance between accuracy, neatness,
    and completion?
  • Has your child taken a long-term assignment and
    put off working on it until the last minute?
  • Does your child enjoy putting extra time into
  • Is your child seeking recognition or confirmation
    from you that (s)he is working hard?
  • Is this a rare occasion, and perhaps not typical
    of the usual amount of homework or length of
  • Other  ___________________________________________
  • If your child is consistently averaging more than
    60 minutes a night to complete homework, please
    contact me so that we can address the problem and
    discuss any adjustments that may need to be made.
  • If your family has an emergency please let me
    know so that I can give your child additional

Readers Workshop
  • Each student is expected to read 6 extended texts
    each quarter. Student must complete one of the
    following in order to receive credit for the 6
    books read
  • AR tests- Individual goals that we will set with
    each student.
  • OR
  • Book review completed in ILC.
  • Book selections will be based on Lexile level,
    curriculum, genre, and independent interest
    based. We will assist children with book
  • We will read both fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Novel Studies some of our selections will
    integrate with social studies content. Our first
    book is Wonder.
  • CAFE - students will respond in journals, set
    goals, use strategies to improve and conference
    with the teacher.
  • TFK Magazines current events.
  • Daily reading homework read 20-30 minutes,
    record minutes read and respond to a question in

Guided Math
  • Small groups that rotate from direct instruction
    to independent work
  • Can extend and reteach when necessary
  • Groups will have 6-7 students.
  • Rotate to Dino, Swierski, iPads, problem solving,
    hands on games.
  • Pre-test and post-test assessments will help
    guide insruction.

  • Students will have weekly spelling tests on
  • Word lists are given to the students each Monday.
  • Students will receive a choice board to complete
    each week by Thursday.

Social Studies Science
  • Integrated with Language Arts Reading when
  • Ms. Pizzuto social studies
  • Mrs. Swierski - science
  • Begin changing classes daily on Tuesday of next

5th Grade Grading Scale
  • 90-100 A
  • 80-89 B
  • 74-79 C
  • 70-73 D
  • 69 and Below F
  • Please check Synergy for grades. Graded papers
    will also be in the Thursday folder.

Report Cards
  • Synergy online grade book.
  • Families that are new to Tritt should contact the
    front office for log-in information.
  • Report cards are sent home after each 9 week
    grading period
  • Computer generated
  • Progress Reports sent at
  • 4 ½ weeks. These will be sent to all

Supplementary Activities
  • Guidance Every other week with Ms. Edwards
  • Innovative Learning Commons Ms. Bates/Ms. Dean
  • Target will be on Fridays
  • Computer Lab/Science Lab are now a part of our
    specials rotation
  • Thanks for supporting TTF

  • Civil War Day Monday, October 12
  • Immigration Day Wednesday, December 9
  • Matter Matters Day???

Your time volunteering enhances the curriculum
and makes the students 5th grade experience
Learning Off Campus
  • Driftwood
  • March 16-18th (Wed-Fri) at Epworth by the Sea on
    St. Simons Island.
  • Day trip to Cumberland Island (Wednesday).
  • Overnight trip that focuses on ecology, natural
    habitats, ecosystems and conservation.
  • 5 chaperones
  • Take chartered buses leaving EARLY Monday morning
    530 am!!!!
  • - Chaperones pay for food and lodging
  • Dobbins Air Force Base
  • Students will spend a week working on Science
  • Standards. A hands on learning opportunity!
  • Sept 8-Sept 11 Sept 14 Sept 18
  • (No chaperones needed)

  • Tardy bell rings at 755am It is extremely
    important for students to be at school on time.
    We are switching for Math immediately following
  • Make-up work Students have one school day for
    each excused absence to make-up missed
  • If you would like make-up work sent home with a
    sibling or left in the front office for pick-up,
    please notify me by email or call the front
    office by noon of that day. I will TRY my best to
    assist you with this.
  • Absentee notes must be sent in upon your childs
    return to school. Please make sure these are
    signed and dated.

Changes in Transportation
  • If you are changing the way your child is leaving
    the building (in any way) we must have it in
    writing with your signature and the date of the
  • Notes can be faxed if emergency situations arise.
  • Emails and phone calls are NOT acceptable.
  • If a student is riding a bus, other than their
    own, you MUST complete a Transportation Change
    Notification Form.  A link to this form can be
    found on the Tritt website.
  • If a child needs to go to ASP, that is the ONLY
    change that can be taken over the phone, because
    they are staying here and they must be signed out
    with photo ID.

  • Any birthday treats will be taken outside at
    recess to enjoy. Please include all supplies
    needed and have things in individual servings.
    The students will pass them out they love to do
    that! However, Im there to help if needed.

  • Email or Text is the best way to contact me.
  • Please sign up for Remind if you have not done so
  • One team One goal..

Parent email
  • Make sure I have your email address. If you did
    not sign up on one of the computers at meet and
    greet, please stay afterwards this evening and
    put your information into the system.
  • I will be sending out a test e-mail at the end of
    this week.

  • Thank you for coming!
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