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To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Small town racism social inequality exist
The South
  • Divide between blacks and whites
  • Avoiding interracial marriagesespecially black
    men and white women
  • Still angry about losing the war (which one?)
  • Dont trust anyone from the North
  • Genteel society

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Jim Crow Laws
  • Many of the discriminatory Jim Crow laws were
    enacted to support racial segregation in everyday
    life. They required black and white people to use
    separate water fountains, public schools, public
    restrooms, restaurants, public libraries, buses
    and rail cars

Who was Jim Crow?
  • Jump Jim Crow, a song-and-dance caricature of
    blacks performed by the white actor Thomas D.
    Rice in blackface, first surfaced in 1832 to
    satirize Andrew Jacksons populist policies.
  • As a result of Rices fame, Jim Crow had become
    an expression synonymous with Negro by 1838
  • When the southern legislatures passed laws of
    racial segregationdirected against blacksthey
    became known as Jim Crow Laws

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What happens if you break a Jim Crow law?
  • The Jim Crow Laws justified and perpetuated the
    use of lynching against African Americans,
    particularly by groups such as the Klu Klux Klan

Ku Klux Klan
  • KuKlux- means circle in Greek
  • Klan- group or club

Founded by former Confederate soldiers after the
Civil War (1865), the Ku Klux Klan used violence
and intimidation to prevent blacks from voting,
holding political office, and attending school.
The Great Depression
  • 1929, Black Tuesday, the stock market crashed,
    meaning the value of money had lost its worth
  • Businesses could no longer afford to pay their
    workers and began laying off hundreds of
    thousands of people
  • Because people had no money, harvesting and
    manufacture of new crops and products slowed
  • Rural, southern towns were hit hard because they
    were largely reliant on agriculture

The Great Depression
  • In towns like Maycomb, communication with
    outlying houses depend on dirt roads, and all
    country inhabitants (whether professional or
    farmers) are poor
  • The Cunningham family in TKAM pays Atticus for
    legal work in crop or other goods instead of

Harper Lee
  • L. Bravo Buchanan
  • Spring 2015

Early Life
  • Born in April of 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama
  • Youngest of 4 children, Lee was a self-confessed
    tomboy who enjoyed reading and writing from a
    young age
  • She grew up with author Truman Capote, upon whom
    the character Dill is said to be based

Monroeville, Alabama
Story takes place in Maycomb Countysaid to be
Harper Lees Childhood home
On the set
  • Scout- Mary Badham- actress that portrayed
    (somewhat) Harper Lee in the story To Kill a
  • (shown here with Harper Lee)

To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Published in 1960
  • Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1961
  • Deals with many issues, including racism, that
    Lee observed in her hometown as a child
  • Often criticized for its constant use of the
    nword throughout the novel

Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • November 5, 2007, President George W. Bush
    presented Lee with the Presidential Medal of
  • It is the highest civilian award in the United
    States and recognizes individuals who have made
    an especially meritorious contribution to the
    security or national interests of the United
    States, world peace, cultural or other
    significant public or private endeavours

  • Overview
  • An historic literary event the publication of a
    newly discovered novel, the earliest known work
    from Harper Lee, the beloved, bestselling author
    of the Pulitzer Prize-winning classic, To Kill a
  • Originally written in the mid-1950s, Go Set a
    Watchman was the novel Harper Lee first submitted
    to her publishers before To Kill a Mockingbird.
    Assumed to have been lost, the manuscript was
    discovered in late 2014.

Themes in To Kill a Mockingbird
Themes are the fundamental and often universal
ideas explored in a literary work.
  • The Coexistence of Good and Evil
  • The question of whether people are good or bad.
    The loss of the childrens innocence when as they
    realize that some people are not what they seem
    to be.
  • Appearance vs. Reality- people and things are
    not always what they seem.
  • The Importance of Moral Education
  • How they are taught to move from innocence to
    adulthood. Education is more than just book
  • The Existence of Social Inequality
  • Differences in social status are explored largely
    through the overcomplicated social hierarchy of
    Maycomb, the ins and outs of which constantly
    baffle the children.

Motifs Motif is recurring structures, contrasts,
and literary devices that can help to develop and
inform the texts major themes.
  • Gothic Details- forces of good and evil in To
    Kill a Mockingbird seem larger than the small
    Southern town in which the story takes place
  • Small-Town Life- Counterbalancing the Gothic
    motif of the story is the motif of old-fashioned,
    small-town values, which manifest themselves
    throughout the novel

Symbols objects, characters, figures, and colors
used to represent abstract ideas or concepts.
  • Mockingbirds- innocents destroyed by evil, the
    mockingbird comes to represent the idea of
    innocence. Thus, to kill a mockingbird is to
    destroy innocence.
  • Boo Radley- the childrens changing attitude
    toward Boo Radley is an important measurement of
    their development from innocence toward a
    grown-up moral perspective